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    Church Riddiculed on

    Norwegian Breakfast TV

    We were not overly surprised to hear that the article on us in the 12 November issue of Verdens Gang (VG) was reviewed with scorn on TV2's Frokost TV (Breakfast TV). Inspite of the fact that the VG article seriously misquoted us, thus giving voice to the mockers of things holy, it is a fact that Norwegian channel TV2 has a philosophy that can best be described as as "New Age" and anti-Christian.

    That prophetic announcements are met with scorn by the media is not wholly unexpected. To begin with, there are plenty of crack-pots who, for reasons best known to themselves (the desire for publicity, mental disturbance, misguided religious beliefs, etc.), only add to the disbelief and scepticism of a populace already heavily saturated with anti-Christian propaganda in the media. Therefore disentangling what may be deemed "genuine" from that which is clearly derived from disturbed minds, is not necessarily straightforward. To this we must sadly add that there is a contingent of so-called Christians who, lacking a mature view of the world and having an even poorer knowledge of the Holy Bible, add further to the disbelief and scepticism of a generation already disillusioned by the many failed versions of Christianity that have tried to appeal to a world genuinely in need of a spiritual revival.

    That is one side of the equation, and an important one, for which religionists must take responsibility. Religion has failed the world, not because it is religious, but because it is false religion. Hardly surprising, therefore, that people are turning away from what we believe is true Christianity in search of easy substitutes that do not place too greater moral demands on them and which better reflect the "quick serve, take away" mentality of the culture we live in.

    Having said these things and taken responsibility for the many misguided actions of Christendom, we must be fair and seek a balance. That people are seeking a spiritual dimension in their lives, and a substitute for empty atheism, can hardly be denied. As you watch TV these days one is bombarded with religious ideas, mostly of a non-Christian ilk. When Christianity is represented in the media it is usually to criticise it as being outmoded and out of touch with modern realities. But what is the truth?

    The truth is that Norwegian society is struggling to find a replacement for Christianity. It has progressively watered it down and slowly begun replacing it with humanistic and eastern religious values. The results are all too obvious. This past weeks the media have been buzzing with the latest wave of mindless street violence that has struck the capital. People shake their heads in disbelief wondering how young teenagers could possibly have stooped to such depths of depravity. According to TV and newspapers reports, Oslo, with around half a million citizens, is experiencing two violent robberies each day. When leaders of society are questioned as to how this mindless violence is to be stopped, they regurgitate the old liberal ideas that have proven themselves unworkable. "We have got to get to the root of how these youngsters think," a member of the governent said the other day. What nonsense! What we have got to get to the root of is the way SOCIETY thinks and the way it has been programmed to think by the ruling powers and the media who seem so "shocked" and "bemused" themselves. But they themselves are responsible!

    So long as violent, pornographic films are aired on TV and are available on videos -- so long as pornographic and violent literature is on sale in the shops -- so long as the law puts violent offenders in luxurious prisons with ridiculously short sentences, and pampers them with nonsense about "prisoner's rights", Norway is going to be come more violent and anarchistic. If you are faced with a hungry alligator who is clearly going to eat you unless you do something drastic, you do not psychologically analyse its root thoughts but put a bullet in its brain. Similarly, if society is to be delivered from the moral degeneracy that is eating away at the heart of the country, it has got to put a bullet in the centre of its philosophical foundation, namely, liberal secular humanism.

    Shall we wait for western liberal democracy to collapse like communism did, leaving in its wake a demoralised and economically defeated people as has happened in Russia and elsewhere, or shall be put a stop to this nonsense and demand that the only provable social system be re-instated that will defend the innocent and punish evil-doers? In today's degenerate Norway it seems that criminals have more rights than their victims.

    Earlier this month a couple of reprobate youngsters got on a commuter train to Oslo and, with the deliberate intention of offending the older people on board, rattled off a barrage of the most obscene language you can imagine. The passengers listened on with the characteristic patience and tolerance of the Norwegian people until one man could stand it no more. In defiance of Norway's liberal laws, he stood up and slapped the brat across his face. Whilst the passangers broke out into spontaneous applause for what was a perfectly JUST, COURAGEOUS, and MORALLY CORRECT act on the part of the elder man, the impudent youth stood bemused and protesting as though he were innocent Little Red Riding Hood. If a policeman had been present, that solid citizen, who represents what the MAJORITY in fact believe in, would have been arrested for assault. SHAME! Have Norwegian politicians degenerated so much that they fail to see what is going on in their country? Or do they see but lack the moral spine to do anything about it?

    The fact of the matter is that for the last thirty or forty years the government of this country has not represented the true wishes of its people. Controlled by a small unaccountable élite, they have rollercoasted in liberal laws that have destroyed the fabric of a once fabulous country.

    When I first arrived in Norway I was enormously impressed by what I saw. I felt safe in the cities and took pride in what seemed to be a most impressive country. As time went on things changed quickly. Now I see a decaying society which will slide into the sort of anarchy we are beginning to see in Russia today, anarchy that would already be here were it not for the country's wealth.

