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    IV.5. Gilbert's Fake Repentance:
    SAI's Attempt to Nullify CE's Testimony

    I suppose it was naïve of me to really expect a reformation by Gilbert Clark aka David Clark aka Davied Israel aka Yesai Israel aka Yesai Nasrai of Sons's Ahman Israel aka Sons Aumen Israel aka Order of Nazorene Essenes aka New Qumran aka Nazorean Way Monastery, though for a moment there was a glimmer of hope.

    Our story continues when, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by another person who knows Gilbert very well but who was treated by him like all the other victims of this cult. He wishes to remain anonymous and not connected to the whole ugly SAI business so I will simply refer to him as "N".

    This is what transpired. After reading CE's and Brother Jim's exposés on this site, and seeing that he had been slandered by Gilbert Clark who had given CE misinformation, N got in contact with me and shared his version of the story. N is one of the "genuine" Essene Christians and through him I became acquainted with the teachings and practices of this religion about which I shall be writing presently. The writings of N that appear here have been heavily edited to preserve his anonymity by his request.

      Dear Christopher,

      Greetings in the love of Yahshua!

      A friend recently alerted me to the existence of your webpage in which you publish information in regard to Davied Israel. Much of what is revealed on your webpage I experienced first hand in my dealings with Davied.

      However, I hereby request that you delete the referrences to myself that appear in a letter written by the young man [CE] who recently left Davied's [Yesai's] land [Ed. this has been done]. The reason for my request is that the referrences to me came to the young man from Davied and are not true (as I will explain).

      I have no problem with the young man being put-off by photographs of myself participating in Hiroshima Day anti-nuclear weapons protests. That was his own personal opinion based on his own observation. However, some of the slanders against me that he reported come only from Davied and are blatantly false (which should come as no surprize to you considering that your entire webpage is full of examples of Davied being less than honest/accurate.)

      For example, the young man reports that I have a photograph of Patricia Braggs (the woman who runs a health food products company which markets Braggs Amino Acids Seasoning) on my altar. He then mocks: "Sounds like a nice guy!" The point of the mocking remark is that I have a photo of this health food woman on my altar as though I worship her as some sort of guru or goddess. That is not true. The truth is as follows: Davied visited my home ... one time. In the center of my living room was is a shelf/alter which has a painting of Jesus (Yahshua). On another part of the living room wall I had various family photos (mom, dad, sisters, brothers etc) and a few photos of some of my friends from church events. There, not on my altar but on the area of my living room wall devoted to photos of family and church friends, was a photograph of myself and Patricia Bragg standing at the grave of Edmond Szekely [Ed. He translated many Essene documents into English]. We were attending a funeral event in his honor. Thus, you can imagine my surprize to read on your webpage that I have a photo of Patricia Bragg on my altar, mocking me as though I worship her as a guru or Christ-like figure. She is simply a longtime friend of mine who was also attending the funeral. Again, that photo was at least twenty feet away from the small wooded shelf ("altar") on which I had a painting of Jesus. Since this completely false accusation came to the young man from Davied, I do not hold the young man or you responsible; rather, I hold Davied responsible. However, now that you have been informed of the truth, I request that the slanderous and false accusations about me from Davied be deleted from your webpage. Each slanderous remark is equally false, not just the one above. Another example follows.

      The young man reports that Davied and I visited Jamaica together. There, we observed black men openly carrying guns and knives and looking oddly at us, the white men. Then, according to the young man's report from Davied, [I] actually deserted Davied and it took awhile for Davied to reach safety. What an amazing falsification of truth that story is! Here is what really happened:

      For a short time (around three months) I was in conversation (email and phone with one personal visit) with Davied about providing funding to construct buildings on his land. As I will explain in another paragraph, once I realized certain things about Davied and his organization, (the sorts of thins that you reveal on your webpage) I decided not to associate myself or the [organization] I represent with him or his church. However, prior to my decision to have nothing to do with him, when I was still trying to get to know him and wanted to have some personal time with him to get to know him better (instead of just emails and phone conversations) I invited him to go on a missionary trip to Jamaica with me. I was already planning to go and I offered to pay his way. He happily agreed to go. When we arrived in Jamaica we were picked up at the airport by friends of mine who own a retreat center in Jamaica. On the way to the retreat center we drove through a ghetto and stopped at a market to buy some food. Because it was a black ghetto, Davied was very nervous and did not want to get out of the car. It was obvious that he was frightened. After we purchased food, we drove out of the ghetto into beautiful Jamaican mountains and went to the retreat center owned by my friends. They provided us each with a bedroom and treated us kindly. After a couple days of relaxation at the retreat center, I was ready to do my missionary work which involves the following. While I am in no way a Rastafarian -- as the young man also falsely insinuates on your webpage -- I operate a mission whose purpose it is to convince Rastafarians to give up the false belief that Haile Selassie is God and to instead worship Jesus. I informed Davied that I was ready to leave the safe confines of the mountain retreat center and to go walk the streets of Jamaica, sharing the message of Jesus. My literature that I use to minister to the Rastafarians tells them that Haille Selassie was a great man and perhaps a prophet, but that he was in no way God or Christ (most Rastafarians believe Haille Selassie was actually the Living God; some other Rastafarians believe that he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ). I invited Davied to come with me on my mission, or to stay and relax at the retreat center if he preferred. He was still terrified from having driven through a black ghetto a couple days before and was afraid to leave the retreat center. So I went without Davied and walked the streets of Jamaica and had no problems at all, even when I entered ghetto area. The people treated me wonderfully and were actually eager to hear about the Essene teachings and Jesus. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. Three days later when I returned to the retreat center, Davied had already called a cab and had it take him to the airport where he flew back to America several days earlier that our tickets required. So, I never abandoned Davied in a dangerous situation! I simply gave him a choice of staying at the cushy retreat center or accompanying me as I walked the streets of Jamaica doing the work that I had come there to do. I had not come to Jamaica to simply lounge around at a retreat center the whole time. And niether Davied or I ever saw anyone openly carrying guns or knives; that simply is not true. The fact is that Davied was never in danger but was experiencing a state of fear and panic.

