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    Section 17

    Revelation on the Church of God
    and the Church of the Devil

    The following revelation on the Church of God and the Church of the Devil was received following an enquiry by a member. Each Church has three parts. A call to morediligent discipleship [Cranleigh, Surrey, England].

    1. Inasmuch as thou hast sought wisdom, thou shalt be instructed, and blessed art thou for thou seekest the fullness of My Gospel, and thou shalt be rewarded for thy faith and thy diligence in seeking My will.

    2. Behold, I am God, and I speak unto thee through the weakness of My servant; inasmuch as thou hast been humble and have pondered the mysteries in thy heart, I shall bless thee from on high with knowledge and truth that the whole Church may be edified.

    The Two Churches

    3. Behold, there are save two churches or fellowships only: the one is the Church of God, and the other is the Church of the Devil;

    4. Wherefore, whosoever belongeth not unto the Church of God belongeth un- to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of the whole earth.

    5. The Church of God is the fellowship of Light and the Church of the Devil is the fellowship of darkness, the one being set in opposition to the other, that righteousness may be brought to pass according to the eternal purpose of the Father.

    The Trees of Life and Death

    6. The Church of God is the Tree of Life and the Church of the Devil is the Tree of Death; wherefore all things are a compound in one.

    7. For if there were no Church of the Devil there would be no Church of God; and there would be neither happiness nor misery, neither sense nor insensibility. And the great plan of the Father would have come to naught.

    8. The Church of God is the covenant of the people of God; it is the Law of Light.

    9. The Church of the Devil is the covenant of lawlessness, or sin, which belongeth unto the Devil.

    10. And thus light is set against darkness, righteosness against sin, Law against lawlessness, and happiness against misery.

    11. I am the Lord thy God and I am in the bosom of my Church, which is my people.

    12. Behold, the devil, even the fallen one, who is in the bosom of darkness and knoweth no fellowship with Light.

    13. The Light shineth in the darkness, but the darkness comprehendeth it not.

    14. And thus the Church of the Devil comprehendeth not the Church of God, but fighteth against it to destroy it.

    I am the Way

    15. I am the way, the truth, and the life, and this is the light of My Gospel, saith the Lord, even Christ your Saviour.

    16. Whosoever loveth light and truth loveth Me, saith the Lord, and belongeth unto the Church of God.

    17. But whosoever hateth light but loveth darkness, the same is not of Me, but belongeth unto his father, the devil, who is the author of all lies and darkness.

    18. And now I reveal unto thee a mys- tery, that ye be not confounded by foolish men who declare: "We are the only true Church", or, "I belong to the true Church" and know not what they say. Hearken, and give Me thine ear, and I will instruct thee in wisdom.

    The Three Parts of the Church of God

    19. The Church of God hath three parts: the Church of the Father, the Church of the Son, and the Church of the Holy Spirit.

    20. And the three Churches are One Church, for they are a compound in one. And the Church of the Devil hath three parts like unto the Church of God.

    21. The Holy Spirit is the invisible will and power of the Father and Son that sheddeth itself abroad upon the children of righteousness1.

    22. The Holy Spirit is light and truth, and enlighteneth women and men everywhere who cleave unto truth and holiness.

    23. The Light hath many degrees as there are many mansions in the House or Temple of the Father, from Alpha to Omega.

    24. In some men the Light burneth more brightly than in others in proportion to their holiness and wisdom.

    25. Many men know not Christ but know His Light, and are sanctified by the same.

    26. And thus all may arise in truth and holiness, but no man can ascend into the fullness unless he knoweth Christ, and His works, for if a man knoweth not the atonement of Christ, or believeth it not, behold, he cannot draw upon the fullness of its power.

    27. And thus he can progress no further, and is damned, or in other words, restricted from ascending higher into Light and truth.

    28. It is the disposition of all men to gather together and fellowship according to the Light or darkness which is in them.

    29. And from these fellowships or associations have arisen many churches and organisations in the world.

    30. Some are of men and some are of God, but in few is there much Light.

    31. And behold, there is much Light intermingled with darkness, much truth mixed with error, much holiness mixed with filthiness. And all is confusion.

