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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    3 Abraham
    Also Known as the Book of Judith
    Chapter 13

    3 ABRAHAM 13
    or Judith 5

    Sarai submits to the dress standards of the Chavurat Bekorot. Abram protects Sarai because of the Promised Seed.

    1. And behold, after a period of time, Sarai began to lose much of her pride and haughtiness, which were her chief weaknesses, and began to walk after our manner.

    2. Therefore she also began to dress as the rest of us and knew a greater peace of soul.

    3. And therefore did all of Abram's wives begin to imitate one another; and we were greatly blessed.

    4. Nevertheless, Abram greatly feared for Sarai, not only because he loved her (and we learned that he loved us all equally), but because he feared for his seed, having been promised the seed of Messiah, but not having seen it manifest until El Elyon gave us Isaac.

    5. Therefore he feared in his weakness that if he should lose Sarai, he should also lose the promised seed.

    6. Therefore he feared to displease Elohim.

    7. This we did not at first understand, for some supposed that he loved Sarai more than he loved his other wives.

    8. But we came to understand that it was because of the promised seed that he protected Sarai, and therefore he was wholly innocent of any mistrust we may have had toward him at sundry times.

    9. And because of his fear, he occasionally made errors of judgment, not fully relying upon the omnipotence of El Elyon.

    10. And we, too, being mortal, made many errors of judgment, that were a great sorrow unto our husband Abram, who loved us with an exceedingly great love, that the world cannot know.

    11. Therefore we were greatly blessed and highly favoured of Yahweh......

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