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    Beware of Cultism
    Even in the
    Polygamy Movement

    In recent times (2001) I seem to have acquired a kind of unofficial (not to mention unwanted) reputation as the "truant officer of the Christian Polygamy movement" as I keep my eyes open for signs of cultism. As the founder of Mormonism once wisely said (credit where credit is due even though he was himself a cultist):

      "We have learned, by sad experience, that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion" (Utah D&C 121:39)

    This is an ironic statement in view of how Mormonism turned out, but true nonetheless. Much as I hate to be a 'watchdog' of polygamy ministries, it is my painful talk to alert Christians/Messianics and the public in general of all signs of cultism and the abuse of authority. My purpose is not to expose with the purpose of destroying these men or retarding their ministries, but to gently prod them into reformation. I am not a 'Witch-hunter General' or an 'Ignatius Loyola' from the Inquisition. I do not name names in public unless the evil is very great. As a Christian I wish, naturally, to see all men and women free in Christ, not enslaved or ruined.

    In recent times a very subtle campaign has been launched against me to discredit me and this ministry for reasons known only to those initiating such an action though I have my own theories. I know that many think that I 'dig too deep' and would rather that certain matters were not brought up in Christian/Messianic Patriarchy 'for the sake of unity' in order to present a 'united public front'. I can allow myself no such luxury for to agree to such would be tantamount, for example, to becoming a fascist in order to oppose a Bolshevik, or a Catholic in order to defend 'Christianity' against atheism. Each must stand by his own beliefs in freedom and acknowledge the same right of others.

    The following account is based on a dream in which Yahweh showed me the cultic tactics of a particular minister in the Christian Polygamy movement who wished to have me subordinated to his cause rather than treating me as an equal as was our original relationship. Because of my influence in the movement he was not able to oppose me openly and directly and so resorted to another tactic.

    I name no names for there is no point. I am not interested in a war of personalities but only a successfully waged war of PRINCIPLES. I consider the man in question my brother in Christ who needs certain things he is doing brought to his attention, as well as to the public's, so that they may spot and recognise this cultic tactic should it ever resurface elsewhere. Ironically, the man in question has waged a war against cultism himself against another Christian/Messianic polygamist who has cultic tendencies of a different sort and using entirely different methods who is himself a specialist on the cults and helping people out of them! Isn't life ironic sometimes?

    I would like you to imagine, for a moment, a rather unlikely combination. In the animal world there are some very peculiar animals which were designed to live and survive in rather specialist environments. There's the duckbill platypus (a strange looking mammal that not only lays eggs but also has a mouth that looks rather like a flattened version of a bird's beak. This it uses for rummaging around under sand and mud. Then there's the deep sea angler, a fish which has a long stalk projecting forwards from its body and carrying, in front of its head, a lantern which lights up the inky deep. There's the ant-eater which has an incredibly long snout like a tube designed for poking into ants' nests.

    One of the animals I want to talk to you about today is an aquatic toad, quite large in size, not particularly attractive to look at, with an unusual mouth like the duckbill platypus with a serated edge sticking out in front of it. This animal you have probably never come across, even though there are some peculiar amphibians in the natural world, and that's because it doesn't exist in the real world. It is only symbolic. You may remember there are some peculiar-sounding animals mentioned in the Bible, and especially in the Books of Ezekiel and Revelation, which are similarly only symbolic of principles. Sometimes Yahweh protrays principles as animals in order to help us understand difficult concepts.

    The second animal I was to talk to you about today, as I set the scene for today's dramatic play, is Homo sapiens (Wise Man) which sometimes I think is somewhat of a misnomer. There are times when I think our species should be renamed Homo stupidus (Stupid Man).

    The scene is a school classroom. Not an ordinary school classroom, as you will see, but nevertheless a room whose purpose is a form of instruction. There is a very gifted and intelligent teacher who has a class of well ordered and disciplined pupils who look up at him in awe. I enter the room in search of a computer to work on, but it has either been removed, is either inoperative, or is inaccessible because the class is in progress. This is not the first time I have been to this room - I remember it before as being a living room to relax and have fun in, but now it has been transformed into a tightly disciplined classroom. As I enter the room, the teacher is the very epitome of affability, welcoming me and saying nice things about me to the boys. He seems to know me very well though I am surprised at not being able to reciprocate the intimacy. Addressing the class, he tells the boys how I have rearranged the room to make it the splendid classroom that it is, even though I have no knowledge of ever having done such a thing. I think to myself: "Oh, maybe I did what he says I have done after all, though I have no recollection of it." He is so charming and kind, and one is enjoying the attention given so much, that one thinks it is almost rude to question what is being said about oneself. I am, he says, responsible for organising the teacher's area and for making it so practical a working area for him. I look rather befuddled in the area of the chalkboard and still have no recollection of ever having set it up. Yes, I have been in the room before and remember it as a pleasant living room in which I have before relaxed, but no, I have definitely not rearranged anything. This is the very first time I have seen the classroom in its present form.

