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    Understanding the True
    Origins of Mormonism

    The Incredible Story of a Race of Celestial Beings
    that once Came to the Earth...

    by Clare Gregory

    Chapter 21
    The Name of the True Church

    Spiritual light comes from God, the devil, or man; and these three agencies are what govern the LDS Church as well as all other churches. All churches on earth operate with some light and some error in them, because they are controlled and governed by human beings. No Church is 100% true. No Church is 100% false. All churches have a mixture of truth, the spirit of God, the spirit of man, and the spirit of the devil.

    Such is the only logical conclusion we can reach. If a man or woman spends an entire lifetime of 70 years studying the Bible every day for four hours, the most truth that he can absorb and learn is perhaps .000000001% of the total truth that is in God Himself. No matter what man does, he will fall completely short of absolute truth. We are but tiny spiritual “cells” on earth compared to the power and glory of God. If we as human beings could see ourselves as tiny cells in comparison to God’s power and glory, we would see properly. We would see that all churches are made of finite human beings, and only God has the absolute truth.

    Defining The Church of Jesus Christ

    Part of the problem with Mormonism is that it incorrectly defines the Church of Jesus Christ. The Church is defined as Jesus Christ is Himself, his body, or the Spirit of Truth, spread out in the Universe among all those who believe in the truth and obey it. Depending on our desire, disposition, focus, and the will of God, each person receives the truth that is needed for them to function and live, according to their belief and obedience. But each person is only a few tiny cells of the total spiritual body of Christ. Compared to the human body that has trillions of cells that flow through the entire bodily system, so also is the spiritual body of Jesus Christ or “his Church”. We are but one or two, maybe three minute cells of truth, and that’s all. And the LDS Church wants to present a model to us that they “as a church” have the “fullness of the gospel”? They want us to believe that LDS priesthood and a true church have the power to save us with their “truths”. How foolish! That’s like going to a doctor, extracting a few drops of blood, then sending the blood to a friend in the mail and saying, “Here’s all the parts of my body!” It is insane. God is so big and beyond any human mind’s ability to comprehend, it is insane to believe such a foolish notion that his savings truth can somehow be gathered into one place by human means. Perhaps this will be true after the resurrection, but in our current human state, such is neither practical nor possible. This is why God only requires that we trust and be true only to His Word that He has gives us. He doesn’t expect us to know everything about Him, but what tiny fraction of truth he does share, he does expect us to believe it and not doubt. And his Word is not just exclusively in the Bible. We can find his hand in nature as well as many prophetic and spiritual utterances in Christianity. The Bible, however, is the standard rule, and to avoid deceptive revelations from Satan or fallen men’s desires, we must ensure all modern revelation conforms to that Holy Book, according to Paul’s discernment instruction in Galations 1:8-9.

    The Gospel in a Nutshell

    God speaks, and we are to believe he tells the truth. That is the gospel in a nutshell. God said Jesus died unconditionally for us and that He has saved us, and we believe Him. He promised us salvation, and he can not lie. Therefore we are saved by His truth.

    On the other hand, if we believe he lied about the love found in Jesus Christ and disbelieve Him, believing we are unworthy of salvation, then he can not save us, for we call him a liar.

    “He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (John 3:18.)

    If we truly believe in the Word of God, then we will obey it also, for our conscience will impel our obedience automatically because of our love for God. Thus we read:

    “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness [false angels in Mormonism] rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth TRUTH cometh to the light, that he deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.” (John 3:19-21.)

    Jesus in these verses clearly defines coming to the light in terms of TRUTH and not just our conscience. This truth is found in intelligent words recorded in the Bible. It is the light of God, and those who read the Word and believe it, will obey it out of duty and conscience. Those who do not read and choose to believe it, will be driven by dark consciences and will be deceived by the devil, for their deeds will not be reproved by the truth of the WORD. They will work with the consciences they have been conditioned to believe are true by parents and society, and they will not be motivated to conform their lives to the Word of God and change. And worse, religions that are full of half-truths and false doctrines will teach their mixed-up philosophies as the truth, and as the religions believe it, they will have a seared conscience in them that is great darkness.

