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    A Short Glossary of
    Important Terms

    This Glossary is not intended to be exhaustive but provides a quick and easy reference with simple definitions for most of the less well-known terms used in this book. For a more detailed treatment with cross-referencing, see the Footnote Concordance and the Index at the back of the book.

    A abortion the clinical murder of the unborn adultery the illegal sexual intercourse of a married person other than with his or her spouse Adamic the original language spoken by Adam Advent, the Second the return of Christ to the earth in glory to inaugurate the Christian Millennium alms free-will money offerings for the poor angel a messenger of God, either human or divine antinomian opposed to the moral law Apocrypha a collection of deutero-canonical scriptures apostacy the act or process of abandoning the true faith apostle a special emissary or ambassador for Christ, the highest ministerial office in the Church; there are 12 apostles Aramaic a language of ancient Syria widely used by Jews and others in the time of Christ Armageddon the final battle between the forces of good and evil prior to the return of Christ and the inauguration of the Millennium Arminianism the doctrine of the Dutch Protestant theologian who opposed the views of Calvin especially on predestination Arianism an heretical doctrine which says Jesus is not fully God ascetic one who practices severe self-discipline and who lives in solitude for this purpose astrology a form of divination; see Magic Athanasian Creed a 4th century AD Trinitarian formulation atonement the reconciling work of Christ between man and God authority (Church) the power given by God to true believers to represent Him as His ambassadors on earth by faithful compliance to His moral law and unquestioning obedience to His will
    B Babylon (a) the ancient Babylonian capital (also called Babel) (b) the fallen world system which will pass away Beatitudes the principles which bring a person into a state of blessed- ness as taught by Christ in the Sermon on the Mount benediction the closing prayer of a formal meeting Betrothal (Kiddushim) the second of three stages leading to full marriage Bishop (Bishopress) Metropolitan Pastor (Pastress) blasphemy impious, profane or slanderous talk which reviles the name and character of God or Christ Body of Christ the invisible fellowship or Church of all true followers of Christ, irrespective of their denominational allegiance
    C canon scriptures recognised as authoritative by the Church catechumen a Christian convert under instruction before baptism celibacy the condition of abstaining from sexual intercourse either totally before, or occasionally within, marriage ceremonialism a system of rites, formalities and conventions by which religionists believe they are made right with God charismatic (a) a person who has received a divinely conferred talent or power, such as one who has received the gift of prophecy (b) a person with the ability to inspire followers with devotion and enthusiasm (c) a Christian movement which lays heavy stress on the spiritual gifts, e.g. the Pentecostal Church ('tongues') Chavurah bekorot see Holy Order, Khavurah bekorot Chevra B'Qor the original name given to the Chavurah bekorot, 1988-96 chrism the ordinance of confirmation in the New Covenant Church Christ Messiah, the annointed one Christmas formerly the Roman Brumalia, a pagan feast not celebrated by New Covenant Christians Church, the the fellowship of believers in Christ communion (a) intimate communication between man and God (b) the sacrament of the Lord's Supper or Eucharist concubine a secondary wife with limited marital rights confirmation a rite administered to baptised persons admitting them as full members of the Church following a probationary period after which they may partake of the Lord's Supper consecration the act of dedicating something or someone as holy, ordin- ation to a priesthood office, etc. covenant a vow or promise between man and God, or man and man creation, special the biblical doctrine explaining the origin of man and the universe by the supernatural activity of God creed a system of religious principles or a statement of doctrinal belief, e.g. the Apostles' Creed cross, the (a) the instrument of Christ's torture and execution (b) the Christian faith and system of salvation cult (a) a system of religious worship, devotion or homage (b) an apostate or heretical group (colloquial) cursed to be cut off from the light and presence of God
    D Deacon a member of the Priesthood largely concerned with temporal matters and consisting of Pastoral Assistants, Teachers, Sub-administrators and Stewards Deaconess the female equivalent of the Deacons (see Deacon) Decalogue the Ten Commandments Dedication (Erushim) the first of three stages leading to full marriage; an explor- atory covenant of friendship between intended spouses demon a fallen angel or spirit-person belonging to that part of the heavenly host who chose to follow Lucifer rather than God before the physical Creation and up to the period leading to the Great Flood denomination a religious sect, group or tradition deutero- secondary, as of the canon of Scriptures; e.g. Apocrypha. disciple a follower of Jesus Christ coming under discipleship or discipline disfellowshipment the breaking of all contact by members of the Church with those who have been excommunicated who persecute the saints or who persist in serious sin like murder and adultery disjunctive out of harmony with divination see Magic doctrine a body of instruction, that which is taught dogma (a) positive: a principle, tenet or doctrinal system (b) negative: an arrogant declaration of opinion doxology a liturgical formula of praise to God ecclesiastical pertaining to the Church
