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    Understanding the True
    Origins of Mormonism

    The Incredible Story of a Race of Celestial Beings
    that once Came to the Earth...

    by Clare Gregory

    Chapter 1
    The Correct Issue

    When it comes to Mormonism, a personal testimony is the foundation of our membership. So we can debate around in circles about doctrine and viewpoints, but underneath all of the debates are the feelings we have regarding what we believe. Nothing we say or do can move a person off their religious convictions and testimony until enough evidence comes to the mind to change the previously held assertions.

    I believe God is behind what I’m doing, and He will use this book to reach those who truly are looking for answers that they can not find in Mormonism. For others who are completely satisfied with Mormonism and who are also called by the Lord to be Mormons, this book will have little impact on their leaving the Church, but it will cause them to question and wonder what they believe in. I don’t say this to brag or boast about what I’ve done. A man can do little to influence what God has in mind for the Mormons. But God knows, and to be obedient to His command, I have followed his promptings and am doing what I am doing. He has led me to two congregations since I left Mormonism—the First Assemblies of God and the New Covenant Church of God. The Pentecostal movement has taught me the God works in incredible power by the faith of God. The New Covenant Church of God has provided the deep doctrinal need that was required for me to transition into a fellowship that could bridge the LDS views to mainstream Christianity. At this time in my life, both of these Churches meet my needs better than Mormonism. For me, I had grown out of Mormonism and its one-sided “true church” paradigm, and it was time for me to see the world from a broader perspective, to see a God working in all religions with all people, saving them without the false LDS priesthood.

    Although we can debate and write books about Mormonism, far too much name calling and inaccurate judgement of motives is done by those who risk to offend Jesus. When a person claims to believe one thing, but then practices another, it is called being a “hypocrite”. Jesus taught very clearly that we are to love everyone. He taught us to control our emotions and “turn the other cheek”. He taught us “to agree with our adversary quickly” while we are in the way with him. In short, God taught us to “love our enemies”. Although my thoughts may run contrary to the LDS/Christian orthodoxy, this would be no reason to call me a liar, or that my opinions are false statements, or that my intentions are any more than the heart of a sincere person who is attempting to love his neighbor the way God has commanded him to love.

    To fully understand me, I need to provide you more information about me. In my life, I’ve been faced with many extremely difficult situations and conflicts between what “I” wanted to do verses what “the Holy Spirit” commanded me to do. I will share none of these trials, but to say the Bible is accurate when He describes the sanctification process as being burned with fire. “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ.”( Pet. 1:7.) It has required an extreme sacrifice on my part to offer the Light that I have. I’ve sacrificed my career, my home, my wife and family, my mother and father, my LDS friends, and my whole life to receive what I have been given by God. It was the cost to me to expose the falsehoods in Mormonism. And I’m very happy with the information I’ve received from the Lord and what the Holy Spirit has taught me. It has been well worth the sacrifice.

    Principle of Revelation

    The spirit of revelation is a true principle. Joseph Smith was correct and the Mormons are truthful in understanding that truth is communicated to our souls only by the Holy Spirit. However, the Mormons are completely ignorant of the devices of the devil and how he counterfeits revelation, for seldom do we hear a Mormon pray against the devil and to ask God to “lead into not into temptation, but to be delivered from evil.” (Matt 6:13.) Because of the lack of focus on the cross, and because of lack of praying not to be deceived by Satan, the LDS mind becomes easily blinded. But such deception does not discredit the principle of revelation. It is simply a matter of discerning who is speaking to us:

    Different voices:

      1) God
      2) Satan
      3) Me
      4) Pride
      5) Flesh
      6) Other people

    The human spirit is extremely complex, and to hear the Voice of God a person must sacrifice all five of the non-God voices listed above and obey God as the Only True God. All the others, including ourselves, will compete vigorously to take the place of God on the top, which causes inner conflict of soul. God deliberately allows the other five to get all mixed-up to see if we will love and trust him more than all the others. Satan tries to mix us up by keeping us from the truth, convincing us there is no God, and putting one of the others on top to worship. To truly sort through which voice is speaking and who we are obeying requires much silent thinking and observation of our inner being. Thus the Lord has commanded us to be still and know that He is God (Ps. 46:10.), commanding us to pray to Him, teaching us to retire into solitude to commune with the Voice of God. Surely if God truly owns us (1Cor 6:19-20.), then understanding our Owner and Creator can only come by quiet contemplation of the Word and personal meditation and prayer.

