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    Why the November Disaster
    was Averted...for the time being

    It is not always possible until after the event, when more pieces of the puzzle have been assembled, to know the whole picture. We now have a much clearer understanding why the disasters did not fully take place this November.

    We recently learned that our leaflets and internet pages had a strong impact on many Christians who went into intercessory prayer. In fact, we now know that on the night of 6-7 November 1998 one of our co-workers, Thor Granlund (who runs his own independent ministry) was awakend by the Lord at 3 a.m. and went into deep intercessory prayer, and was given further revelation on the subject, for which we are very grateful to have received. He wrote a long article (in Norwegian) which can be read in his periodical (Troens Gode Strid, November 1998, pp.12-18) and obtained at the following address (we recommend this magazine generally for the high quality materials it contains):

    "Troens Gode Strid"
    v/ Hans Ole Andersen
    Postboks 2934 Tyen
    N-0608 OSLO

    The theme of Brother Granlund's article, "Lord - What if Five Righteous Can Be Found... Abraham Prays for Sodom", is judgment and how the Lord interceeds. He takes many examples from biblical history, beginning with Sodom and Gemorah, pointing out that the Lord withheld destruction from these homosexual cities of iniquity so long as 10 righteous souls could be found within its walls. Once there were less than ten souls, the Lord then arranged for them to be evacuated before sending destruction.

    The story of Jonah and Nineveh is Brother Grandlund's next example. Here the prophet was told by God that the city would be destroyed for its evil but first Jonah had to go and preach to them. He did, they repented, and God's judgment was stayed. Jonah was none too pleased with the outcome (though he ought to have been) as he felt the city merited destruction, forgetting that God is primarily interested in salvation and not destruction in which he takes no pleasure.

    He next discusses the case of the Hebrews in Egypt and how they were saved within the country by being given special protection from the plagues that struck that land in judgment for their evil.

    Three different scenarios. In every case those under judgment were warned by the preaching of prophets and once the message had been rejected so the judgment was effected BUT ONLY WHEN GOD'S PEOPLE HAD BEEN GIVEN THE RESPONSIBILITY TO SAVE THEMSELVES - either by leaving the scene of destruction or carrying out God's commandments for their protection within the scene. We also learn that if people repent, God's judgment is revoked.

    What happened in Norway? Here is the picture as we now understand it:

    • An Earthquake WAS on the cards, but was stayed for the sake of the righteous, because: (a) Awake Christians went into intercessory prayer; and (b) not all the righteous were reached. Inspite of warning as many churches as we could, distributing flyers to citizens on the street, to members of the Norwegian Pariament (Stortinget) and to other influential persons, and inspite of coverage in a national newspaper, the message either (i) was not got over forcibly enough, or (ii) not enough people were reached. the November date CONCERNED THE EARTHQUAKE ONLY. Whether an earthquake will come in the future we do not know but I think it is most likely;
    • The Economic disaster IS BEGINNING and is still in the process. We have received no date for this yet but still believe it is IMMINENT. The sudden fall by 20% in the price of oil is but the opening rumblings of what is to come. THE PROPHETIC WARNING STANDS UNCHANGED! We still believe that two major economic disasters are going to strike the land of Norway in the very near future that will crush the country's economic wealth and probably lead to its final absorption into the EU.

    Huge Cosmological Changes Expected in May 2000

    Even the unbelievers are getting worried about 2000, and not just because of the Y2K Bug. According to an article in the British Sunday Times (June 1998) a huge planetary conjunction is due in May 2000 involving Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Each time this has happened in the past there have been major geological disasters on our planet. The international Insurance Agency, Lloyds, is so worried about possible claims at this time that they have been holding emergency meetings about it.

    The last major conjunctions took place in 1812 and 1962. In 1812 there were frosts throughout the summer which destroyed all the crops resulting in widespread famine. In 1962 five planets were in conjunction which resulted in an enormous earthquake in the Middle East that claimed the lives of 20,000 people in Iran. That same year more that 600 people were killed by floods in Europe.

    When will the Antichrist be Revealed?

    With so many prophetic events seemingly happening at the same time there are many who are now wondering whether the biblical Antichrist will soon manifest himself to the world. This is a distinct possibility though we have had no information relayed to us yet. We do have a revelation, received by Marie White Tolbert, which tells us a little about him and the circumstances surrounding his activities (see NC&C 1 on Site I). That he would start raising his profile in the political community is not unreasonable as he will need time to establish a power-base from which to eventually seize power first in Europe (through the EU) and then world-wide. Whenever he does appear, he will certainly betray his identity through various signs that have already been identified in revelation. Because many personalities will be involved in the conspiracy for world power (and indeed have been for some time now) it is possible that other players - co-conspirators, for example - in the antichrist drama will be confused for the actual Antichrist. We already know of one who has been specifically identified to us through revelation, a member of the Swedish political establishment who played a major rle in getting Sweden into the EU.

    The Months Ahead

    There will be many, no doubt, who, because nothing "dramatic" happened in November 1998, will sit back with relief and resume their "normal" lives. A bigger mistake they could not make. Those who are the true followers of Christ will not only always be on the watch but also be making preparations. I firmly believe that the events which took place in Norway in November, documented in an earlier article, are but signs of worse things to happen in the very near future. Doubtless some of our readers will be sniggering as they read this -- I feel sorry for them for I do not particularly want to see the looks on their faces when the things we have spoken about actually take place. Are not the warning signs plain enough to see? Must they be witnesses of more violence in the streets of our cities, of greater financial slumps? The fact of the matter is that the signs are all around to those who have the eye of faith. The moral disintegration of Norway is a FACT, smug disclaimers of the liberals and hedonists to the contrary.

    Wake up Norway!

    Laget: 5. desember, 1998
    Oppdatert: 5. desember, 1998

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