    32. Nevertheless, where there is Light, I am there, saith the Lord, for I would minister unto all My children according to their willingness to follow Me in the degree which they have chosen.

    33. But I am not present in the fullness, nor can be, for no unclean thing can dwell in the fullness, which is the Father.

    34. Wherefore My presence is weak, but is sufficient for the faith of those who seek Light in weakness.

    35. Behold, I am a merciful God and turn none away who seek Me;

    36. Nevertheless, I am a God of justice also and it must needs be that a man shall reap what he soweth; and if he soweth in weakness he shall reap in weakness.

    37. But if a man soweth in faith, behold, he shall reap much Light and truth, and begin to know Me.

    38. I am the Light of the world, and the Light is the Law of Life.

    39. All blessings are predicated upon obedience to eternal Law2.

    40. Therefore, be obedient unto My commandments that the Light may multiply in you unto sanctification and the fullness of the Father.

    41. All who cleave unto Light belong to the Church of the Holy Spirit to one degree or another. And the Church of theHoly Spirit is the invisible part of the Church of God.

    42. Likewise, all who cleave unto darkness belong to the Church of the spirit of the Devil to one degree or another according to the degree of their wickedness.

    43. And the Church of the spirit of the Devil is the invisible part of the Church of the Devil.

    44. The Church of the Son is the lower degree of the visible Church of God and is the covenant of believers born again of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus possessing the keys of the Holy Priesthood in its proper order (Mt.16:19), who have enter- ed in at the gate of water baptism.

    45. The Church of the Father is the higher degree of the visible Church of God and is the covenant of believers born again of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus unto the fullness of the everlasting Gospel, possessing the keys of the Holy Priesthood in its proper order, even those who have entered in at the gate by Spirit or fire baptism, and have crossed the veil that divideth the outer Church of the Son from the inner Church of the Father.

    The Three Parts of the Church of the Devil

    46. The Church of the Antichrist is the lower degree of the visible Church of the Devil and consisteth of many outer fellowships and organisations which hold communion with darkness and accept Lucifer as their lord and master, in know- ledge or in ignorance, having entered in by many corrupt and wicked ordinances which are abhorrent in the sight of the Lord thy God.

    47. This Church hath been organised in many forms throughout time by eviland designing men whose fate is the pit where the fire burneth and endeth not.

    48. The Church of Lucifer or Satan is the higher degree of the visible Church of the Devil and consisteth of many occult and New Age orders which hold fellow- ship with darkness and evil according to the pattern begun by father Nimrod in the original Babylon.

    49. This is also the Church of Lilith3, the mother of harlotries and whoredoms and murders. This is the Church of Eternal Deaths.

    50. Go ye not into these Churches, ye children of men, for their fellowship is [ultimately] the second death, which is Perdition.

    51. Come ye unto the Father through the Son, unto the Church of God, which is the fellowship of Light, truth, holiness, peace, knowledge, virtue, happiness and eternal increase.

    52. Blessed are they who come unto Christ for they shall never thirst, nor be weary, nor be alone.

    53. My son, there are many Christians who belong to churches and fellowships whom I love because they love Me and My ways according to their understandings, and these are part of the invisible Church of the Holy Spirit, which is the Church of God.

    54. And thus the Spirit ministereth unto them, and many miracles are done in My name according to their faith and obedience unto My commandments.

    55. For he who is not against Me is for Me, saith the Lord, and it shall go well with him.

    56. And there are many who have been born again, and have seen the Kingdom of Heaven, who belong not unto the visible Church of the Son, because they know not of it.

    57. There are many who choose not the greater Light but prefer to remain where they are, and thus they are damned, and have no further increase.

    58. Nevertheless they shall receive their reward, and know My rest according to the degree of Light they choose to enter.

    59. Judge them not harshly, My son, for in truth they are a part of the same fellowship of Light, which is the Church of God, but in a lower degree, and they are thy brethren in Christ Jesus.

    60. Thou shalt love them and nurchure them, by non-compulsive means, with the Light which I have given thee, that they may cleave unto this Light and have desires to climb higher.

