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    Section 94

    On Depression, Suffering & Joy

    The multi-faceted nature of suffering and the wrong ways men and women often respond to it are shown in the light of what its true purpose is. True joy comes only through godly suffering. The Tree of Life and the Cup of Adversity are inseparable. Endure to the end. Christian discipleship includes suffering. Beware of false teachings about suffering -- of those who seek suffering to exalt themselves in the eyes of men, and of those who claim that those who suffer for righteousness' sake are suffering because of sin. Our suffering is for but a moment in the eternal perspective. God's prophets are born in adversity. [Oppsal, Oslo, Norway].

    1. The Word of the Lord unto the saints and all the world concerning that which ye call depression for there are many notions abroad, some of which are of Me and some of which are the follies of men's thinking.

    Man Created to be Have Joy

    2. Verily, verily, I say unto you, man was created that he might have joy, which is the joy of Christ, even that which abideth for ever and ever.

    3. And that joy which is everlasting cometh only through suffering and obed- ience to Light and truth, which is the will of Christ;

    4. For all joy that is after the will and desire of man shall pass away.

    5. Therefore blessed are ye if ye seek the joy of Heaven for your cups will never be empty.

    The Tree of Life and the Cup of Adversity

    6. Ye cannot partake of the Tree of Life until ye have drunk out of the bitter cup of adversity and have received the trial of your faith, which is much more precious than gold.

    7. Verily, verily I say unto you, that he who goeth not into the world as I have commanded but departeth from it, that he might flee from its troubles and perplexities, shall not be purified, neither shall he be filled with the praise and honour of the Firstborn, for such a one cannot be tried by fire (1 Pet.1:7).

    8. I, the Lord, am like a refiner's fire, and like fuller's soap (Mal.3:2-3), for only by fire can a man or woman be refined until they are burnished like unto bronze or made fine as silver (Zech.13:9).

    9. I have called you to be imitators of the Son of Man in thought and deed, for it is only as ye move through joy and sorrow that ye may comprehend God, becoming like unto Him.

    Endurance to the End

    10. Why, therefore, hath the Lord said that only he who endureth unto the end shall be found guiltless at My coming?

    11. Did the Son of Man depart into the wilderness that He might not behold the sufferings of man?

    12. Did the Son of Man say: "I am a great One and must needs remove Myself from the world and enjoy those whom I have chosen, that we might be one, apart from the troubles and perplexities of the world"?

    13. I say unto you, Nay! For the Son of Man came into the world to bear the sins of the world, yea, the sins of the greatest and the sins of the least.

    14. Therefore if ye go into the world, and minister unto the world, ye are My disciples indeed.

    Suffering and Christian Discipleship

    15. I have called you to suffer, saith the Lord, that ye might learn true love, and not a love after your own fallen natures.

    16. For the love of God is not the love of human hearts and minds;

    17. Human love seeketh after itself and its own needs, but the love of God seeketh only after the welfare of others, and suffereth long for their sakes that the beauty of Christ might be manifested through their suffering (1 Cor.13:4).

    18. Behold, it is only through suffering that a man learneth obedience, and this in imitation of the Son of Man (Heb.5:7-8).

    19. He that is unwilling to suffer on behalf of his brethren, and for My Name's sake, is not worthy to be called after My Name, but must needs be called after some other name created in the image of another god.

    20. And if ye suffer for righteousness' sake, it shall go well for you;

    21. But if ye suffer for your own faults, it shall profit you nothing, and it will be said of you that ye received the stripes of your own iniquities (1 Pet.2:19-20).

    22. I, the Lord, have suffered for you that I might make atonement for your sins;

    23. And I, the Lord, suffered, that ye might be witnesses of Me, that through your patient suffering and godliness ye might lead the souls of fallen men unto the Cross to receive healing (1 Pet.2:21).

    24. If ye do not believe this, then ye do not believe My Gospel;

    25. And if ye do no believe My Gospel, then ye do not believe Me.

    26. And if ye do not believe Me, then ye do not believe in the Father.

    27. And if ye do not believe in the Father, but in a god after the imaginations of your own heart, wo unto you!

    28. Seek not after suffering to consume upon your lusts and pride, but when suffering cometh, receive it gladly, for he who is worthy to suffer shame for My sake shall know in equal measure, pressed down and running over, the joy of the Lord (Ac.5:41).

