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    1. Azar

    1. Men and women have many occupations; they study, work, build, marry, have children and have a job, but if you ask them: "Are you happy, satisfied, and fulfilled?" they will respond that, despite all they possess, they still feel that there is something missing. And what is that? Quite simply, TASTE -- a taste for things, that subtle and mysterious element that no matter what you do, be it eating, walking or carrying out the most menial task, gives you a sense of happiness and fulfillment. But when you possess this element, even the most insignificant occupations bring you joy and happiness, because this element transforms everything else.

    2. Let me give you an example to help you understand because it is so typical of the youth of today. Let's take a boy; he studies and works but finds that there is nothing very extraordinary about life. Nothing amazes him or takes him aback. But then one find day he falls in love with a lovely young woman and everything changes: the world seems transformed; flowers, birds, the sun and the stars all have something to say to him. Actually, it isn't the world that has changed but he himself -- he possesses something intangible, some element within that makes everything beautiful, so things and beings are no longer the same. But if something happens and he loses his love -- if this woman deceives or betrays him -- the world again becomes colourless. The sun may be shining, but he won't notice it anymore; everything looks dismal to him. Whereas before, whether it rained or hailed, he was in paradise -- everything was marvelous; he felt untouched by privation or insult and walked through the streets happy and elated. He was a poet, a musician, enraptured by everything because this element called love made everything beautiful and harmonious.

    3. We all know these phenomena but few people stop to think about them and to figure out the real mechanisms behind them. Love embellishes everything -- but might it not be possible to find this element or quality which transforms life without being in love with a man or woman (with whom we always run the risk of being disappointed)? And let me here very early on make the distinction between being "in love" and "loving" a person for the two are very different phenomena. The answer to my question is a very definite "yes" -- yes we can find this quality of life without being in love with a man or a woman. I just gave you this example to make you realise that if falling in love can transform the way we see and feel things there certainly must be other elements, qualities, or essences that can do likewise. But firstborn saints do not only have recourse to this kind of love, like poets or musicians who imagine that one must be in love to be inspired and who then do all sorts of crazy things in order to get inspiration. No, the firstborn saints who have reflected upon this question have discovered that one can go even farther and higher to find inspiration and plentitude in an element or quality that is stable, eternal, and can never be lost.

    4. This element is a subtle, unfathomable particle, but when it enters the heart of the human soul, it magnifies each thing to the dimensions of the universe. To obtain it one must work, pray and meditate for a long time, but when it comes to dwell within you, it transforms everything. Searchers after truth have given it many names over the millennia -- we call it the Light of Christ, and we find its personification in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who is the centre of our faith structure. He is the dispenser of this element or particle which can only be obtained on certain conditions.

    5. The purpose of these Temple Lectures is to reveal to you how you can obtain this Light and never lose it. Of course, through "falling in love" you can obtain many things. Suppose that you love a charming woman (or vice versa); thanks to everything she inspires in you, she may help you find this element, but you will not find it in her. Even poetry or music cannot always bring it to you. I have heard accounts of many artists who say they are still living in a void. They are as unsatisfied as they can be, but still sense that there's something missing. By contrast, those who have found Christ and who continue to search out His mysteries, are reaching for the summit of the universe and have succeeded in grasping this element, and are able to triumph over any situation life may put them in.

    6. Jesus said to John the Beloved: "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son" (Rev.21:7). "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the Tree of Life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God" (Rev.2:7). "To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth save he that receiveth it" (Rev.2:17). "He that overcometh shall not be hurt at the second death" (Rev.2:11). "He that overcometh, and keepeth My works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations...and I will give him the morning star <2 Pet.1:19; Rev.22:16>" (Rev.2:26,28). "He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before My Father, and before His angels" (Rev.3:5). "Him that overcometh I will make a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more: and I will write upon him the name of My God, and the name of the city of My God, which is the new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from My God: and I will write upon him My new Name" (Rev.3:12). "To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with Me in my throne, even as I overcame, and am set down with My Father in His throne" (Rev.3:21). "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son" (Rev.21:7). And each one of these sayings is invariably followed by the remark: "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith..." (e.g. Rev.3:6).

