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    Section 1

    Vision of the Heavens Rolled Back
    Part I

    The following vision, which has not come from this ministry, was seen by E. Marie White on 3 July 1970 in the United States. It is the first of two visions, the second of which may be read in NC&C 202. It is highly symbolic and concerns the last days which we now live in. The style is very much like John's Book of Revelation. Marie White introduces the first vision as follows: "Written this day by me to witness to the unspeakable mercies of Elolhim. We have put down the following vision for the purpose of making it available to the people of Elohim. We have not tried to interpret the things that were seen, choosing at this time to leave it up to the individual to seek Elohim for understanding. The fullness of the vision as it was seen is not printed here. All that is printed is exactly as it was seen, but there were things that followed that are remembered only in bits and pieces, and we have chosen to wait upon the Lord for an anointing to relate it in the order in which it happened." {Some remarks have been added by in parentheses} [United States].

    1. In all the years that Elohim has revealed to me through vision His wonderful truths for this time of endings and new beginnings, I have never had an experience that so thoroughly encompassed me and lasted so long.

    2. There were so many details that I will try to remember as I relate the vision.

    3. As I lay on my bed early this morning, I was conscious of the birds in their nests across the street and the beginnings of traffic passing under my window.

    4. I drifted off and was moving slowly, then more rapidly, straight up into the air.

    5. The higher I went, the more I could see of the earth, but it was as if everything was sharply outlined and nothing faded or became less distinctive as I went farther from it. I tell the vision as I experienced it.

    Two Men Appear Upon the Earth

    6. The earth became a ball that I could see very plainly.

    7. My position was directly over the Atlantic Ocean.

    8. On either side of the ball there were land masses so that my angle of view showed North and South America on one side of the earth and Europe and Africa on the other.

    9. To my horror, I saw two men appear. They were so big -- one twice as big as the other -- that they made the earth look like a huge ball upon which they both stood.

    10. The larger of the two was naked except for a cloth around his loins.

    11. A cape hung from his shoulders that was very out of character for his appearance.

    12. He was hairy from head to toe. His hair was long and unkempt; his arms and legs were a mass of hair.

    13. He had a sword at his side sheath- ed in a bright gold case. The handle of the sword was a bright silver. His cape was scarlet.

    14. His face was scarred as if by many battles and his arms were folded as if he cared little about what was happening. He looked confident.

    15. The part about him that I was most taken with was his feet. They were much too large for his body. They were spread out so I could see that he had six toes.

    16. His feet rested upon land. His right foot was on Asia, China and Russia andhis toes were spread. His left foot rested on the Mediterranean Sea and Africa, especially around Egypt. I particularly noticed that he straddled Europe.

    17. From his mouth came great loud noises, smoke and fire. The movement that was created by his noise caused such storms as has never been seen.

    18. The other man stood on the North American continent. One foot was laid upon the eastern coast of the United States; the other was firmly on the west- ern coast -- the right in the East, the left in the West.

    19. This man was about half the size of the other. He had sandals on his feet, but they were too big for his feet. I saw that his feet were very small for the rest of his body.

    20. His legs were strong and his loins were wrapped about in a cloth that shone like brass and it was the colour of his sandals also. They looked hot as if they had been in the fire.

    21. His sword was of gold and it had no sheath; his shield was also of gold and shone brightly. His head was covered by a helmet and it was of pure silver.

    22. His face was that of a man. He was young and yet, mature. He had a full beard and moustache, but no part of the hair on his head showed.

    23. He was alert, but did not move about. He was singing a song I could not understand, but it caused me to feel at peace and I was no longer afraid of what I saw.

    24. These two faced each other and yet, they did not seem to realise that the other existed.

    The Beast, False Navi (Prophet), Dragon and Beautiful Old Woman

    25. I seemed to wake or return to my room because I was again conscious of the noise in the street below.

    26. I said: "Elohim, what have I seen? Master, what is it? Oh, I know my mind is seeing it again and beginning to interpret the two great bodies on the earth, one that man of sin, that creature of iniquity. But I am not satisfied. What have I seen?"