    Beware of False Teachings About Suffering

    29. Therefore if any man cometh unto you and mocketh you because of your sufferings, and saith that a man sufferethonly because Satan is in him, ye shall mark him down as a liar who understandeth not the ways of Christ1.

    30. For such a one is not willing to be as I am, nor do My works, but seeketh the joy of Heaven in idleness.

    31. But unto the true and faithful I say: What manner of men and women ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even as I am.

    32. Be ye not deceived in any wise, O ye sons and daughters of Israel, for as My sufferings abound in you in your ministry in the world, so also shall your consolation and salvation be made full.

    33. Therefore be ye steadfast in suffering, always abounding in grace and praise, for this is God's will concerning you, ye children of the Firstborn (2 Cor.1:5-7).

    Suffering is but for a Moment

    34. Afflictions in this world are but for a moment (2 Cor.4:17), My children, therefore be ye not unduly harrowed up in your souls, nor lose sight of the glorious consummation that awaiteth the faithful.

    35. If ye are called to suffer the loss of all things for the excellency and knowledge of Christ, ye are truly blessed, for I am the rewarder of those who diligenty seek after Me (Phil.3:7-12).

    36. This is the Gospel of the Firstborn; but they who are of the outer Church are not always willing to sacrifice all things for My sake, and will not leave their mother's breast nor put on the robes of spiriutual parenthood.

    Stay on Course!

    37. Follow Me, ye saints of the New Covenant, like unto My disciples of old, neither turning back nor deviating to one side nor the other.

    38. For I have not only sent the Gospel unto you in Word but in power also, which is the power to deliver men and women from their sins.

    39. And power cometh in movement in the Light, and the Light moveth in life, and life moveth upon the whole world, from one end to the other, through Jesus Christ the Lord.

    40. Be ye in the life, bringing the pure Life in its midst, that the Life might be a leaven unto the dying and a beacon of hope unto those in sorrow and despair.

    Life, Living and Sacrifices

    41. I am the Life (Jn.11:25), and the Life moveth amongst men and women, even as ye, My disciples, must move amongst men and women everywhere, being living sacrifices (Rom.12:1) even as the Son of Man became a living sacrifice for the propritiation of sin (1 Jn.2:2).

    42. If ye love Me ye shall do this, for your hearts will be drawn out for your fellow man, being filled with the most holy love, which is the love of God.

    Suffering and the Walk of the Prophets

    43. I have called the saints of the Firstborn to be prophets and prophetesses unto the world;

    44. Did ye suppose that ye could become like unto the prophets and prophetesses of old without being living examples of how it is to suffer affliction in patience and godliness?

    45. Ye rejoice in the works of the prophets and then vainly suppose that ye can become like unto them on account of a spiritual manifestation here or there.

    46. But ye have not understood (NC&C 84), for the substance and glory of a prophet is not in the manifestations he receiveth out of heaven but his willingness to endure all things for My Name's sake.

    Godly Patience and the Spirit of Revelation

    47. Do ye seek revelations2? This is worthy and acceptable provided ye do not seek them to consume upon your lusts.

    48. But it is far better for your salvation that ye seek godly patience and learn to endure sufferings according to the will of your Father in Heaven, that ye might be refined as by fire and come forth pure in the image of God, being sons and daughters of God yourselves.

    49. Therefore I say unto you: choose ye to suffer affliction with the Body of Christ rather than enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season (Heb.11:25).

    50. For godly affliction worketh joy and salvation, but the pleasures of sin work emptiness, loneliness, and sorrow.

    51. Inasmuch as ye show willingness to be partakers of My suffering, ye shall likewise partake of My glory.

    52. And, behold, My glory is exceeding great joy, which abideth for ever and ever (1 Pet.4:13).

    Rewards in Heaven

    53. It is better ye suffer affliction in this life and become partakers of the heavenly gift in the next, than to partake of a few pleasures in this life and be cast out into eternal darkness in the next.

    54. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that he who is willing to suffer for My Name's sake, even unto death, shall receive a crown of life (Rev.2:10).

    55. And the Crown of the Life is the glory of the Son of Man.

    56. Verily, your crown shall be pure Light, and when ye open your eyes, Light shall stream forth out of them and shall pierce and break asunder all half truth and error.

    57. And as ye are faithful in this world, enduring pain and suffering, so shall your heads be crowned degree by degree.

    58. The Crown is the fullness of the Patriarchal Priesthood, or the Crown of a man's sanctification, which cannot be received in this life but is to be had by those who are called into the fullness of the Lord.