    Once connected with the voice of God in the Word, we must learn to sacrifice the others five voices for the Truth’s sake. If not so, then we are breaking the very first commandment God gave to Israel: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” (Exodus 20:3.) And these voices will compete for top dog position as God, and we must not allow Satan to deceive us into thinking such is not a true commandment of God. God must be place on top as God, with all other voices in submission to Him. This takes a lot of time, practice, and experience to discern the diverse voices in the world, and it is not learned over night. But what is required is an honest and sincere heart, one who will humble himself or herself before God and will slay his pride and ego at the cross of Jesus Christ, being willing to discipline the flesh simultaneously. If this step of crucifying our pride is by-passed, then a person will be unable to sort through all the voices in his being and correctly find God. The process requires that we go through a very painful procedure of spiritual circumcision in which God cuts off the pride in on our spiritual weenies. And to be blunt, it hurts really bad. The human heart is very sensitive and tender. Likewise, surgical circumcision is not a process any male adult would look forward to experiencing. But it is a good analogy God provided to Abraham. The painful process is required for spiritual rebirth to become part of spiritual Israel. Unfortunately, according to the Inspired Version of the Bible, Joseph Smith believed and taught circumcision was instituted to remind Israel of the legalistic covenant of baptism at eight years of age. He erred by being tricked by false light., perverting the Bible. Rather, the covenant of circumcision symbolically teaches us of how much it can hurt to “swallow our pride” and humble ourselves before God, letting God slice ugly sin out of our hearts either a piece at time, or more dramatically, all at once with gigantic blows of the razor knife, depending on his will.


    As a Latter-day Saint I found myself at twenty on an LDS mission swimming in pride. Of course, my sin was my own fault for being irresponsible as a youth, so I couldn’t blame anyone but me. I could see my impure heart breeding hypocrisy and conflict. Double-minded words came out of my mouth. Pride controlled my thinking. My heart was blinded by incredible arrogance. I of course prayed for charity and sought forgiveness and repentance, but it seemed like my pride was like super-glue attached to my spirit, and I could not understand why I could not rid myself of the vice. On the outside, like a true Pharisee, I of course smiled, spoke nicely to others, and hid my “true feelings”. That’s easy to do, you know. Put on a good show. Make people “think” you are nice by pretending and smiling, never really telling them what you “really” think about them. But my mouth was not in harmony with my heart. On the outside I kept up the image and pretended, but on the inside I was a high-minded, self-righteous, and proud human being. This pride bugged me. I wanted purity, but my heart was anything but pure.

    So God took my on a twenty-year humbling process, to reverse everything I had been taught by school, parents, and the LDS Church that contributed to my pride. It was an extremely intense process in which God would give me things I didn’t want and command me to do things I wished not to do, and I would eat dust and go on. But I never even once supposed that any of my pride was caused by the Church’s foundational roots. In July, 1998, I finally discovered the Nephilim Spirit, which is a counterfeit spiritual light generated by pride. Finally I saw the hidden source of my pride.

    After leaving the Church and going through more cleansing requirements, I can truthfully say that my prayer of twenty years ago has finally been answered. God has been faithful and much of my pride has been taken to the cross of Jesus and killed. But this was IMPOSSIBLE to do as a Mormon, for I was too attracted to the false spirit that is in it. The control and trickery of the demons in Mormonism goes far deeper than the LDS people would even dare to consider. But I can show you a sign to observe. Watch a two-year old child and how natural they are. Then look at your own LDS heart and the adults in Mormonism. Are they humble like this little child? Why not? Is the pride truly “the people’s” fault? The devil shifts the blame, you know. Is the pride truly the fault of the members? I don’t think so, and I’ll tell you why. I know of NO OTHER people on this earth that are more “disciplined” than the Mormons. They are truly dedicated and sacrifice for God. Their youth get up for early morning seminary. Their young men go on missions. They are well educated. They do hours and hours of church service for free. They obey the command to have large families against the trends of the world. They don’t smoke, drink, take drugs or believe in premarital sex. How much more can “the members” really do? Are we sure it’s the “members” that causes the pride in the LDS Church? Or is there a hidden factor?

    The Correct Issue

    So, let’s forget the doctrine and debates on Mormonism for a moment. The correct issue is pride and how to overcome our sins. It’s about becoming born again and seeing the Kingdom of God as recorded in John 3:3: “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily Verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” These are the Words of God, and it would behoove us to clearly understand what Jesus means, so that we do not err. The Mormon’s teaching that this born again experience requires LDS priesthood baptism is false, and will be explained why it is false in detail in a latter chapter. On the other hand, the Christian’s understanding of the born again process is also limited. Therefore, the Mormons and Christians argue over the scriptures on baptism, lacking the full keys of knowledge to find common understanding. Both are right. And both are wrong.

    God has patterned our physical birth process after the spiritual birth so that the true believers will not err on this important doctrine, for if we truly are not born again, we will not be saved. The correct information on the subject is critical for every person on earth who has come to grips with death. We are all slowly dying and our body will be placed in a silent, cold grave. But the hope of Jesus Christ breaks the chains of death and frees us forever in a life of happiness and peace with God in His Kingdom. But, as Jesus taught, we must be spiritually born again to conquer death. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16.)

