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    An Address to the Oslo Local Colony
    ~July/August 1995

    Brethren and sisters, I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on this very, very special day in our Church's history. I pray that today is going to be a special and wonderful experience for you all.

    I wish to express appreciation to brother Trond who reminded me the other day of an interesting scripture in the first book of Kings which I once used in a sermon many years ago because it was particularly relevant then. It has also become relevant now at this the cross-roads in our Church's history.

    Last Sunday in Oslo I was invited by the Patriarch to share a few words with you concerning the birthing period the New Covenant Church of God was about to enter after its 9-year pregnancy. I challenged you all as to the importance of bearing one's testimony in the process of starting ones walk in eternal life and invited you to bear your testimonies. All but one of the members present shared their feelings about the Lord and the Gospel.

    What I heard, and what the Church Patriarch and Pastor of Oslo Local Colony heard, both gave us cause for joy as well as for alarm and some sadness -- joy because it was clear that the majority of you were willing to place your lives in the hands of the Lord, alarm because it was clear that some of you still do not understand what this Covenant really is, and sadness because we saw, with a prophetic eye, that unless some of you did not immediately humble yourselves that you would very soon be lost and return to the world, to be swallowed up by it. To put it more bluntly, there are some of you who are standing on the threshold of the door which leads to spiritual death and unhappiness.

    Brethren and sisters, my message today is mostly for those of you who are on that threshold and, who in all likelihood, don't know it, but it is also for all the Church, for all have been, or will be, tempted to fall into the sin of unbelief and thence be led to inner death. That death is present -- I felt it last Sunday, and shuddered. I have smelt that odour before. And when I smell it coming from those whom I love in the Covenant, it makes my heart ache.

    No Such Thing as a Solo Christian

    Before I talk about the passage in the first Book of Kings I wish to remind you of this salient truth: it is impossible to believe in Christ and at the same time belong to no covenant community. It is impossible to say that one is a Christian but owe no allegiance to a spiritual body or congregation of believers. In other words, it is impossible to be a private Christian and not belong to any Church. Christian life is private only in the personal awaking stage of Gospel awareness; once one has been born again to see the Kingdom of God, the next stage is being a part of that Kingdom. That means, being an active, fully-committed disciple, working closely together with others in a congregation. I think most of you understand that.

    We have been together now many years. We have worked together, and sometimes we have not worked together. Sometimes we have slipped into inactivity, been woken up to a sense of our responsibility to our brethren and sisters by the Holy Spirit, and have engaged in the work again. Sometimes people have doubted this work and the claims it has made, retreated from the Body and tried to maintain a private discipleship. When that happens, spiritual death always results.

    True Knowledge Cannot Be Denied

    There are one or two of you, because of recent events, who have begun to doubt the call and authority of this Church. It has happened throughout this Church's history. Many have fallen away. Some have fallen into utter darkness, some have returned, and some are being tossed to and fro -- one minute in the light, the next in darkness. I reminded you last Sunday that once you have received the keys of the New Covenant that you are accountable for ever. Once you have knowledge you cannot deny it, unless you deliberately lie to yourself and go the way of the second death. That way leads into Satan's Kingdom.

    Doubt is a killer. Doubt is a lack of faith. It usually arises because we allow human thoughts to substitute for spiritual thoughts. We allow human reasoning, in all its imperfection and conceit, to assume that it knows better than the Lord. In short, we give way to the voice of the flesh, convincing ourselves that it is the voice of the Spirit.

    Doubt and Fault-Finding

    I have heard this story so many times. People believe they have found fault with this work. Doubt sets in. They slowly draw away from the Church inwardly, and then outwardly. They feel an inner release. It seems as though they have found enlightenment and they come to believe they have a superior knowledge to the others in the fellowship. They even feel a misguided sense of responsibility to "enlighten", as they suppose, the others whom they consider blinded. One thing leads to another until what was their cherished spiritual home, where love, peace and happiness abounded, becomes, in their mind, a terrible prison, a place of bondage, a "cult", and something to flee from. In the end, if they ever allow themselves to fall so far, they see their former home as an enemy and declare war on it. All the truth they learned is brushed aside. They enter into Satan's land without knowing it.