    The False Claims of the Arrogant and Boastful

    59. It is a vain and arrogant generation who suppose they can become greatones when they will not lay down their all in sacrifice;

    60. And, behold, their boastings shall turn against them, even unto their condemnation and burning.

    61. And when a little affliction cometh they flee therefrom, and compromise the truth, perverting the Word, that they might not suffer pain and shame.

    62. But verily, verily, I say unto them, that if they will not take up their crosses and follow Me, it is better that they depart from Me altogether, that they might not be condemned for their hypocrisy and deceitfulness.

    Beware the "Health and Wealth" Merchants

    63. And if they cannot bear this doctrine, saith the Lord, let them cease to speak of it, and to cease boasting of becoming kings and queens, and princes and princesses, but let them seek repentence and humility, returning unto the elementary principles of the Gospel, that they might be pure in that level of the Gospel which they are able to endure (Heb.6:1-3).

    64. For this cause I have established a veil between the outer and inner Churches, that all might arise according to their ability and willingness to sacrifice.

    65. There are some who say they are living the laws of the inner Church when they are unwilling to sacrifice and suffer for My sake;

    66. And behold, their delusion shall be dashed and their hope taken away whenthe refiner's fire cometh and they cannot stand.

    Suffering for One's Own Sins

    67. Verily, verily, I say unto you, that those who claim to be My disciples but who are unwilling to suffer for My Name's sake, shall suffer anyway, but for their own sins.

    68. And they must suffer like unto the Son of Man, not for the sins of worlds, but for their own sins;

    69. And their suffering shall be in vain, for there shall be no glory or joy therein, and it shall be unto them as a punishment. Nevertheless their punishment is just.

    70. Therefore willingly partake of all that God shall give unto you, whether if be joy or affliction.

    71. And these two are one until ye are made whole.

    72. I command you to repent, lest I humble you by My mighty power, saith the Lord, lest ye suffer the punishments of which I have spoken.

    73. I say these things not lightly, for My heart yearneth for you, O ye saints of the New Covenant, that ye might forsake the foolish notions of men and of the world and cleave unto pure Light.

    The Reception of Truth is Predicated upon Obedience

    74. It is impossible for men and women to receive higher truths until they are willing to obey3 the least of My commandments, learning repentance, meekness, humility, and sacrificial devotion to God and to man.

    75. And ye need not suppose that ye can do away with these things when ye have come unto the meat of My Gospel, for these things are forever, and cannot pass away.

    76. Therefore be ye obedient; go forth into the world and seek not to hide away from it.

    Publish the Word of God!

    77. Publish My Word upon the mountains, which are the kingdoms of the world, and upon every high place, yea, before the world as well as in secret, in public as well as in private.

    78. And this shall be an eternal statute unto you, whether ye are of the inner or outer Chuches, for the Word of God never was hidden away, even as the Son of Man was not withheld, but was delivered unto all the House of Israel.

    79. Ye shall bear {feel, experience, perceive, understand} the sins of the world in your hearts that ye might know Me more fully, learning mercy and compassion. This is the way of Christ.

    80. Ye can but behold and receive a little in your degree of progression and sanctification but it is necessary for you that ye might comprehend the enormity of sin and the glory of the Father's love, for the one cannot be seen without the other.

    81. Know ye not that this is why ye were sent unto the world, that ye might grow in knowledge and faith?

    Be in the World

    82. Therefore be ye in the world, but not of it, that ye might be rooted andgrounded in reality and not in your own imaginations.

    83. For if I had not wanted you to dwell in the world, I would not have sent you.

    84. And if I had not sent you, ye would have remained as little children, knowing neither good nor evil.

    85. And thus the work of the Father would have come to naught, and the Garden of the Lord could never have been.

    86. Ye shall reap eternal joy if ye will suffer for righteousness' sake;

    87. Teach those who suffer wrongly and what it meaneth to be chastened for sin.

    Do Not Glory in Suffering but in God

    88. Glory not in suffering for suffering's sake for such cometh of evil;

    89. But glory in God and receive all that He willeth for you (Job 1: 21).

    90. He who understandeth, and knoweth Me, shall know how to turn all suffering into joy, and shall bless the Father in My Name in the midst of trail and affliction. Even so. Amen.

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