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    Section 35

    To Lutheran Christians

    Extract of a revelation for those of the Reformation faith [Ulset, Bergen, Norway].

    1. Thus saith the Lord unto the sons and daughters of the Reformation: rejoice in the Lord, for your horn of plenty is exalted in the Lord.

    2. Let your hearts be greatly enlarged and rejoice in My salvation.

    3. There is none as holy as the Lord, for He alone is your God; and upon no other rock can salvation be found.

    4. Talk not with pride nor let arrogance be found on your lips, for I, the Lord, am a God of knowledge, and by Me are all men weighed and found to be lacking (Is.26:7, KJV).

    5. It is given to all men who are born into the world to see with their eyes and hear with their ears, to ponder and contemplate their mortality and to take hold of every righteous thing.

    The Book of Nature and the God of Creation

    6. And I, the Lord, have given unto men many books, yea, even that which ye call the Scriptures {the Bible} and that which is called the Book of Nature.

    7. I am in all things, yea, and all things that have not been corrupted by men and devils bear witness of Me, even your Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    8. For behold, all things have their likeness, and all things are created and made to bear record of Me, both things which are temporal and things which are spiritual;

    9. Things which are in the heavens above and on the earth and in the earth; yea, all things that are above and beneath man; for all things bear witnesses of the Lord of Creation.

    10. And therefore shall a man use all the faculties which I, the Lord, have given unto him, [those which are] both physical and spiritual, that he might behold all My marvellous works and comprehend the mysteries of God.

    God Not Limited to One Book

    11. I am an infinite God and cannot be limited to, or contained, within any one place -- neither a Temple, nor a book, nor a creature; nor can all My Words be contained in the mind of one man, nor in the minds of many;

    12. Nay, not in the minds of all men who have ever been, who are, or shall be, for I, the Lord, am greater than My Creation and all the creatures therein.

    13. Neither can all My Words be contained in one book or many books, for were all the words of the Son of Man to be written down, behold, all the libraries in the world could not contain them (Jn.21:25).

    14. Who is man that he should contain God in one temple, in one book, or in one mind?

    15. Behold, such is the intelligence of fools, saith the Lord, who fashion God after their own imaginings, saying: "Behold, God standeth here!" or "Behold, we have all the Words of God in one book, and thus sufficeth us!"1

    God is Infinite

    16. I say unto you: Ye cannot say this and know Me, for I, the Lord, am infinite, and shall not be contained in the vessels of men, neither shall I be mocked by a vain and adulterous generation.

    17. Therefore listen, and be wise, for I have desires to pour fourth a great blessing upon the sons and daughters of the Reformation;

    A New Reformation and Restoration

    18. Yea, for I desire to work a new reformation through you, that your mindsand hearts may be gladdened by the fullness2 of the love of God, even the Saviour of the world.

    19. And when ye have been reformed through repentance and humility, then behold, I shall work a restoration among you, giving light for light, and holiness for holiness, that ye may be more perfectly conformed to the image of the Son, whose Name ye have sought and through whose blessings ye have prospered.

    God's Revelation and Power

    20. For God hath [in times past] declared unto you the revelation of theFather with power, according to the spirit of holiness which is in Christ Jesus, even the Saviour of the world, by whom all men have received grace through obedience to the faith as it hath been delivered by Mine apostles (1 Cor.11:2; 2 Pet.2:21; Jude 1:3, KJV).

    21. And there are many among you who are not ashamed of the Gospel, each according to his understanding, and have declared that which is the power of God unto salvation in boldness and truth.

    22. And some of you have received the spiritual gifts, which are many, but not unto perfection, for your faith was not perfect, neither your holiness.

    Corruption of the Gospel

    23. But many of you, saith the Lord, have not even done this, for ye have changed the glory of the incorruptible God, whom ye know not, into an image made like unto corruptible man, and this ye have done in your minds and hearts, not understanding the pure love of Christ nor the fullness of His works (Rom.1:23).

    24. Ye have listened unto fables and the traditions of those who did not have the fullness, whose testimonies ye have believed in the days of your ignorance, yea, even those from the earliest timeswho lived after the fullness of the Gospel was lost and My apostles had departed (2 Tim.4:3-4).

    Do Not Be Proud or Presumptuous

    25. Therefore think not of yourselves more highly than ye ought, but think soberly, and be ye not puffed up in your pride and suppose that ye have received the whole Gospel, for this ye have not.

    26. Yea, and because ye have not received the fullness, which hath been lost, ye have not been perfectly cleansed or sanctified, for ye have not all fully died to yourselves and been raised from spiritual death into the image of the Messiah, but have received a sprinkling of truth and holiness, but not unto redemption3.

    27. For I have not called you unto uncleanness, but unto holiness, and he, therefore, that despiseth the greater Word of the Lord, even the fullness, despiseth not man, but God, who hath given these things to His servants by the Holy Spirit.