    Prophecy on the Third Rebellion

    I said I have seen it before. And I am seeing it again. It was prophesied that a third rebellion would occur in this Church at this time, just before its birth after its nine year gestation. It has already begun. And unless there is a willingness to bury pride and to understand, then some of you in this room today are going to fall away into darkness, bitterness, and unhappiness.

    Misunderstanding Revelations: Homosexuality

    The other day brother Trond and I were talking about some of the revelations belonging to the old Church and he shared his concerns about one or two of them, especially the one on homosexuality which he felt could lead people into difficulties if they did not understand it properly. As some of you know that revelation includes an ordinance for healing in the temple that involves the homosexual inwardly acting out a drama in which there is an inner switching from a female- to a male-centredness. He was concerned that homosexuals might grab onto the ordinance as a last hope to solving their problem, be disappointed when it didn't work, and that this could create major psychological problems for them, not least coming to doubt that the revelation was from the Lord. [1]

    I explained to him that the revelation is not at fault but the way it is seen. We receive many ordinances in this Church, baptism and confirmation being two of them. As New Covenant Christians we have come to understand that water-baptism does not itself wash away a person's sins but that it is a symbol or outward drama of an inner process. Likewise, the laying on of hands does not necessarily convey the gift of the Holy Spirit -- what conveys it is a receptive, repentant and believing heart. Similarly, the ordinance for homosexual healing does not itself heal -- it is merely an outward drama which, if entered into correctly, can make, through faith and repentance, inward connections and enable the healing process to occur. And I reminded him that people can, and do, receive a remission of sins, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and healing from homosexuality without any ordinances at all.

    How Misunderstandings Arise

    Our conversation developed into more general areas. He said that many of the revelations of the old Church, just as indeed many of the passages and books in the Bible, are easily misunderstood without the Holy Spirit and/or an interpreter to guide the student of scripture. He believed that the reason many people left the old Church was because of misunderstandings such as these. I agreed with him. But behind misunderstanding can be one of two different spiritual problems:

      (1) Spiritual immaturity, and

      (2) Pride, which acts as a barrier to repentance and to reception of the presence of the Holy Spirit.

    I cannot think of one case where a person has left this church, or is now in the process of leaving it, where pride has not played a crucial r˘le in the road to apostasy. And this is why so much is taught about it in the temple. Pride is a sneaky, subtle -- and ultimately -- wicked deceiver. It is the great destroyer, and Satan's most often used tool.

    Around the New Year the Church got a shock when I resigned as its Patriarch [2]. A great deal of confusion resulted and many were unhappy. Because the Lord permitted me to see several false visions and to come to believe them, some began to doubt the whole work of God in this New Covenant. I am glad that I am not King David for I wonder what you would have done if I had committed murder and adultery! Would you have doubted the prophetic messages about Christ, which are to be found nowhere else in the Old Testament, written by David in the Psalms? Would you have refused to read the Psalms again, or looked with doubt at David's writings?

    The months immediately after my resignation were times of great personal doubt. I lost confidence in myself. I burned thousands of copies of the revelations I had received and wished to run away. I could not understand why the Lord had permitted this to happen. And to this very day I have not wished to return as Patriarch, though I have often felt fatherly anxiety for you, as I do now, and wish to prevent you from hurting yourselves spiritually.

    Church Leaders are Fallible Human Beings

    I wish to bear my testimony that it was right and necessary for me to resign as Church Patriarch but I do not believe that the work I have done these last 9 years has in any way been invalidated. If you doubt this work because of what happened to me then it means that you have trusted in me, the person, before trusting in an instrument of God's Word. Let me ask you in return: should I lose all faith in you because you have all, without exception, turned against me during the time I have known you? Should I turn my back on you because you have all, without exception, thought evil thoughts about me? Many of you have thought that I was fallen. Some have even thought that I was led by demons!

    Well, I am a human being and I have said and done alot of silly things, but not in the matter of this restoration work. I expect you to expect of me what you would expect me to expect of you. If there is anyone who has been given a greater light by the Lord, or been called personally by Him to lead this work, then stand forward and make you claim in the Name of the Lord. If your light is greater than mine then I promise you I will follow you because of the Light of Christ within you.

    The Death and Re-birth of the Church

    What has happened to me was a part of the divine plan for this work. It was a part of the dying and rebirthing process of this Church. You were told long ago in the revelations that the day would come that I would kick you all out of the Gospel nest and that you would fly on your own wings, but you were not told how. What you were not told was that I would be kicked out of the nest and that you would either have to fly or perish. I didn't know I would be kicked out, but I was, and by my own conscience.