    7. To overcome is to triumph, or gain the victory over sin, sorrow, separation, and unhappiness, and to inherit everlasting life. Most of you are probably familiar with the scriptures I have just read. They contain within them the essense of these Priesthood School lectures, the mystery of the ages that has always eluded the carnally-minded. Most of you should be familiar with the School of the Prophets course, Discourses on the Light of Christ, which was designed as an introduction to this new series of lectures, and focuses on the early chapters of the Book of Genesis. This new series of lectures will be looking at the other end of the Bible, namely the Book of Revelation or Apocalypse, which is the twin book of Genesis. A sound spiritual grasp of both books will open every veil that obstructs our vision of Heaven.

    8. As New Covenant Christians called into the Firstborn Covenant you should not be looking for true happiness or the solution to your problems on lower levels of Light; because physical matter and emotional matter on this fallen world are not endowed with the element or degree of the Light of Christ that the human soul and spirit need. You need to seek for it on a higher level and make your requests there: "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for everyone that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened" (Matt.7:7-8). You will be given and receive the degree of Light that you ask for; if you are seeking on a lower level or plane then you will receive on that level or plane. But what if you are not aware of higher levels, planes, or degrees of Light? How, then, can you seek for them and receive from them? If your perception of the fullness of Christ is but a lower aspect of His glory, how can you expect to obtain anything higher? The whole purpose of the Holy Order is to make you aware -- conscious -- of higher levels so that you will start asking, seeking, and knocking. That is what these lectures are designed to do. Therefore when your mind and heart become aware of something greater, higher, purer, or more worthy than what you have previously been aware of, go for it! This is the born again experience, of becoming born into a new realisation that there is something better and more desirable than what you have. Jesus said: "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot SEE the Kingdom of God" (John 3:3). That is the first step -- seeing, or becoming aware through revelation that there is an invisible kingdom, invisible, that is, to the carnal eyes. Then Jesus says: "Except a man be born of water AND of the Spirit, he cannot ENTER into the Kingdom of God" (John 3:5).

    9. You must see before you can enter, otherwise you are blindly walking and will stumble. You must see what the goal is -- the object of your quest. God reveals what the goal, or Kingdom, is supernaturally -- by revelation, as a man or woman becomes conscious of his sinful nature and desires to change his life. This Kingdom has both an inner and outer aspect -- the outer one being the community of the saints which we call the Church of Christ (on one level) and the Church of the Firstborn (on another level), and the inner one which Jesus addresses in Luke 17:21 when He says: "...the kingdom of God is within you". Once you have seen the Kingdom, by revelation, you must then seek to enter it on the level that has been revealed to you. And when you have done that, you will be born again to see another level, and must then seek to enter that one. And so the process repeats itself until you have overcome all things and can climb no higher. Some people think that in finding this Church they have come to the end of their journey and can just settle down. They believe that all they have to do is tell others about it. But the Church is only the vessel of the kingdom, the gathering point outwardly, and the pointer to the Kingdom within. One day it will disappear entirely and all that will be left is the degree of Light that you have attained within yourself, through the grace of Christ.

    10. The job of the presidencies of the Schools of the Prophets is to make you aware of levels of Light and truth that you have never been made aware of before, or perhaps only dimly. Our job is to point you in various directions and say: "Seek here!" It will be our job to give you spiritual maps so you can avoid the hazzards along the way and chart your way safely. It will be our job to give you the benefit of our experience, such as we have. Of ourselves we have nothing directly to give -- we cannot, for example, lay our hands upon your heads, or by some other means, "give" you more Light and truth. The Light and truth -- the Kingdom of God -- is already within you. We can hold your hand some of the way but there will be a point where you will have to journey alone.

    11. On every level of Light this time will come. On the highest level, that of Christhood, Jesus had to suffer the burden of the sins of mankind alone, without the ministry of angels or the support of His Heavenly Father. That moment of aloneness is foreshadowed on every level of Light and must be conquered before the seeker after truth can go on. If he cannot conquer -- if he cannot overcome -- he will fall back to the beginning of that level or degree and must start again. Everyone will fail at some stage, and probably many times too -- so don't despair and give up. That Christ was victorious on the Cross must be our inspiration and encouragement, from which we are called to gather strength and hope. There is nothing quite like a living example -- someone to imitate, for though the journey is truly unknown to us, we may confidently believe that it has been done before and is the way that has been mapped out for everyone to follow.