    And thus we see why God instructs us to turn to Him, the Almighty and All-knowing God of Truth to be saved, and not to any religion or human agency. Religion is from man and is imperfect. But we do NEED religions and churches, but not for salvation. Rather, we need to find people who are of the same level of light to enjoy FELLOWSHIPPING and WORSHIPPING GOD together with the truths He has given us. God is to be shared and enjoyed with other people, not to be kept in a vacuum of selfishness. Love must flow through us to other people, otherwise it shrivels and dies. It must be shared. As we seek God and his truth, He will provide the people to associate with in our walk with God. And in sharing, we find joy. When we realize that all churches only have .0000000001% of the absolute truth of God, then we can better appreciate all religions and not compare our puny truths to others and say: “I’ve got more truth than you!” How foolish! Such an idea, which Joseph Smith believed in, is not born of humility but of pride. It an immature person that truly misunderstands the lowliness of human beings compared to God’s glory and influence. And finally, to understand the love of God and his compassion in coming from Heaven in the form of man, we will see that God cared for his creations so much that He appeared as a man, Jesus Christ, and demonstrated by the cross his mercy, patience, and love. Thus, the True Church of Jesus Christ will confess that God came in the form of Jesus Christ, and that in Christ all the truth and Godhead exists bodily:

    “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the traditions of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power.” (Col. 2:9.)

    Christ has 100% of the truth dwelling in Him, and therefore, we are complete ONLY in Him. We are not complete in the LDS prophet or priesthood, we are not complete in religion, and we are not complete in any human being no matter how smart they appear to be. We are ONLY complete in Christ. Why? The truth saves us, and JESUS IS 100% ABSOLUTE TRUTH. He is the WORD of GOD. He is the Church of Jesus Christ in the hearts of believers, and when we believe and get connected to him, then we have access to all His keys of truth and find his power alone is sufficient to assist us in our walk back into the presence of God. His blood justifies us 100%. His truth sanctifies us 100%.

    Paul understood perfectly. Anything short of Christ that is centered in human beings is only AT BEST 0.000000001% of the true truth and will spoil us “through philosophy and vain deceit, after the rudiments of men”. We don’t need to know all the truth, we just need to be a few cells of truth that are “injected” into God’s body of truth. It’s like a cell of truth being injected through a spiritual syringe into Christ’s bloodstream, thus becoming a very tiny part of his total body. And thus we become a family member of the Church of Jesus Christ, his body of truth!

    The Name of the LDS Church

    The mixture of light and darkness and diversity of operating agencies on earth, heaven, and hell can be found in the name of the LDS Church, which is most fascinating. One of the arguments the LDS Church uses to prove it is the only true Church is its name: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But again, the LDS members generally do not consider the historical facts surrounding the name of the Church, neither do they consider the full-name of the Church regarding the theology of the priesthood described thus far in this book. The current name was not “revealed” by Jesus Christ until 1838. (D&C 115:4.) Before then it was called the “Church of Christ” according to D&C section 20 given in 1830. The name went through several changes until the final name by revelation was imprinted by the finger of God. From 1830 to 1838, many members felt that the “Church of Christ” was the correct name. When God supposedly revealed the final and last name change, many left the Church over the issue.

    Many assume that the Lord revealed a different name because the Church was evolving over time. It was not quite ready for full name in 1830. However, reading he Book of Mormon clearly opposes this viewpoint. Jesus almost reproves the members for not knowing what the name of the Church should be called, chiding the for asking him about the issue, saying, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, why is it that the people should murmur and dispute because of this thing?” (3 Nephi 27:4.) Many early members of LDS Church knew what the Book of Mormon taught, and they believed the “Church of Christ” reflected the Lord’s will, such as David Whitmer, who finally left the Church over this and other issues in spite of his testimony of the Book of Mormon.

    This naming of the LDS Church is a most interesting chess game that has been played between God and Satan. Both God and Satan have extremely diverse spiritual influences over the earth’s history and the circumstance we find ourselves. Both agencies influence the minds of human beings by unseen forces. But in the end when we see the final results, a reasonable person must agree that God has the FINAL pronouncement to what happens on earth. God in awesome power is in control of all of his creations.

    In April, 1830, God did not permit Joseph Smith or the members of the LDS Church call their Church only the “Church of Jesus Christ,” or using his only his full name, but they left off the word “Jesus”. (D&C 20:1) Perhaps there is some argument that could be made that suggests the LDS Church is true, if the LDS Church had been called the “Church of Jesus Christ” from the very beginning. But such is not the case. That is not the name of the Church today! History did not unfold that way, for God did not permit it. Rather, it is called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Even more amazing, God has worked perfectly to show his will in his mysterious power to control history. Although not the “official” name, the LDS Church is also called the “Mormon Church”. Mormon is the name of a fictitious man who compiled and abridged the gold plate of the Book of Mormon. Therefore, with this final name, God exposes the core components of the LDS Church as follows:

    The Church of:

      (1) Jesus Christ: (God) This part of the Church comes from God and the Holy Spirit. Many true principles are taught and believed in the LDS Church. Jesus Christ supports and defends all principles of truth.