    27. And He answered me: "Wait a little while and I will show you things to come. For what you have seen is now and yet a little while, and there will come great devastation upon the earth;

    28. "You shall behold it and know that My time is but a little way off.

    29. "For this man of sin shall be revealed and is now working to destroy the earth and all the inhabitants thereof."

    30. I said: "Yes, Master, I see him in the events of the earth, in the news each day, in the way our country is becoming violent and full of turmoil."

    Left Foot of the Great Man: A Dragon

    31. He spoke again and said: "Look, My child, for you have not seen it close enough yet."

    32. Again, I drifted off and was far above the earth. The men still stood as they were when I had left them.

    33. Then, I began to move. I was going down to the earth and I was headed towards Africa, and Israel was before me.

    34. I stayed a little way off so that I was above the land facing towards Egypt from Israel.

    35. As I watched, I saw small, round, flat things like coins flying through the air towards Israel. They formed a solid line and there were about ten lines.

    36. They came from North America and Europe and they formed little piles in the middle of Israel. Then I saw what had happened. This was gold and silver and it was being poured into Israel.

    37. This time, the large man had disappeared and his left foot alone re- mained.

    38. The foot began to change into the body of a man. This man was beautiful.

    39. His hair was golden, his eyes a bright blue, his face was fair and good to look upon; but something about him bothered me and I became afraid again.

    40. He stood with his legs straddling Israel, one foot in Egypt and the other in Assyria [Syria, Iraq] , with Israel beneath.

    41. He was not large in comparison to the man whose foot he had been, but he was full grown.

    42. He roared and bellowed as loudly as the one whose foot he was and belched fire.

    43. As he did, his face changed and it was like a very old man, wise and crafty.

    44. The words he spoke were softer, but there was flint in his voice.

    45. Then, he began to change again and the skin on his face peeled away and there was the face of a dragon, fierce and angry and ready to devour at a moment's notice.

    46. He looked at Israel and was hungry. Saliva dripped from his mouth and fell on the land; where it fell, the earth became scorched and dry and all living things died.

    47. And then, he reached forth and picked up a leash and my eyes followed it. It ran across the ocean to the United States.

    The Beast

    48. At the end of the leash was a Beast -- part bear, part lion, part cat of some sort and what else I could not describe.

    49. It was as if the United States had become a great cave; it was dark with some sort of covering or else the ground under it was hollow and the Beast lived beneath this surface.

    50. I saw another leash going forth from the neck of the Beast and I saw that it went in a different direction.

    51. And so, I followed it staying well above it and I crossed the ocean again, this time across Europe.

    The Beautiful Old Woman

    52. My eyes were met with this sight:

    53. The great man stood before me again and between his legs, planted as they were before, was a woman.

    54. She was something else (extraordinary). Beautiful? Yes. Old? Old beyond years or time, but still young in her appearance.

    55. She had a glass or chalice in her left hand and she had many golden objects in the right arm and hand.

    56. There were some things that I could identify like a candlestick and four or five bowls, a long golden tube and other things, too.

    57. Her hair was bright red and her mouth was large and scarlet.

    58. Her clothes were rich and fancy, heavy with embroidery.

    59. Her feet were covered with red slippers and she was beckoning with her eyes. She was compelling and attractive.

    60. I was drawn towards her, but I was reminded that I was following a leash; so I looked for it and there it was leading to the right leg of the great man.

    Right Foot of the Great Man

    61. As before, the man faded and the foot of the man turned into a man before my eyes.

    62. He was clothed as an ordinary man, but by looking at him, anyone could tell that he was not ordinary.

    63. He spoke and everyone listened. The words were good, and I saw many faces around him and they listened.

    64. He smiled and there was a note of something that made a chill run down my back.

    65. I, who was above it and not even among the listeners, was drawn by it and I felt the fear of being sucked in and trapped.