    A Falling Away from Truth Prophesied

    28. Have ye not read, O ye sons and daughters of the Reformation, that the day of the Son of Man, even My return, would not come until there first cometh a falling away from light and truth, revealing the son of perdition, even the adversary? (2 Thess.2:3)

    29. Yea, ye know this, for did I not raise up the Reformers in the midst of great apostacy and darkness, that the Words of Christ might again be manifest unto the world, that all might feast thereon and come to a knowledge of their God, even [through] that which ye call the Bible?

    Martin Luther and the Reformers

    30. I, the Lord, raised up valiant and holy men, even Martin Luther and others, that they might stand against the darkness of a fallen church and bring to light the Words of God, that the delusion of priestcraft and false doctrine might begin to be confounded and overthrown4.

    31. Yea, and these My servants, over- turned the lie and declared the Word of God in plainness, each according to his understanding, that the tribes of Israel might begin to be delivered out of bondage, whose vines might spread over the wall unto all lands with the glad message of redemption, even the vine of Ephraim, even as it hath been written (Gen.49:22).

    Delivered from Oppression

    32. Behold, ye have good cause to rejoice, for I delivered you from the yoke of oppression and made you free [inChrist]; but not eternally free {collectively speaking} according to the good pleasure of the Father, for ye were not ready to receive the higher things of the Kingdom, but only that which sufficeth for a child. But ye did not know this.

    Much False Tradition Continues

    33. The Reformers did not cast off all the traditions of their fathers, nor of their mother Church of Rome, and these ye have retained, to different degrees, unto this day.

    34. Therefore be ye not deceived, for I, the Lord, am a consuming fire and cannot receive you unto Myself until ye have been fully burned and purged of that which belongeth unto the world and the fallen religions thereof5.

    The Church of the Firstborn

    35. Yea, for ye cannot come up unto Mount Zion and the City of the Living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem, nor unto the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn (Heb.12:22-23), for your spirits are neither made just nor perfect accord- ing to the fullness of the mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    36. See, therefore, that ye do not turn away your hearts nor refuse the Lord your God who speaketh unto you now;

    37. For though ye may escape My servants, ye cannot escape Me, for I speak unto you from Heaven in plainness andtruth that ye may not hide nor cover your sins.

    38. I, the Lord, have spoken at sundry times but ye have not listened, excusing yourselves because of the weakness of men.

    More Word of God than the Bible

    39. I have sent you My Word in the Bible which ye have received; but this is not all My Word, saith the Lord, for the Word of God cannot be contained in one book.

    40. And ye have wrested and twisted the scriptures, denying that which was [often] plain, that ye might excuse yourselves from taking hold of more of the Word of God which I have been manifesting in the last days.

    41. And for this ye shall be condemned if ye do not speedily repent, for ye are without excuse, saith the Lord, for ye deny the promptings of the Holy Spirit and have yielded unto the spirit of fear.

    42. I, the Lord, will not long tolerate the lukewarm but must spit them out (Rev.3:16);

    43. And I cannot tolerate in the least degree liars and hypocrites who would deny the truth for the imaginary security of their traditions, supposing that in hon- ouring their fathers that they are honouring Me.

    The Greater Light

    44. Ye are blessed indeed for the light of your fathers, and they verily have their reward, and ye also, but ye are without excuse when ye reject the greater light on account of the darkness of your fathers.

    45. He who denieth light denieth Me, saith the Lord, even Jesus Christ;

    46. And He who denieth Me, denieth the Father, and knoweth Him not, nor His ways, but only a reflection thereof.

    47. Break forth your bands and no longer be bound to the cradle as an infant;

    Move on from the Elementary Principles

    48. Leave the elementary principles of the doctrine of Christ, and go on unto perfection, even as it is written by My servant Paul, not laying again the found- ation of repentance from dead works, and of faith toward God;

    49. Of the doctrine of water and fire baptism {washings}, of the laying on of hands for the gift of the Holy Spirit, blessings, healings, and the conferral of Priesthood; and of the resurrection of the dead, and of eternal judgment (cp. Heb. 6:1-2).

    50. And even many of these things ye have neither received nor done.

    51. Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Israel, even the Mighty One who is without beginning or end:

    52. Receive ye My Word, even all My Scriptures, and prove Me herewith, for I am quick to reward those who diligently seek Me and humble themselves.

    Listen to the Prophets

    53. Hearken unto the words of My servants as they are moved upon by the Holy Spirit, and be ye no longer bound by the strong delusions of your mother Church of Rome which even now remaineth in part in your traditions.

    54. I have chosen the honest in heart to come into the greater Light and to bring forth fruits meet in the eyes of God, even the elect scattered amongst the churches of the Reformation, for I am gathering Israel to receive Me when I come, and to be sanctified into perfect holiness.

    55. Abide in Me; seek Me, for I may be found in many books and places.

    Cease Idolatry

    56. Cease your idolatries and yield your hearts unto the pure love of Christ, conforming yourselves not to the troubles and perplexities of the world, nor the traditions of the fallen churches, but unto pure doctrine, which is meat indeed.

    57. I, the Lord, have spoken and call you {the elect} into the New Covenant, even spiritual Israel who even now is being gathered to meet her God. Even so. Amen.

    If you would like to purchase a copy of the whole book of revelations, which includes an extensive commentary, concordance, index and relevant articles, click the book below:
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