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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 44

    2 Abraham 44

    Satan comes to tempt Sarah who goes searching for Abraham and Isaac. Yahweh appears to her to comfort her in her anxiety and explains the nature of the sacrifice. She sees Paradise and then dies. Sarah is buried in Hebron. Many mourn her departure.

    1. When all things were finished Isaac and I returned to our camp rejoicing in Yahweh our Elohim. But when we reached the place we found that Sarah was not there, for the agents of Satan had come to her, saying: Behold, dost thou not understand that Abraham goeth to offer thy son Isaac as a burnt offering unto Yahweh his Elohim?

    2. Surely he doth this because he is jealous of thy love for thy son Isaac. Go, therefore, and stop this thing lest he to whom thy heart is knitted be destroyed from off the face of the earth. But Sarah said: Surely the heart of my lord Abraham is right with Yahweh his Elohim, for he walketh before Him in all His ways.

    3. Nevertheless, shall my son Isaac be offered as a burnt offering and I not be there to weep over him and strengthen him, and pray for him that he be an acceptable offering to Yahweh-Elohim of Abraham? Nay, but I shall go to him.

    4. And Sarah departed with her men-servants and her maidservants and went as far as Hebron but found us not. Therefore Sarah rested in Hebron and sent her young men to find us. They searched all the land round about and even in the City of Shalom but found us not.

    5. Then Sarah prayed unto Yahweh, saying: O Yahweh-Elohim of Abraham, surely I know that all things are in Thy hands, and I do not fear for my son Isaac, for I know that My husband Abraham is an High Priest after Thy Holy Order. Nevertheless it is my desire to be with my son at this holy hour that I might share his joy and his sorrow before Yahweh our Elohim.

    6. Then the Word of Yahweh came unto Sarah, saying: Surely I have accepted the offering of Isaac and have provided a ram prepared at the beginning to be offered in his place; wherefore thy son liveth and is with his father Abraham, and even now searcheth for thee.

    7. When Sarah heard these words her heart was filled with joy so that she could not contain it, and her spirit was lifted up to see the Paradise of Elohim, and she exclaimed: Behold, I have seen my Redeemer and it sufficeth me. And she gave up the ghost.

    8. Thus did Sarah die in Hebron being one hundred and twenty-seven years old. And she died having seen her Redeemer and having received from Him the promise of eternal life.

    9. Then was word brought unto us that Sarah was gone unto Hebron; wherefore we journeyed there and found that she had died. But having enquired after the manner of her death, we rejoiced that she went with the promise of exaltation, and that she died knowing of Isaac's salvation, and his acceptance with Elohim.

    10. Then we took Sarah unto a cave which I purchased of Ephron the Hittite for that purpose. And we buried her there and wept over her; yet we rejoiced in her righteousness before Elohim. And all the people of the land came to honour Sarah; and Pharaoh came from Egypt, and Abimelech from Gerar, and many others who honoured and loved Sarah.

    11. For she was truly an handmaiden of Yahweh and ministered unto many in the Name of Yahweh in love and charity, and was greatly loved by all for her kindness and meekness, and her great wisdom and godliness.

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