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    The Story of the UFO Menace

      "During the third month of 22, at 6 o'clock, the chroniclers in the "House of Light" observed a flying circle in the sky. They fell on the ground and then sent a message to the Pharaoh. His Majesty pondered as such events had become usual. All these objects shine brighter than the sun. Pharaoh's army watched them before these fiery circles disappeared" (A Chronicle of Thutmoses III, 15 century B.C., from a Vatican papyrus).

    Stories of UFO's -- Unidentified Flying Objects -- have been in circulation since the beginning of time. Reports of sightings at the end of our 20th century have become so common that they are regarded us as a normal part of life. But because of official attitudes countries react in different way.

    On 1 January 1993 almost the whole of Mexico City saw a UFO hovering over the metropolis for three hours. Camera crews were soon out videoing the site. Traffic stopped on the highways as motorists climbed out of their cars to look at the object. The sighting was front page headlines of every major Mexico City newspaper the next day. But the media took no notice of it in the USA at all.

    A Typical UFO Sighting

    This is one of tens of thousands of reports. There are thousands of people who have actually had physical contact with ET's (extra-terrestrials). There are so many reports that it's a major task just cataloging them. Almost every national government in the world knows about these phenomena though they have been denying the existence of so-called ET's since the 1940's when they started appearing in increasingly greater numbers. Why? This pamphlet has been written to inform the public of what is really going on.

    Reality Must Be Confronted

    Since the 1950's all kinds of books have been written on the UFO phenomenon from serious scientific studies to crackpot science fiction. Almost everybody has had some comment to make. The resultant picture has rarely been clear.

    Having put aside the reports of hoaxers, the mentally deluded and fantasisers, we are faced with a body of evidence so overwhelming for the actual existence of UFO's that to deny it would be akin to denying that the world is round. UFO's are here, and they are here to stay. They are real.

    Though this author, who is a scientist and educator, was initially skeptical, he has seen enough evidence to convince him that the UFO phenomenon is no psychological illusion but fact. Many years ago he used to write for the journal of the British UFO Organization, Contact International. He has even seen such an object over Passau, Germany, near the Austrian border in 1974, and has met others who have seen them too. All were sober, balanced, scientifically-minded people. Moreover, the author is now a committed, Bible-believing Christian who feels that the Christian world must confront this phenomenon and not discredit itself intellectually by dismissing it as cheap science fiction.


    UFO's are not one single phenomenon. They are not one single kind of space vehicle and they are not driven by only one species of occupant. We are dealing with a variety life forms. They range in appearance from the typically white-skinned, fair-haired "nordic types" who appear completely human, to what have been called the "greys" -- short humanoid grey-skinned creatures with small mouths, large eyes and other reptilian features (see cover).

    A "Grey"

    The 'Nordics' are supposedly beneficent and non-interventionist, usually just observing and occasionally making contact with humans to share their philosophy and warn of environmental problems. The Greys are definitely hostile and have a nasty reputation for abducting people, performing surgical experiments, removing unborn children from women, and sometimes sexually abusing their victims. They are particularly active in Peru where they prey on Chanchamayans. And between these two types there are many other forms of UFO occupant.

    All of these types (of which there are many) have fantastic technology far in advance of anything on this earth. And at least one (if not more) of them have made contact with the United States military establishment and there is good evidence that contact with made as far back as with Nazi Germany.

    In the 1980, the Soviet Ministry of Defence gave orders to every military unit in the vast Soviet empire to report all UFO sightings. Pilots, soldiers, and sailors were ordered to observe UFO behaviour and, if possible, take photographs. Only now have these top secret reports been made public. Of the thousands of reports, 400 could not be explained in conventional terms.

    UFO's have crashed in the USA, Canada, South Africa and possibly in other countries. Dead bodies of the UFOnauts have been recovered. And in one case, a live alien was captured and kept incarcerated for one year before he would talk to his American captors. U.S. Presidents since Eisenhower have known about these things. More ominous is the now strong evidence that the U.S. military has cut a deal with one alien group allowing them to abduct humans in exchange for technology.