      (2) Latter-day Saints: (Satan) The term “Saints” in the LDS Church refers to those who are baptized and are “members of record” by the power of the false LDS priesthood. Even if we are inactive, a baptized person is still considered a “member” of the LDS Church. This imitation priesthood that supposedly produces godly “Saints” is from false angels. Its purpose is to lead the members away from accepting Jesus Christ in their hearts, but rather, lead them to the holy temple to receive the phony exalting ordinances. The temple ceremony has modified ordinances from the Masons, who received the priesthood signs and tokens from Satan and his false angels many centuries ago. False “white light” told Joseph Smith these occult ordinances are from God.

      (3) The Mormons: (Man) Mormon was a fictitious man. He never lived, but he is part of the Book of Mormon story line. This name of the Church represents the human mind of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Eliza R. Snow, Emma Smith, and any other men and women who influenced LDS Theology. Since men and women act under their direction of the LDS priesthood, being called and set apart by that authority in Church callings, humans beings can make rational choices and implement programs in the LDS Kingdom that are ratified and approved as binding from the Lord Jesus Christ. Then, ideas of human beings are viewed as coming from God Himself, if done with priesthood consent and agreement. The principles coming to the Church through this channel are fictional truth, just like the prophet Mormon is a fictional character.

    The names identify the Church being influenced by God, Satan, and man. Mormonism is a half-true, mixed up religion. Therefore, the LDS religion has a mixed up, half-true name. Thus, God in his infinite power, wisdom, and mercy has left an undeniable proof in the name of the LDS Church that the religion is in fact a mixture of God, Satan, and man. No one can argue the name is different than it is. The fact of reality speaks for itself. I have written nothing in this chapter that is dishonest, critical, nor mysterious. I’ve merely shown the three components of the name of LDS Church that do exist and have existed since the official name was pronounced by revelation in1838. Although the LDS Church is trying to change its image, by placing the name Jesus Christ on the top of the Church Logo in bold letters, the entire Church name can not be changed. The name of the LDS Church is a spiritual sign and sure testimony to all people. The three agencies that direct the LDS Kingdom are God, Satan, and man.

    Attention Latter-day Saints! The name of the LDS Church actually supports and strongly supports exactly the premise of this book you are reading. The Book of Mormon contains many solid truths about Jesus Christ. And that part of the truth can be associated with the name Jesus Christ. But the LDS priesthood is false. The priesthood makes human beings equal to God. Men and women have powers of Deity. Therefore, the name of the members of the Church must also be in the title--exalted as Deity. Hence, the (1) Church of Jesus Christ of (2) Latter-day Saints.

    Obviously, the LDS argument is that the “Latter-day Saint” is used to distinguish today’s church from the ancient one. This is a poor argument, because God is eternal, and his church is spiritual and whether we are a believer today or at the time of Jesus Christ, it is all ONE SPIRITUAL CHURCH. What is the name of the Church going to be called 500 years from now? The Church of Jesus Christ of Millennial-day Saints? How will this make any sense, since resurrected beings who came from previous times will also be a part of the Church? So if the LDS Church’s name is truly inspired by Jesus Christ, the simple question to ask is what the Church will be called in 500 years. Reason says it is false, for the title “Latter-day Saints” will have do drop off, and then, to replace it, there is not a name that can logically apply, for the Church of God is an eternal, spiritual Church that transcends time itself!

    Are Mormons Christians?

    Still not convinced? Here is more evidence. In writing this book, I can refer to the members of the Church as Mormons or LDS. I can not call them “Christians”, because no one would understand me. I hesitate writing the “Mormon Church” because that is offensive to Latter-day Saints. Instead, I refer to the Church membership in this book as “Latter-day Saints” or LDS Church, or LDS, or sometimes Mormons. I can not communicate the idea that the Church even believes in Christ by the names that I use. The names either implies the belief in the LDS priesthood (LDS) or a belief in the Book of Mormons (Mormons). Therefore, anyone writing about the LDS religion can not inappropriately use God’s name. That is another subtle evidence of God’s hand in the naming of the LDS Church!

    On the other hand, in talking about other denominations, a writer can refer to the members of other faiths as Christians and not confuse the reader! “Christian” has root word of Christ. Although Latter-day Saints are trying hard to be accepted as “Christians” by mainstream Christianity, it can never happen until Joseph Smith is renounced as the holder of exclusive priesthood keys to salvation. And I’ll tell you why. My oldest daughter just came into the room a few minutes ago and said she is interested in going to my “Christian” Church. Her younger sister got very angry. She is upset that her older sister was interested in going to “another Christian” Church—perhaps becoming an “apostate” like her father. My daughter’s attending my Church is an attack on her sister’s beliefs and our family unit, for we aren’t going to make it to the Celestial Kingdom because of my belief in “Christianity”.