      The young man also reports that Davied claims that [I am] not really a fruitarian. When have I ever claimed I was a fruitarian? Never! My diet is mostly raw and 100% vegetarian. I have written articles in which I describe fruitarianism as possibly achievable by a minority of human beings and a worthy goal, but I never have claimed to be a fruitarian. However, I describe a sort of "Essene fruitarianism" which involves eating only the parts of the plant that can be eaten without killing the plant. That would include such "fruits" as squash, cucumbers, and tomatoes, which usually are thought of as vegetables, since they can be harvested without killing the plant. But even then I never claim to have fully achieved fruitarianism myself. So, once again, Davied is not truthful.

      As far as his claim that I am a liar, well, considering the accuracy of his other assertions I will let the honest reader ponder who truly is the liar.

      Now let us reflect on why Davied would tell such lies.

      Davied and I met because we became aware of each others webpages. Davied had just begun using the term "Essene" though he hadn't begun using it as much as he does now. We exchanged emails and then phone calls. Davied explained that he was forming an Essene monastic community on his land and invited me to participate. At first I was going to do it; I was even going to provide Davied with thousands of dollars to construct new buildings and let him use my mailing list to attract residents. But then I received a phone call from someone named Mem who had been a part of a former community on that land. She provided me with a lot of the sort of information that is on your webpage, Christopher. I became very concerned and requested copies of all of Davied's literature. In that literature I found many things that I was not comfortable with, including a referrence to female lesbianism being permitted, and a referrence which seemed to say that each couple must have sexual intercourse in certain required "positions" on certain required days. I asked Davied if I was interpreting that reference correctly. I was. He defended it by saying that being told which position to have sex on each particular day takes our personal ego out of it because then it is not us choosing with our ego which position to have sex. I understood his philosophy but told him that I didn't think it was for me or the members of my church. I had also noticed that he had taken one of the holy scriptures used by our church, The Essene Gospel of Peace, and had altered it to fit his own philosophy. He had changed the words of Jesus in the manuscript to fit his own opinions, and never stated in the manuscript that he had altered the original version. I then found out, by asking hard questions, that even though our agreement had been that if I provided the funding to construct new buildings on the land for the community I would be an "equal partner", that actually all legal authority over the land and community would remain with Davied and Isis. I would be a "equal partner" by investing thousands of dollars and giving him my mailing list, but as an "equal partner" I would have absolutely no ownership or governing partnership. In other words, I would not really be an equal partner at all. For all the reasons above and many similar ones, I informed Davied that I was no longer interested in working with him. At that point, and ever since, Davied has slandered me. He says I am a "liar" because I did not follow through on my agreement to provide funding for new buildings. However, he leaves out the reasons that I changed my mind, which I just described above.

      Christopher, having described all the above, one might think that I would "hate" Davied. But i do not. That is not what the Lord teaches us. Like you, I pray for his redemption.

      When I read your webpage, it just saddens me and makes me feel sick. I feel the pain of everyone concerned. I feel your original pain in having your wife "stolen". I feel the pain of each of the writers on the board. I feel even the pain of Davied. I feel the pain of his children (it must be very stressful for such young children to know that they are mentioned in the way they are on a public webpage; it could even make them feel suicidal) [Ed. - I have now taken their names off this webpage]. And what about this poor A who gets wrote about in the way she gets wrote about. Even Davied has unfair things written about him, such as the comment reported by the young man that G, (a confessed child mollester), was sure that soon A would be having sex with Davied. How unfair to A to have a statement like that appearing on a public webpage! And unfair to Davied because it somehow links him in the public mind as having sex with A even though there is no actual assertion or evidence that he ever did or ever planned to. All based on the comments of a confessed child mollestor who was himself scheming on poor A, as was the young letter writer himself, and as was Tony Souva. Poor A! [Ed. - I have, since 16 September 2001, made 'A' anonymous now along with G and some others, but not those who have already given their names in Gilbert's public "rebuttal" to my original accusations].

