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    Section 155

    On Reincarnation

    Revelation on the false doctrine of Reincarnation. One or two of the first members of the Church believed in this doctrine and were vainly proclaiming that they were the reincarnations of great men of the past, despite the apostle Paul's clear teaching to the contrary in the Book of Hebrews. The following revelation exposes the folly of the doctrine which completely undermines the atonement, rendering the Christian Gospel totally meaningless [Oppsal, Oslo, Norway].

    1. Thus saith the Lord unto His son the Presiding Patriarch and to all who have sought for understanding concerning the doctrine of reincarnation:

    2. Hearken unto My Voice and I will give unto thee the answers which thou hast earnestly sought for.

    3. And I allowed thee to wrestle with this problem, My son, not speaking unto thee until now, that thou mightest apply the knowledge I have already given unto thee to understand for thyself.

    4. And behold, thou knowest the truth, for I have taught thee, line upon line, truth upon truth, that all doubt might be taken from thy mind.

    5. I am the Lord of the Resurrection, and the resurrection is the fruit of My work at Calvary, even as I have already spoken unto thee.

    6. I am resurrected, which meaneth that I have taken up My mortal body, and it hath become inseparately connected unto My Spirit, never to be divided in death again. And I am glorified.

    The Body is a Mirror Image of the Spirit of Man

    7. The body is the outer image of the spirit of man and is eternal.

    8. What thou hast written on the body (NC&C 147) is correct and shall stand in the Covenants & Commandments {Olive Branch} if the people will receive it. And this also was born of truths that I have revealed unto thee line upon line.

    The Truth is Simple

    9. Consider, O man, the truth of the Lord, which is plain and simple to understand, and is without the sophistries1 and guile2 of Satan who by his cunning ever seeketh to corrupt and destroy.

    10. Thou hast asked the correct question, My son, which is the key that unlocketh the mystery of reincarnation:

    One Spirit, One Body, and One Resurrection

    11. If a man is reincarnated many times, which body shall he receive in the resurrection?

    12. Verily, verily, thus saith the Lord, even Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Resurrection: there is but one resurrection of a man, being in the likeness of his one spirit, which was made in the image of the Godhead.

    13. And man receiveth but one body, in which body he shall be resurrected by grace, whether his deeds be good or evil, unless he is of Perdition3 and receiveth no resurrection at all.

    Reincarnation and Christianity are Incompatible

    14. No man or woman can deny this and call himself My disciple for these things are written plainly that even a child may discern them.

    15. For man there is but one life and one probation in which he is given to choose; and if he chooseth the right, he receiveth the resurrection of the just (Heb.9:27).

    16. But if he chooseth wrongly, rebelling against God and the Light which was given him at birth, he receiveth the resurrection of the unjust.

    The Devil's Doctrine

    17. The doctrine of reincarnation is a doctrine of the devil.

    18. There are some who say that reincarnation is Satan's way of salvation, that a man may escape the wheel of rebirth by accepting Me as Saviour;

    19. That those who do not accept Me are born again and again, until they accept Me.

    20. O the foolishness of carnal man! For a while thou believed this doctrine and wast caught in the lie, for if a man is born again and again until he accepteth Me, are not all men saved in the end?

    Not All Are Saved

    21. Never at any time hath the Father said that all would be saved4 in the end, for such denieth the Law of Justice.

    22. And if there is no justice, there is no mercy;

    23. And if there is no mercy, there is no love, for there is a God in heaven.

    24. These things I plainly taught My disciple Paul, and I have spoken them unto you again through Mine own voice.

    One Law of Birth and Death

    25. There are not two laws operating in this sphere -- the one of Satan and the one of My Father -- for Satan is the Lawless One and is incapable of sustaining any law of rebirth, for he hath not the power to cause even one soul to be reborn again.

    26. The doctrine of reincarnation is the doctrine of Lucifer by which means he hoped to save all the souls of men if the Father would send him as Saviour, for he was jealous and coveted the call of the Son of God, who was the Son from the beginning.

    27. I am the Son, and I was in the beginning with My Father (Jn.1:1).

    28. Lucifer was never equal to Me in dominion and Light but was an angel5.

    29. He hath neither the knowledge nor the power to tabernacle {create bodies for} the souls6 of men, which power the Father would not give him anyway, for all that Satan toucheth defileth.

    30. Supposest thou that My Father would allow the enemy of all righteousness to defile innocent souls embarking on their journey into incarnation?

