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    The Definitive Story Told

    Inside a New Age Mormon-Essene Fertility Cult


    Sacred Whores & Temple Prostitution Part 2
    An SAI / ONE Update:
    Nothing has Changed

    Nothing Has Changed

    Back in 1989 when I last set eyes on the little colony of "Sons Ahmen Israel" as it was then called, the then "Patriarch" (before he called himself "Abba") Gilbert Clark (now mutated for the fourth time into "Yesai Israel") prophesied to me in the name of his "Ahman" god (now renamed "Aumen") that the spiritual work I was then engaged in would come to nothing but that in a few years' time SAI would bring forth many new wonderful truths and SAI Acres (now known by so many different names like "Nazorean Way Monastery", "New Qumran" and "Order of Nazorean Essenes" that it hard to know what it is) would grow into a great colony. Earlier he had shown me the blueprint of what the place would look like in a few years' time, divided up into plots for a dozen or so permanent families, a temple, library, and other buildings. I still have that drawing.

    Gilbert's False Prophecy

    Thirteen years on the work I started has grown into an International Ministry with congregations in several lands and the original SAI colony has shrunk to three permanent adult residents - Gilbert, another wife (Isis) and an Israeli called Gil - and 5 children. Every single adult resident that lived at SAI back in 1989, with the exception of Mr. Clark himself, including his co-founder Jean Poulsen (Hava Pratt/Byant) has moved on and his former wife has deserted him.

    The SAI Smokescreen Websites

    He has, to his artistic credit, created several beautiful websites jammed full of disjunctive occultic writings. One of them advertises an entirely mythological "New Qumran" colony and another an equally ficticious "Nazorean Way Monastery". People have come and gone, some spiritually disturbed, some ruined, and, of course, more families broken up in the names of his lusty gods and goddesses, all of which he has done his utmost to conceal in a show of blinding scholarly knowledge about ancient documents and religious practices.

    That Horrible "Slander Site"

    So disturbed, in fact, has he become by this exposé webpage, which he calls a "slander site", that he has devoted much time and effort in writing a detailed "rebuttal" to all I have written about him, and in the process compounding the lies he has woven by trying to pass the blame for his misdemeanours on to me. He obtained testimonies from one or two sympathetic "residents" and even got his son, Seth - who volunteered to download a virus onto my computer system - to lie like his father, hoping to smear my character enough by accusing me of being a sexual pervert by sophisticated wordsmithery. Another son is, in the good New Agey hippy spirit, a pot-smoker.

    Dishonest Cover-up Leads to Full Exposé

    Three months after I responded to his rebuttal and exposed his pathetic and dishonest attempt to pass off a "I love sex" teashirt on his young son as a Care Bear shirt, a former resident of SAI got in contact with me and in voluminous correspondence kindly told me everything that was going on in the "New SAI". Though there have been numerous name changes the basic teachings of Gilbert Clark (now "Abba Yesai Israel") remain UNCHANGED. Though I was prepared to conceed that Clark had reformed over the years, adopting this tone in my counter-rebuttal, it is all too plain for anyone who has studied my earlier reports and compared then with the latest report coming out of SAI that the teachings and practices essentially REMAIN THE SAME. It is still the same old pagan FERTILITY CULT clothed with a mythical monastery. Clark's original "Patri-Matriarchal Marriage" (or polyamory in which several couples are all "married" together) and the original sexual ordinances (still veiled in secrecy) are still the core of the group's teaching, though publically denied. About the only difference that has crept in is one further stage of degeneration, viz. the unofficial acceptance of lesbian bisexual practice. Ironically, because of the severe shortage of members of SAI the practical system of marriage there is POLYANDRY. The ageing Clark does not seem to be able to attract, let alone hold, the girls anymore. One wife/lover after another seems to have deserted him which says something about either his manhood or his inability to choose with heaven's approbation.

    The Truth About SAI: Sacred Prostitution

    Sin, given sufficient time, always unravels itself and heads inexorably to its final manifestation or expression inspite of every effort of those initiating the sinful behaviour and practices to corral it into the place they want it to go. The current "Abba Yesai's" glowing approval of prostitution in an article posted by him on his website (predictably "explained away" as being merely of "historical reference"), coupled with the way SAI has developed generally, and the illustrious Abbot's remarks that he believes no sexual relationship can survive more than two years, show that at GROUND LEVEL what SAI actually is, is no more or less than SACRED PROSTITUTION or WHOREDOM. This, and the Vegan lifestyle (which I have no objection to if this is what people feel they want to pursue as a healthy way of being), propped up by occultism, are the trinity of SAI values.