      My point is that I find the whole thing so ugly that I want nothing to do with it at all. I want my name removed, if you are willing to respect my wishes in that regard. Obviously I can not force you to do so. I can just respectfully ask.

      [Editor - I have had to struggle with N's request here and weigh up whose interests are best served in what I do on this website. I shall do all I can to preserve N's anonymity, which I believe is his right. But in the interests of the many victims and in the inerests of Gilbert himself, I feel I do need to bring this horrible business to a happy conclusion and not allow the cycle of destruction continue unabated].

      Lastly, but most importantly, I make the following offer. I make it because I feel that the Lord is calling me to make it. I hereby offer to try and bring about a righteous yet merciful end to the situation with Davied described on your webpage. I could serve as a sort of mediator. My idea is as follows. I believe you are sincere in what you have been doing. I also believe that the Lord would like this situation resolved, rather than left festering. I also believe that you are exactly correct when you assert that there can not be resolution unless there is sincere repentence. In having read your webpage, and in light of my own experiences with Davied, I believe he is guilty of many things that need repenting. And although he has not been willing to honestly confront this truth in the past, I think he may be at the point of doing so. When I saw the untrue comments he made about me that appear on your webpage, I called him to express my concern that he had lied through his teeth once again. Instead of the usual smirky denials, he sounded like a man on the brink of jumping off a cliff. He sounded like a broken man. He sounded like he was actually repentant. I think all the most recent controversy reported on your webpage has finally sort of worn him out. My phone call was brief. It was not untill after the call that I reflected on how broken he sounded. I was even concerned he might "end it all" he had sounded so broken. In the past when I confronted him with his untruths he always sounded "above it all" and "holier than thou" like he had a smirk on his face. But not this time.

      Christopher, there have been times in my own life when I felt broken and was ready for repentance. There is at least a decent chance that Davied is finally at that point. Every man has his breaking point and I sense he has reached his. I sense that you are truly sincere that you would like to see this situation righteously yet mercifully resolved. My idea of a possible working scenario would be: 1) Davied admits that he has made many mistakes. 2)He admits that he needs sincere repentence for his many mistakes. 3) That he is told that sincere repentance will lead to sincere forgiveness. 4) That for one year he must shut down his community in Canebed. During that year he must compose a manuscript which gives an accurate symopsis of his teachings, especially including any of a controversial or sexual nature. After the one year of being shutdown, anyone who expresses interest in visiting the community must be first sent the synopsis of beliefs and practices. Christopher, Davied, and myself as mediator, must all agree on the final version of the synopsis. But the point would not be that Davied change his philosophy to agree with Christoper or Nazariah's philosophy, the point is that Christopher and I would want to be certain that whatever Davied's current philosophy is, including controversial sexual aspects, he be upfront with people about before they invest themselves and their money in the community. It would be my hope that his past experiences would have convinced Davied to drop some of his controversial sexual teachings entirely. If he is truly dropping them that is fine; what would not be fine would be to keep them as a part of a hidden aspect of the teachings. 5) If Davied agreed to this sort of scenario, and if we both felt he was being sincere in his repentance, you would remove the webpage but with a warning that if his repentance proves insincere, the webpage would reappear.

      Christopher, I am not attached to your agreeing to the above proposal. I simply felt called by the Lord to offer. We are not on earth long. And as much as possible we should try to bring peace wherever we can, not neglecting the need for sincere repentance. Whether or not you choose to accept my offer to serve as a mediator in this situation, I hope you will prayerfully consider by request to have the references to me deleted from your webpage. Let me know your response. [6 September 2001]

    I must say that I was very grateful and heartened by N's kindness and therefore agreed that he should act as a mediator and try to effect what he suggested in his letter to me. Though having deep reservations that anything would be achieved, I felt it at least my duty to give Gilbert a chance, and to start his life again even if it meant him continuing with his religious beliefs. This was my reply:

      Dear N

      Thank you for your very thoughtful and kind letter. I will, of course, the first to correct any inaccuracies on my SAI homepage. I personally find the whole project utterly distasteful and time-consuming and would be pleased to see the whole thing disappear. But with so many victims of this cult I feel strongly constrained by the Spirit to expose what he is doing.

      I think your idea of being an intediary is an excellent and a noble one. I would add that I think he should also close down his websites as well as his "monastry" for a year as the websites are the bait that bring most people in. He also has some pretty nasty and untruthful things about me on his website which must go.

      The last thing I want is that Gilbert should go and take his life, or lose yet another family. He seems to have found the woman best suited for him now. He must learn to face reality, unpleasant though much of it is, for what it is, and stop being such a coward.