    E Eden, the Garden of the original earthly paradise before the Fall Elder the Priesthood ministry largely concerned with spiritual matters and consisting of Apostles, Missioners, Bishops, Pastors, Administrators, Teachers and Evangelists Eldress the equivalent female ministry to the Elders (see Elder) election the act of choice whereby God picks an individual or group out of a larger company for a purpose or destiny of His own appointment Elijah, Spirit of the power of a prophetic ministry named after the prophet Elijah concerned with healing broken relationships, etc. Elohim Hebrew for God, Israelite judges or pagan deities; this is not a proper name (see Yahweh, Jehovah); both the Father and Christ are called Elohim (God) emancipation setting free from spiritual or physical slavery Enochite the New Covenant Elder or Eldress epistle a letter, such as those written by Peter, Paul and John eschatology concerning the end times or last days esoteric not generally intelligible save to those who are enlightened etymology the meaning of words and their development Eucharist the sacrament of the Lord's Supper Evangel the Gospel of Jesus Christ evangelical (a) a member of the basically (though not exclusively) Protestant school maintaining that the essence of the Gospel consists in the doctrine of salvation by faith in the atone- ment of Christ; New Covenant Christians are evangelical (b) to be missionary-minded Evangelist a travelling missioner responsible for witnessing in an area consisting of one or more Metropolitan Colonies evolution a false, atheistic doctrine which explains the origin of the universe apart from God by supposed naturalistic processes excommunication the formal act of expulsion from the Church of those who commit serious sins and who refuse to repent or reform exhort admonish earnestly, urge exoteric intelligible to outsiders (e.g. non-Christians)
    F faith reliance or trust (in God and Christ) Fall, the Adam and Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden and its results on all mankind firstborn, the (a) Jesus Christ (b) Christians living the fullness of the Gospel (c) a first-born child in a family forensic (salvation) the legal aspect of salvation (see Sanctification) foreordination the calling received by a man or woman in the pre-moral world (see Pre-existence) from God before coming to the physical world (as opposed to 'predestination') fornication illegal sexual intercourse outside marriage flesh (a) the physical body (b) fallen human nature fundamentalist (a) positive -- one who accepts all the fundamental truths as revealed in the Bible (b) negative -- a religious fanatic
    G Gehenna see Hell genealogy the study, or account, of family descent from ancestors Godhead the three divine Persons -- Father, Son and Holy Spirit -- who are collectively God Gospel the Good News or message of Jesus Christ gnosticism the false doctrine that a man is saved only by knowledge grace the undeserved loving kindness of God towards man guru a person holding absolute authority in a cult
    H headship the Patriarchal Principle whereby the father and/or husband governs in his own household and the Patriarchs govern in the Church of God Hades see Hell Heilsgeschichte German for Sacred History hell (a) the spiritual condition of being cut off from God (b) a part of the spirit world where the unredeemed are held in custody pending the Last Judgment Hellenism Greek character or culture heresy false doctrine that takes a person away from true salvation High Priest (a) in the Old Covenant, the presiding Levitical Priest (b) in the New Covenant, the Lord Jesus Christ Hochmah see Sophia holy (a) set apart for the service of God (b) pure and clean Holy Order The Order to which all New Covenant Patriarchs and Matriarchs belong - see Chavurah Bekorot HTML Hypertext Markup Language, the computer language used in the creation of Homepage documents http Hypertext Transport Protocol, part of a URL (see URL) humility of having or showing a low estimate of one's own import- ance or worth; the opposite of pride and arrogance
    I immortality freedom from death incarnation the embodiment of a spirit as a human being Independent Church an early precursor of the New Covenant Church; disbanded in 1992 and replaced by the NCCF invocation the opening prayer of a formal meeting
    J Jehovah an incorrect and blasphemous anglicisation of YHWH (Yahweh) Jehovah's Witnesses an heretical Christian sect espousing Arianism Judaism the religion of the (non-Messianic) Jewish people with belief in one God and based on the Mosaic and rabbinical teachings Judgment, the (Last) the judgment of mankind by God at the end of the world
    K Kadesh 12 New Covenant cities of refuge in the last days, each named after one of the 12 tribes of Israel keys (a) knowledge or wisdom which reveals the mind of God (b) the spiritual and/or temporal authority of the Priesthood Khavurah bekorot see Chavurah bekorot Kingdom of God (a) the inner state or condition of a person in full communion with God (b) the theocratic political state of the Millennium Knights Templar an Order created by the Catholic Church, consisting of celibate warrior priests, whose purpose was to protect pilgrims going to the Holy Land; suppressed in 1312
