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    2. The Wiccan-Satanist Divide Bridged

    One of the greatest riddles that exists in occultism is explaining the differences and similarities between Wiccanism and Satanism. Wiccans claim a belief-system very different from the Satanists and yet their esoteric philosophies are remarkably alike. Most Wiccans will usually say they do not mind what religion somebody follows so long as everybidy else respects one another and leave each other alone to do what they want to do. One Wiccan recently wrote me saying:

      "Let it be known that Wiccans, such as myself, are not worshipers of Satan! In fact, we don't even believe in him, nor Jesus or God for that matter....George Lucas (Star Wars mastermind) once said, "I think all religions are basically the same, we're all just looking at a different side of the elephant."

    He/she adds:

      "To me, the pentacle represents good will and kindness towards others..."

    and then ends by signing his/her pseudonym, "Parasite". Inspite of the obvious contradiction between his philosophy and his name, there is no doubt that many Wiccans view themselves as harmless nature-worshippers doing no more than tapping into nature's invisible energies. And were this so, there might be some basis for them in claiming to have no connection whatsoever to Satanism.

    There is much literature about Wiccans which portrays them as a benign, peace-loving people who simply love nature and there can be little doubt that many are attracted to Wiccanism on this basis. They are usually animal-lovers and enjoy the outdoor-life and want nothing more than to be in harmony with the cosmos. Thoughts of violence or any form of malevolence are repugnant to them. This is not, however, a true representation of Wiccan doctrine, as the following extract from a Wiccan witch pretty clearly establishes:

      The Oath and the craft code of honor are much the same. In some traditions, The Oath is the only code given. In others, a long list of rules and regulations are provided. In our tradition, we collect these laws from all over the world and add them to our Books of Shadows as we come across them. Some are downright silly, others do not pertain to our times, but underlying all these rules and regulations is the code of honor, to be followed by all Crafters. What happens if you break your oath or the code of honor? Some traditions have definite punishments, from banishments for a limited time to banishments forever. Our clan, however, believes in the law of retribution, which is as follows: Should anyone violate the code of honor or break his or her Oath, the Goddess will know. She knows who belongs to Her, and who does not. She will cast out that part of Her which brings disrespect to either Herself or Her children. The Mother of All condemns those who choose to use others for their own gain. She will eat alive those who hinder others in their learning process, their quest for knowledge, or in their desire to excel. She will tear asunder he or she who feigns secrets over others. She will condemn the oath breaker for many lives to come. If one coven fights with another, the Horned Lord will render judgement and exact His judgement. Those powers passed in initiatory ceremony will disintigrate. Anyone who tries to hurt His Lady (for He bows at Her feet and gives power to Her for Her discretionary use) will die a thousand times over before mortal death. Should His Lady be disgraced (or His High Priestess), he will open the doors of the Underworld and call forth His Hounds of Hell. Should the Horned Lord (or the High Priest) be disgraced, the Lady will strap on Her sword to protect Her Lord and Consort, and Should the Horned Lord (or the High Priest) be disgraced, the Lady will strap on Her sword to protect Her Lord and Consort, and slay all who stand in Her way. So be it." (The Oath and Retribution by Silver RavenWolf in "To Stir A Magick Cauldron")

    A former Wiccan (who at this time had no religious affiliation), who sent me the above quotation, commented as follows:

      You really want a "Mother of All" who will "eat you alive", and condemn you for "many lives to come," and a "Lord" who will make you "die a thousand times over before mortal death," and loose "His Hounds of Hell" on you????? Some traditions simply say that a athame (ritual knife) blade will be plunged into your heart if you ever leave the Goddess and God. But, Yeah, these are reeeeeally nice people. They don't hurt anyone, and their gods are Unconditionally loving. Not quite. Take a good look at the TRUTH and the heart of Witchcraft! It's black and rotten to the core. Take a big whiff! Oh, and I'm exercising my constitutional right of free speech (before you even consider the black magick and curses and hexes), which witches claim to hold dearly. I'm trying to help people by printing this, not harm anyone with it."

    Like almost all occult traditions, Wicca present both a public image and agenda for the masses and a hidden one for the initiated. Peeling off the public image is important in not only dealing with the true beliefs of Wicca but of all esoteric traditions like AMORC (the Roscrucians), the Freemasons, etc.. This must constantly be born in mind by all outsiders trying to penetrate occultic teachings.

    In establishing the philosophical, doctrinal and practical association between Wiccanism and Satanism one only has to look at the kind of literature quoted by both. The writings and teachings of the 20th century's leading satanist, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), are freely quoted by both, and in particular his "Golden Rule" or "Thelema" in his "Book of the Law " (Liber Al vel Legis) which reads:

      "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law; love is the law, love under will"

    What the uninitiated do not necessarily understand, however, is what all these terms mean. In saying, "love is the law", that human emotional-ethical complex called love (tenderness, warmth, kindness, generosity, etc.) is being placed subordinate to the law of the satanist and the satanic will of the master magician.