      Not only have I lost a wife but I have an elder daughter who is psychologically ill and incapable to interacting with the real world because her short two-year experience as a little girl at SAI. There are real occultic/demonic forces at work here that are leaving a trail of destruction behind them. I want to see all those who have been hurt healed, leading normal lives, and be able to make responsible decisions for themselelves again. My goal is for reconciliation and healing between broken families. And whilst I do, of course, want to see a recincilliation I am, as you must understand, bound as a minister to continue exposing the false doctrines and forces which lead to such destruction in the first place. So whilst I can, under certain conditions, remove the personal things down, I shall continue exposing what I consider to be false doctrine generally.

      I will, of course, edit CE's references to you in his testimony, though give me a few days as I am not very well at present and with many ministerial concerns. To be sure, I shall be pleased to close the whole site down eventually. But I shall need convincing that Gilbert is truly a reformed man and shall expect some sort of public apology for his misrepresentations of me and of others before that happens. I have my first wife's current address should that become necessary at any time.

      If you are able to give me a contact, I would also like to make contact with Mem sometime, as I do not know her side of the story. She entered SAI at about the time my wife was leaving, I believe.

      I can hardly believe the extent of the web of deceit that Gilbert has spun. It has become so bad latterly than one hardly knows what to believe of anything he says anymore. Such is the danger when reality is confused with myth.

      May the love of Yah'shua (Jesus) guide your steps in what you now plan to do, and thank you for contacting me.

      Christopher [7 September 2001]

    N's positive and affirmative response was as follows:

      Dear Brother Christopher,

      Greetings in the love of Yahshua!

      Thanks for your nice response to my letter. Thanks for your willingness to remove the inaccurate second-hand-Davied-slanders of me in the letter by CE. I truly appreciate that. It shows you are fairminded and responsible.

      Also, thanks for being open to at least the possibility of a resolution to the Davied saga. It may or may not be possible, depending on the sincerity of Davied and his willingness to take the actions that both you and I would require. But at least we would have made the effort, which is noble regardless of the result. Nevertheless, I hold on to the possibility that it may indeed be possible this time, as he really did sound like a broken man when I called him to confront him over his latest slanders. When he appologized to me in that conversation his voice actually sounded contrite, which it never has before..... So, we will see. I will call him and discuss this matter with him and see whether he wants to pursue such a course.... I will let you know his response.

      Rest assured, I have no intention of attempting to force any sort of "fake" apology from Davied on to you, or any sort of "fake" agreement. Like you, I am interested only in authentic repentance and will accept nothing less.

      I certainly agree with you that any sort of agreement which leads to your removing the Davied content from your webpage must include his removal of his slander (I read it and it seems very unfair) of you. And, yes, some sort of public apology also seems in order. That would be hard for Davied as it would be so humbling to his ego. But that's the sort of repentance we are calling for.

      I don't have a contact number for Mem (her husbands name was Ted) because when I spoke with them they were still living on Davied's land. After they left there three years ago I never heard where they went. I never heard of the man named David you asked about.

      I will email you again after I contact Davied in regard to this scenario.

      Love in Christ,

      N [7 September 2001]

    A very shirt time later, N reported back to me on his attempt to carry out his plan:

      Greetings Brother Christopher!

      I called Davied (I'm used to calling him that name) and had long conversation with him. At first I did not tell him of our conversation about opening a doorway of repentance to him. I just talked to him to determine if his seemingly new contrite attitude is stable and genuine. After a while, I informed him of my dialogue with you and our basic proposal. The following is a synopsis of that conversation with Davied.

        1) I feel he is sincere in his acknowledgement that his actions have caused much hurt for others. He still believes his philosophy on the cosmos is correct; but he admits that his personal faults have caused hurt to many.

        2) He says that in the past couple weeks he spent much time on his knees asking God for forgiveness. He believes that the timing of our overture to him is not a coincidence but is because God knows he has repented.

        3) He will agree to write a public statement expressing his regret for the pain he has caused others.

        4) He agrees to shut down his community for one year. However, out of mercy for the one resident already there (Gil) he wants Gil to be permitted to stay as long as he wants rather than get booted out as Gil has no money for travel or other lodging. During this one year he will permit no other guests to visit. ANd Gil will be treated as just a friend as the "religious community" will not exist for this one year.

        5) He will do these things and will remove the portion of his webpage about you if you agree to take down your webpage. He explained various reasons why he cant take down his whole webpage but that he would take down the reference to you and would make clear nobody could come to there land.

        6) In the future if he restarts a community he will have an introductory brochure that honestly describes there beliefs and practices, INCLUDING THEIR BELIEFS ON HUMAN SEXUALITY so that nobody will go to the trouble of visiting only to be disappointed when they discover the secret beliefs. He admited that has been a source of trouble for all concerned.

      I made clear to him that I am only serving as a communication liason between he and you and that I am not empowered to make any agreements for Christopher, only to accurately relay communications.

      I will await your response to the above. After hearing from you, I will let Davied know if we have an agreement.