    Well, if you don't flap your wings and try to fly you are going to starve to death in the nest. Some of you have flapped your wings before your time and gone crashing to the ground. At least one of you has jumped out of the nest and is enjoying the sensation of the wind rushing by you but don't know that you're soon going to have one horrible crash unless you cry out for mother eagle to catch you. Do you want to wait and find out what hitting ground level is like? You'll hit the ground and you won't be able to fly.

    The Baby Crow

    About two weeks ago my children found a baby crow that had fallen out of its nest. They took compassion on it and tried to nurse it to the point that it could take care of itself. Sadly it died. It was not ready to fly off on its own. In a moment of carelessness it found itself out of the protection of its nest and in a position where mother crow could not help it, for as you know many mother birds will not help a chick once it has fallen out of its nest. It's some sort of instinctual behaviour. Similarly, if we try to go it alone apart from the Lord, doing things our way instead of His, we put ourselves beyond the reach of His help, until we come to a realisation of our rebellious action and cry for help.

    The Unnamed Prophet

    In the days of Kings Josiah and Jeroboam there was a prophet whose name is not recorded for us. He was told to deliver a prophetic message to King Jeroboam but forbidden to stop to eat or drink until he had returned to Bethel by the road he had come. He was to deliver his message and nothing else. King Jeroboam tried to persuade him to eat and drink but he refused and went his way.

    Now, can anyone tell me here if there is anything wrong with eating and drinking? [No]. No, of course not. Is there anything wrong with fellowshipping with someone? [No]. No, indeed not. Eating, drinking and having a cosy time with people is not sinful unless God commands you not to do it. And God commanded this prophet of God not to anything else save deliver his message and return to Bethel.

    Now who can tell me what the word Bethel means? [House of God]. That's right. The word "Bethel" means HOUSE OF GOD. Where did this prophet start his journey? [Bethel]. Yes, he started his journey in the House of God. Where was he supposed to end it? [The House of God]. He started on his mission from the House of God, he went into the presence of a sinner in the world, and he was commanded to return to the House of God and to allow nothing to delay him.

    Brethren and sisters, everyone who has been called into this Church has been called into the House of God. We have been commanded to go into the world, deliver His Word, and then return to the House of God. We have not been called to tarry in the world.

    The "Old Prophet"

    This is not, however, the end of the story. There is more. There was another prophet, also unnamed, who was simply called an "old prophet". He lived in Bethel too. He lived in the House of God. He went out to meet the prophet returning from Jeroboam and told a lie. He said that God had told him to tell him that he was to come to his house and eat and drink. At first the younger prophet did not believe the older one and reminded him of the commandment the Lord had given to him -- to return home to Bethel without stopping for food or water. But the older prophet was insistent that his message was from God. The younger prophet believed him, went to his house, and ate and drank in defiance of the revelation the Lord had given him.

    The Spirit of the Lord then fell on the lying prophet who said: "Thus says Yahweh, 'Because you have disobeyed the Word of Yahweh, and have not kept the commandment which the Lord your God commanded you, but have come back, and eaten bread and drunk water in the place of which He said to you, "Eat no bread, and drink no water"; your body shall not come to the tomb of your fathers."' (1 Ki.13:21-22, RSV). And so the younger prophet saddled his ass and went his way towards Bethel, the House of God. On the way he was attacked and killed by a lion. For some time both the ass that had carried him and the lion that had killed him stood by the body and allowed none to come near.

    Many there are who have come to this work -- to the House of God -- and disobeyed the commandments. They have gone off to eat and drink with the world or listen to false prophets. They have listened to other voices proclaiming the Word of the Lord and believed, and sat at the table of false prophets. The result is that they have been consumed by lions. And what, here, does the lion represent? []. The passions. The flesh. The non-spiritual side of man. Now remember, that the older prophet used the Name of the Lord, and the younger one foolishly believed. All of us have listened to false prophets, whether within or without, and gone our own ways at different times and allowed the flesh to win mastery over us. We have indulged in lawful things like eating and drinking, setting up businesses, establishing close friendships with those in the world, and many other things -- lawful in the general sense but contrary to the commandment the Lord has given this people, and as a result they have gone out of the way.