    The teacher is very alert and has his pupils' rapt attention. It is clear that he is admired and loved by them. As a any school teacher will tell you, it is a true blessing it is to have an orderly and attentive class, a very rare thing these days. The teacher possesses a charismatic personality and carries an aura of authority to which the pupils voluntarily submit to. Again, an enviable quality, for most school teachers must, at some point, resort to the stick to get order in a classroom.

    The teacher spoke: "The way Mr. Królewiec probably did it was as follows." I have no idea what he is talking about as he does not not explain. All eyes are suddenly focused on a large bowl-shaped fish-tank on the teacher's spacious desk in front of the classroom. The pupils spontaneously gather round for some instruction. The bowl is filled with clear water almost to the brim. There are some aquatic plants in it like weeds that look in very poor condition. They are pale, having lost a lot of cholorophyl, and appear to be shrivveling up. There are only a few small patches of these weeds near the class. Alone, and in the centre of the tank, is a very large and not very beautiful aquatic toad with a deep brown skin. But it is not an ordinary toad. It has a mouth like the duckbill platypus I mentioned earlier, with a serated edge, a completely unknown species as far as I am concerned. I figured that the snout is used for digging or burrowing in some way. It is sitting passively in the tank not doing anything. It seems to be watching the boys peering at it curiously.

    The teacher is saying something which I cannot hear, telling the boys what he is about to do. He reaches into a glass container and takes a pinch of white power which I get the impression is Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide - NaOH - a very strong base) which he slowly and gently sprinkles into the bowl near the rim as far away from the toad's gaze as possible. Again, very, very slowly indeed he gently disturbs the surface of the water in a bid to mix the powder in without drawing the animal's attention. And when he is satisfied that that it is as mixed in as he can get it, he takes his finger out and waits. The boys are still staring into the bowl waiting to see what will happen. The toad, unaware of that the caustic soda has been added, nevertheless is disturbed by an itching, and then a burning, sensation on his skin and starts twitching his legs. His body shakes a little. He moves a little in the tank in short, sharp bursts, trying to get away from whatever it is that is irritating him.

    The rather sickly looking weeds suddenly seem to perk up. They get some decent colouration in them and they no longer appear flaccid. Indeed, they appear normal and healthy again. Everyone is able to see this and comments on how much better the plants look following the teacher adding the powder into the water. The pupils do not know what the power is and assume that it is something good and life-enhancing. They do not know that the powder is, in fact, a poison, but that it is in such a low concentration as only to slightly burn rather than kill. Though the plants seem to be thriving, the animal is not.

    It is at this point that our attention is drawn to the area immediate outside the bowl. On one side - the side where I am standing - a kind of artificial sand beach has been made with a corner against which some of the sand is stacked. The surface is uneven, sometimes rising, sometimes falling. Quite suddenly and unexpectedtly, and without any warning, the teacher starts furiously splashing some water out of the bowl and onto the sand so that a largish puddle forms. This noisy affair, with accompanying movement, is designed to catch the animal's attention for by now it is suffering so much from the caustic soda in the water that it is seeking a place of escape - anywhere - so long as it is out of the tank. And as the puddle is the only alternative source of water around, it immediatly leaps out of the tank in a frenzied panic, and into the conveniently arranged puddle which the teacher has just created. It thrashes in panic around in the very shallow water, using its unsusual bill to do its best to try and burrow itself out of sight. But because the sand is only thinly laid, it is only able to bury its head, leaving the rest of the body exposed. The puddle is not, of course, a place where it can survive for any length of time, which the teacher knows.

    The boys are enormously impressed. By using, as they suppose, love and not force, and some clever manipulative techniques, the teacher is able to persuade the toad out of the bowl and onto what will eventually become dry land and its grave, without the animal ever really knowing what happened. Everyone knows the story of the frog that is gently heated up in a sausepan and how it submits to being boiled alive because it cannot detect the ever so gradual rise in temperature - but the Caustic Soda Method is a much more subtle twist, for it leaves the impression that the toad left of its own free will and placed itself in a place of self-destruction, whereas in fact the teacher had manipulated the circumstances to the minutest detail. Only the teacher knows what he has added into the water - that is his secret, his nasty trick. The end result is that a rather 'ugly toad' has been driven out of the tank and driven to a place where it will die. And what is left behind is some thriving plants which leave a pretty scene. The pupils are duely impressed and congratulate the teacher for his wisdom.

    And so it is that many other "toads" have come ... and gone. But do you want to hear something rather amazing? Well, it's this. Those toads haven't died. Yahweh just led them to friendlier and more abundant waters.

    For a fuller account of what is being described here, see Cultic Leader-Control Tendencies in the Christian Polygamy Movement and how a major Christian polygamy ministry manipulated the 'ugly toads' (as they viewed them) out of the limelight and into obscurity in order to receive all the glory themselves. The fish bowl - what is on display to the public - is, however, just a 'show'. It isn't real...which, of course, the public will eventually discover for themselves. Time is the great revealer.

    Author: SBSK

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