      In the Love of Christ,

      N [7 September 2001]

    Before I could answer N, I received an exuberent letter from CE who was persuaded that Gilbert was finally repenting. He has already been in communication before, and since, the last letter posted in his Testimony but had asked that no more be added as he considered there was aleady more than enough. Then came what he believes was a turn of events:

      Hi Christopher,

      Something unexpected happened recently I would like to share with you. Yesai Israel (aka Davied Israel/Gilbert Clark) initiated a fairly long conversation with me in which he apologized for his past mishandling of his life, for how that affected others, and for his lack of openness and errors in his relationship to me. It was a moving experience as we forgave each other, and though we still are far apart in our spiritual understandings and choices, we have come to terms with each other and there is no further opposition. I still believe Mr. Clark is in serious error in several areas of his belief structure and goals, but that is his choice and he is committed to being more open with others who inquire as to his vision, actual beliefs and practices. I am sure he will not be perfect in any of this as none of us are in any area, but I now believe his heart to be very sincere and actually caring. He wishes to forget his past having been open about it before heaven and myself and those with whom he feels he has had a responsibility to. I have not apologized for what I wrote to you about as I simply did what was on my heart having been hurt by my encounter with the Order of Essene Nnazoreans, but because of Mr.Clark's open testimony, confession and desire for forgiveness which I would not deny, I am asking that all I have written to you which has been posted on your S.A.I. webpage be removed from public view in honor of Mr. Clark's humility and sincerity. A copy of this has also been forwarded to Mr. Clark, his wife Isis and famous resident and friend Gil.

      Christopher, I am also not opposed to your S.A.I. website as it provides a more complete view of the past S.A.I. from various perspectives, but further consideration may be in order to address where Mr. Clark desires to take the new Order of Nazorean Essenes at present. Please note, i am not in much agreement with their sevenfold spiritual path, accommodation of lesbian relationships (which are abominable in Yahweh's sight), nor any marriages that would involve anything but one man and one woman. If Mr. Clark decides to take Order of Nazorean Essenes in a direction contrary to the laws of Yahweh and heaven's directive it will only continue to suffer loss and be stunted and distorted in growth and effect.But, having seen Mr. Clark's heart and sincerity, I believe he, with heaven's help and correction have a good chance of removing idolatry and perversions and finding stability, security, organization and real love in Yahweh and Yahshua if they so choose. But this is their choice. Should they continue to hide some of their positions from immediate public view and so continue to be secretive so as to not immediately turn others away, the universal laws of cause and effect will simply and automatically respond in due course, but I have better hope for Mr. Clark, Isis and Gil.

      I have requested the removal of my statements from your webpage, because Mr. Clark has been honest, open and apologetic with me and as a human I can do nothing but respect his willingness to deal with his self and another human who has also deeply failed in life. Their religion(s) is their choice and I would hope they will be totally transparent with new prospects now, especially regarding the goddess emphasis in her various forms/roles, acceptance of lesbianism, various exclusive claims/mysteries and denial of many Christian, Jewish and Muslim doctrines regarding Yahshua, the law and the prophets. May the will of Yahweh through Yahshua prevail in all of this from the highest heaven where they reign supreme with no equal or higher authority. They are First Cause.

      CE [8 September 2001]

    The moment I received CE's letter I had an uneasy feeling that something wasn't right here. Why had he contacted CE and not myself, or any of the others he had wronged? He had only confessed to Brother Jim and N because they have taken the initiative themselves and forced him to face the truth. So what possible motive could he have for going to CE first and foremost? Whist I concluded that his repentance could have been genuine, I also had this nagging suspicion that what he was in fact doing was trying to neutralise the most recent, potent and devastating testimony, namely CE's.

    I wrote to CE and explained my concerns, and shared also the letter which I subsequently wrote to N voicing my concerns (below). I also asked him to hold on his decision to remove his testimony to let everything unfold for the benefit not just of CE but of all those who had been wronged. First my reply to N:

      Dear N

      Thank you again for your latest communication.

      Let me, if I can, try to articulate the problem as I see it, taking it beyond the issue of people who have been hurt, the prospectus, and the 'one year probation'.

      Let us imagine we in a parallel situation in 1939. You and I are presidents from the democratic nations and we discover that the German nazis have opened concentration camps and are murdering inmates. The nazis have been denying this all along and have instead accusing been us of their own crimes and recommending that we be investigated by the International Red Cross. Finally, we bring enough pressure to bear on the nazi Government through media coverage and threats of military intervention that the nazi régime does an about face, admits it has abused human rights, and decides to take a less militant and present a more human face (as indeed it did in real life on one occasion). Under pressure from the world powers, it agrees to issue a public apology to all the victims of the concentration camps and to close the concentration camps down for one year. It will issue a true and open statement about its views of ethnic and political cleansing and violence so that anyone wanting to leave Germany has a chance to do so and avoid arrest, imprisonment, and death.

      Do we argue - OK, since everyone has a chance to leave Germany and so avoid dispossession, imprisonment, torture and death - that we leave Germany totally alone, agreeing to stop publishing in the media what it's beliefs are? How are we to stop the whole cycle repeating itself again?

