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    The Longest War

    You are probably wondering what the strange title of this short article means. We have all probably heard of the Second Word War, the Battle of Waterloo, the Thirty Years War, various wars of independence, and so on. But "Telurian War"?? Sounds a bit science-fictiony, and in a way it is, except it's not fiction. It's the longest war that has ever been, at least in this Universe, and it's been going on now for thousands of years. In fact, it's still going on -- right here -- now.

    I thank God that I have never been to war and shed blood. Some of you reading this may have, though, whether in the Gulf War, the Vietnam War, the Falklands War, the Bosnian Civil War, or any other number of wars that have taken place over the life-span of the last generation. I have a friend who fought in the invasion of Grenada -- it has scarred him for life. And another who fought in Vietnam. He has never had a normal life since -- it cost him his marriage. He would suddenly awaken thinking he was under attack by guerillas and would be found strangling his wife. I have another friend who fought in Bosnia -- he lost his mind for many weeks before, by the grace of God, regaining his sanity.

    Yet we are all, in reality, in a combat situation -- if we choose to be. There are many who just give up without a fight when the enemy invades and they settle down to a life of enemy occupation. Usually there is only a small group of dedicated armed resisters who wage guerilla warfare.

    We are at War

    As Christians we are at war - that is, if we have really received the New Life and are seeking to lead a life of active discipleship as Christ commanded. And as this revelation from the Olive Branch remainds us, we are active combatants who need to be prepared. Otherwise we shall be overrun and occupied by the spirit of the world, the forces of Satan.

    As New Covenant Christians who are dedicated to preaching and living the fulness of the Gospel, we have grown accustomed to spiritual war. We do not enjoy it, and would almost give anything to have peace with the world, but we know that to capitulate to the world would mean spiritual death. We have seen the results so many times. In the New Testament Jesus said quite candidly that those who followed Him would be persecuted (Mt.5:11-12; Jn.15:20). So if we are being left alone and no-one is bothering us, then the chances are there is something seriously wrong with our spiritual life.

    Back in 1989 in one of the earlier revelations to the Church, I was warned:

      "Beware, for many will betray thee, being blinded by the craftiness of the devil, supposing they are doing good for thy family and for thy soul. And the enemy, being unable to corrupt thy soul, if thou art faithful, will seek to corrupt those who are closest unto thee, even they whom thou lovest. Therefore thou shalt walk circumspectly, staying close to Me, doing whatsoever I command thee for thy soul's sake, and for the sake of the Kingdom" (NC&C 104:1-3).

    These prophetic words have been fulfilled so many times in the last decade that I know they are true. The Lord continued:

      "And thus, as the end time cometh, shall wicked combinations multiply even amongst those who profess My Name, for they will suppose, like the Pharisees and Sadducees of old, that they labour for Me, not knowing that their master is the devil. And many who are righteous, being blinded by their words because they are not free, will aid them, supposing they are doing good. For this cause the heavens weep, while Satan gathereth his power, dragging into captivity the righteous who lack the keys of knowledge that might have saved them" (vv.7-9).

    Our Worst Enemies...

    Jesus also taught that the the worst enemies we would have, and the most traitorous, would sadly be the members of our own family (Lk.12:51-53). Satan knows that this is where it hurts the most and where we are the most vunerable. Many a fine Christian has caved in to pressure from family members "for the sake of family peace and unity". But this is what we are so strictly warned against and it is here that our discipleship will truly be tested to the full.

    In my Internat Ministry I have recently been getting alot of hate-mail from satanists because I have taken a stand against them and have even created a page to try and lead them to the Lord. They are bitterly resentful of this. Most other Christian sites ignore them handing them over as a lost cause, as they suppose, "to the buffetings of Satan", giving up on them. The language of the satanists is, well, absolutely revolting, but I try to ignore the facade and see to the core of their hearts. Most of them are desperate people -- lonely, full of hatred and bitterness, and totally unaware for the most part of what they are saying. They have no real belief structure -- their belief is simply "anti" everything, and they don't pause to think if what they're saying makes any sense. Of all people, they are probably the most at war -- with themselves and with the demonic forces which hold them in bondage. But though I feel terribly sad for them, I do not feel a fraction of sadness I feel for backsliden Christians who have given up the fight for whatever reason, and have turned against me and the Church because we would not follow in their path. For though they have a sort of "peace" within it is only because they have given up the fight and capitulated to the pagan society -- to one degree or another -- around them. They have allowed themselves to either be totally occupied with the enemy or have signed peace treaties with him, agreeing to behave in a certain way in order to be left alone and/or "accepted" back into the worldly society.

    Under Enemy Occupation

    Anciently countries would avoid occupation by paying a special tax called trubute. Usually the tribute was very high. At various stages in its history Israel found herself surrounded by large, powerful enemies like Babylon, Assyria, Persia and Egypt. She became weak and militarily ineffective whenever she turned away from the commandments and started imitating the ways of the heathen nations. In order to buy off her enemies from invading her, she would pay vast amounts of tribute to them and so be left in "peace". Over the years the vast wealth of the nation created by Solomon was paid out to enemy kings to buy them off until the land was totally impoverished.

    Are You a Tribute Payer?

    It is the same with the vast bulk of Christians. In order not to be persecuted, they have paid tribute in the form of watering down the Bible teachings on homosexuality, abortion, adultery, fornication, the observence of pagan festivals, bad music, and so forth. They have said: "Leave us alone. Accept us as part of society and we will modify our stand on such issues." They have caved in to the enemy, giving away invaluable spiritual territory. They become occupied by the devil.

