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    Section 23

    Revelation on Keys

    Extract from a revelation on Keys. The omnipresence of Christ. The mystery of the cross. The fruit of grace. Law, priesthood and light are one. Only God can confer priest- hood. The inner and outer nature of keys. Seek spiritual keys. The keys of translation. The righteous exercise of keys. Test those who claim keys. Be content with what you have [Oppsal, Oslo, Norway].

    1. I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who is without beginning or end, and am one eternal round.

    The Omnipresence of Christ

    2. And there is not one particle that I do not comprehend; all power is given unto Me, and all things are subject unto Me, according to the will of the Father.

    3. I am in all and through all things, for My mystery -- which is only revealed [in its fullness] unto the elect -- hath no height nor depth, nor length nor breadth, but is all in all.

    4. And ye cannot measure or weigh the Son of Man; for what man can behold all My glory and power? What man understandeth the love of the Son of Man?

    5. Ye understand only in part, for no man hath yielded himself in death that he might atone for the sins of men, creatures, plants, worlds, and stars.

    6. For all things fell on account of your first parents, and thus the Son of Man died for all things, that all, in the fullness of time, might be restored unto their perfect order and beauty.

    The Mystery of the Cross

    7. Men seek to know Me but none shall know Me as I really am until they comprehend the work of the Cross, for therein lieth the mystery of all mysteries;

    8. And bessed is he who understandeth for he shall begin to yield himself in imitation of the Son of Man for his brethren, submitting himself to all things for righteousness' sake, even as a good woman yieldeth unto her husband who is in the Lord.

    9. And thus a man who seeketh power and keys shall neither receive nor comprehend them until he hath yielded him- self in obedience unto the Law of a per- fect sacrifice -- not upon a cross, for no man can do this work -- and received the grace of the Son of Man, which is the fruit of the Cross.

    The Fruit of Grace

    10. And therefore by your fruits ye shall be known in the world, and if ye are of Me, then your fruit shall be grace.

    11. And grace is the undeserved kindness of God toward men, which is shed abroad upon the hearts of men who receive Me as their Saviour;

    12. But no man receiveth a fullness of grace until he receiveth the keys thereof, and thus I shall make known this mystery unto you that ye may confound all priest- craft and lyings, and yourselves be con- formed to My grace, which shall renew you unto everlasting life.

    Law, Priesthood and Light are One

    13. All Law is Light, and all Priesthood is Light, and these three are one.

    14. Though a man receive a Priesthood office by the laying on of hands according to the carnal senses and by physical means;

    15. And if he be issued a licence or certificate authorising him to act within a Priesthood office;

    16. If he hath not received pure Light in his soul, according to the degree of Priesthood to which he hath been called by the spirit of revelation, then behold, he hath no Priesthood, for all Priesthood is pure Light, or Spirit, which is the Light of Christ.

    17. And though a man lay his hands upon the head of another, and confer upon him all Priesthood offices, keys, power, and authority -- if a man hath not risen up in his endowment in pure Light according to the degree of Priesthood, keys, power of authority --

    18. Then verily, verily, thus saith the Lord, he hath not received them, for all Priesthood offices, keys, power, and auth- ority are given by the power of the Holy Spirit which cometh unto a man who yieldeth himself in sacrifice and obed- ience as a worthy vessel, which vessel is his mind, heart, and body {soul}.

    Only God Confers Priesthood

    19. No man can confer these things for only God can confer; when a man layeth his hands upon another it is but a token that this is the revealed word of God which he doeth according to the pattern of the Priesthood degree which he hold- eth [outwardly].

    20. Can a man bestow upon another man that which is God's?

    21. He may do so in token, or symbol, but hath no power in himself to bestow any blessings, save it be by the will of the Father, through grace, for none is worthy to receive God's choicest blessings.

    The Inner and Outer Nature of Spiritual Keys

    22. There are many keys, and all keys are spiritual, for there are no temporal laws and no temporal keys.

    23. A key hath an inner and outer aspect like unto a Priesthood office;

    24. The outer is the authority to ad- minister ordinances, and the inner is the pure knowledge of these ordinances, which unlocketh the door unto the mysteries and the presence of all things.

    25. If a man hath not inner authority -- which cometh straight from Heaven without any laying of hands by any man -- then his outer authority, which is his licence to administer his keys unto the Church, hath no effect, for he hath become a whited sepulchre having no power unto salvation2.

    26. For a key openeth a spiritual veil that leadeth a man degree by degree into the presence of the Father of Lights;

    27. But if a man hath not this key within him, how can he lead a man upwards into the heavens?

    28. Behold, he supposeth he hath the keys within because he was ordained unto them by the laying on of hands, and thus he beginneth to exercise unrighteous dominion, and leadeth as a blind guide,

    29. For he leadeth according to his darkness which he supposeth is Light, supposing that through the outer he hath received the inner, which thing cannot be.

    30. Behold, if a man receiveth a licence to be a physician but hath never been instructed in the ways of medicine, of what use is his certificate?

    31. He cannot heal the sick because he knoweth not the ways of the physician.

    32. And if a man and woman marry, and receive a licence or certificate from the registrar that they are married, but do not love each other, what meaneth the certificate?

    33. For if they do not love each other, then they are not one, and are not married after the pattern of the inner law.

    34. And thus if a man is ordained unto a Priesthood office by one holding authority in a church, and receiveth a certificate, but possesseth no inner Light, then, behold, he is without Priesthood, for all Priesthood is Light, which is Christ Jesus.

    35. And thus there are many in the world, saith the Lord, who belong to no church and who possess no certificate, but who possess inner Light, which is Priesthood, power, keys, and authority, forthese they have received from Me, and not from men.