    On 5 July 1993 a demonstration assembled outside the White House protesting the U.S. cover-up on the UFO phenomenon. The victims of ET abuse are becoming so numerous now.


    UFO occupants are best described, not as ET's or extra-terrestrials, but as "ultra-terrestrials" (UT's), who originate not from other worlds but from but from different dimensions of our own.

    The Common Factor

    But what are these beings doing here? What is their purpose? There are many theories, some supplied by the UT's themselves, others supplied by the imaginations of those who write about them. There is a philosophical-religious thread that joins most of them together. Here are some of the main theories:

    • Human beings were "planted" here by aliens as part of an experiment or as a colonization venture thousands of years ago -- this was the "Garden of Eden" -- and the spacemen have come here to check up on us;
    • God and Jesus are/were "spacemen" (a theory first proposed by Erich von Däniken);
    • Life has evolved and is evolving;
    • Spacemen are coming here to save humanity (the more culturally advanced ones, usually identified as coming from the Pleiades);
    • There is a kind of "Galactic Federation" of worlds with different life forms and they are not supposed to interfere with "evolution" on earth, though they may intervene to prevent self-annihilation;
    • The major world religions were "planted" here to meet the needs of different stages of human development and evolution;
    • They will reveal themselves at an "appropriate moment" when the world is ready to receive them and guide humanity along a better path;
    • They are already doing this clandestinely through contacts, extra-sensory perception, and meditation techniques, etc..

    The Space-Age Religion

    Despite occasional variations, there is one dominant religious theme running through what might be called the "UFO Religion" and that is occultism. From the teachings of the apparently benign "Pleideans" to the hostile actions of the "Greys", there is a single philosophy-religion. It's not a new one and has been around from earliest times but it has made rapid headway in the West at the expense of Christianity -- and that is the NEW AGE MOVEMENT.

    This Movement, which began as an essentially "pop-culture" in the 1960's with the hippies and the Beatles (who popularised it), is now, without question, the dominant religion of the West. It is not a single organisation but more like a network of groups, but all are linked together by certain common beliefs that mirrors exactly that of the UFOnauts -- the UT's -- a belief in an impersonal God, in evolution, reincarnation, the "New Age" of Aquarius, meditation techniques, crystals, charms and amulets, chants and mantras, pendulums, occultism, astral travel, astrology, spiritualism, gurus, "ascended masters", the equality of all religions, enlightenment through the emptying of the mind and the surrendering of one's personal volition.

    Like the UFOnauts, who preach a Second Coming, the New Agers are awaiting the return of the Christ -- not the resurrected, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) of the Bible, but MAYTREA CHRIST -- the "reincarnated" Jesus-Buddha-Krishna being, in short, THE ANTI-CHRIST.

    The Great Delusion

    The world stands at the edge of the GREATEST DELUSION EVER -- the return of a counterfeit christ. What Christians and others have got to wake up to is the fact that these last days, and the terrible world dictatorship lying in front of us, is going to involve more than just human beings from this planet. Not only will it involve ultra-terrestrials (claiming to be extra-terrestrials or aliens) bringing a false religion wrapped up in a super-technology designed to astonish and impress us into submission, but also the real power behind them better known as demons.

    Consistently, Bible Christianity is portrayed by the UFOnauts and their New Age human clients as a "primitive religion" belonging to the exiting age of Pisces. And modern New Age leaders like Benjamin Creme, and his occultic predecessors like Annie Bessant of the Theosophists (today called the Lucis Trust, but originally called the LUCIFER TRUST), are teaching that adherents of the monotheistic religions -- Christians, Jews, and Moslems -- if they do not accept the New Age religion, will be exterminated.

    The word got a taste of this New Age religion in the Nazi Era. Nazism began by exterminating Jews. Next on its list were the Christians who, though initially courted, were already being restricted and persecuted by the war's end. And Shirinovsky, the new Russian fascist leader, is following in exactly the same footsteps as Hitler, threatening the extermination of Jews, yellow people, and anyone who stands in the way of his Russian Master Race. There is little doubt in this author's mind that the Nazi establishment were in contact with the ET's for they were building UFO's themselves. Like attracts like, or at any rate was inspired by it.