    66. He held the leash in his hand. He was so quiet in his manner, but I watched the people around him and suddenly I saw that they were forming an army.

    67. They marched and shouted, and he who had been so quiet in his speech let out a great roar, opened up his mouth to the fullest and swallowed them up until they were no more.

    68. I shuddered because I, too, hed felt the urge to move in unison with them and I, too, had wanted to follow.

    69. I was about to look for a place to go when he began to change before my eyes.

    70. He had been beautiful before, but now he was terrible.

    71. He grew and grew until he was so big it seemed as if he would pop.

    72. And I was caught away as if in a wind and I rested because I felt safe.

    73. I was conscious of being in my room and hearing sounds of the morning.

    74. Again, I began to speak to Yahweh concerning the things which I had seen. I asked: "What is this?"

    "Listen, for I will Explain a Mystery"

    75. He spoke to me and I heard these words: "There are two companies as you have seen, the feet, the end of him who should be revealed;

    76. "Nay, there are three companies and again, four -- she who doth stand between his legs for comfort that she might keep her ill-gotten gain, and the Beast who shall devour all who come too close.

    77. "Yet there are but two companies as you have seen, for these two are held and covered by the other two."

    78. And again, He said to me: "Listen, for I will explain a mystery, what you have seen until now is already and has grown unto its fullness.

    79. "It shall manifest itself to all the world in its appointed time.

    80. "The left foot which you saw first is the man who spreads fear throughout the world.

    81. "He is strong and full of emotion and he sends forth fire wherever he goes.

    82. "He is the Dragon, the spirit of fear.

    83. "He stands over Israel surrounding it, encompassing it about with fear."

    84. "And the other foot?" I asked.

    85. "This is a company which grows continually.

    86. "All men of the earth are being drawn to follow it for he speaks peacefully and it is made attractive to all who hear.

    87. "This is the False Navi (Prophet) who speaks a strong delusion that men might be made captive.

    88. "Promising them equality, he makes them slaves," He answered.

    89. "Who is the woman?" I asked.

    90. "You know her," was His reply.

    The Beast on a Rampage

    91. The Beast alone was no mystery to me and so I lay in my bed and thought on those things which I had seen and that which had been spoken to me.

    92. Again, I left my bed and went into the heavens that surrounded the earth, I stopped above the United States and saw the man whom I had seen in the beginning.

    93. He was as he had been then, standing astraddle the states with his right foot on the eastern coast and his left foot on the western coast.

    94. He had not grown in size. He was as he had been. But between his legs stood a woman.

    95. She was fair to look upon, round and fresh and innocent. She smiled and was friendly, but not forward.

    96. She had in her arms a bunch of flowers and branches from trees.

    97. She had a basket of fruit in her other hand, and I was glad she existed because she was refreshing and young.

    98. Then I saw the Beast come up out of his hiding place and try to get her to come to him.

    99. She stood between the legs of the man and was not afraid.

    100. The Beast looked like he would charge her, and I knew he was afraid.

    101. Then I saw the man take his shield and place it so that she was covered by it and no part of her was visible.

    102. Just as the Beast charged towards her, the shield went into place.

    103. He hit the shield many times with his body, but to no avail.

    104. There was a tug on the leashes, and he (the Beast) was drawn towards the other continents.

    105. He was being equally drawn in both directions and landed in Europe first.

    106. The scarlet-lipped woman ran out to meet him and he despised her and sought to devour her.

    107. She lifted her skirts and under them were her children, both male and female.

    108. (As) she pushed her children forward one by one, the Beast devoured them.

    109. Then, she stepped boldly forward and climbed upon the back and sat as if the world were hers.

    110. Her face was dreadful for her deeds were terrible;

    111. I saw that she suffered much for she knew that she could not last long.

    112. The Beast stood shuddering and then, feeling a change in his control, looked and found that his leash had been released by the man on the right foot -- the one who stood in Asia, the fat man, the False Navi (Prophet).