    L law a body of enacted or customary rules recognised by a comm- unity as binding Law, the (a) the Law of Moses (Old Covenant) (b) the Law of Christ (New Covenant) legalism a false route to salvation by works Levitical Priesthood the priesthood ministry of the Old Covenant; also known as the Aaronic Priesthood after its first priest Lev-Tsiyon also known as Lev-Zion, the founding father of the New Covenant Church of God liberal Christian one who rejects the supernatural -- prophecy, miracles, and/ or the absolute truth of God's Word in all ages Lilith a female demon, traditionally the consort of Satan Liturgy, liturgical a set formula for public worship Logos Greek for 'the Word' (see Word) Lucifer the original name of the archangel before he fell and became the devil, or Satan lukewarm indifferent, lacking zeal lust to strongly desire something contrary to God's moral law
    M magic (white & black) the occult practice of manipulating demonic entities to per- form services for man Marthaic Order that part of the Zadokite Order (Deaconate) consisting of Deaconesses Matriarch the second head of a household, whether domestic (mother) or the Household of God; Pastresses are colonial matriarchs Melchizedek an ancient King of Salem (probably Jerusalem) to whom Abraham was obedient, and the name given to the New Covenant Priesthood which replaced the Levitical; Jesus Christ is the supreme High Priest thereof menorah the seven-branched Hebrew candelarbrum or candlestick mesoteric between esoteric and mesoteric, partially intelligible to outsiders Messiah (Mashiach) Hebrew for Christ metaphysics (a) the theoretical philosophy of being and knowing (b) the philosophy of the mind (abstract, subtle, theoretical) Metropolitan Colony a mother colony consisting of several local colonies governed by a Bishopric (Metropolitan Pastorate) Millennium the 1,000 year rule of Christ on the earth ministry (a) the body of ministers -- governmenal officers, pastors, elders, deacons, etc. -- of the Church (b) the spiritual and temporal service given by the Church Miriyamic Order that part of the Order of Enoch (Elders) consisting of Eldresses Missioner a missionary, either local (colonial or metropolitan) or world-wide modalism the doctrine that there is only one Person in the Godhead who alternates rôles between Father, Son and Holy Spirit monogamy the normative marriage practice of a man being married to only one wife at a time (see Polygamy/Polygyny) Mormonism a semi-Christian American polytheistic religion
    N Nazarene someone (like Jesus) from the village of Nazareth Nazirite a Hebrew who had taken certain vows of abstinence NCCF New Covenant Christian Fellowship, the precursor to the modern New Covenant Church of God; reorganised in 1996 necromancy spiritism, or the occult art of supposedly contacting the dead; see Magic Nephilim fallen angels who came to earth, married women and created a race of giants who were detroyed in the Flood New Age, the a false occultic system of religion originating in Hinduism New Birth, the the Christian doctrine of spiritual rebirth in Christ New Jerusalem the City of God in heaven which will come to the earth during, or at the conclusion of, the Millennium. New Olive Leaves a New Covenant revelation on love in three parts Nicene Creed a 4th century AD statement of Christian belief
    O Olive Branch the collection of revelations of the New Covenant Church, also known as the New Covenants & Commandments ordinance (a) an authoritative direction or decree (b) a religious rite (e.g. baptism, chrism)
    P pagan an irreligious, unenlightened person who does not know Christ or God pantheism the doctrine that nature is God and therefore man is God; it forms the basis of Hinduism and New Age teachings paradigm a pattern or model used to explain spiritual or physical phenomena pastoral concerned with spiritual guidance of a body of Christians Patriarch the head of a household, whether domestic (father) or the Household of God (the Church); the 12 apostles are 'Patriarchs' or 'Church fathers', and Pastors are colonial patriarchs Patriarchal marriage see Plural Marriage Patriarchate the three presiding Patriarch-Apostles occupying the seats of John, James and Peter Pentateuch the five books of Moses (Genesis - Deuteronomy) periphrasis a round about way of speaking plural marriage the normative marriage practice of the Millenium but not of the (pre-Millennial) Church Age; see Polygamy/Polygyny polygamy/polygyny the marriage practice of a man being married to more than one wife at a time (see Plural & Patriarchal Marriage) pre-existence the spiritual world from which man came before incarnating on the earth as a soul pride (negative) arrogant bearing or conduct, having an unduly high opinion of ones own qualities, merits, etc; a cardinal sin priest a generic term for Elders, Deacons and other ministers priesthood the ministry or Church officers (Deacons, Elders, etc.) prophecy the gift of forthtelling God's will through revelation and foretelling the future Proto-Trinitarianism the official Godhead doctrine of the New Covenant Church (1996-)