    Where did the Nazis get their advanced technology from? Where have the Americans and Russians got their new super-weapons from? (The U.S. Stealth Bomber is technologically far beyond anything modern science is capable of).

    You Need Not Be Fooled

    The world is in a mess. No clear-minded person can deny that. Law and order are disappearing fast. Morality is in a shambles, and has been since the close of the Second Word War when UFO's started appearing in increasingly greater numbers.

    In the 1940's a group of science fiction writers met together to discuss the weakness of orthodox religions. They started to sketch out the features that a successful modern religion would need to have. One of the by-products was Scientology, a mixture of science fiction and psychoanalysis.

    In the 1940's and 50's the gurus from India and the East started coming west to plant their neo-Hindu religion, adapted to western tastes. Their way had already been prepared by secular Darwinism, which taught evolution. And even though evolution has almost universally been discredited as a natural, physical theory, it has found a new flag-bearer in the New Age Movement. It has now been made a religious phenomenon controlled by an impersonal God.

    Since the German V2 rocket was launched into space in the late 1940's, our eyes have been turned to space to solve our world problems. People are once again turning to the stars for their salvation. They won't find it there. Other civilizations on other planets, even if they did exist, no matter how technologically advanced they might be, would still suffer from the same condition as humanity -- human nature, that is, a selfish, fallen disposition. Just because the more "advanced" aliens, if they existed, do not go kidnapping and abusing people as the Greys do, would not mean they were morally or spiritually more "advanced". All -- and that includes the so-called "Pleiadeans" -- are teaching a religious philosophy which lies at the very heart of the New Age and Satanism. (See Whom Do You Worship?).

    Are you one of those who believes that UFO's don't exist and are the products of men's fantasies? Do you think that demons and UT's are just the delusions of scientifically unenlightened men? Or are you perhaps one of those who believes that the orthodox religions have failed humanity and that it is time to give the new religion a chance?

    If you believe either of these things, or variations of them, then I sympathise with you, for I, too, have had similar sentiments in the past. There are a lot of cranks and nut-cases around who do fantasise and hallucinate. Orthodox religion has failed because it has not been true to its founder. But neither of these facts alters the fact that God, through His Son Yah'shua the messiah (Jesus Christ), can be met and experienced today. Though men, by their blindness and evil, may have brought a bad name upon Christianity, this is not the fault of Christianity itself but of men.

    You Can Know God

    The whole message of the Bible is that we can come to know and experience God personally. The message underscoring the whole of the New Testament is that human beings -- you and I, here and now -- can know the friendship of God for themselves. "Agree with God," cries the oldest book in the Bible, "and be at peace!" (Job 22:21, RSV). Down through the centuries, millions and millions of people have been convinced of the existence of God, not because they read a book about Him -- not because they had an irrational belief in fairy tales -- not because they were brought up that way -- but because they KNEW HIM for themselves!

    How does this happen? When a radio set stops receiving messages we say it has "gone dead." And according to the New Testament each of us is "dead in our transgressions and sins" (Eph.2:1, NIV) -- incapable, that is, of receiving communications from God, because of the imperfections and selfishness in our life that "jam the transmissions" of a totally perfect God; or else we open up the channels to false and demonic sources. To bring us to life again -- real life -- those imperfections have to be dealt with.

    Which is where Yah'shua (Jesus) comes in. Not the "spaceman Jesus" -- not the "ascended spiritual Master Jesus", not the antichrist Maytrea, nor any other religious leader or guru -- but He "who had no sin, to be (made) sin for us, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God" (2 Cor.5:21). By an act of incredible generosity, which no human being or UFOnaut has ever done, will ever do, or will be able to do, Yah'shua (Jesus) died willingly to pay the penalty which really we deserved to pay, from breaking God's laws. This was the greatest cosmic event ever, which had an affect not only here on earth but everywhere in the Universe. It may be that there are true Christian civilizations on other worlds or, more likely, they are in the same position as we are in here on earth as Satan attempts to do as much destruction as he can in his last hour, though there is no proof for this and certainly no evidence in the Bible.

