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The 12 Books of Abraham

    The 12 Books of Abraham

    2 Abraham
    Chapter 40

    2 Abraham 40

    Ishmael attempts to slay Isaac. Hagar and Ishmael sent to dwell in the deserts of Arabia. They dwell in Egypt ten years and Ishmael marries Meribah. Ishmael divorces Meribah and obtains two wives from his father. Ishmael and his family come to live with Abraham in Gerar.

    1. When Isaac was five years old, he was sitting with Ishmael at the door of Hagar's tent where Ishmael was sharpening his arrows, for Ishmael was sixteen years old at this time. As they thus sat at the door of Hagar's tent, Isaac picked up one of Ishmael's arrows and broke it.

    2. Seeing this Ishmael grew angry and taking another arrow, he fitted it to the bow intending to slay Isaac, but Yahweh touched his heart so that he did not slay him. But Sarah saw this thing which Ishmael had intended to do to Isaac and she was grieved at it.

    3. That night when I entered the tent of Sarah, she said to me: Let Hagar and her son be sent to dwell apart, for this day did Ishmael seek to slay Isaac. Now these words caused me great sorrow for I did not desire to see my family divided.

    4. But that night an angel of Yahweh came unto me in a dream, saying: Hearken unto the words of Sarah thy wife, and let Hagar and her son Ishmael dwell apart lest harm come upon thy son Isaac who shall be thine heir.

    5. Therefore I arose early in the morning and took Hagar and my son Ishmael into the deserts of Arabia where dwelt a people who were friendly unto me. And there I built with Ishmael a tabernacle unto Yahweh our Elohim that his seed might always be kept in remembrance of Yahweh. And Hagar and Ishmael dwelt among the people of the desert and were content; and Ishmael was a mighty hunter with the bow among them.

    6. And every year at a certain time I went and dwelt with my wife Hagar and with my son Ishmael. And when Ishmael was twenty years of age his mother asked my consent to take him to the house of her father, for she longed to see her family again. Wherefore I gave them my blessing and they departed into the land of Egypt where they remained one year.

    7. And while they were in Egypt, Ishmael took to wife Meribah daughter of Phanes, son of Pharaoh, king of Egypt. And after he had taken Meribah to wife, they remained in the land of Egypt yet ten years. And Meribah bare unto Ishmael four sons and two daughters.

    8. After this time Ishmael took his mother and his wife and his children and returned to the deserts of Arabia. And Yahweh blessed Ishmael for my sake, and increased him in flocks and in herds and in good things.

    9. When Ishmael had returned from the land of Egypt, I went, as was my custom, to stay with my wife Hagar and my son Ishmael. And when Ishmael was away hunting, his wife Meribah spake disrespectfully to me and complained of my being in their tents. Moreover, she abused her children; and when I chastised her for this thing, she rose up in anger against me.

    10. My wife Hagar saw all these things, and when her son Ishmael had returned from the hunt, she complained unto him of the action of Meribah toward me. And Ishmael came unto me and said: My father, what shall I do with such a wife who abuseth my father and my children, and speaketh evil of me, for she hath spoken against her husband Ishmael also.

    11. And I said unto him: Such an one is not fit to be thy wife nor the mother of thy children, nor to dwell in thy tents; wherefore give her a bill of divorcement and send her back to the home of her father in shame and find another more worthy than she to be thy wife and the mother of these children.

    12. So Ishmael gave unto Meribah a bill of divorcement and sent her back to her father Phanes in the land of Egypt; and her mother Hagar raised his children until he took another wife.

    13. The next year Ishmael came to my camp and when he had kissed me and we had eaten together he said unto me: My father, according to thy instructions I did give unto my wife Meribah a bill of divorcement and sent her back to the home of her father in shame. Now therefore I come unto thee to seek thy counsel concerning obtaining another in her place.

    14. Now it pleased me that my son Ishmael had come to me regarding choosing a wife. Therefore I sought among the women of my camp and found two who were desirous of being wife to Ishmael, even Zola the daughter of my wife Peliliah, and Naomi the daughter of Kemuel, the son of Kish, who had been among the believers who met in the room of my mother in the City of Ur.

    15. And I was pleased to give them unto my son Ishmael because he had come to me for counsel and because he had begun to listen to the Spirit, for he did worship Yahweh our Elohim and sought to overcome his weaknesses. And Ishmael and his family dwelt with me a long time in Gerar and after that when I moved my camp to Beersheba, which is by Hebron.

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