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    Section 56

    On Marriage & Priesthood

    Revelation on Divorce, Adultery and Marriage. Marriage is sacred and its covenant may only be broken under very special circumstances. The grace of God is able to transform the most hopeless looking marriage (see 1 Cor.7:10-17). This revelation was stimulated in part by the problem faced in certain countries where arranged marriages have led to great unhappiness. The qualifications of Elders in marriage councelling. This revelation is a prophetic expansion of an earlier version (960730) [Rosenborg, Oslo, Norway].

    God is the Author of Marriage

    1. I have spoken to you in times past, saying: From the beginning of the Creation, God made man male and female (Gen.1:27). And for this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave unto his wife; and the two shall become one flesh (Gen.2:24).

    2. Thus they are no longer two but one. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder (Mt.19: 6).

    Adultery and Divorce

    3. For whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.

    4. And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery (Mk.10:6-10; Lk. 16:18).

    5. And thou shalt not put away thy wife or husband save for the cause of adultery; and in this thou shalt be justified according to the outer Zadokian Law1.

    6. But if the one that hath committed adultery repenteth and forsaketh his or her sin, and manifesteth his or her sin with a broken heart and a contrite spirit, and if thou art sanctified by the innerEnochian Law2, thou shalt forgive thy companion (Jn.8:1-11).

    7. But thou shalt not forgive lightly, saith the Lord, but only after much deliberation and prayer, for adultery is an abomination in My sight;

    Adultery is an Abomination

    8. Yea, it is the most abominable above all sins save it be the shedding of innocent blood or denying the Holy Spirit (Rev.2:20-22).

    9. And if a man or woman committeth adultery and repenteth not, thou shalt cast him out from My Church, that the Body be not polluted and that the adulterer shall not suppose that his sin is of no consequence3.

    10. And if he committeth adultery again a second time after he hath repented, thou shalt not bring him back into the Covenant, but shall hand him over to the buffetings of Satan4.

    11. Thou shalt make discrete enquiry of all those entering the Church andestablish them as holy or otherwise in this matter, for the sake of the Body.

    Chastity Enjoined on All

    12. Thou shalt teach the saints to be chaste in spirit and body, for the adulterer is a liar and a cheat who despoileth the Covenant, and shall greatly fear for his salvation, for he shall have no part in the first resurrection.

    13. And if a man or woman commit adultery in the New and Everlasting Covenant of the Patriarchal Order, he shall be destroyed, for I, the Lord, shall not be mocked in this the holiest of covenants.

    14. And to be destroyed meaneth to be cut off from the [Church of the] Firstborn forever, and the increase thereof5.

    15. Let the saints therefore greatly beware and be sober, and judge strictly and in mercy, for ye know not how sacred holy matrimony is.

    16. For the reward of the adulterous and defiled spirit is the abodes of darkness, even in the dragon6 of outer darkness.

    17. Such are given over to the devil that he might do with them whatsoever he will, even unto eternal destruction.

    Not All Marriages are of God

    18. There are many who suppose that all marriages are made of Me, saith the Lord, and that to divide them is to be the cause of adultery. But ye have not under- stood.

    19. Never at any time have I said that what man hath joined together, let not man put asunder, for there are many marriages in the world which are adulterous, for they pervert the spirit of marriage and make that which is holy into carnality and depravity7.

    20. Let no man be the instrument of dividing asunder any marriage, whether it be of Me or of the world, for ye are called to build up and edify, and not to destroy.

    21. Verily it is easy to destroy, and this is the work of the adversary; but it is not easy to build up, for this is the work of godliness (Rom.14:19).

    Conditions of Separation and Divorce

    22. If God hath not joined a man and woman together, and they have no children, and they mutually agree, whether they are married according to the law of the land or are abiding a common law marriage, let them part and seek out those companions which I, the Lord, have ordained for them.

    23. And if they divorce, they shall be justified, and shall not commit adultery if they remarry.

    24. Nevertheless, before they do this, let them search their hearts carefully, and not in haste, lest per chance they were ordained of God to be together and knew it not. And thus they shall preclude adultery.

    25. They shall not consider this lightly but in soberness and honesty, having taken councel from their Pastorate.

    26. And if the Pastorate are not agreed, let them seek the council of ahigher prophetic authority, even the Bishopric, and from there the local Apostle, until all are agreed.

    Couples with Children

    27. If God hath not joined a couple together, and they have children, let them greatly beware, for whosoever divideth the hearts of their little ones committeth a great sin and it shall not go well with them.

    28. Such couples must bear the responsibility of having brought children into the world and shall have regard for their little ones before themselves;

    29. And if they are able to live together in harmony and provide a happy home for their children, they shall not separate, but come unto Me, even Jesus Christ, and I shall give them grace that they may be faithful in their stewardship and also that they might love each other.

