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    "Polygamy is a Sin!"
    (Gospel of St.Hormone)

    My wives and I are veteran debators with fellow Christians/Messianics on the scripturality of Christian polygamy in the New Covenant. In the old days there used to be at least one of us on-line in some chat room on the Internet for a few hours each day debating with believers and unbelievers alike. And each day, usually, without exception, we come across Christians (mostly women) vigorously quoting from the Gospel According to St.Hormone.

    Now it is quite possible that some of you have never heard of the infamous St.Hormone. You won't find her in any Catholic Encyclopaedia of the Saints nor in any academic journal. You'll never find her mentioned in the loftiest of ecclesiastical circles nor her name whispered of in the hallowed walls of the most esteemed debating societies. No biography or review ever discusses her. No genealogical record mentions her orgin or her demise, for she is without father or mother, or descendant. Search though you may for her high and low and you will never find her for no sooner have you picked up her trail than she vanishes into the morning or the night - whenever you may be after her - and leaves no trace.

    Sounds a bit like the Abominable Snowman, doesn't she? Or the Lochness Monster. Aptly she is compared to these two, for she has no tangible existence. St.Hormone is not a real person, neither has she ever written a Gospel with pen and paper whose esteemed words we might corroborate - St.Hormone is a fear born of biochemicals that roams the blood stream of every fallen man and woman on this sin-stained sod called earth.

    Quite obviously, you cannot compare the words of a chemically-induced fear with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, or with the teachings of St.Paul. Even less can you compare her with the Divine Torah, the Law of the Almighty Yahweh-Elohim. Yet this hallowed Apostle of the Oestrogen Molecules is set above them all as the Queen of Heaven, a Beltis or a Tammuz. She is revered not only as the most objective source of information on the falsehood of polygamy but is the self-appointed Judge and Jury of all that is sacred and holy. She has not been appointed by the Creator of this Universe but has been democratically elected by the Carnal Man to be his supreme advocate in matters relating to personal relationships and marriage. She is occasionally known in the mythologies as Jezebel and St.Feminista, and is a notorious shape-shifter. She knows no rhyme or reason, never graces any school of logic, appreciates no syntax or metric foot, recognises no authority but her own. St.Hormone is a goddess in her own right, crowned in the Hall of Wicca, emblazoned on the shield of every demonic legion, the guest of honour at every parade celebrating sin. She is ubiquitous, in every seat of human intercourse, surfing the sea of every emotional outburst, rattling her sabre before the hosts of truth.

    But, you know, she isn't immortal. St.Hormone has no independent life of her own. She is the tragic by-product of the union between St.Pride and St.Rebellion, who came together in the Garden of Eden to make a unilateral declaration of independence against the Elohim (God) of Truth and True Love, though in vain she would claim these titles and honour for herself too. She is their implaccable enemy, lurking in the parlours of indiscretion, raving in the brothel rooms of the International College of Carnality. She is to be found in the beds of whoredom and dishonesty, and in the courtrooms of injustice. She has no shame.

    A day does not pass when one professing the Name of Christ claims St.Hormone as her own and shamefacedly condemns polygamy as a sin and an outrage against the dignity of womankind. A day does not pass when I conceed that she may be right and politely invite her to take hold of her New Testament and to demonstrate to the world that her word is to be trusted. A day does not pass when she does not resort to the same well-worn clichés, tautologies, and scriptural misexegeses. A day does not pass when, after each of these has been refuted with the Word, that she does not shout, mock, rail or condemn. A day does not pass when she does not storm away from a friendly debate in high dudgeon muttering and cursing under her breath. She is so predictable.

    St.Hormone, like her progenitors St.Pride and St.Rebellion, has been exposed as a liar who works deceit without blushing, who without exception claims the high moral ground and pretends to know what 'true love' is. And yet she is extraordinarily carnal, selfish, possessive, controlling, manipulating and scheming in her little fleshy kingdom of the Ego. She knows nothing of sweetness, kindness, modesty, humility, patience, or what the Virtuous Female really is. She professes Christ but by her actions betrays her true master. What little love she possesses and musters at the beginning of an encounter with a polygamist, or which she may in vain call upon for support in the middle of a conversation in order to project an image of holiness, does not remain long, repelled by her coarseness and vulgarity. She may momentarily dwell upon the virtues of the Christian Faith and create a short-lived wonderment of holiness, only to puncture that illusion as once again she wields her red-claw of hatred and unbridled passion.

    Oh, yes, I meet this unaccomplished and unrefined lady of the gutter nearly every day, this ugly sister who would be a Cinderella and who tries to woo sympathy and respect. The sons and daughters of St.Flatterer gather to her side in drones knowing that she is their only hope in escaping the Chambers of Repentance in the School of Reformation. Graduate of the Priory of St.Vice, with a million magna cum laudes to her credit, she parades her self-righteousness, her garments reeking of self-justification, her fading crown of self-glorification without heavenly credit or approbation.

    You would think she would stop trying, for more and more Christians and Messianics are discovering that the Word of Elohim (God) no longer gives her any refuge whatsoever. Indeed, they are discovering, to their shock and disbelief, that far from condemning Mr. & Mrs. Polygamous as sinners, it actually licences, commends and blesses them as a model of the goal of every Believer, to be wed to their Master, the Lord Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

    Were she not so vehement and destructive in her wild motions, one might feel a twinge of pity for St.Hormone. Her reign is ending, and nothing can restore her to her former hegemony in Christendom. She can no longer legitimately hide under the skirts of her former protectors, St.Catholicus and St.Protestantus, who have been succeeded by St.Restoration.

    But she'll be there, forcefully peddling her charms and amulets of carnal love, yet always leaving the Gospel Market Square at the end of the day's trading in poverty and destitution.

    You see, there is no 'Gospel of St.Hormone', because St.Hormone is BAD NEWS, not good. She brings no eternal peace or everlasting joy. Her vista is an illusion conjured up in the pit of hell itself. The Word of Yahweh will not endorse her but always condemns her.

    So, reader, I urge you to cast the spirit of St.Hormone out of your house, pay no heed to her pitiful wails, for they are but the death throes of one who was doomed from the beginning. Let the words of Almighty Yahweh-Elohim, His Law-Givers and Prophets, His Immortal Son, and of the Apostles, be the light to your feet upon the Way of Life. Allow the Bible to tell you in her own words the truth about polygamy, and pay no heed to the seducer Deception. Send the Scribes of Tradition out of your house, and burn the Talmuds of man-made rules and laws.

    The Truth harms no-one ultimately. It is a Pearl of Great Price (Matthew 13:46), and expensive to be sure, that will cost you every last morsel of your useless pride and vanity, but if Christ says it is the only thing worth possessing, dare we ignore such weighty counsel?

    May the Most High, Yahweh-Elohim, bless you as you seek honestly to know His will. Amen.

    Author: SBSK

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