    12. So, we are constantly called to seek for higher levels of Light until we have received of the very substance of Christ Himself. And once we have this element, it can produce everything for us, and above all, give us a TASTE for things. It will bring joy, inspiration and well-being beyond anything that the physical plane can offer a man or woman.

    13. Food and drink can bring just so much, for if you are not healthy you cannot enjoy what you eat and drink. Thus, you must be healthy in order to add that element to everything you eat and drink; when someone has a cold he can hardly taste or smell anything. Food is one thing, swimming pools, cars and money are something else, but another element is needed to enable you to sense and enjoy them...This element called health transforms things in many ways. But if you lack love, or intelligence, neither possessions nor food can bring you anything more than material satisfaction.

    14. Let's return to being in love again. When you love someone, he becomes a genius in your eyes, an exceptional being, an angel. But when you stop loving him, all of a sudden he turns into a demon. Thus some element in you -- something vital -- has disappeared. What has happened? Though outwardly, relative to yourself, that person may be unchanged, yet inwardly in you it is as though a totally different human being has come into existence when you stop loving him. And yet people convince themselves that it is not THEY who have changed but the person for whom their feelings have changed. This is the great illusion of our world. People live in a dream or fantasy world coloured not by reality but by their own blinkered perceptions. One minute someone is your best friend, and the next your worst enemy. Has this person changed so dramatically, or is it your perception that has changed? What is the mechanism of this change? How do we get a grasp of reality and overcome these wildly fluctuating perceptions of people and of life? You can stop loving someone intensely and start hating them intensely by means of one subtle change. It requires the change of only one element or essence. When you cease loving and start hating only one element has been lost. Just one.

    15. The science of Chemistry has been with us for some time now and has become highly sophisticated. As a Biochemist by profession and training I have never ceased to be amazed by the intricacies of living things. But this is only the chemistry of material things. The spirit world has its own chemistry too which science hasn't begun to touch. When a chemist adds nitric acid and sulphuric acid to toluene he knows he will end up with the explosive TNT -- but more than that he knows precisely the mechanism of this chemical change. He understands the principle of catalysis, how bonds break and reform, of chemical kinetics, and can predict most accurately what will happen when certain chemicals are mixed. The spiritual chemists -- in our secular world the psychologist, psychoanalyst, and psychotherapist -- however, are still guessing. They observe the effects of emotional, mental and behaviour changes but have no idea what the mechanism of these changes is. Some have come close but most are lost and are like blind guides leading the blind.

    16. Spiritual chemistry, or the mechanics of the inner life, is the basis of everything. Chemists explain all sorts of phenomena and their manifestations in terms of material things; and biochemists try to explain the phenomena of the spirit world -- thoughts, feelings, and behaviour -- by means of these material processes. Though there is indeed a link, and though materials can modify behaviour dramatically (such as drugs), material phenomena cannot explain fundamental things like love, inspiration, faith healing, and so on. Though Chemistry, Physics and other material sciences are by no means unimportant, there is a limit to their use in trying to explain spiritual phenomena. There are the elements of the Periodic Table, but there are other elements too...not those made up of coarse physical matter but those made up of SPIRITUAL matter. Spiritual matter and mental matter have their own chemistries, their own degrees, their own "periodic tables", their own laws. The physical universe is vast, diverse and awesome and we rightly stand in amazement before its intricacy and beauty. But there are other universes too -- spiritual universes -- which are no less intricate and beautiful. And those who have seen them will tell you that the material universe pales into insignificance before the glory and spendour of these creations. Brethren and sisters, you have come to the House of the Lord today seeking a spiritual endowment. It will take you a time to receive. To receive it you need to obtain the spiritual keys of the Priesthood that will transform your entire inner nature. It will require no less than a total inner re-orientation. Your spiritual education does not end with this Temple session, it only begins. Your progression will depend on how you utilise the keys you have acquired in your mind or heart. It will require daily prayer, meditation and practical religion. It will require a continuous self-consciousness of all you do, say, think or feel. If you leave here and continue as you were before you entered this School of the Prophets then it may be said that you have not understood nor obtained the spiritual keys -- or that you were unwilling to exercise your will-power and begin the inner transformation which the Lord is calling you towards. It is impossible for I, your teacher, to turn these keys for you -- I am empowered only to impart them to you. Beyond that you are independent to do with them as you will.