    113. The Beast began to run.

    114. I saw the woman's face. She was terrified.

    115. She hung on for dear life and the Beast ran towards the Dragon.

    116. He reached the Dragon and then stopped, for the man who was the Dragon and its body was thick and heavily armoured.

    117. Its feet were spread and there were four of them and he had wings on either side, six altogether.

    118. He began to flap his wings and stomp his feet in rhythm, steadily and slowly.

    119. His wings created a great wind that went in every direction;

    120. He was so big that his feet covered all the territory around Israel and the little country was under his belly.

    121. He was so big and so strong that the earth shook and trembled as he rocked back and forth.

    122. The sun was completely blocked out and did not shine upon Israel because of the Dragon's covering.

    123. The Beast, foolish thing, stood in awe not knowing where to turn, and the woman trembled, for she knew that her time had come.

    124. The woman slipped from the back of the Beast and ran, not looking back.

    125. The Beast was drawn into the Dragon by the leash that was around its neck.

    126. It was drawn into the Dragon so closely that the heads bent and devoured it.

    127. Each head on the Dragon had an eye and each eye searched whither the woman had gone;

    128. She was searched out and caused to sit upon the back of the second Beast-Dragon, and the eyes continued their searching.

    The Beast-Dragon and the False Navi (Prophet) Rule the Earth

    129. Then I heard a great thunder. From the mouth of the first head there was a great sound and I knew that it prophesied.

    130. I saw the men of the earth stop and listen. I sought to understand, but could not.

    131. Again, I heard a great sound and the second head spoke and prophesied;

    132. So it went until I heard seven voices utter their messsages to the earth.

    133. The men of the earth fell down and worshipped at the Beast-Dragon's feet, coming unto the land of Israel, but being unable to enter therein.

    134. And the men of the earth sent presents and made themselves paupers for the sake of the message that had gone forth.

    135. I heard a great many voices.

    136. I saw the False Navi (Prophet) marching, and he was an army.

    137. As the people of the earth knelt before the Beast-Dragon in worship, they were slaughtered on the right and on the left by the False Navi (Prophet) who was many.

    138. Each held a sword and they severed the heads of them that worshipped.

    139. And the Dragon ruled the earth and the False Navi (Prophet) with him;

    The True Qodeshim Spared for a Little While

    140. But as I looked about the earth, I saw many who had not gone to worship and they were spared for a little time.

    141. The woman threw herself off the Beast-Dragon and began to run, but there was no place to go.

    142. She reached the place of her beginnings, but there was no place to hide for the Beast-Dragon was after her and searched her out with his eyes.

    143. She began to burn and was consumed and I saw no more of her.

    144. I was so tired and sought a place to rest and I was home again in my room.

    145. Much time had passed since the beginning, for it had just begun to be daylight when I first went into the heavens and now it was day and the street was busy with people.

    146. I got up from my bed and thought that I had seen all that was for me to see.

    147. I did not question Yahweh this time, I just pondered in my heart all that I had seen.

    148. I did not dress or leave my room, but instead, sat down in my rocking chair and rested for I was tired, though I had slept all night.

    149. I do not know how long I sat before I head Yahweh speak to me.

    150. “Get up, Marie, get up and come with Me.”

    151. I said: “Oh, Master, I am so tired and I will not be able to remember all that I have already seen. Let me rest a little.”

    152. But He said: “I have much to show you so do not labour to remember.

    153. “You will remember all that I would have you remember, so set your mind at rest.” And so I did.

    The Warrior and the Young Woman in America

    154. Again, I went into the heavens above the earth and my weariness left me; I was so excited as if I had yet seen nothing.

    The Young Woman Becomes Two

    155. There she was, the young woman who stood so fair and fresh.

    156. And behind her was the man as he had been when I last saw him.

    157. And I saw her become two -- split down the middle, and one of her began to move towards Canada and the other towards South America.

    158. She was enclosed in these two countries and hidden from view. How can I say that I saw two of her, yet she was still one?