    30. But if they will not come unto Me, but rather shall descend into bitterness and hatred, not repenting of their selfish and carnal natures, it is better that they separate for the sake of their little ones; and they must receive the reward of their sins.

    Restrictions in Entering Priesthood

    31. Such persons may not enter into Priesthood ministry but must first repent and order their lives, for none who hath a spirit of bitterness, or hatred, or envy shall be permitted to enter this ministry.

    Foreordination to Marriage

    32. I am the healer of all relationships, saith the Lord, and am able to seal the hearts of those who were not foreordained to marriage in the flesh if they will but surrender unto Me.

    33. For even though a couple are not foreordained unto marriage, nevertheless they may be permitted, so long as they live in mortality, for righteousness' sake.

    34. Is there any darkness? Then come unto Me, and I shall scatter your darkness and repair the breach.

    Do Not Hurry to Divorce or Separate

    35. Let none hurry to be separated or to divorce but let them fall upon their knees and turn their marriages unto Me, the great Bridegroom, whether they were foreordained to marriage together or not.

    36. If ye will trust Me, I will repair your marriages and cause them to flourish.

    37. In God all things are possible, whether a marriage is foreordained or according to My permissive will;

    38. Therefore have faith, nothing waivering, and I shall do it unto you for your happiness and peace.

    Zion is Justice and Mercy

    39. And when [the Millennial] Zion cometh I shall make all things equal, for I am a God of Justice and Mercy.

    40. Bear your burdens cheerfully, trusting in Me, and I will surely sustain you and bring you the peace of the Kingdom.

    Be Reconciled

    41. Are there any separated or divorced? Let them be re-united or remarry for the sakes of their little ones, and I will surely bless and increase them.

    The Voice of Revelation

    42. In all cases in the Church ye shall seek the voice of revelation and minister much council in love and patience, not in a spirit of accusation and recrimination, but in a spirit of intelligence and wisdom.

    43. Let he whose heart is unstable and like the rushing waters be silent and listen, for he who listeneth not shall not learn, and may be the cause of much sorrow.

    The Ministry of the Elders

    44. Let the Elders unto whom hath been given the watchcare ministry of the flock receive instruction in these matters from those who are mature.

    45. And those Elders who are not married shall not counsel those who are married, for they cannot understand, save they receive a word of prophecy and obtain confirmation from those who are married [Elders].

    Unmarried Elders the Exception

    46. It is only out of mercy, and because the labourers are few, that I have called unmarried Elders, but in the future it is expedient that none should be called into the Eldership who are not married [or who have not been married], save that special revelation hath been obtained by the Apostolate to ordain them, that they may be mellowed and matured in the deeper and wider relationships of life.

    47. And let none rush into marriage presumptuously, for it is better that they perfect their ministry in the Sub-Deaconate as unmarried men and women and receive the blessings and sanctification thereof, for the Sub-Zadokian ministry is also a preparation for marriage.

    48. There are some who are unable to marry or who have received special callings in this life who should not be prevented from rising into the Eldership;

    Marriage Councellors

    49. Nevertheless, they should not counsel in marriage problems, save they receive revelation to do so from Me [from the proper authorities].

    50. And none can [fully] enter the Patriarchal Order unmarried, nor those whose marriages are not foreordained by Me, for the mystery of this Priesthood Order is the mystery of marriage8.

    51. Verily, verily, I say unto you; be chaste and virtuous, and it shall go well with Zion (Tit.2:5; 1 Pet.3:2).

    52. But if ye neglect your marriages or divorce presumptuously, ye shall be cursed and arise no further.

    All are to be Known by Their Works

    53. Let every man and woman be known by his doings, whether his work be pure, and whether it be right (Jas.2:17);

    54. And if his work is not pure, and not right, and he repent not, then ye shall deal with him according to the covenants and commandments of the Church that he bring not a curse upon all Israel. Even so. Amen.

    Inter-racial Marriage

    55. One of the saints hath asked if it is expedient to marry between the races.

    56. What I, the Lord, join together, I join together, and I excuse Myself not.

    57. If I will that men and women of different races9 come together in marriage, what is that to thee?

    A New Spiritual Race

    58. For all who are adopted into the House of Israel belong to the race of spiritual Israel, and are of the seed of Abraham. And they shall be justified.

    59. But what the world doeth, let the world do, for they hearken not unto Me and are not justified.

    60. Let the righteous marry the righteous and raise up children of righteousness, and be satisfied.

    Defend and Protect All Marriages

    61. Thou shalt treat the marriages of the world as though they are marriages of God, for righteousness' sake, that none may accuse you of partiality and law- lessness (Mt.5:10; 1 Pet. 3:14);

    62. For as I have told you, let none seek to divide any marriage, whether they be marriages of spirit or not, for man is not God and shall respect the free agency of all. Amen.

    If you would like to purchase a copy of the whole book of revelations, which includes an extensive commentary, concordance, index and relevant articles, click the book below:
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    Last updated on 20 March 1998

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