      What Gilbert/Davied wants is for me to remove my site in toto in exchange for him removing his attack on me. The problem as I see it IS the philosophy. Now I can't stop him from believing what he wants but I do consider it my duty to expose his philosophy for what it inevitably leads to. You and I both believe, I assume, in an Absolute Truth, and we both similarly believe, I assume, that we have a spiritual obligation and a moral duty to propagate that truth and to oppose anything that stands against it. That being so, I am sure you will agree that even should Gilbert/Davied close down SAI/ONE for one year, issue a public apology, take down his attack on my on his website, and issue a "prospectus" clearly delineating his beliefs and secret practices (personally I don't believe he will, but let's give him a chance), that there is no guarantee that the whole cycle will repeat itself again. The whole philosophy is demonically-inspired and demonically-empowered. By its very nature it breaks up nuclear families. By its very nature, it makes no distinction between myth and reality, thus precluding any real reformation of character of the kind that will stop the same sad business repeating itself.

      What I am not saying is that Gilbert/Davied should be "forced" to change his beliefs - that is for neither of us to even attempt to impose. But what it is to say is that he can't expect me to completely dismantle my SAI site "in exchange" for him removing his slanders against me and others. The two aren't equivalent. As you will appreciate, this would be the best possible deal for him because it means he could simply resume a year later where he left off and have that irritating "slander site" off his back.

      It is not as though I have abused Gilbert/Davied and he has abused me, and that it is simply a question of multilateral "disarmament". So long as his pholosophy remains to ensnare people I will be there to oppose it. Indeed, I still have not got around to answering all his theological questions in his rebuttal to my original site, which I intend to do presently.

      What would you honestly do in my position? I do not see this as a treaty between moral equals. What this means in practice is that I wish to first wait and see what happens. Gilbert/Davied has already cleverly persuaded CE to ask me to remove his testimony from my site. And I should point out that only 1-2 weeks ago Gilbert/Davied openly lied to a man who emailed him for information on my church. He told the enquirer that I had a non-existant church (projecting his own illusion back on me as usual) when we in fact have nearly 3,000 members, encouraging that person to start slandering me based on Gilbert's/Davied's misinformation, which was presumably his intention in the first place. Will he email this man too and apologise?

      Pathological lying is not necessarily overcome in one night. Repentance, to be meaningful, has to be reflected in deeds. But how can this happen in Gilbert's/Davied's case when he acknowledges no absolute truth on the material plane, where everything, per pro gnostic teaching, is just evil and illusiory? It is my belief that he is under a heavy demonic delusion and that unless the root problem is dealt with, nothing will change. This I would conclude from my considerable experience in this area as a deliverance minister working with people coming out of the occult.

      Experience has taught me not to trust one confession or even a contrite performance which can often typically be the result of self-pity rather than out of sorrow for wrong doing per se, especially when there IS no doctrine of repentance at SAI, as CE pointed out in his testimony.

      When I said in my earlier correspondence that I would like everything on SAI on my site to come down it was with a view to reconcilliation as brethren in the same Gospel of Salvation. I am prepared to take down certain PARTS of the site in lieu of signs of genuine repentance but the 'philosophy' I shall continue to unremittingly oppose.

      I hope this makes sense. Feel free to ask me further questions if anything is not clear. In any case, I should certainly like to come to an understanding with you on this matter as I think you are an honourable man. I just wish to state my position clearly to avoid any misunderstanding.

      There is one thing I do want to know from Gilbert/Davied, and that is what he subjected my eldest daughter to when she was at SAI. Her life was ruined by that brief exposure to to SAI - she has severe mental problems and cannot function as a normal human being in society. Whenever I have asked her about her experience at SAI all I have got is a blank forgetfulness. The only thing she does remember is a recurrant nightmare of Gilbert/Davied beckoning her forward with his index finger saying, "Come here, little girl". I need a clean confession as to what actually happened so that she can lead a normal life again. This is a major condition when it comes to any concessions on my part.

      When I got my children out of SAI my son was disturbed too though he has, by the grace of God, made a full recovery. He was terrified to go to the toilet at night because he had been forbidden to do so at SAI and for a long time would urinate in his room rather than meet whatever terror lay in wait for him "out there". He was certainly not loved by Gilbert/Davied.

      Finally, there is my first wife, and the occultic gates which he somehow opened by manipulating demonic forces, convincing her through a psychic experience that Gilbert/Davied was Christ or practically Christ, which was the major stimulus that caused her to break up our marriage. I need to know what he did so that this curse can be broken for her sake.

      There are many people he needs to come clean about. If he needs to know the addresses of those whom we mutually know in Europe, I can supply them at the right time.

      Personally, I am sceptical of this repentance. Oh, I am sure he feels genuine sorrow, but whether this is because his world is tumbling around him or whether it is because he genuinely feels guilty about the people he wronged, only time can tell. Obviously, as a Christian, I am obliged to give him a certain benefit of the doubt. But equally I would be a fool if I believed that he would suddenly reform his whole character overnight especially as he continued to still espouse the 'philosophy' which made him do what he did in the first place.