    31. What kind of a God would permit such a thing?

    Satan is a Spirit and Cannot Be Resurrected

    32. Satan hath no [physical] body and shall never receive a body, being forever damned as a spirit because of his rebellion in Heaven.

    33. He denieth the Resurrection because in him there is no power of resurrection.

    34. For the power of the Resurrection is an infinite atonement, which comethonly of infinite love, even the love of God the Father.

    35. Satan cannot sacrifice for anyone, for there is not one particle of love within him.

    Satan Steals Light

    36. He stealeth Light from the earth by corrupting nature, both men and beasts, and from this stolen Light he worketh much evil.

    37. Yea, and he obtaineth Light according to the immutable Law of the Father, which is the One Law in all created things, only he worketh through the the dark side, or mirror, which is the counterfeit law that Satan seeketh to bind men and women unto7

    The Plan of Salvation

    38. That man might experience opposition it was necessary in the Plan established by the Father that this was so, that evil and sin might have opportunity to flourish also, and than man might choose for himself.

    39. For I have taken upon Me the sins of the world; for it is I that have permitted them; and it is I that granteth him thatbelieveth in the end a place at My right hand.

    God Permits Sin

    40. For I am the author, through the will of the Father, that allowed for the possibility of sin.

    41. I am therefore [indirectly] the author of sin, and for this cause it was necessary that I pay for that sin and redeem those that fell into sin but repented of their error and who had desires to return unto Me.

    42. Thou needest not suppose that the Son of Man hath created sin by sinning Himself, for God is incapable of sin.

    Christ Accepts Responsibility for Sin

    43. For even as a parent alloweth his child to choose good or evil, and accepteth responsibility for the works of that child, good and bad, until that child hath arived at the years of accountability, so also doth the Son of Man allow thechildren of men to choose good or evil,

    44. And accepteth responsibility for the works of His children, whether they are good or evil, through an infinite atonement upon the Cross, until the children of men acquire understanding and may either choose Me, their Saviour, or the way of suffering wherein they must work out their own atonement for ever and ever8.

    A Deceptive Doctrine

    45. My son, thou hast sinned for, for a while, thou believed the lie taught unto thee by Chalam9.

    46. But I have forgiven thee because thou hast sincerely repented and hast received My Word.

    47. He spake unto thee with great craftiness, seeking to entice thee from My Word and into a gospel after his own imagination wherein no salvation can be found.

    48. Yea, for it is a gospel that flattereth10 the vain11 and conceited who supp-ose they can become great ones by works, yea, by works of darkness masquerading as light.

    49. And he useth My language and many of My truths by which he seeketh to persuade those after his own carnal mind.

    50. And he hath flattered away thy wife also and hath destroyed that which is sacred and precious.

    51. But verily, verily, I say unto thee, that she will come to understand even as thou understandeth, for she loveth Me and seeketh to know My will.

    52. And she was seduced because she did not cultivate her gift and was negligent in prayer (Mt.6:6) and study12, which things would have saved her had she been wise.

    53. Yea, and Satan hath worked a great destruction in her through those who should have nurchured her in her youth, taking away from her much of her free agency and her ability to discern.

    54. And he hath appeared unto her as an angel of light when she was weak and vunerable, fulfilling the desires of her heart.

    Seasons and Cycles

    55. There is a season for all things and the choices of man must run their course.

    56. There is always a time to understand and repent by listening to the Spirit of Truth;

    57. And if she hearkeneth, she shall be saved13. But if she hearkeneth not, then she must needs be lost. And thus it is for all men.

    Satan will Try to Seduce the Elect

    58. It is written that the very elect shall be seduced by darkness wearing a mantle of Light, were that possible; and all have been seduced14 to one degree or another (Mk.13:22).

    59. Blessed are they who awaken from their sleep15 and cry out against the enemy who hath entered unawares, calling upon Me in the day of their need.

    Christ is Quick to Save

    60. For I am quick to save, faster than the striking head of a serpent seeking to destroy its prey, more sure than the medicine of the best physician.

    Another False Doctrine

    61. It is said by many false teachers that there is a true and false serpent16, and that I, the Son of Man, am a true serpent, which is a blasphemy of Satan who would make the Son of Man in his own image because he coveted My office.

    62. It is written of Me: "Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole: and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looketh upon it, shall live.

    63. "And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of blass, he lived" (Num.21:8-9).

    64. Verily, verily, saith the Lord, from this scripture hath come much misunder- standing.

    Only One Serpent, Satan

    65. The serpent is an emblem of death, even Satan.

    66. I, the Lord, took upon Myself human flesh with all its infirmities -- and the flesh is infirm on account of the death within it. And the originator of death is Satan.