    Obey God Rather Than Men

    As New Covenant Christians we have made ourselves very unpopular for defending every word of the Bible, condemning homosexuality, defending biblical polygamy, condemning abortion, condemning evolutionary teaching, defending family values, and much else besides.Our raison d'Ítre has always been that God's Word, the Bible, is absolutely true in every area, and must be absolutely obeyed by everyone naming the Name of Christ. We have been attacked on every side, been threatened with physical violence, threatened with court, had our families threatened, been accused of practicing some of the most digusting things which we ourselves hate and condemn in no uncertain terms, been the victims of hate and slander campaigns, etc.. We have had the usual mindless hate words used against us (sect, cult, etc.). And all along we have been told: "Just follow the rules of society -- the system -- and we will accept you." And our reply has always been: "No, never! We fill follow God, His Christ, His Law, and His Word. We will obey God rather than men" (Ac.5:29).

    Yes, we have been savaged by the world system, reduced in numbers, and suffered, but we are strong and have an even greater conviction of the truth than before, because our sufferings have refined us -- and will refine us. And there is a love amongst us that I have never seen anywhere else. The world in its stupidity has never understood that the more you persecute the truth, the stronger it becomes. So here we are still, and will not go away. We will not abandon or compromise the faith. Why should we? What is being offered us in return? A weak, dirty, lukewarm, and unfulfilling way of life that offers no hope. What is attractive in that!?

    Some have abandoned the faith altogether. Others have compromised a little, some alot. But does it matter if we only compromise on a little? Jesus evidently thought so because He said: "Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commandments will be called great in the kingdom of heaven" (Mt.5:19, NIV).

    No Compromise

    Jesus is not a compromiser of the truth and warned His disciples strictly that if they compromised the Gospel in any way under pressure from friends, relatives, family members, employees, or whoever, that they would stand to lose everything. Just to compromise on ONE commandment is to allow the occupation troops in. And once they're in, they'll always try to take more.

    A classical example would be what happened in Europe in the 1930s. Hitler decided in 1936 that he would gamble that the Allies would not intervene if he militarised the Rhineland. He marched in and the Allies did nothing. So he got bolder. He thought he might try and take over Austria. So in 1938 he did just that, and no body stopped him. He got even bolder. The same year he persuaded the Allies to allow him to annex the Sudetenland, and the Allies agreed in order to preserve the peace of Europe. He went in. Then he took the Memelland and the rest of Czechoslovakia. He got bolder and bolder until finally he launched a full-scale war against Poland in 1939 and started the worst war that the world has ever seen.

    Now friend, this could be a vivid picture of your life. Give a little to the devil, no matter how seemingly small, and he will want more, and more, and more. He will persuade you to release more and more sovereignty in order to leave you at peace. So what do you do? You send him presents. "OK, I won't go to Church on Sunday so as not to anger unbelieving my husband." "OK, I'll stop reading my Bible in public because it embarrasses him and makes him a laughing stock of his friends." "OK, I'll stop being a Christian, just please don't leave me."

    Do Not Surrender an Inch

    It is a fatal mistake to conceed one square millimeter of spiritual territory to the enemy. He will just want more until you have given him everything. And if at some point you resist, and you are so impoverished because you have nearly given everything away, then he will declare full war on you and occupy you. And if you are so weak because you have compromised so much you won't stand a chance. You will be swiftly defeated, as Poland was in 1939 and France the following year.

    Compromise never brought peace or happiness. Short-term peace, yes, but real, everlasting peace, never. Don't fool yourself! We are all at war, like it or not, and we must either choose to resist or surrender. And we have a war on two fronts, just as Germany did in two world wars -- and lost both. The first front is our own flesh -- our fallen Adam nature -- which is with us for life. That's a tough enough war as it is. The second front is the world, its system, traditions, way of being, social demands, etc., behind which lie Satan and his manipulating demons. That's the way we can avoid, if we choose.

    Where have You Caved in to the Enemy?

    How many fronts are you fighting on? Have you caved in in part or in whole? It doesn't matter whether you have caved in on just one tiny little area because the result, unless you do something about it, will be the same. You have opened the door of your life to full control by the enemy.

    We are entering a time in world history where Satan is going out for full control of the Planet Tellus (Earth). And he will be in full control for 7 years. Christians, unless they have departed to the 12 cities of refuge, and are preparing for them now, won't stand a chance. They will all be martyred. We are in the opening phases of the most terrible battle in the Telurian War -- the war for this planet and the souls of every man, woman and child upon it.

    Will you capitulate and spend an eternity apart from God in outer darkness? Or will you boldly stand up as a soldier of Christ and declare war on all unrighteousness. Not on men -- for your desire should be to save them, even your worst enemes -- but on everything that is impure, unholy, anti-Christ and anti-God. If you will, then come and join the New Covenant Christian brigade -- we're standing up for Jesus and we won't compromise, come hell-fire and damnation. And they're coming, and are already here.

    Repent, and Be Free!

    Whoever you are -- backslidden Christian, nominal believer, unbeliever, enemy of the Church -- we call you to repentance, to have faith in the Name of Yah'shua haMashiach (Jesus Christ), and enlist as His disciple in the Church. Don't let the devil have the last word and drag you and your loved ones to ruin. Soon it may be too late. NOW is the time of decision.

    This page was created on 12 April 1998
    Last updated on 12 April 1998

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