      What Gilbert/Davied wants is unequal in my view and unacceptable. So long as his webpages remain up on the net, a large portion of mine will too. Specific personal details we can talk about. For his wife's and children's sake, I would certainly like some parts to come down. Let us remember who it was who slandered who, who who broke up whose marriages and ruined whose children. I merely defended what I knew to be the truth and exposed the lie. And let him also understand that his slanders against me on his site have no impact on my ministry and life whatsoever, inspite of the odd person believing him, simply because they are not the truth. And the truth is more than able to defend itself. I have nothing to lose myself from letting the status quo remain.

      Until next time.

      Grace, peace and love in Yah'shua

      Christopher [9 September 2001]

    When you have been in the ministry a long time and got to understand human nature and its deviousness, you soon learn to smell a rat. Though in our heart-of-hearts we are sometimes a little naïve, hoping the best against all reasonable hope, I smelled a rat in the suddent "repentance" of Gilbert Clark / Yesai Nasrai.

    N responded:

      Dear Brother Christopher,

      Greetings in the Love of Yahshua.

      Your well written and well thought-out letter make evident to me that you are a wise man. I can do nothing but agree with the wisdom your letter expresses. I do have a couple remarks, and will then state my current position.

      Another friend of mine who has had more dealings with Davied than I have, when I told that friend that Davied seemed newly repentant, found it hard to believe and warned me it may not be true repentance at all but, as you say, sorrow that his world is crumbling around him. I honestly felt it was true repentance but I might be naive. Nevertheless, whether or not there is some actual contrite repentance or not, the scenario he is willing to agree on and the scenario you are willing to agree on are not the same. And I found wisdom in your explanation of why you could not go for that particular scenario.

      In regard to your daughter, it may not be that Davied did any particular heinious or overt abuse. It may be that just the fact that the child's family was torn apart and she was taken from her home and her father to a far away land at a very crucial formative time. That alone might have been enough to cause problems. Which is good reason for your strong advocacy for the nuclear family.

      I think that your openness of maybe deleting references from your webpage about Davied's children is commendable; for a child, even for teenagers, to be aware that there is a public webpage with critical descriptions of them (smoking pot, calling their step mother a "bitch", etc) is probably rather stressful and traumatic. I would note that those things seem to be from CE's letters, not from anything that you yourself wrote.

      It is unfortunate that in his attempt to "reinvent" himself Davied has begun using the terms that my church uses -- Essene, Nazarene, etc -- because the views he expresses are not in keeping with historical Essene Nazarene teachings. He is espousing his same old esoteric Mormonism combined with his own inventions and certain gnostic teachings. But in all those areas -- Essene, Mormon, Nazarene, Gnostic, etc, -- he re-writes their source manuscripts to fit his own philosophy, and interprets their teachings in a way that they never did themselves. I am sorry his use of terminology links him in any way with the Essene teachings I represent but there is nothing I can do about it but wait.... Since he constantly reinvents himself, it is probably only a matter of time till he is calling himself and his religion but new names! ...

      My main concern was to have the Davied-inspired slanders of my name in CE's letter deleted from your webpage. You kindly agreed to do that -- for which I will be ever gratefull. My next concern was to see if perhaps I could help to bring resolution to a painful overall situation. While my effort in that direction was not completely successful, (for good reasons, which you explained) I believe that I at least helped encourage Davied to take steps toward repentance (perhaps have him thinking more deeply about it). At this point, due to my overwhelming amount of work in other areas, I will simply:

        1) relay your most recent thoughts to Davied (the parts of your thoughts that seem appropriate to relay);

        2) Inform Davied that at this stage if he has any desire to communicate further with you he should do so himself.

      Certainly, if either of you ever have a strong wish for me to communicate something to the other I will be happy to do so. But, clearly, if any actual agreements were to be reached between the two of you, that would need to be through direct communication so that you could each get the actual "feel" of the others sincerity etc. But if you ever want me to pass on a message to Davied because you do not feel inclined to be in personal communication with him, I will do so.

      Christopher, I am happy to have had these communications with you as it has shown me that you are an honorable man, a good balance of justice and mercy. Also you are an intelligent person, as your letters make clear....

      Your Brother in Yahshua,

      N [9 September 2001]

    Aware by now that something was not quite right about the sudden "confession" by Gilbert, CE write back to me:


      I regret that either of us had to be involved in the whole S.A.I. mess. Yes, of course, you may and should retain what I have said about S.A.I. and Gilbert Clark based on your information, and importantly, based on the evidences of N and Brother Jim and others.