    61. And "below" these Christians are others who know Me not, but who know and love the manifestation of the person of Christ, which is the Light of Christ;

    62. These also are a part of the Church of God and of the Holy Spirit though they know it not.

    63. And, behold, there are many amongst these people who have more Light and holiness than some Christians, for there are a great many Christians who are not born-again and who know not the Light, but are hypocrites and liars, and who verily belong unto the Church of the spirit of the Devil.

    64. Therefore judge not according to the appearance, My son, but judge righteous judgment, even as it is written.

    65. Be thou enlarged in My love, My son, and rejoice in the knowledge which is given unto thee.

    66. Thou shalt judge according to the Spirit and not according to the flesh which waxeth old and perisheth.

    67. In their arrogance many suppose they are the only true church and that all others belong to the Church of the Devil without regard for the Light and holiness which is in them.

    68. Such are blasphemers and idolaters, saith the Lord, and must needs repent quickly before I take from them the little Light which they have, for in judging those who possess the Spirit of Christ who are not of their fellowships they judge Me, even Christ the Lord, and declare that which is good to be evil, and call their own evil goodness because of their pride and blindness.

    69. Fall not for their error and stupidity, for the Church to which thou belongest, unless it more fully repenteth of its waywardness, shall itself fall, and no longer belong unto the covenant of the Son, and cannot be true4.

    70. Therefore let not the Church lift up its head unto boastfulness, or I shall cut it off, saith the Lord, and its covenant shall be ended and given to a more holy people.

    The Call to Discipleship

    71. Therefore repent, ye saints of the New Covenant Church of God, and be ye no longer lukewarm lest I spit thee out of My mouth; but enter thou into thy Priesthood covenants faithfully and zealously seek after Light and truth.

    72. With some I am well pleased, saith the Lord, but with some I am not pleased because of their slothfulness and lack of faith.

    73. Come unto Me, ye of little faith, and I will give unto you life and Light and the peaceable things of the Kingdom.

    Seek the Word

    74. Seek My Word diligently, even the scriptures, and the heavens and the earth are in My hands, and the riches of eternity are Mine to give.

    75. Seek Me more often in prayer, and fasting, and in congregating together in your praise fellowships and in your solemn assemblies.

    76. Seek ye not Prophets and Moses-men to follow [for their own sakes], but follow Me, even Christ your Saviour, for I alone can save.

    To the Sisters

    77. Let the sisters be more diligent in the exercising of Priesthood, and let them overcome the fear which doth so easily beset them.

    78. Let the brethren of the Church uphold them in their callings and covet not the Priesthood unto themselves.

    79. For he that coveteth shall lose his reward, and the Light which he hath shall flee from him.

    80. But let the sisters remain humble and submissive and be examples unto the men that all may learn how to submit to Christ with broken hearts and contrite spirits.

    Proclaim the Gospel, Heal the Sick

    81. Proclaim My Gospel according to your several callings.

    82. Lay your hands upon the sick in faith, trusting in Me, and they shall recover [according to My purposes];

    83. Neglect not this gift, saith the Lord, for there are many who shall be humbled and brought unto Me by the power of healing which is given unto the faithful.

    Patience in Affliction

    84. Be patient in affliction and minister unto the doubting with charity and forebearance.

    85. For behold, have I not loved you even when ye neglected your calling and hearkened not unto My commandments?

    86. Therefore, ye saints of the New Covenant Church of God, forsake all unrighteousness, and magnify your Priesthood offices, that ye may bring many people unto Zion with songs of ever- lasting joy upon their heads.

    87. And he that is faithful and wise shall inherit all things, even the Church of the Firstborn and the eternal burnings of the Fathers, and will be crowned with many sheaves.

    Be Glad!

    88. Let your hearts be glad; no longer droop in weariness and apathy, but repent of your sins and come unto the living Christ for refreshing.

    89. I am the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, the Church of the Father and the Church of the Son and the Church of the Holy Spirit, for I am One. I am the Father and the Son5, the ExaltedOne (Ps.89:19). Receive ye Me that ye may all be sanctified.

    90. Love one another, and let your love be stronger than the cords of death, which is the Church of the Devil, that ye may be one, even as the Father and I are one. So no more for now. Amen.

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