    17. Health, love and light produce great transformations within a soul, and their absence produces others. But above health, love and light still another element exists, upon which all the rest depends. This almighty element is God Himself. It suffuses the presence of God and the world in which He lives. It is the element of the Church of the Firstborn, sanctifying the saints thereof. It is the finest and purest particle there is. I shall describe this element to you in times to come as you begin to recognise its activity and qualities. How is this particle obtained? It is obtained by sacrifice, renouncement and abnegation. The Law of Sacrifice is everywhere explained in the Scriptures, finding its epitome in the sacrifice of the Son of God on the Cross at Calvary. It is the giving of one degree of Light for a higher degree and the willingness to bear the burdens and responsibilities of the pain that that brings until its opposite -- joy -- flowers and bears fruit. The Law of Renouncement is the spiritual departure from Babylon and all her ways, and is again elucidated clearly in the Scriptures. And the Law of Abnegation is self-denial, the swallowing of the personal will into the will of Christ. Most of you have already read the New Olive Leaf Revelations in the Covenants & Commandments which explain an aspect of this. To some extent all these three are expressions of each other.

    18. There is a proverb most of you are familiar with which says: "Don't throw the baby out with the dirty bath water." The child in this proverb symbolises the divine living element called the Light of Christ, and the dirty water represents the stagnant, dirty and polluted elements that are cleansed out of souls who have been washed in Christ. The ordinance of baptism symbolises the inner process that should be taking place within us when we are born-again. Inner baptisms of spirit are taking place in us all the time if we are earnestly seeking the kingdom yet everyone throws out the child and keeps the dirty water. Is that possible? Yes it is. Since people do not make the effort to obtain this divine, celestial element, it is as though they discard the essential part. And why do they do it? Because their minds and feelings have been patterned after the order of Babylon.

    19. I will explain. People today want to possess all sorts of things but won't work for this divine element which will give them the joy of possessing them. You will meet in this life many people who are rich and possess everything, or can have anything they want, and yet they are sad and indifferent. Why? Because their taste for things has deteriorated. They believe that everything comes from possessions. But the truth is that everything is in the sensation. If you have treasures but feel dead, how can you enjoy them? You have to be alive to enjoy things! But people only care about things that are dead; and the more lifeless things they possess the less they work on the living side, and the less they relish life.

    20. People in the world today want alot of lovers, misstresses, money or cars, but they do not worry about what is within themselves which is capable of feeling joy. They do not bother about this because all their time is spent seeking what else they can possess. And if we are truthful some of this attitude is still in us, even though it may not be immediately obvious. When you realise that seeking to possess people or things does not bring you joy, you will reduce the quantity of your possessions and increase the quality of your feelings, and with the few things you possess you will live in unceasing ecstasy. When a young man is in love, if the woman he loves just sends him a rose petal or a lock of her hair, he is flooded with celestial bliss. He may not have a penny in the bank, a factory or a car, but he is in ecstasy because his beloved felt like giving him something; he takes the petal and smells it, puts it under his pillow at night and even writes poems about this little rose petal. Such a psychological fact should never be ignored because it is a source of information -- a spiritual key. A totally different kind of element can flood a man if he learns his beloved no longer loves him but has gone after another -- from celestial bliss he can be thrown into the deepest abyss of hell, and may find himself possessed by rage, insane jealosy and hatred. A person can be thrown from ecstasy to hell as quickly as you can flip a coin. Why? How? The understanding of these things will be given to you degree by degree in subsequent lectures. A disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ should amplify and embellish the least spiritual joy, instead of throwing himself upon physical and material possessions. He should cultivate in himself that subtle faculty of sensation; then he can spend centuries contemplating the stars, or roses, or faces, if that is his disposition. There are so many things even on this fallen planet which can plunge a man into ecstasy -- things which God has given to sustain the pilgrim in his walk through dense matter that he may not entirely be cut off from the Godhead. Without it, the minister cannot fully minister, and a Priesthood of the living Christ cannot be properly endowed. The subtle side of human life has been brushed aside by a coarse and materialistic generation so that it no longer vibrates within the soul. That subtle or spiritual side no longer has any life or projects anything to man. People do not radiate and no longer know how to feel joyful. They only feel pleasure when they are wallowing in the crudest of pleasures. At such moments they do feel something, but the beauty, subtlety, harmony, music, poetry and purity -- all that is mystical and divine -- doesn't interest them. That is why they encounter only disillusion and suffering.

