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    A Prophecy Being Fulfilled

    It's happening again, just as it did in 1991, and as God foretold it would. Back in 1991 when war broke out in Iraq following Saddam Hussein's invasion of little Kuwait, there was worldwide concern that a Third World War would break out and some Christians were even prophesying that the apocalyptic Battle of Armageddon was starting. New Covenant Christians went into prayer and obtained a very clear revelation from the Lord in which we were told that whilst Saddam Hussein would be defeated in battle by the Allied Forces he would not lose the war. This prophecy was completely fulfilled contrary to the expectations of the pundits, both secular and Christian. Nobody realised that the then President Bush would call a halt to the invasion campaign of Iraq as the Allies were facing complete victory and Iraq a humiliating defeat -- yet that's exactly what happened: the Allies stopped their advance, pressurised by the public outcry generated by the massive press coverage of grizzly battles showing terrible carnage in the hastily beaten Iraqi retreat. Moreover, the revelation received stated that Iraq would resume its aggressive activities even after defeat on the battlefield.

    Here are some extracts of the revelation we received on 23 January 1991 (the whole revelation may be read in our book, THE OLIVE BRANCH, as Section 291 (pages 654-656) which may be ordered at here.

      Nimrod {Saddam Hussein} shall be vanquished, and the sons and daughters that he hath oppressed {the Iraqis} shall be conforted [in the end]. The hand of the Lord shall fall mightily upon the transgressors and they shall be silenced for a season.....Behold, this is not the last {apocalyptic} hour, but unless ye learn to live as though it was, ye shall surely perish when the last hour cometh. And what ye behold today ye shall see in greater abundance in hours to come, that ye may prepare yourselves for the great and dreadful Day of the Lord. Do what I have commanded you quickly, and do not turn back. For woe unto him who is left outside when the fire cometh. Even so. Amen" (NC&C 291:14-15, 24-26).

    As indeed occurred, Saddam Hussein was "silenced for a season" and it was not the last hour as some of the hysterical Christian press were claiming at the time. Since 1991 Hussein has been defying the United Nations and building up his stockpile of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons again. Yesterday, on 16 December 1998, the United Nations intervened again.

    So what is going to happen? Well, on 26 November 1998 I had a prophetic dream which has been up on this site since that day in which I saw jet aircraft attacking one of Saddam Hussein's palaces. Whether this was a literal palace or symbolic of the "House of Hussein" or dynasty, or the nation of Iraq itself, is not as yet clear. Whatever the meaning it seems clear that Saddam Hussein will survive this latest attack even if its costs the Iraqi people everything.

    What are our feelings about this latest attack? We have very mixed feelings indeed. On the one hand, our hearts go out to the Iraqi people who are going to be the ones who suffer the most. On the other hand, this is a necessary military action to prevent something even worse happening in the Gulf region -- it is the lesser of two evils. What of the accusation that President Clinton is using the attack to deflect public attention away from his own sins? It is probably true. Our hearts go out to the American and British airmen too who are risking their lives. The only people we have no sympathy for (save, of course, that we have a burden for their souls) is Hussein and his henchmen and a highly immoral American President who is a proven adulterer and liar. I am even more ashamed by the fact that this man, who represents the most powerful nation in the world, went to the same college as I did at Oxford University. We have nothing in common apart from that historical accident.

    Israel is, of course, in a state of alarm as once again it is threatened by possible missile attack from Iraq. Keep your eye open on this page as we report developments and anticipate what is going to happen

    Laget: 17. desember, 1998
    Oppdatert: 17. desember, 1998

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