    Dedicated to the Lord

    I cannot stress these things enough. We are called to be a peculiar people, set apart from the world. That is why above our houses is the sign: DEDICATED TO THE LORD or HOLINESS TO THE LORD. That is why those of you who have been through the temple have these same words written by the pen of the Holy Spirit on your foreheads. You have been dedicated to the Lord. But what does this mean in practice?

    It means, firstly, that we are not like the vast majority of other Christians who have compromised with the world. It means that lawful and "good" things for those who are not walking the firstborn path is unlawful for us and ought to be unlawful for others claiming the Name of Christ too.

    Well, that young prophet ate and drank when the Lord told him not to. What happened? He was consumed by lions, meaning spiritually that he was consumed by the lusts of the flesh. When we disobey God He withdraws His Spirit from us and leaves us to the enticings of the flesh.

    How quickly you have forgotten your covenants, brethren and sisters! And you wonder why you have had problems recently! God has given you a foretaste of what it is like to rebel against Him. Would you like to experience worse?

    Bad Music

    Let's get down to details, shall we? How many of you still listen to bad music? How many of you are unsure? Put your hands up... If you were living in the Spirit there would be no doubt.

    Pre-Occuptation with Business

    How many of you have set up businesses and become so absorbed in them that your service for the Kingdom of God has progressively dwindled so that you are practically doing nothing for the Lord? How many of you are now saying: "Well, I've just too much to do." The truth is you have only as much to do as you choose to do. If you put the Kingdom of God first in your lives then you will be an active servant of Christ and of the Church. Think back two years ago. It was hard but a great deal was done for the Kingdom. Think back two months. How much have you done for the Kingdom recently?

    Our Relationship to the World

    How many of you have lots of unbelieving friends? How much time do you spend with them? Do you know what the Lord has said about such things? He has said that friendship with the world is to make yourself an enemy of the world! If you are spending lots of time -- or even some time -- with unbelievers and doing nothing to witness of the Lord, you have made yourself an enemy of God. Remember what the young prophet was commanded to do -- he was told to leave the House of God (the Church environment) in order to bear witness of God. We all have permission to go into the world but only to do two things:

      (1) To earn our daily bread or go to school, and

      (2) To bear witness of Jesus Christ. Do you know that your friends are dead in sin and belong to the devil? Do you know that Jesus says that we have a duty to bear witness of the truth to them, and that if we do not, we come under condemnation? Do you know that those who reject your message are going to hell? If you don't believe me, read your New Testament! You are playing with life and death. So I tell you, in the Name of the Lord, if you have unbelieving friends, to bear witness of Jesus Christ to them, and warn them, in love, that if they do not change their lives that they will perish. And if they reject your message YOU ARE UNDER A COMMANDMENT TO TURN AWAY FROM THEM. But so long as you go to them you are to bear witness of the truth -- not just passively by moral example but by teaching God's Word.

    Compromising the Gospel

    I know that these things have not been done. I know that the Gospel has been compromised. And if you had been obedient you would not have slipped into doubt, disobedience and open rebellion. And I know that God would have revealed to you why it was necessary for me to be removed as your Patriarch. You would have understood. As it is, some of you have had one foot in the Church and one in the world, and some, up until a day or two ago, were not far from abandoning the Gospel altogether.

    You are commanded by the Lord to place on the altar of sacrifice everything that is dear to you, both lawful and unlawful, and that includes friends and family. What is in Him you will get back and many times over. And until you do He will not guide you. You will not have the Holy Spirit and will be deceived by the devil.

    When you leave here you are commanded by the Lord to put the Kingdom first in your lives, to bear affirmative witness of the Word of God to your friends, and prioritise your time so that your energies are focused on the Lord God of Israel.

    Flee Babylon!

    I therefore adjure you, in the Name of the Living God, to get out of the world fast and return to Bethel, the House of God. If you don't, sorrow and trouble will meet you on the way, as will soon happen with one brother when he awakens to the awful truth of what he has done. Do not listen to voices from other well-meaning and often not so well-meaning Christians who are instruments in the hands of the devil without knowing it, who have left the House of God in order to deceive. For if you listen to them, and go out of the way, the Spirit of the Lord will give these false prophets a true prophetic Word...to condemn you!