    21. Everywhere you are told: "If you take this or that, you will find the joy of living". Just look at the newspapers and advertisements. Everything exists to lure human beings towards pleasures or comforts that can never give them what they need. Whereas here, in the Holy Order, you are told: "Receive the Lord Jesus as your Saviour, climb, and keep climbing through prayer, meditation, study and good works, and you will receive this subtle element which will give you a taste for things." This element or substance is as imperceptible as an atom but as soon as you obtain it, it makes everything within you vibrate. And life becomes so beautiful, so rich that no words can describe it! But without the element of the Light of Christ, even if you have everything that can possibly be accumulated, you will still be a prey to unhappiness, disappointment and emptiness.

    22. And even if you say: "How I yearn to meet a prophet or one endowed with great knowledge to teach me", I would answer that you have misconstrued the question. Because you might meet him, but if you have not already received the element of the Light of Christ, or Holy Spirit, nor worked on it, and thus have come to understand Christ -- even if you were to meet the greatest prophet or spiritual teacher on earth who is endowed with this Christ-substance, you would argue with him and remain as ignorant as before. The excuses people come up with are astonishing: "If I could just find the most beautiful woman -- or the most handsome man -- to marry!..." Or, "If I could discover the location of one true Church on the earth!..."; because if you do not possess this celestial element I am describing, the loveliest woman, the handsomest man, and the one and only true Church would bring you untold misfortunes. This is how you must begin to learn how to think, brothers and sisters, because many of you still do not realise the value of what I am explaining because you are not used to envisioning things that way. There is no more worthwhile task than obtaining this element -- which is another way of saying becoming sanctified in Christ -- even if it takes thousands of years, for then everything will mean something to you, and make you rejoice. Even now you are walking on treasures of great beauty; you meet beings filled with qualities and virtues; you see the stars and the sun...and yet, despite all of this, you remain insensitive, sad and unhappy. You feel nothing, see, understand and rejoice in nothing, and all this splendour is lost to you. That is what human beings do because their spiritual senses have either been numbed or crucified by materialism and wanton living. And yet society finds this quite normal. But I tell you, even if you met several archangels and heavenly messengers descending from the worlds they would have little or no affect on you until you had a greater sanctification worked in you by this divine element, which, because it is alive and vital, knows how to recognise and appreciate the value of things. You will be unhappy everywhere without it. Even if you were in Paradise you would not see the splendour of the Kingdom of God, no more than a drunk can appreciate the spendour of fine music in a state of total inebriation.

    23. If I were to tell you that you could possess Heaven and earth, I wonder how many of you would believe me? And yet it is the truth. The parable of the prodigal son makes this quite plain. The brother of the prodigal son had all the wealth of his father and yet he was unable to appreciate it. He was even jealous of his younger brother when his father threw a feast for him. He had everything and yet he couldn't enjoy it because he was unsanctified. As I mentioned in "Discourses on the Light of Christ", most people focus on the prodigal son and assume it refers to them in some way but never suppose they might be the elder brother. Hopefully most of us have already been prodigal sons and daughters and have passed through that stage of our progression (see HOC 150) ...perhaps some of you haven't. But by far the most of you are as the elder brother, possessing the riches of eternity through your acceptance of Christ yet being unable to enjoy them because you have not been further sanctified by Him, because you have not received enough of this divine element.

    24. Yes, the whole world can belong to you. It can belong to you inwardly. What use would possessing the world outwardly do for you? What would you do with all the forests, mountains and lakes if you owned them? "But how can these things belong to several people at once?" you might ask. In the physical world what belongs to one person cannot belong to another -- for example, the physical atoms of my body belong to me at any one moment in time..how could they possibly belong to you without my life being forfeit? If I own a table and you say you own it, and I decide to move to the opposite side of the world -- unless we cut the table in half, or one of us yields it to the other, how can we say that it is owned by two people? We may say in principle that it is shared but when we are faced with physical realities -- such as moving to the other side of the world -- it is obvious that that "common ownership" was but an illusion, a playing with words. I may allow you to share my table but this has to be as its owner. Such is the reality of material things.