    The ordinance of baptism by water was instituted in Heaven so that a believer in Christ would understand clearly the conditions of salvation and not be mistaken. Water baptism is symbolic of the requirement of spiritual rebirth. Hence, God commands everyone to be baptized in water, impressing upon all human beings the need for spiritual rebirth or they cannot be saved.

    The spiritual birth process is imbedded into the baptismal ordinance, and is patterned after the physical birth process.

    The physical process:

      1) We are conceived through sex.
      2) We grow in the womb (water) for nine months.
      3) We are born through the birth canal covered in blood.
      4) We breathe air to begin living.

    The spiritual process:

      1) We are conceived by the grace of the Word of God though prayer and faith “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Rom. 10:17.) In baptism, this is symbolic of Jesus [the person baptizing us] leading us to the waters edge, holding us firmly, and leading us by the hand.

      2) We KILL our pride, symbolic of being "buried" in the grave by baptism. We are allow Jesus kill our pride and sins on the cross, by the power of His blood.

      3) We go into and under the water, symbolic of living in the cleansing power of self-discipline in OUR CONSICENCE. We remain in the cleansing power of repentance (water) until our flesh has been disciplined by our spirit, thus being self-controlled in action and thought. This is the "mind over matter" paradigm.

      4) We come out of the water, symbolic of the resurrection into a NEW LIFE, and thus, symbolic of coming out of the womb of God.

      5) The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us 100% from sin. A new-born infant is covered by blood from head to foot when exiting the womb.

      6) Being thus JUSTIFIED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS (after self-discipline) then the Holy Spirit comes and we start living in the Spirit, represented by breathing air. Prayer is a two step process. We LISTEN to the Spirit and the Word, and we INHALE. Then, we express our desire to the LORD, and we EXHALE. We receive the Word (oxygen ) in purity, but when we EXHALE in our prayers, the impurities (carbon-dioxide) are mixed with truth. In prayer, we must always realize we are human beings and have impure desires. Therefore, we need to focus on taking in PURE OXYGEN (HOLY SPIRIT) from the Lord, and LISTEN carefully to His WORD. As we breath in prayer, the power of Christ's BLOOD, like the heart, will carry that Word and Spirit through our whole spiritual system, just as the blood takes the oxygen we breath to our whole physical system.

    Spiritual breathing is a continual process of spiritual living. We live by every Word of God. And God hears our prayers in spite of our prayers as being impure (carbon-dioxide + oxygen) as they come out of our mouths. Fortunately, God can discern and pick through what is carbon dioxide and what is pure oxygen coming from us, and in his mercy, He will answer us according to the "true desires" of our hearts.

    If we do persist, however, in our self-righteousness and pride and continue sending selfish/darkened prayers to God, desiring a blessing at his hands that is impure, he may sometimes answer that prayer according to our persistence, to our own condemnation, to teach us to pray in the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we must always pray that God's will be done (the oxygen we exhale is pure) and not our own will and desire (the carbon-dioxide impurity).

    Once we begin to see the difference, observing the "Oxygen of purity" separated from our own human desires coming from our mouths, then our pray life becomes very exciting. God will ALWAYS answer our pure desire that actually come from Himself, as the pure oxygen of the Holy Spirit returns to God who sent it. We then are truly praying "in the Name of Christ". God will always answer "yes" when we pray pure prayers. But to the "carbon dioxide" prayers, he is not bound by his law of promise, and he may or may not answer “ yes”, depending on His will, not ours.

    In the ordinance of Baptism of water, blood, and Holy Spirit, there are many truths that are taught, which truths SAVE US. Being "baptized" in water by the LDS priesthood authority has not one ounce of power to save anyone. Jesus commanded everyone to be baptized, not as a "legalistic means" of salvation, like the LDS Church teaches, but to impress upon EVERYONE's mind that they must go through the born again process. What better way to teach this than to require EVERYONE to be baptized in water? Therefore, all men and women must be baptized in water to show obedience to the law and that we agree to the conditions of spiritual baptism as explained above, and we are:

      1) Conceived by the Word of God (God saves us).
      2) Kill our pride.
      3) Enter the cleansing water of self-discipline.
      4) Accept the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ. He saves our souls 100% by His blood.
      5) Receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
      6) Breath every day. Receive the Word of God and pray. We recognized our impure desires as they are, and we submit to the pure will of God. There is nothing we can do to change our human condition of the flesh, but we learn to accept ourselves and submit our carnal desires to the truth, breathing in the Holy Spirit and Word of God continually to cleanse our whole system through the blood of Jesus.

    Those who fail to understand how the whole system works, will be out of balance and focus on EITHER

      (1) The blood only. These are those who err in believing in lip-confession salvation.