    The LDS members treat other “Christian” churches as though they are from the devil, and therefore, the LDS faith will NEVER be accepted into Christianity. And it’s NOT THE CHRISTIANS causing the LDS image problem. It’s the members of the LDS faith that freak out when someone wants to leave and attend another Christian faith. The truth of the matter is that the LDS Church really wants to claim the true Christian blessings all to themselves as being the only true Christian Church, and all others are inspired of Lucifer! They reason” “If only Christianity would see the truth and receive the priesthood, then everyone could be saved in the Celestial Kingdom of Heaven!”

    Brigham and Joseph Understood the LDS Priesthood Doctrine

    Brigham Young and Joseph Smith understood the correct LDS doctrine, and that’s why they kept away from Christianity and preached hell-fire and damnation against all other religions. However, the political LDS leaders of the last century have labored for decades to change the LDS image, and they do not understand completely the theology of their own religion, and they are leading the LDS church down a path of ruin. By trying to be accepted by the other Christian religions, the Church is subtly undermining the priesthood foundation that was laid by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. The priesthood requires the members to renounce all other Christian religions as false and of the devil. The original temple ceremony by Joseph Smith correctly represented a Christian pastor as a servant of the devil. This is the original spirit of Mormonism, but it is changing. And the change is by the hand of God. As the LDS membership become unwilling to see salvation in the LDS priesthood only and they fail to sacrifice for that principle, then the LDS Church foundation is weakened. When a book like this explains that the true foundation of the church is a false priesthood, and explains it clearly that it is false, it will cause additional pressure on the priesthood—perhaps even shake the LDS Kingdom.

    In the long run, the directional shift that the leaders have taken away from the original priesthood teachings of Joseph Smith will cause the total demise of the LDS religion. As the line becomes blurred between Christianity and Mormonism, so does the priesthood authority, thus leaving a gaping hole for Jesus to step in and teach about his true priesthood and grace. God will pound on the hearts of the members, until the falsehoods in the LDS priesthood order surface. Those being raised who have not sacrificed “for the priesthood” will have less loyalty to it and more loyalty to God and Christ—especially if they are coming from Christian roots who believe Jesus can dwell in our hearts. As the truth hits home, and the entire debate of Mormonism shifts from Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon to receiving a false priesthood from false angels, a paradigm shift will occur, and the LDS Kingdom will eventually fall toward Orthodox Christianity, but in the process retain the fundamental truths of Mormonism; thus spreading new insights about God and the devil across the whole body of Christ.

    I find this entire chapter fascinating. Rather than proving the LDS Church is true by its name, by looking more deeply at all the concepts and what God has orchestrated, the name of the LDS Church demonstrates Mormonism is a half-true, mixed-up religion.

    And what is the name of the “True Church”? Since each person on earth is living at a different level of light, there is no one true church, but those who are born again Christians become members of the spiritual Kingdom of God, as Jesus taught. In the Bible, Jesus makes many references to the Kingdom of God, and not the name of a true Church. Although the Nephilim thought the name of the True Church was an important concept to include in the Book of Mormon, the “True Church” concept assumes that members of the Church of God are all at the same level of spirituality. As explained in a previous chapter, the assumption is not a reality. The Church of God includes all denominations of Christians who have received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by water repentance of self-discipline and being born again through the Holy Spirit. Each denomination’s name is different intentionally by God to attract those of similar spiritual values and talents, that the body of Christ can share truth with one another through fellowship with other believers. The diversity of the Body of Christ brings variety and diversity, stimulating all Christians to grow and develop in a variety of gifts and talents, thus maturing the spirituality of the body of Christ.

    The foundation of the True Church is laid by the original Twelve Apostles, the Patriarchs, and the Prophets as recorded in the Bible, with Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone. The Bible contains the Word of God, which leads us to the Son, who holds the keys to the Kingdom of God. And once we invite Jesus in to our hearts, God will play the spiritual melody that is right for us, considering our background and circumstances. Each Christian fellowship sings a different beautiful spiritual song. We can hear God in all Churches if we will drop our prejudices and listen! And Jesus will lead us to the correct “Spiritual Choir” that fits our specific needs on earth. We must trust Him to lead us. And if we need to spiritually grow faster in a unique Choir to “stretch us”, God will provide that spiritual Choir to meet our unique needs. In some cases, it may not even be Christianity that God leads someone to. Each person is unique, and only God is the judge of all, and He will provide to His children what they need, depending on the heed they give to the light in them.

    Once the entire body of Christians understands the purposes of God in having different religions of all sorts, the fighting and bickering over “one true religion” can cease, and we can all enjoy growing and progressing at the rate and pace of that our own consciences permit. We can finally be free to worship God as our individual inner light leads us to accept and believe what we are ready to understand. We can embrace with all our hearts the Word of Truth and allow all men the same privilege of worshiping God without casting any value judgements. We can finally quit our useless arguments over which religion is best or true, and rather, lift the name of Jesus Christ high in the Heavens and worship only Him, our God and Savior.

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