    The Call to Zion

    Everyone who is gathered in this room today, members, non-members and ex-members alike, are called to gather to Zion. [3] The Lord is extending His hand of grace and mercy and is willing to wash the slate clean if you will repent and covenant to be obedient to the commandments. You chose to come to the House of God and are now responsible -- you cannot just "forget" it and go your own way without paying a terrible price. You have been called to be God's elect in the last days but only if you are true. This very hour you are being confronted -- there can be no more hiding.

    For those of you who are unbaptised you can choose to enter the Kingdom through baptism and gather to the House of God in safety -- to Zion. Else you will have a long wait in the wilderness until the Lord calls you personally again.

    For those of you who are ex-members, grace and pardon is offered, if you will now receive your covenants anew. If you do not, then you too must wander longer in the wilderness until you are again called.

    For those of you who are baptised and have entered sacred covenants you have the choice of renewing your covenants or being spat out into the world to be buffeted by Satan until you have repented.

    Why Kadesh Was Not Revealed or Given Before 1997

    For these last nine months we have been waiting for word on Kadesh and now I'm going to tell you specifically why nothing has happened by summarising the revelations [4] the Lord has given us since 1992.

      1. We failed to build a temple as commanded because people were not true to the covenants. This set back the Lord's timetable considerably.

      2. The Lord said that the daughters of Zion had treated the covenants lightly and gone their own way (3C&C 572:4/NC&C 353).

      3. The people have had good intentions but have lacked in direct obedience (v.7).

      4. The twelve disciples called to be the foundation of Kadesh have drifted apart and two have apostatised and others have begun to wander away (3C&C 573:7) -- we cannot gather until there are 12 faithful souls under temple covenant.

      5. The people have not been of one mind and one heart (v.19).

      6. Only recently have the people actually desired to gather -- two years ago most people wanted to remain where they were (v.21).

      7. Many of the twelve have sought to build up their own kingdoms contrary to the commandment (v.24).

      8. The Lord has said: "And behold, ye shall find [Kadesh], if ye love one another, and seek to bring forth Zion and her laws with all your hearts; but if ye do not then ye shall not find it, and ye shall slowly dwindle into obscurity because of unbelief" (v.25).

      9. Many of you have not dealt honourably with the Lord and the saints, concealing your doubts and fears until they began to consume you and you could conceal them no longer (3C&C 576:6/NC&C 353).

      10. You have not banished all "anger, impatience and jealousy" (v.18).

      11. You have "forgotten the former wisdom that [the Lord] gave unto the Church of Christ" (v.22).

      12. You have not always given the new Patriarch your faith and support, but doubted his call. I testify to you that he has been led by God, for those whom God calls and anoints He leads. And I could go on and on.

    In a short while those of you who desire with all their hearts to follow the Lord's Way will be given the opportunity to obey the Word of the Lord. In conclusion, the Lord has said this: "Rebellion is a curse, saith the Lord, and he who rebelleth and who doth not at once repent is not worthy of life and hath no place in the community of the saints in Zion. A woman who rebelleth against the authority of her husband and who doth not at once repent is unworthy to enter My House and shall be cast out until she hath become perfectly female again. For no woman can become male, and rule, who hath not first become female and learned submission in all things, counting obedience as a joy. For the Son of Man learned joy through obedience, even obedience to the Cross. And no man can become fully male, and rule, who hath not become female before the will of the Eternal One, laying aside his desires for the sake of the Kingdom. Verily, verily, I say unto you, unless this lesson is learned, I shall not restore the Holy City among you but leave you unto your own devices..." (3C&C 576:64-68/NC&C 353). And so the revelation continues in even greater detail.

    The Lord concludes: "Receive your chastisements with broken hearts and contrite spirits, whether it be from the Lord your God, or from those God hath appointed over you, or from he who is filled with the Holy Spirit, for it is the same. Let your hearts become softened that all may desire to nestle up to its warmth. A soft heart is as a tree wherein the birds of the air come to nest, and where their little ones may sing songs of the eternal dawn" (v.81-83). "Remember, the desires of the righteous will be granted, yea, even unto those who delight themselves in the Lord their God" (v.89).

    Concerning the twelve who are called to Zion, the Lord has said: "...assemble regularly in the Church of Christ...to partake of the emblems of My Body and Blood, and to renew forgotten keys. For I, the Lord, desire to bless My people and to commune with them; therefore I extend grace unto them" (v.106).