    The message of this Church and this homepage is that Norway's time has run out, and many other nations too, for that matter. But why a prophetic warning to Norway in particular, and not other countries? Because the hour of destiny has come. Norway is a small country in the family of world nations but nevertheless an important one. Once the poorest country of Europe like Moldova, Albania or Macedonia today, oil changed its desitiny. It was not wealth that it has earned for it was a gift of God. It was, we fully believe, a reward for its fine Christian heritage, a heritage that began to be seriously undermined in the 1970's which was arguably the height of Norwegian culture. It has been on the slippery slope ever since, a fact belied by its increasing wealth.

    To whom should Norway look? Were I to find an epitome of the best of Norway, I would point to a Lutheran preacher Hans Nilsen Hauge who lived in the 18th century. He brought a dead and stuffy Christianity alive and injected it with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Today's Lutheran Church is even worse than it was before Hauge breathed new life into it. Morally decadent and apostate, preaching and practicing blasphemous doctrines, setting an example that the secular humanists would be proud of, it would be worthy of the trashcan were it not for the courageous and morally brave voices of such priests as Jan Bygstad and Børre Knudsen and those parishoners who support them. Whilst those voices remain alive, villified and persecuted though they are, Norway has a chance.

    This homepage is not about earthquakes and economic disasters though that seems to be only what the press is interested in. It is about turning a morally degenerate nation around before it is too late. Just look at the United States of America -- does Norway want the level of crime and immorality that exists in that once great nation? Then it has got to get back to its Christian roots. That is not to say that Norwegians should be forced to become Christians in the fullest, biblical sense of the world, though if they did, the nation would become one of the greatest this planet has ever seen. People must have their free choice. But there are, however, certain moral fundamentals that must be enshrined in law if the country is not to go to the dogs and evolve - as it will do if it pursues its present course - into a dictatorship.

    Ridiculous? Not really. No more ridiculous than morally and economically destitute Germans voted whom they thought would be a saviour of their once great nation, Adolf Hitler. He came to power on a ticket ofv law, order and economic prosperity. Right now Norway is on an economic high - or is it? Has not the economy, in fact, begun to turn this month? Hasn't 35 billion kroner of hard earned oil revenues already been lost? Norway IS going down hill economically and it's going to be accellerated, we believe, by two successive economic disasters if the nation doesn't make a U-turn and restore common sense to its domestic life.

    What is to be done?

    Firstly, repeal the laws of the pink communists who have turned this nation into a moral wasteland by:

    • Repealing the abortion laws -- abortion MUST become illegal. It is the murder of unborn children, not faceless "foetuses", not appendages of their mothers, but genetically distinct individuals who have as much right to live as any other person;
    • Repealing the homosexual partnership laws ("homosexual marriage") - every civilisation that has gone liberal on homosexual practice and given its assent to it has fallen -- the West WILL fall because of it, but Norway doesn't need to imitate anyone, and certainly not big brother across the Atlantic. Throw out the proposals of the pink communists to allow homosexuals to adopt and destroy children -- such will bring an even GREATER curse on the country!

    REPEAL THESE TWO LAWS ALONE AND I PROMISE YOU NORWAY WILL BE RICHLY BLESSED. Ignore them and the country is destined for destruction like Sodom and Gemorah of old.

    • Toughen up the laws on offenders, especially sexual offenders and those who use violence. Give Norwegians the right of Citizen's Arrest and give the citizens the right to defend themselves if they are attacked. Anything else is lunacy!
    • Ban violent and pornographic literature, TV programs and videos;
    • Remove the secular bias of the media and educational establishments -- allow Scientific (non-religious) Creationism to be taught alongside Evolutionism as viable models for the origin of the universe;
    • Use the incredible wealth of this country which is being lost through careless investment and speculation to look after the sick, the old, and the very poor -- it is grotesque that one of the richest countries in the world should be closing down hospitals and increasing its operation waiting lists! Love and compassion are fast disappearing from the medical profession because they are being forced to turn away needy people because of a lack of money. People are having to FIGHT to get medical attention;
    • Allow mothers to stay at home to look after their children if they want to without penalising them economically; family life is being destroyed in the country -- fight to preserve and protect it;
    • Penalise adultery and make common law marriages (samboskap) accountable - the family must be protected if the heart of society is not to be destroyed;
    • Tell the truth about "safe sex" - it isn't! Condoms have a 30% failure rate after two years -- would you fly on a plane if you knew you had a 30% chance of crashing? Did you know that the diameter if the pores in condoms are so large that 10 AIDS viruses can pass through them side-by-side in one go? Safe sex indeed!

    There is more that could be said.

    The Norwegian people have become drunk on materialism, "rights" and hedonism which has rendered them insensitive not only to the truth but to common sense. Like ancient Rome it is heading for disaster. TV stations and newspapers may laugh or mock at such warnings, but won't the last laugh be on them? Where is the mighty Roman Empire? Where are the homosexual paradise cities of Sodom and Gemorah? What happened to the Kingdom of Israel when it scorned God's laws -- laws designed to PROTECT them, not oppress them, as the secularists falsely accuse?

    Laget: 13. november, 1998
    Oppdatert: 13. november, 1998

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