    The Truth About Isis

    In my earlier commentary on SAI's official teachings I pointed out (§21.48) that Isis had, amongst her various distinctions anciently, the honour of being prostitution's guilding light. How appropriate, therefore, that Gilbert Clark has named his most recent wife "Isis" and how interesting that he should start parading "for historical interest" a long article extolling the virtues of prostitution! Is it not obvious that his religion is a kind of occultic prostitution in the good old tradition of ancient paganism? And are we surprised that SAI has degenerated into such a system given its enthusisatic borrowing of pagan ideas?

    A Hatred of Christianity

    The whole SAI system is a highly organised system of sacred prostitution concealed, originally, behind esoteric Mormonism and now behind "Nazorean Essenism". Clark's extreme hostility to the Judeao-Christian tradition, his opposition to the use of the Name of the Most High God, Yahweh, and His Son, Yah'shua (Jesus), clearly identify the spirit(s) under which he operates to be a lawless and amoral one, where facets of truth and a large dollop of myth may mingle freely without the trouble of ascertaining anything remotely akin to objective or absolute Truth. The man has demonstrated his non-committal to family (claims to the contrary), his disinterest in permanent relationships or anything that may be remotely considered as a life-long committment to anything but his own sexual drive sheathed in occultism. His interest in people seems limited to their ability to fund his laid-back lifestyle or to provide suitable women for the fulfillment of his libido. His interest in occultic things is not questioned, nor of historical matters, which is extensive though apparently unconnected. His "religion", which subtends his own personal interests, is continually evolving as he churns out ever increasing numbers of variations on the occultic theme. So extensive is this useless knowledge that nobody but one who has such time to work their way through all of it could ever possibly understand it. And since almost noone is able to enjoy the kind of laidback lifestyle that Clark enjoys in which to do it, he knows that he can simply throw out barrel after barrel of ancient texts to keep his enthralled disciples dependent on his supposedly superior spiritual "wisdom".

    SAI / ONE Isn't Working

    The trouble is, it isn't working, as we have seen by the numerous departures of former SAI devotees (who are, of course, exclusively to blame). His "heavenly parents" and "Yesu-Mari" simply aren't delivering the goods. And worse, from his point-of-view, is that most people not under his complete thraldom simply don't trust him because he is dishonest, incapable of accepting criticism, and is detached from the concerns of ordinary people. His children seem to be as dishonest and, in at least once instance, as perverse as he is.

    When The Crowleyites Nearly Took SAI Over

    No, the theology and impressive websites, packed as they are with mostly useless information when it comes to the real issues of salvation, are but a smoke screen for occultic sexual LUST. That SAI was penetrated by devotees of Aleister Crowley who nearly took SAI over (and whom he had to bribe to leave), the most norotorious occultic-satannic sexual pervert of the 20th century who boasted the name "Antichrist" and who was a drug addict and probably a murderer too, ought to get anyone with any brains asking why and how on earth they ever got to be SAI members in the first place!

    The Missing Dimension at SAI: The Blood of Christ

    But let us be plain-speaking here. That these things are happening to Gilbert and his little shrinking colony comes as no surprise to Bible-believing Christians who have met the true and only God, Yahweh-Elohim, through the one and only Saviour, Yah'shua haMashiach (Jesus Christ). We, who have been saved by the blood of Christ and anointed with the one Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) are able to discern the spirit of delusion which has gripped this man and his people. He lives in a world which consists of a combination of truth and myth, of reality and fantasy, and in such a potent form that nothing but the supernatural intervention of Yahweh can ever break the spell and hold of the demons controlling him.

    Be Warned

    If you are planning to visit Sons Aumen Israel (or "Abba Yesai's" non-existent Nazorene monastrey), be warned that SAI is not what it pretends to be. And if you are into the occult, then I must make a similar warning, for you are on a path which leads only to spiritual destruction.

    Only One God and One Messiah

    There is only one God (Yahweh), one Saviour (Yah'shua/Jesus), one earth life, there is no such thing as reincarnation, and a single Judgment that faces all who depart out of this world. We are not, moreover, judged by our good works or righteousness but whether we have surrendered completely to the biblical Yah'shua/Jesus and are trusting in Him to deviver us from the sins which will otherwise deposit us in that place called hell. That trusting is not, moreover, passive, but requires that we obey the commandments of Yahweh and to live our lives accoring to the pattern which He taught.