    36. Thus many, supposing they may only receive these things in their church, persecute and revile those who possess these gifts who are not of their fellowship.

    37. And thus they abide in an exceeding great darkness, for they judge carnally, or outwardly, and not spiritually, or inwardly; and they teach in their vanity that they possess all keys pertaining unto My Gospel.

    38. Such men are fools, saith the Lord, and know Me not, for they are patterned after the foolish notions of the world which are after the flesh and the outer man, which comprehend not the things of the Spirit.

    39. If a man possesseth keys, power, wisdom, authority and Priesthood by spiritual means then he belongeth unto the invisible Church of the Holy Spirit {Body of Christ}, for it is the Spirit which giveth these things.

    40. But if a man possesseth these things inwardly and outwardly, receiving them also by the laying on of hands by a man who hath authority in the Church, then he belongeth also unto the outer Church of Christ3, which is the organised fellowship of believers abiding the milk Gospel.

    Seek Spiritual Keys

    41. Let a man or woman therefore seek the keys inwardly for these come only by knowledge, revelation, obedience to the Light, sacrifice, and grace, to the degree that a man or woman is faithful in these things.

    42. And keys come not in the twinkling of the eye, save it be to those who are sanctified, but degree by degree, line upon line, precept upon precept (Is.28:10,13).

    43. And thus ye shall not ordain a man to a Priesthood office save he shall already have received these inner keys of Me, saith the Lord, or is humble and teachable and is in the process of receiving them, and shall keep faith.

    44. For no man receiveth a Priesthood office as an honour and thereafter [can truthfully say that he] knoweth Me, saith the Lord, for ye shall not receive the hon- ours of men;

    45. But a man or woman receiveth a Priesthood office only as he is faithful unto sanctification.

    46. This is the beginning of understanding, ye children of the Church of God and of the churches of the world, therefore listen on, that ye may not be confounded by ignorant and wicked men who would take you into bondage that they might have power over you.

    47. I am the Master of all keys, saith the Lord, for I am the Gate Keeper who unlocketh all doors and parteth all veils.

    48. All keys come from Me, for I am the First and the Last, and the Living One;

    49. I died, and behold, I am alive for evermore, and hold the keys of Death and Hades (Rev.1:18) and the key of David (Rev.3:7).

    50. No man holdeth this power, key, Priesthood office, or authority, though angels and men may hold lesser keys, which are subject unto Me, according to the degree of Light within them.

    51. These keys, which men receive inwardly from Me, they may confer outwardly;

    52. But no man may confer a [spiritual] key inwardly;

    53. No man hath this power or authority, for no man hath the keys of Death and Hades {hell}, neither prophets, presidents, kings, wise men, nor any of the children of men.

    The Keys of Translation

    54. They who possess the keys of translation shall bring to light hidden truths which shall build upon the former truths that I have revealed4;

    55. That which buildeth not upon former truths, but establisheth its own truth contrary to the Word of God, shall not stand, but be revealed as the work of men or of devils.

    The Righteous Exercise of Keys

    56. Behold, I have given you keys not that ye might exercise unrighteous dominion over each other5 but that ye might perfect one another through the grace of Christ;

    57. For as ye share knowledge and truth one with another, and love each other, so shall ye be perfected and rise up into the image of the Son of Man.

    58. And to this end came I into the world, that all might hearken unto these precepts and draw upon the powers of My Atonement and the free grace that floweth therefrom to a renewing of the whole soul.

    59. Keys are knowledge, and pure knowledge is Light, truth, and holiness, and by this key ye may know if a man possesseth the keys to Light or to dark- ness.

    60. Yea, for verily there are keys of darkness also, and a knowledge of these leadeth unto hell and the second death if a man seeketh after them and the mysteries thereof.

    Test Those who Claim Keys

    61. Let all declare their keys that none may be misled, for if a man hath a key he will be able to instruct the saints unto understanding which leadeth unto sanctification;

    62. But if he saith he hath a key and cannot enlighten or edify, then, behold, he is a liar and ye shall not receive him.

    63. And ye must learn all keys if ye are not to be deceived, and must possess the spirit of discernment unto the dividing asunder of Light and darkness.

    64. For there are many seducing spirits abroad in the world which have led most of the children of men into captivity, yea, in the churches also.

    65. All men are called by the by to receive all the keys, and thus shall the saints strive for them in humility and patience.

    66. Ye need not suppose that ye will be lost if ye do not have them all now;

    67. Therefore ye shall not rush and clamour for them, for in no wise can ye receive them inwardly if ye seek them in this way.

    68. Neither clamour for Priesthood offices and honours for ye cannot receive them in this way either, saith the Lord.

    Be Content with what You Have

    69. If a man's heart is right then it shall go well with him; therefore let a man be content with what he hath, for it is in movement according to My will that he is saved6.

    70. Man is not saved by a Priesthood office or by a rank, but by a broken heart and a contrite spirit through faith in Christ whereby he may be taught from on High.

    71. Therefore let a man be silent and still for in many words there is little wisdom.

    72. If a man is teachable it shall go well with him, but if not then your words shall be as pearls before swine, and ye shall be silent.

    73. I, the Lord thy God, plant the keys into a man's heart and mind, and often he knoweth it not.

    74. Let not the saints say: "Have we this key or that key?" but let them learn contrition before Me and seek to save lost souls through much love and many good works in Christ, for in this alone shall thy soul be saved7.

    75. If ye would but exercise one particle of faith ye would go on to great things, saith the Lord, but ye seek too much after honours and glory which destroy a man's soul.

    76. Let this be sufficient for now that the saints not be overwhelmed by too much meat. Listen to Me, your Saviour, and cast out your idols. Even so. Amen.

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