    According to the Bible (and quite frankly I know it to be true from my own experience), this makes it possible for us to get to know God again, by simply inviting Him to take command of our lives and walking faithfully in His commandments. You don't have to wait to contact an ET, a UT (who will, I guarantee, ruin you), or the coming of Maytrea, or make a channel to an "ascended master", or anything else like that -- you can do it right now.

    The True God is for All

    Do you feel that you are one of the "special few" who knows about UFO's, or who has the sacred keys to occultic mysteries? The New Age in all its guises appeals to this particular kind of thinking. Do you think you one of the "favoured élite", a member of such organisations as the "Great White Brotherhood" who will help bring in the "Age of Aquarius"? If you do, you're in for a terrible shock! You have been cleverly manipulated by forces which have appealed not only to your innate goodness but also your vanity.

    Part of the appeal of the New Age stems from the fact that it offers a new sub-cult. In a rapidly changing society, where the old answers no longer seem to fit the new problems, people are struggling to find a new framework of meaning within which to build their lives. And they tend to reject out of hand the possibility that the answers they're looking for may still be found in the most obvious places. Mysticism, meditation, Hindu subcults, drug experiences, UFO's, Satanism...people expect to find truth in the "sub-cult". At any rate, there is security, and a feeling of superiority to the rest of the world, who "don't belong".

    The New Age essentially teaches: "We are living in crucially important days -- if you are one of the Initiated, and can understand. Church leaders, politicians, and scholars speak with discordant voices. So how nice it is to know that you are one of the Privileged Few who understand the human situation! Intellect alone isn't enough. It was thinking that got us into this mess." And so you are taught to throw away your mind and to start looking for new perspectives and new experiences -- drugs, demonism, meditation, anything that will allow fresh possibilities in an increasingly claustrophobic universe.

    Or else you have just turned off altogether, cutting yourself off from wider concerns, worrying about yourself and your immediate family only...

    Religion used to be a communal affair. It brought people together...it celebrated their common humanity. It was a kind of sharing. Ritual dances knit together the primitive tribe, and strengthened each member's loyalty.

    But now, in our fragmented modern community, the reverse is true. Religion is increasingly seen as something personal, something that divides a man off from other men. Church-going -- communal coming-together -- has been on the decline. Jehovah's Witnesses, calling on householders, are well used to receiving the response, "I've got my own religion, thank you." Previous centuries discussed religious issues for hours, yet today people get embarrassed when the subject is brought up.

    The whole trend of late twentieth century society has been towards non-involvement. Increasingly we have "modular relationships" with other people -- letting them fulfil a certain function for us, but refusing to become more deeply involved with them. And so there are distinct attractions in a religious movement like the New Age which doesn't demand that we go anywhere, do anything, or share in any way, so long as we just believe.

    That is all now changing. The Church, so long accustomed to giving way to unproven and unprovable religious (for that is what they are) speculations of the evolutionists, is fighting back in many corners. People are re-discovering their Christian roots. They are coming to know God for themselves. The boredom, the meaninglessness of life, have spurred them on to search anew. People like myself, who know what the New Age movement is about, had mystical experiences, seen UFO's, encountered ultra-terrestrials (demons), are beginning to see through the grand deception that is being perpetrated on both the physical and spiritual planes by evil forces masquerading as light. More importantly, we have found Yah'shua (Jesus) of Nazareth, the Messiah (Christ), God-in-the-flesh, resurrected and glorified.

    I therefore urge you, before it is to date, to seek out the Biblical Yah'shua (Jesus) and come to know Him. You don't have to be an intellectual, be mega-spiritual, or have anything "great" to say about yourself -- the only qualification is a humble heart and a desire to know the truth.

    If you would like to know more, contact us or any Bible-believing commandment-keeping Church

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    Last updated on 14 October 2010

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