    The Bible is True

    The Bible is entirely reliable. True, there are errors in translations, but the originals are divinely inspired and are trustworthy. All the junk that has filled the world - the Gnostic and other neo-pagan texts - is just that ... junk. Though Satan may bury the occasional gem of truth in them, it is so tainted as to be worthless when it comes to trying to recover it.

    A Simple Faith

    That the Bible has been abused and misused by false "Christians" and churches does not invalidate its truth claims. It teaches that God's people will always be a small remnant because so few actually want the whole truth. And yet that truth is not an illusive quantity that requires aeons of time in fake monasteries like SAI or ONE in order to obtain it. The miracle of true Christianity, which needs no label like "Catholic", "Protestant", "Mormon" or "Essene", is that it is available simply by trusting. It does not require rigorous vegan diets, fasting, celibacy, patri-matriarchal marriage, meditation, yoga, tantrix sex, or anything like that. When a man of woman is simply trusting in the Biblical Christ, and studies the Bible prayerfully and reverently, the truth is distilled upon his mind and heart as effortlessly as dew condenses on the grass every morning. Surrendering to gurus, abbas, popes, prophets, and the like is not required - God has the only intermediary that is needed, Yah'shua our Messiah.

    Christian Discipline and Liberation

    Yes, the Christian way is a discipline to be sure, and yes, the guidance of maturer Christians is very imporant at certain stages in our growth, but they are not indispensable, as Paul's life shows. And yes, we do need a certain amount of communitarianism, but not the kind of manipulating and controlling environments such as SAI and other cults impose. Biblical Christianity is true liberation, requiring no god-men, save the Only Begotten Son of Yahweh, God made man, Yah'shua the Messiah.

    I Was Delivered from SAI

    I was once briefly enthralled by the incredible knowledge of Gilbert Clark aka David Clark aka Davied Israel aka Yesai Israel but I was fortunate enough to possess enough of the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit) to be able to discern something was wrong. I was vulnerable because I was under the partial thraldom of another cultic spirit, Mormonism, from which SAI actually sprung from but has since leaped largely out of and into raw occultism without the "tainting" of the Bible and Christianity. I was exiting Mormonism at that time and relying not on its bogus "Priesthood" but on Christ as my one and only Saviour, and because I was doing that, I was spared the fate of my first wife and so many of the others who have passed into the prostitution temple which is SAI. I have since discarded Mormonism completely along with any of the SAI doctrines and practices which I was briefly seduced by.

    Why Do I Expose SAI?

    It has been a long journey but I am a living witness that it is possible to come out of Satan's lies and deceptions and to come to peace and spiritual prosperity. People wonder why I have devoted so much time and effort to exposing the SAI cult and the reasons are many - I was involved and therefore have knowledge of it, I feel strongly led to expose all forms of occultism, and I believe that Clark is doing great damage to the truth with his websites even if relatively few people are actually coming to his phantom monastery. As a Christian I have a mandate from Christ in the New Testament to expose all darkness whenever I come across it. My reason for exposing Clark and SAI is not for revenge, as he would like to think, even though it is true I have good cause to want that considering the destruction he wrecked on my family, smashing up a marriage and seriously hurting one of my children. I wish to see Gilbert and those in association with him delivered from their bondage and into the saving grace of the biblical Christ so that we may be brothers and sisters in the Truth. This amounts to my forgiving him for all he has done to me and my family.

    Gilbert Clark Cannot Hide Anymore

    But that does not mean, however, that I will leave him alone to lure and deceive people. I am not bothered by attempts to smear my name or misrepresent the facts as he is compelled to do to keep his matchstick spiritual house from catching fire and collapsing. I live under no such fears. And I am not intimidated by his professed "wisdom" which is so manifestly contradictory. I have been threatened by worse than he in the occult world. Neither do I "spend my days" consumed with exposing him - my ministry covers much larger areas. My work on this SAI site is a miniscule part of what I do.

    It Doesn't Matter What They Say or Do

    Perhaps his son Seth or another SAI sympathiser will successfully plant a virus on my computer one day, but what good would that achieve? This material is all duplicated elsewhere and PC's can be replaced. So long as there is freedom of speech (and who knows how long that will last?) the past will always be there to confront this spiritual Casanova and his Temple of Prostitution. The truth will not go away. No doubt he will seek to find something from my past to expose - let him. I have nothing to hide. I am quite open about my histiory and beliefs on my website. I do not live in a world of make-believe but in reality, acknowledging that I have made mistakes, confessing them and repenting. Though perhaps some people will not forgive me for the errors of the past (that is their terrible burden to bear), I know I have obtained forgiveness through the blood of the Lamb. You too can find that liberation and eternal security. Just email me if you'd like to know more.

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