    Two Feet of the Warrior

    159. Now the man stood before me and what had happened to the great man on the other side of the waters happened again.

    160. The man over America began to fade away, and I saw only his feet.

    161. The feet each took the form of a young boy about seventeen or so, fresh-faced and looking surprisingly like the face of the young woman.

    162. They stood before me with strong and clear blue eyes.

    163. They looked right at me and they searched me until I felt I must speak, yet I was silent.

    164. I was suddenly happy, a song was in my heart and I heard it; then I saw that they sang with a voice that sounded like many.

    165. I watched as many youths came and joined with them.

    166. As they joined the boys, they merged into them so that each boy absorbed many others.

    167. As this happened, each boy grew before my eyes and I could tell that they were maturing as they grew.

    168. The boys soon had hair on their faces and then, it thickened and their arms and legs were strong.

    169. I knew that time had passed and they had each grown into strong men.

    170. I then saw them return to the feet of the man before them and this time, they fit into the sandals made of brass.

    171. The sandals were a fine, fiery brass.

    172. I could not have touched them for they would have burned me if I had.

    173. When they were boys, they were dressed in simply made tunics that were faintly of many colours, not bold colours, but faint so that when the boys turned to catch the light, different colours flashed.

    174. Their feet were bare. They carried no weapon that I could see. They were just young and defenseless.

    175. As they matured, their tunics became long and looked more on the order of robes.

    176. Their feet were covered with sandals like those of the man whose feet they were.

    177. I said to myself: "Two companies", and as I did this, these two men stood before me and began to change, I saw them turn into two trees.

    178. I saw the trees grow and bring forth fruit, and they were olive trees.

    179. They changed back again and this time, they each held a menorah in one hand and a sword in the other. And I knew who they were, oh, I knew who they were.

    180. These were the two olive trees and the two menorahs that stand before the Master of the whole earth.

    181. I wanted to bow and worship them, but I was strongly reprimanded and told to hold my worship for Him Who was worthy.

    182. I said: “Master, what have you shown me this for?”

    183. And He answered: “These are the kings and cohenim (priests);

    184. “These are the apostles and nevi'im (prophets);

    185. “These are the two witnesses;

    186. “These are Moses and Elijah come to prepare My way before Me.

    187. “They shall become one in me, even as the Scriptures have told.”

    188. I cried: “Show me, Master, teach me. Do not leave me to wonder who these are who stand here.”

    189. Instead, I came back to my place, and I was in my room walking and crying and pleading with Elohim to reveal to me who these were that I had seen.

    190. I sat down again. Then I went back to my bed and lay down and cried, for I knew I could not tell or describe the experience that I had been through (nor have I here been able to describe the emotion that accompanied this experience).

    Heart of the Left Foot

    191. It was still early, I think about 6:30 or 7:30 a.m., and the house was not yet stirring.

    192. As I lay there, I must have fallen asleep for I am not aware if I dreamed or was in a vision when the rest of this unfolded.

    193. This part was very real to me. I lived it and felt every moment of it:

    194. It was myself that I saw. I lay on a table. I was dying.

    195. There were doctors around me and I knew that I was being operated on.

    196. I wanted to scream, but there was no sound and a hand took mine and a voice said:

    197. "Be still and watch for you will see what has been, what is, and what will be." And I was quiet.

    198. When the operation was over, the doctors took off their masks and I knew the men were there; they were ministers from before.

    199. All of them shook their heads and walked away. Had I died?

    200. I had to know and started for the table, but the hand held me back.

    201. I was crying. I had died and no one cared. I saw people I knew file past the table, shake their heads and go on. I had died.

    202. When they were all gone and it was dark, there was movement under the sheet.

    203. I was moving. I got off the table and left the room and ran away.

    204. I saw myself. I was so sore and worn out. I looked a hundred years old, but I was alive.

    205. Much time passed and I had become younger and healthier looking.

    206. I was able to walk or run in good form. I saw people coming and I knew them; I knew where I was and who these people were.