    We all hoped to gather last summer. At that time the Lord said: "Behold, ye shall not be gathered unto Kadesh this summer (1994), saith the Lord, because of the rebellion of those who kept not their stewardships, but shall be sifted further. Therefore there shall be no gathering until all are perfectly submitted unto Zion's laws" (v.108).

    Who are "all"? The 12. Two have fallen and that means there are two more who are to replace them. One of them is here today. The last one cannot be named but must come forward of his own initiative. Until we have this 12 gathered in unity in God's House there will be no gathering to Kadesh and we shall continue as we are. As soon as the 12 have entered solemn covenants, as most of them will hopefully choose to do today, we will be shown the location of Kadesh and all the doors we have been standing in front of for so long will swing widely open, and very quickly too.

    On behalf of the Patriarchate who have asked me to speak to you today, I now invite all of those who will remain in, return to, or come for the first time to, the House of the Lord, to remain in his room and hear the Word of the Lord from the Patriarchate. These are those who have already been named and wish to respond, and those who have not who have heard God's call to them this hour. Those who wish to return to the world, or remain in it, or be spat out into it, should leave this room when I have finished speaking to you.

    Brethren and sisters, the Kingdom of Heaven is amongst us, and in us, awaiting its birth into glory. Praise the Lord! He is here, and has been working hard amongst us. Now is the day of choosing. As for me and my household, we will follow the way of the Lord. Amen.


    [1] This was removed from the current edition in the Olive Branch and is to be had in the Holy Order.

    [2] Gunnar Mj°lsvik, Pastor of the Bergen Central Colony, was ordained as Presiding Patriarch of the Church, serving for a little under a year. He is currently the Second Patriarch.

    [3] Of the entire membership, only 6 finally responded to the call to gather to Zion in 1997. From this nucleus the New Covenant Church of God was rebuilt. In April 1998 there were 10 gathered in a preparatory Firstborn Colony in Kadesh-biyqah and by 2002 the Church had grown to nearly 2,000 members.

    [4] Some of these (e.g. 3C&C 572, 573) are not found in the modern Olive Branch and are to be had in the Holy Order.

    An Email Enquiry About This Article

    I have been led to the NCCG. I wish to forego a formal introduction and my background for now. I have been studying the site for about a month now and have read all the "starred" articles. I am grateful for your sacrifice and service to Yahweh. I am especially impressed with your transparent candor and discipline to truth.

    I would like to know more about the history of before and after this event, and what was experienced and meant by the presiding patriarch in this article: http://www.nccg.org/103Art-2Prophets.html concerning the following items:

    "Around the New Year the Church got a shock when I resigned as its Patriarch [2]. A great deal of confusion resulted and many were unhappy. Because the Lord permitted me to see several false visions and to come to believe them, some began to doubt the whole work of God in this New Covenant.... The months immediately after my resignation were times of great personal doubt. I lost confidence in myself. I burned thousands of copies of the revelations I had received and wished to run away. I could not understand why the Lord had permitted this to happen."

    What were the false visions that were believed?
    How were they discovered to be false?
    Is there any copy of the revelations that have been burned?

    Thank you for your consideration in answering this request. Please, add any comments that you are led to write while responding to this email.

    May Yahweh prosper you in his path.


    Dear Friend

    Thank you for writing in. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.

    The visions I saw were of a baby daughter. My wife, who was then pregnant, subsequently gave birth to a son. As it turns out, the visions were not false at all, but of my actual daughter who was born subsequent to my son, 3 years later; but because I had no knowledge of a future daughter and my wife was pregnant with a son, I assumed the expected child was the daughter. The visions of my daughter turned out to be exactly as I had seen them, but at the time it shook the Church as well as myself. Both those who remained true, as well as myself, learned a sober lesson about revelation and faith. I have subsequently learned that many visions Yahweh shows us are of the distant future. More than once I have acted presumptuously on visions in the past, assuming that what I was seeing was for the present, because so many of them have been for the moment or very immediate future. The experience with my children has taught me to be more careful.

    The revelations still exist and were published as the Olive Branch in 1997. What was burned was printed copies of them. The originals are still extant.

    I hope this has been helpful. Feel free to ask whatever you will.

    Blessings in Christ

    (8 March 2002)

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    Last updated on 8 March 2002

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