    There is, in the minds of most newly initiated and naïve Wiccans that witchcraft is no more than a kind of mischievous, romantic rebelliousness which has a positive, edifying end along the lines of the Hollywood movie, Bedknobs and Broomsticks where paganism is portrayed as far from being a blight to Christianity and other religions, but is actually working alongside it as a complimentary, spiritually harmless and benevolent contributor to the welfare of mankind. We ought, if we are tempted to accept such a model, to remember the "wise" words of Silver Ravenwolf comparing these to those of our friend "Parasite". Anybody who seriously makes a study of Wiccanism, and in particular the works of those high up in the Wiccan hierarcy, will see that it is nothing more than a mutated form of Satanism cloaked - from time to time - with an aura of semi-respectibility.

    Many Wiccans say that they can accommodate Christianity and that they can live with Christians and have no malevolence towards them, and therefore expect Christians to do the same for them and not try to "convert" them. One Wiccan, with whom I became very friendly (much to her surprise), however, confessed to me:

      "You must excuse me. I didn't mean to sound rude. I think you're cool. The demons made me renounce your religion. I've even burned Bibles in my time, for the fun of it, while renouncing Jesus Christ. So, I'm a witch, and not too bad, at that..."

    Here we have a Wiccan admitting the reality of demons (evil spirits with personalities, and not just natural forces) and confessing that she has burned Bibles and renounced Jesus Christ. For whilst Wiccans would like to be benevolent, the very nature of their religion - which is anti-Christian because of its direct ties to Satanism - forces them to renounce it. For Wiccanism and Christianity are, in truth, mutually exclusive, something Satanists have no problem because they are far more aware of what is happening in the invisible realm than most low-level Wiccans. "The proof of the pudding is in the earting", as they say, and to be a Wiccan requires, at some stage, a rejection of Christianity and Christ.

    Another Wiccan, who tried to pray as Christians do, told me the following:

      "I tried praying to the Christian God and Jesus and I couldn't do it. It's not that I was opposed to it, but I physically couldn't speak, or even think a prayer.... I'm really serious. I wanted to do it, but something wouldn't even allow me to start. I don't mean an entity, but it's like my mouth wouldn't move, and I couldn't think it, either."

    Inspite of the carefully articulated and benevolent public image about Wiccans and Christians being able to "get on" together it is a fact, as this simple experiment proves, that Wiccanism and Christianity respresent two mutually exclusive and opposite powers. There is no such thing - and can never be - what one might call "Wiccan-Christian Ecumenicism".

    One Wiccan, who tried to become a Christian without going through what Christians call "deliverance ministry" (expelling the demons that control both Wiccans and Satanists) told me:

      "All I did was ask Jesus to come into my heart last night and fill me with the Holy Spirit, and now, I have more demons after me than ever. Without realizing it, I've been sitting here writing Satanic rites to the Dark Gods, and wondering what blood tastes like and wondering what ritual orgies are like."

    One must remember that this lady was not a Satanist but a simple nature-lover who considered herself a witch, initiated herself, never killed anyone or anything, or been involved with Wiccan covens. Yet in calling upon the Christian God she began experiencing all the urges and desires that drive Satanists. Something within her violently opposed her praying to Jesus to the extent that wholly alien thoughts were fed into her mind that even shocked her after she had collected herself and thought back on what had happened. Shocked and confused by her experience, she wrote further:

      "I wasn't so immoral before!! This is too dangerous. It would appear that Jesus Christ is to dangerous. At least in Wicca I was more moral than that! I think you got me believing in dark powers that I haven't believed in, in years, and now they're trying to ruin me! I feel compelled to go chant an Ancient Egyptian language, which I don't know! And wear black and an ankh and prick my finger now while burning candles and thinking about genocide..."

    You must remember that like all low-level Wiccans she had been taught that demons did not exist. Whatever existed in her because of her initiation, belief system and practices in her harmless "nature relegion" tried to convince her that the Christian God was the sourse of all the darkness that flooded her mind and heart when she tried to become a Christian without first cleaning herself out spiritually.

    My Wiccan friend (before she converted to Christ) decided she would contact her Wiccan friends and tell her that she was exploring (the Christian faith) and ask for some advice, inviting them to defend Wiccanism which she felt sure they could do were it true. She writes:

      "I couldn't believe the horrible, awful, threatening responses I received back".

    Instead of helping her, she received the same kind of response as she did from "within" when she tried to pray her prayer of committment to Christ. Coincidence?

    We have seen that Wicca and Satanism are basically of the same pedigree and that Satanists are far more aware of the identity of the powers and forces behind Wicca than most Wiccans are. Most Satanists actually begin as Wiccans and it is from the latter milieu that most Satanists are recruited. Satanists make it a practice to be involved in Wicca in order to find suitable material for the core of their common belief - a power that is common to both and which they are both seeking. As one Wiccan admitted to me concerning her religious affiliatiation:

      "Oh, I know, I want power."

    We shall now examine that power and find out exactly what it is.

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    First created on 3 February 2000
    Last updated on 3 February 2000

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