      Spiritually and emotionally have been repeatedly challenged, perhaps not directly by Mr. Clark, but nonetheless challenged mentally, emotionally and spiritually as the result of my contact with S.A.I./Order of "Nazorean Essenes". I suspect that if my tesitomony remains up, which seems best for all concerned at this point, that evil will be directed my way. I do not fear it, only that it takes additional energy and prayer and watchfulness. Based on all the information now available to us, Mr. Clark should be ashamed of himself and at least have some regret about the lives he has harmed. His dramatic apology to me and renewed friendship was made on an inner plane and was quite a moving and lengthy time together. It is also possible as I later emailed Mr. Clark, that another entity was representing him. He had no further comment to me other than thanks and blessings. Nonetheless, if no public confession and apology and amends are made to all involved by Mr. Clark, I stand with all that have been negatively affected.

      Please add this statement to those from me already posted. I hope someday this whole mess will come to an abrupt conclusion. But it seems it won't until Mr. Clark begins to candidly speak about his past actions and the whole internal history of Sons Ahman.


      P.S. Most of us here in New York especially are trying to work through the destruction of lives and property that has recently happened. I can only hope the rest of the world will understand the need for us to try to bring to justice those responsible and at the same time not do it with hate, impulsiveness or with injury to any not responsible. The United States has been put into a position we cannot be removed from at this time. Your prayers are most welcome.

    To this date (16 September 2001) no public apology that I know of has been made by Gilbert Clark. He has not been communication with me or further communication with N, and to my knowledge, any of the others he has harmed. It looks, as I initially suspected, that his "repentance" to CE was just a sham.

    One evening I spent an hour searching the net for SAI activity and found that one of his websites had been taken but that all the rest were up, including the one attacking me with all its false accusations. This is a summary of SAI "on the net" as of today:

    The following sites are not run by Clark or SAI (as far as I know) but contain many of his postings: SAI/ONE is linked by a number of occult organisations including one Aleister Crowley site that looks favourably upon Mormonism and the cult evolved therefrom my Clark. Two of many such links are given below: Sadaly, CE, who supplied such a lengthy testimony, has found this whole rotten business too much for himself and just wants to be left alone now. I think he has done his duty for which we are all very grateful. I believe that others will, in time, step forward and share theie testimonies, and so finally bring Gilbert Clark to an awful realisation of what he has really done and beyond mere plastic repentance.

    The material that I have posted will now remain here until I personally hear from Clark, see a public apology on all his websites, see that his personal attacks on myself (his "rebuttal" to my "slander site") has come down, he has closed down SAI Acres (his "monastery") and that a manifesto, as suggested by N, has been published and appears on all his websites clearly stating what he actually believes in and does. When this has been done, I will remove the material I have previously offered (things on his children, etc., whose name I have in any case removed out of consideration forn them ... they are, after all, primarily the victims of their father's own sins).

    I will, however, continue to oppose his "philosophy" unremittingly because it will continue to lead souls to eternal destruction, even those who come to SAI/ONE knowing what his occultic and sexual practices actually are. Knowing his devious mind, he will continue to conceal things, and especially so long as he maintains and blends Gnostic myths with reality.

    Our thankless task of exposing devilish errors must, regrettably, continue, and I think Gilbert Clark knows that. He may try to change his name yet again, reinvent his religion, introduce new terminology, but he will be found out. There is, quite simply, nowhere for him to hide any longer.

    I would dearly like to talk with him man-to-man. My greatest desire is that this website should disappear altogether, as is doubtlessly his fonest desire also, but it will not be on his conditions but mine and other vistims'. When he committed adultery with my wife, giving bogus revelations and manipulating demonic forces, he signed his own spiritual death warrant.

    Nevertheless, there is space for repentance and reformation. There is space for grace and love. Always. He does not face a dead-end. None of us do. The true God, whose Name He has been deceived into hating, Yahweh-Elohim, is not a "death god" but a God of Love, who loved the world and all its people so much that He sent His Only Begotten Son into it to cancell our sin-debt.

    I hope, one day, he and I will be brothers, with the past forgotten, forgiven, and utterly erased. I want, above all else, reconcilliation. But I will not sign a treaty with deceiving unclean spirits.

    SAI is, to all intents and purposes, at an end. The only people who will come to him now will be those like the Crowleyites who nearly destroyed him. Perhaps he will retreat into his books and into cyberspace, and into a world of make-believe, desperately seeking faceless friends on the net to prop up his world of fantasy. He is blessed to have so patient and loyal a wife, "Isis" - I hope he manages to hold on to this woman. And I hope she will be a reforming influence on him on due course. For right now his only other companions are the demons of the night who have, unbeknown to him, made his illusiory spiritual house of cards.

    Though he may not believe it, I do love him as a person even though I detest and abhor what he has done. And I am able to do that through the grace of the true Yah'shua (Jesus), not the bogus Yesu-Marie.

    There is One God, Yahweh-Elohim, and One Redeemer, Yah'shua the Messiah. There is no reincarnation. No salvation by works. Just one Book of Scripture, the Bible. Just this life, which for all of us is running out. It is not too late to change direction and find real joy, peace and fulfillment. Amen.

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