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    We Shall Survive

    Many centuries ago a tiny, weak and sickly English army trudged its way towards the port of Calais in order to winter. Pursuing it was a French army of better armed fresh troops nearly ten times larger. The odds against the English were heavily stacked, the chances of victory so remote that no strategist would ever have wagered on the little band of exhausted men.

    The French were champing at the bit to rush into the kill and win a glorious victory. But there were three things they did not reckon on, three factors in the equation that they entirely omitted - first, the English longbow; second, the courage and guts of the English; and third, the fact that their king, Henry V, was an honest, honourable and brave man of Elohim (God) who placed no trust whatsoever in the arm-of-flesh but who thrust himself entirely into the arms of his Heavenly Father.

    The Battle of Agincourt that followed was a blot in the annals of French military history. The English won a stunning victory, losing less than two dozen men and felling thousand upon thousand upon thousand of the cream of French nobility and soldiery. It was, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, a miracle that could only have been brought about by the hand of Elohim (God) Almighty.

    Today, in our time, centuries after Agincourt, a small band of patriarchal Christians and Messianics stand armed only with the strongbow of the Word of Elohim (God), complete and utter faith in the truthfulness of Christian Patriarchy, filled with righteous desire to do good, and possessed of courage to see the battle through. We face the might of a well-armed, fresh army not only of heathen who despise with fervent hatred all that we stand for, but also their unlikely allies in the form of traditionalist Christians and Messianics who trust more in their own human reasoning than in the infallible Word of the great I AM. We are outnumbered tens of thousands to one and are viewed as an insignificant, cultic throwback from the uncivilised past. Seen originally as no more than a speck of dirt, we have grown, from their point-of-view into a pimple that is rapidly becoming an angry red boil. And the time will come when they will want to lance that 'boil' and be rid, as they suppose, of a blight on their monogamy-only shield.

    Well, my friends, not only are we not a boil, but we aren't about to be lanced. Oppose us though they may, they can't win - indeed, they don't stand a chance! They are already defeated because the truth is not on their side. What they don't realise is that they will, in the not too distant future, suffer their own crushing defeat - they will meet their own Agincourt.

    The good news is that after the Battle of Agincourt the French yielded the crown of France back to England and sealed the contract with a marriage - the daughter of the King of France. After the casualties of spiritual warfare, in which many will suffer (but principally those who resist the truth of Yahweh's Word), there will be peace between the Patriarchal Christians and the defeated monogamy-only camp who will understand that it is futile to resist the undeniable hand of El Elyon - the Most High Elohim (God).

    This battle has not yet taken place. We have had our Harfleurs - our initial skirmishes, and we have decisively won them. There have even been dishonourable men and women in our own ranks who have betrayed us but we have disowned them. Yes, there have been casualities, but the enemy's fortifications have been captured and we have taken the high theological and moral ground. They know, however, that we are numerically weak in number, not to mention war-weary, and they are counting on their superior numbers and endless supplies of battle-front troops to see them through the day. But here we serve notice to them that we shall not yield - not because we desire internecine battle and civil war between Christians/Messianics, but because in order for the remnant people of Christ to survive the coming (and in some parts of the world, advanced) assault of the pagans, we must have this matter decisively settled. We have won the combat of words - now it is a question of taking the land for the Kingdom and for the King.

    Most minorities wouldn't dream of launching such an audacious attack on centuries of deeply entrenched Greco-Roman tradition because of the simple mathematics involved. But Yahweh is not a mathematician like that, is He? Remember Yahweh's response to the swarms of ruthless Midianites and Amalekites who invaded the land of Israel. Instead of enlarging the outnumbered army of the Israelites, he told His leader Gideon to reduce them in number so that the glory of the Most High could be revealed. He didn't want the Israelites to boast, saying: "My own hand has saved me!" (Judges 7:2) but to proclaim the Hand of Yahweh.

    The battle that we are about to face ... and it is surely coming ... will not be for the fearful or afraid for such the Most High desires to return home to Gilead (v.3). Neither does He want the carnal polygamists to be His witnesses - those who lap up the water like dogs (v.5), but the clean and honourable, who kneel in contrition before the Almighty who brings the water of everlasting life to their lips for nourishment.

    The army of monogamy-only Christians swarm over the landscape of the Kingdom like locusts, but what do we care? For did not a loaf of barley tumble into the enemy camp, strike a tent, and cause it to fall? (v.13) And do we not have the sword of Gideon - the double-edged sword of the Ruach (Spirit)?

    We shall soon discover who the true warriors of Patriarchy and who the camp-followers are. There are many imposters amongst us, out only to satisfy their lusts and not the least bit interested in bringing glory to the Lord Yah'shua (Jesus). They will flee when the contest begins, or be sent packing by the commanders. Let those who were called with the majority to live monogamously do so and not attempt to take what is not theirs; and let those who have been called with the minority to live this holy way of life do so without fear of man or woman!

    We shall survive - be assured of that, even in the darkest times of opposition within or without our families. We shall survive if we have been called into it. But those who haven't had better flee now before they are cut down by the invisible hand of justice. Yahweh will not be mocked!

    What a wonderful privilege it is to be serving in a latter-day Gideonite army!

    Author: SBSK

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