    R rabbi a Hebrew/Jewish teacher of religion rebellion the act of refusing to be under discipline, open resistance to any authority, insubordination, the defiance of lawful authority, unmanageableness redemption salvation reincarnation the false doctrine of multiple physical rebirths and lives repentance feeling regret at having wronged God and the steps taken to seek forgiveness in Christ and to bring sinful behaviour to an end Restoration, the (a) the denomination established by Alexander Campbell in the 19th century and known today as the Chuch of Christ (b) the Latter-day Saint cluster of churches (LDS, RLDS) (c) a modern evangelical movement seeking the heart of the New Testament Church resurrection, the (a) the rising of Christ from the grave (b) the permanent union of spirit and body of the dead at the Last Judgment revelation the disclosure of knowledge to man by God reverence the holding of God or an exalted person in deep respect rite ceremony (e.g. baptism)
    S Sabbatarian a person who observes the Jewish Saturday Sabbath Sabbath, the the day of rest and congregational worship saints Christians or 'holy ones' set apart to God's service sacrament (a) the Lord's Supper (b) an ecclesiastical rite (e.g. baptism, Eucharist, marriage) sacrifice (a) an offering, physical or spiritual, to God (b) the giving up of a valued thing for the sake of another that is more worthy, important or urgent (c) Christ's offering of Himself in the crucifixion salvation (a) deliverence from sin (NT) (b) deliverence from physical danger (OT) sanctification the process by which men and women are made holy Satan the fallen archangel Lucifer who presides over all demons and who seeks to overthrow the Kingdom of God by any means; an unincarnated spirit-being, the epitome of evil Scripture inspired writing or written revelation (e.g. the Bible) sect a body of persons agreed upon religious doctrines usually different from those of an established or 'orthodox' Church from which they have separated and usually having distinct- ive common worship; often used negatively by mainline denominations to ridicule and marginalise smaller groups sensual pertaining to the physical senses; as opposed to spiritual Septuagint (LXX) the Greek translation of the Old Testament Seventh Day Adventist a person who subscribes to a form of Arminianism and Sabbatarianism Sheol see Hell Siddur kadeshim the name given to the Holy Order, 1996-7 sin missing the mark, the transgression of divine law or principles of morality, e.g. pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, sloth (the 'seven deadly sins') Six, the the six founding members of the New Covenant Church of God in 1996 symbolically represented as the six branches of a Menorah-shaped olive tree Sophia Greek for Hochmah, or Wisdom, a female personage often associated with the Holy Spirit soul (a) spirit + physical body (technical) (b) the immortal part of a person (poetic) stasis, static the state of stopped flow or stagnation; that which is fixed or does not move stewardship responsibility for preservation and administration, e.g. taking care of the human body, priesthood responsibilities, financial guardianship, etc. Sub-Apostle an Evangelist Sub-Deacon(ess) a trainee Deacon (or Deaconess) supplication the act of making a humble petition or request to God or other person, usually in prayer
    T Tartarus see Hell temple (New Covenant) sacred space where New Covenant Christians congregate to pray, worship, receive instruction and ordinations, and enter sacred covenants temptation the making trial of a person, putting him to the test; may be benevolent or malevolent Tetragrammaton the Hebrew letters of the Divine Name, Yahweh -- YHWH theocracy the government of God on earth combining both politics and Church which will characterise the Millennium theology the study and rational analysis of religious faith theophany the personal appearance of Christ or God to a human being thermodynamics the science of the relations between heat and other mechan- ical or electrical forms of energy tithe 10% (one tenth) of a man's income given to God tongues, gift of the supernatural ability to speak in a foreign language Torah (a) the revealed will of God (b) the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) (c) the Old Testament (d) the whole Bible (e) all authoritative Scripture and Law tradition a custom or belief, a way of behaving or acting, which may, or may not, be true transfiguration a change in form or appearance, especially that of Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration treatise a literary composition dealing more or less formally and methodically with a definite subject (e.g. the Gospel of Luke, the Acts of the Apostles, etc.) Tribulation, the the seven year period of persecution and horror prior to the Millennial reign of Christ Trinity, the the post-apostolic 'orthodox' doctrine of the Godhead
    U Unitarianism a belief that God is one Person and not Three, e.g. Islam United Order the financial system of all things in common administered by the Holy Order URL Uniform Resourse Locators, an address on the Word Wide Web (e.g. http://www.nccg.org)
    V vicarious (atonement) the suffering of Christ in place of sinners virgin (a) a person who has had no sexual intercourse (b) a person who is spiritually pure vow a promise, agreement or covenant W Way, the the Gospel of Jesus Christ Word, the (a) Jesus Christ (b) the Scriptures (traditionally identified with the Bible) (c) ultimate reality (d) an extension of the divine personality works acts or things done (the fruit of faith)
    Y Yahweh the proper Name of God (see Jehovah) used of both the Father and the Son (Jesus Christ) Yeshua/Yahshua the Hebrew equivalent of Jesus
    Z Zadokite the New Covenant Deacon or Deaconess Zion (a) the theocratic state of Israel in the Millennium (b) the Old Testament Israelite theocracy Zoroastrianism a pagan religion which strongly influenced Gnosticism

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