    25. In the divine world things are very different, however. In the divine world one thing can belong to many people. Let me give you an example. There was once a rich man who possessed a magnificent park with the most beautiful trees and flowers, but he was so absorbed in his business affairs that he never had the time to walk in his park; he never saw nor took advantage of it. But a young poet came there every day: he listened to the birds singing, contemplated the flowers, the fountains, and breathed the roses' perfume and wrote poems. To whom would you say this park belonged? To the poet. And what of the other man, the owner? He just paid the taxes! The earth belongs to many countries, but it also belongs to me. Why not? It belongs to you too. It is just a simple question of adjustment.

    26. The Lord desires to give you the secret for obtaining everything that you need: you should take hold of it, absorb it and feel like the master of the world. That will almost sound contradictory to you given the Laws of Sacrifice, Renouncement and Abnegation; but before you advance into the Firstborn you must first have a crystallised ego, or will, which can then be transformed into that which is totally Christ-directed. Many, if not most, people lack a crystallised ego for this was crushed out of them by domineering parents by or an otherwise hostile environment. This is the inner work of the Zadokian Priesthood and the basis of this series of the School of the Prophets lectures. It is associated with that sphere in the Tree of Life called the Foundation. It is the first degree of priesthood sanctification in Christ known as Azar. To enter into this Zadokian endowment you must begin to understand and experience sensations vast and subtle; but you will never taste these sensations if you think that what you possess and obtain on the physical plane can be the final solution. No, you must work on the other element, your taste. And often taste is inversely proportional to quantity. You will perceive that as you increase the material and physical side of your life, your taste for it will diminish. Look at lovers. At first when they do nothing but exchange glances, smiles or letters, they feel transported to paradise, but once they begin to go farther, they no longer sense the same joy and inspiration. And those propelled only by lust, having obtained their desire and fill, very quickly become empty and disillusioned and throw away that which was the object of their desire, be it man or woman (usually the victim is the woman). Or they may try to enslave, descending further into bestiality and darkness.

    27. Remember this key. If you increase one side of the Tree of Life, the other side will decrease. If you are propelled by physical forces, the spiritual will diminish. If you are propelled by the spiritual, the physical will diminish. The physical becomes out of balance with the spiritual and sickness results inwardly and (sometimes) outwardly too. So if you run after riches you may find your health suddenly deteriorating, and you become ill. If you become obsessed by sexual desires you may find your ability to sense the spiritual rapidly diminishing until the magic and subtlety of the spiritual vanishes altogether, as it has largely done in the Western world. If you become obsessed by a spiritual quest and suppress your physical needs you will either find the desire for the physical disappearing altogether or inexplicable obsessions breaking the surface of your consciousness to haunt and torment you as is so common amongst Catholic monks and nuns. We shall reveal the keys for dealing with such problems in detail at another time.

    28. So the seeker after inner truth must keep asking himself: what will diminish if something else is increased? All things are connected; we shall be looking at these interconnections in detail in the next lecture. So take what I have said today and let it work in your life and you will be happy. Readjust your thinking. Apply the revelations that have been received and watch the changes within yourself. Keep on moving in the direction of the summit, which is Christ, and everything will become more beautiful. A woman will even say to her husband: "Darling, you are so handsome! I've never seen you look so handsome!" Before, of course, she never saw anything at all, even if physically he wasn't handsome. It is the inner which transforms the outer -- and when one lives inwardly and looks outwards, one will seek that which is inner in people and not judge the outer. Hence I repeat again Jesus' words: "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement" (John 7:24).

    29. When Job was infested with sores and disease, everyone was disgusted by him. But to God he was one of the most beautiful persons in the world, for his soul was utterly pure and incorruptible. But there are few of us who have learned to judge as God judges, or to see with the inner eye. By inner transformation the entire outer world is changed. With this philosophy, our whole life may be transformed. The cynic may say that doing this is just a form of illusion but will not admit to his own illusiory way of looking at things. There is a sense in which matter is illusiory anyway for it is but the dance and interplay of light and may change at any time. But if you seek a non-spiritual way, believe you me, you will just keep on floundering, suffering and moaning for a very long time yet.

    30. This celestial element cannot be obtained in an instant but the moment you begin reaching out towards it, everything will start to improve. You yourself will be astonished to see your Zadokian Priesthood come alive inwardly and to see that you are surrounded by angels, archangels and other celestial beings. And all you have to do is continue walking in this direction, toward the summit of the pyramid, which is the Tree of Life, magnifying your Zadokian Priesthood and growing daily in Christ Jesus. Amen.

    First created on 9 July 1998
    Last updated on 9 July 1998

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