    67. I, the Lord Jesus Christ, was lifted up upon a Cross bearing the death of man in My flesh, even Satan (Jn.3:14).

    68. Yea, and the serpent representeth temptation also (1 Cor.10:9); and Satan is the Tempter.

    The Sins of Man Nailed to the Cross

    69. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that the serpent of brass was an emblem of Satan nailed to the Cross of Calvary, for I bore the sins of the world in My flesh and nailed them to the Cross.

    70. And the sins of the world are Satan, that old serpent who beguiled your first parents (2 Cor.11:3; Rev.12:9; 20:2).

    71. The brass17 serpent saved not the children of Israel in the desert, My son, but [figuratively] the Cross to which it was nailed.

    God is Not a Serpent

    72. Never at any time hath God been likened to a serpent by the Heavens, but it is the heathen, and the idolaters, and the blasphemers who have done this, under the inspiration of Lucifer.

    73. It is written that ye should be as wise as serpents (Mt.10:16), but no serpent is as harmless as a dove and ye need not suppose that I have called you to imitate the nature of the serpent, neither should ye take literally that which was a figure of speech.

    74. Behold, the flesh of the Son of Man was nailed to the Cross in place of the works of the children of men, until it was dead.

    75. And by this means I overcame sin and death, which is Satan, that whosoever cometh unto Me in faith, with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, being obedient unto My commandments, might be saved, and no longer be overcome by the power of Satan.

    Christ will Protect the Elect

    76. I shall not suffer those who come unto Me to be led into temptation, saith the Lord (Mt.6:13; NC&C 402), but shall cast a mantle of Light around them that they may endure the heat of the day and the fiery darts of the adversary.

    77. I have overcome the serpent and even now he is nailed unto the Cross.

    Death Has Been Conquered

    78. But the Son hath come down from the Cross, leaving death behind, and hath arisen and sitteth on the right hand of the Father in glory.

    79. Yea, and Satan struggleth furiously in his death-throes, and biteth all those who come near unto him in his fury, that he might take them into death with him.

    80. Death dieth, and death dieth slowly and painfully.

    81. The wages of sin is death (Rom.6: 23), and that death is slow and painful.

    Satan's Death-Blow

    82. And when the Son of Man cometh again He shall cast Satan from the earth, striking a death-blow upon his head that man may abide in peace and freedom for a thousand years. He who hath ears let him hear.

    Resurrection and Reincarnation are Enemies

    83. Those who believe in the doctrine of reincarnation do not believe in the resurrection of the flesh but in a spiritual resurrection of which they know not.

    84. The doctrine of reincarnation denieth the work of the Cross and the resurrection.

    85. The Son of Man hath died once for all for the sins of man (Heb.7:27; 1 Pet.3:18; Rom.6:10).

    86. And man is appointed but once to die, and then cometh the judgment (Heb. 9:27).

    87. Have I not told you these things before? Then why do ye believe the doctrines of the devil?

    We Die Only Once

    88. If a man is appointed to die but once, shall he be appointed to die again, and again, and again?

    89. Such is the intelligence of fallen man, but it is foolishness unto God.

    90. Ye shall not receive any into the New Covenant who believe in the doctrine of reincarnation for it is as the serpent in Eden.

    Preach Against Reincarnation

    91. Ye shall preach against it, for it is a doctrine of hell and is the doctrine of the Antichrist, even he who is now in the world.

    92. It is born of a vain, carnal and devilish mind, which mind cannot know the works of God.

    93. Ye cannot say that ye are prisoners of the cycles of reincarnation and must receive Me in order to break out of them, for ye are prisoners only of your sins, and of he who is the author of sin who hath power over you.

    Free in Christ

    94. Ye cannot break out of something which is not, and never will be, therefore cease to trouble yourselves over such things.

    95. Ye have but one life, and ye shall die but once;

    96. And after ye have died, then is the repentance which ye could have worked here at an end also, that none may procrastinate the day of repentance, nor postpone it unto another life, but receive their just reward.

    God is Just

    97. Is God unjust? Nay, then cease to deny His justice and His mercies, but work out your salvation with fear and trembling before the night cometh wherein no labour can be performed.

    98. I am true and faithful, and he who cometh unto Me need never fear, nor shall he be disappointed. Even so. Amen.

    If you would like to purchase a copy of the whole book of revelations, which includes an extensive commentary, concordance, index and relevant articles, click the book below:
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