    207. But I watched myself and I became a little ball, a mass of flesh shaped like a heart.

    208. Then a small body formed around me and it, too, became a mass in the shape of a heart.

    209. I knew where I was and who I was, for Elohim had given a word to me that the body which we were was a heart. I saw it; I felt it and I was a part of it.

    210. I was now happy because I knew who I was.

    211. But the hand restrained me and the voice cautioned me to stand still for there was more to be seen.

    213. I saw the heart, and I saw many parts to it forming and they were here on the coast where we were.

    214. Oh, I knew all this; I had seen it some time ago. Again, I was told to hold my peace.

    215. Then I saw the heart laid in a body and the body closed in around it. I said: “Master, what is this?”

    216. He said: “This is My body and this is My heart.

    217. “Do that which you have been formed to do and I will show you things to come.”

    218. And I saw us. We were a small but vital organ in a beautifully formed body.

    219. I saw that it was the left foot of the man I had seen before, the foot that was placed on the west coast on the United States and I cried and rejoiced for I knew that it was good.

    220. "Where is the other foot, Master?" I asked.

    221. He said: "You know."

    222. "No, Master, You must tell me. Where is the other foot?"

    223. But He said: "You know".

    224. And I did know, for I saw a man I knew standing at the heart of the other body and I did know.

    225. These are the two feet of the Body of Messiah and I did know what I had seen.

    226. I stood in amazement knowing that it was true. I was back in my room remembering the message Elohim had given me in Ashland, Oregon, one Sunday.

    227. "It is in the feet; it is in the walk." Oh, my Elohim.

    228. The feet are born at last and I remembered the Scriptures in Revelations and in Zechariah 4 and so many others.

    The Great Candlestick of Zechariah

    229. As I contemplated the truths that had been revealed to me, I saw yet one more vision and the voice spoke to mesaying: "These things shall yet come to pass."

    230. And again, I was riding upon the high places of the heavens and could see the whole earth.

    231. On the land of the United States there stood the great candlestick of Zechariah 4 and on either side of it was a great tree, an olive tree;

    232. And these poured their oil into the bowl so that the menorah shed forth light for all the world to see.

    233. And then they merged into the menorah and it became the man clothed in armour who was changed before my eyes into our Master as He was seen by John the Revelator and recorded in the Book of Revelation.

    234. And there were many voices, and I heard a song I had not heard before.

    235. This man picked up a great rock and threw it into the sea. It splashed and made a great tidal wave.

    236. The whole earth rocked and rolled, and the men who lived were sorely afraid.

    237. From across the sea came a roar as of a mighty lion and all the fierce animals put together.

    238. It was the Beast-Dragon and the False Navi (Prophet) become the great body in the beginning.

    239. The man of Elohim stood his ground and watched as the Dragon moved across the land wrecking all that stood in his path.

    240. While the young man had been growing, the Dragon had been devouring.

    End of the Vision

    241. I watched to see if I could see where he was and what he was doing, but the vision was fading out and the anointing even to write what I have seen is leaving me and so I will write no more except this.

    242. Yahweh spoke to me saying this: "All this was given unto you for confirmation and to show you where you stand today.

    243. "I am not through with you for the world will know what is meant by a prophetic ministry when I am ready to open your mind to see into future events.

    244. "You will write all that is shown unto you and I will direct you when and where to speak it,

    245. "The foundation of My Body, the feet that walk the earth today, will bring forth that which is not yet, but it shall be as it has not been.

    246. “They shall be unto Me apostolic and prophetic and upon this foundation will My Body of many generations rest.

    247. "Do not be dismayed if men do not believe you, for I will open the eyes of whom I will and harden whom I will.

    248. “Speak, My daughter and rest in Me, for I will, not many days from now, show you unspeakable truths that are yet to be accomplished."

    249. I am at peace for I know that I have seen Elohim face to face though it is in vision and in a dream.

    250. As Elohim reveals to us the rest of the vision, we will add it to this work.

    [Continued in Section 202]

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