      (2) The Spirit/Word only. These are those who feel justified by obedience to spiritual law. We "implement" principles into our lives and "change" through self-discipline. This creates "action" and outer works, but leads to self-righteousness by ignoring the blood of Jesus.

    Those who enter the physical waters of baptism agree to the whole BALANCED birth process and understand that a man or woman must be born again by the prescribed process above or they CAN NOT be saved in the Kingdom of Heaven. I was never taught this complete process in the LDS Church. When I was baptized at eight-years of age, I was taught that by submitting to the ordinance of baptism I was "forgiven" of my sins. The legalistic authority from the LDS false angels saved me. But this is false. Jesus has already forgiven me on the cross. He said: “It is finished.” (John 19:30.) My only condition of receiving that forgiveness is that I learn to forgive others, as Jesus taught in the Lord's prayer.

    "And forgive us of our debts, as we forgive our debtors." (Matt 6:12.)

    The LDS mixture of forgiveness with priesthood baptism creates a false gospel of Christ. Forgiveness is one principle. Being saved in Heaven is a SECOND PRINCIPLE. Mercy is granted in the moment, as we forgive others, but OVERCOMING SIN and becoming born of God is a process we experience through time.

    The principle of mercy is activated when we learn to forgive. Jesus Himself has ALREADY forgiving EVERYONE We won't feel his love unless we forgive others. So we condemn ourselves by our own unforgiving heart, by NOT FEELING God's grace that is already extended to us. God DOES NOT condemn us, we condemn ourselves by our hard hearts and pride!

    “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he the believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (John 3:18.)

    The spiritual birth process works in conjunction with the principle of mercy, but both are independent of each other. We can start feeling forgiven the moment we forgive ourselves and others. It has nothing to do with God forgiving us. He’s already done that. It has to do we OUR FORGIVING OURSELVES. Forgiveness is a part of the process of killing our pride on the cross. And this death of self happens as we even enter the womb of repentance and self-mastery over the flesh. In the TRUE CHRISTIAN paradigm, forgiveness of sins and salvation is felt UP-FRONT, the moment we confess our pride/sins and received Jesus Christ. In the Mormon paradigm, however, forgiveness is held AT THE END of repentance after we complete the baptism process. So members assume forgiveness comes at the END of the process, and are continually repenting, but not forgiven! Jesus forgave us 2000 years ago, by his grace, and it has nothing to do with our works or obedience.

    Water repentance, or self mastery of the flesh, is more of an "outer cleansing" in which everyone can "see" our actions, much like the water we take a bath in cleanses our "outer skin". The real cleansing of the heart, or the inner man, takes place outside water repentance, and is accomplished by the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The blood and Spirit come in fullness after self-discipline of the flesh. (Although they also operate in the beginning as we are conceived and crucify our pride.)

    Jesus split the ordinance up between John (Water) and Himself (Blood/Holy Spirit), so that we could see some time takes place between self-discipline and the full anointing of the Holy Spirit. (We spend nine months in the womb.)

    But I was never taught as an LDS to understand what I was looking for, nor how forgiveness and God's mercy is unconditional, and that Jesus already has forgiven me. My forgiveness was tied with the process of self-discipline, and it confused my mind to pieces. I never felt completely forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Jesus up-front. I also was never taught the principle of grace, and that Jesus justifies my sin 100% by His blood, not by my works. I again, tied justification to self-disciple in the water of repentance, falling to darkness. Finally, because of these twisted principles, I could never breath in "pure oxygen" of the Holy Spirit. It was like breathing into a "plastic bag" and suffocating in my own carbon dioxide. My mind truly thought self-disciple and confession caused forgiveness from God, and the next thing I knew, I would be standing around judging myself everyone on THE OUTSIDE. What I did or others did as easy to view, and I become more proud than ever before, comparing my zeal in self-mastery to others. It's a MESSY PARADIGM and comes from a counterfeit gospel.

    However, if the conception process is done right, and we kill our pride at the cross, humbling ourselves as little children, and LEARN TO FORGIVE LIKE LITTLE CHILDREN DO, then the discipline of the flesh is done with a completely different attitude. We feel forgiven, conceived by God, and have no reason to judge anyone else. Before I learned the "correct" born-again process, my prayers were always selfish and ungrateful. I found little joy and freedom. But once I understood the correct process, and experienced it, then I completely changed. Now, I don't judge anyone, but forgive. I feel God's unconditional love and mercy that He extends continually--it is ALWAYS with me.

    Finally, we will have more that just "one birth" in the truth. Just as a women can conceive and bear more than one child, we too bear more than one child of truth in us. Thus, we go through the process of conceiving a principle of truth, working through discipline, throwing up error, feeling contractions or trials, and finally, we come out as a new babe in that truth and start breathing more of the Holy Spirit.

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    Last Updated on 16 April 1999
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