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    A36. Understanding the Roots of Pornography Addiction

    The sexual impulse is a gift of Yahweh to man and exists for two purposes only: (1) To cause him to multiply and bring children into the world; and (2) To bring mutual pleasure to husbands and wives for the purpose of deepening their union and enchancing their life-long committment to one another. Sex, like nuclear power, itself is morally and ethically neutral - it's what you do with it that makes it either good or evil.

    Because sex is such a potent life- substance it is not a difficult matter to idolatrously elevate it above the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). Indeed, those who do not have the Ruach (Spirit) often mistakenly believe it to be the life essence. The sexual force is, however, a function of the psyche and not of the Ruach (Spirit). And since the psyche is a function of the physical body, and since the physical body is mortal, it too is mortal. Only Ruach (Spirit) is eternal. True, time has yet to come in which we, like Christ, will be resurrected - receive back our physical bodies with its psychic (plus sexual) component but that belongs to a future day. In this pre-resurrection state, that which is of the body is destined to one day be laid down in the grave. What determines the nature of our future resurrection is the status of our spirits.

    The idolatrous worship of sex is fundamental to many religions, and in particular, paganism. Occultism, Wicca, Satanism, devil-worship is all sex-based. Again, it has to be said that sex is not itself evil - the evil lies in the perverse purposes to which it is put by those who are in rebellion against Yahweh-Elohim, our Heavenly Father. Denied physical bodies because of their rebellion against Yahweh's Sovereignty, demons do not naturally possess the sexual function. They certainly try to imitate it. By stealing the vast amounts of psychic energy released into the lower (first) heaven (astral plane in occultic jargon), they are able to empower themselves with the very function Yahweh denied them. At sundry times they have tried to circunvent the Heavenly Ban against them by, for instance, coming down to earth and posing as "gods". By plundering human psychic energy, they devote considerable time to storing it up in sufficient quantities so as to be able to effect some sort of physical materialisation - or at least an imitation of physicality. Thus they are able to materialise and dematerialise. The Bible speaks of a time before the Great Flood when countless numbers of these fallen Watcher Angels (Demons) came down to earth in physical form and helped themselves to human women. The result of this natural (and forbidden) union was a race of giants known as the Nephilim (or Nefilim), thus corrupting the genetic pool. Satan's ultimate aim in doing this was both to ruin the human species as well as to destroy the Messianic seed through which Yah'shua (Jesus) would be born. In this he failed, Yahweh being forced to destroy all but 8 members of our species and start again with Noah and his family.

    Since the Fall of Adam, Satan and demons have been pludnering human psychic energy through getting men and women to break Yahweh's Torah (Law). The most potent way of accumulating this energy is through human ritual sacrifice (or animals which give a 'lower grade' form) and sexual perversion. Any unnatural use of sex empowers the demonic host.

    Earlier in this article I liked sex to nuclear fuel, a comparison which I feel is most apt. Nuclear fuel can be lethal, even when it is not being used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction. In nuclear plants devoted solely to manufacturing electricity, nuclear energy has to be very carefully contained. If it isn't, then disasters such as Chernobyl result.

    Sexual energy is much the same. It is an exhillarating and powerful force that can bring much joy when it is used properly. If it isn't, it can literally burn you up. It is therefore to be used under controlled circumstances, and those controls are set down clearly in Yahweh's commandments. It is only lawful in heterosexual marriage. When the parties enter lifelong covenants of faithfulness, then that marriage is sanctified and blessed by Yahweh, and the sexual force may be activated and enjoyed by the married parties. They are safeguarded any adverse effects provided they follow some simple rules outlined in Torah. Though these are in no particular order, we shall consider them one by one.

    1. Use in Moderation. This principle applies to all lawful things. Food (of the right type) is lawful but excessive consumption (gluttony) causes great destruction to the soul. In both cases (too much sex and too much food) idolatry is committed, and when idolatry (the worship of anything - lawful or unlawful) is committed, doors to demonic problems are opened. The human body is the Temple of Yahweh or Temple of the Ruach (Spirit) and must be treated as such. Temples, like human bodies, can only tolerate so much pressure.

    A few months ago my car was taken in to have its annual Motor Ordinance Test (MOT). The mechanics pushed the engine so hard that they burst some pipes and I had to take the vehicle into another garrage to have it repaired afterwards. Gluttony can lead to medical disorders of the body and too much sex can burn the body out. It is no accident that many rock stars die young (most are satanists) - they indulge themselves so much in sex, drugs and occultism that they literally burn themselves out. There are even some reported cases of people spontaneously combusing.

    Sex, then, is like nuclear fuel - it can either serve you (when used in moderation) or toast you alive. And like anything used in excess and unlawfully, it can become addicture. Sex, as is well known, is potentially one of the most powerful drug which is why Satan explits it. There are literally billions of demons associated with ungodly sex and they are amongst the toughest to get rid of. Most of them come under the demonic marshall called Bacchus (named for the Greek god of debauchery) whose legions are responsible for all kinds of additions: sex, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, gluttony, rock music, etc.

    Satan has so captured the media that you see practically nothing but sexual themes. Society has become sexually-geared: and it is one of the top industries generating billions of dollars annually.

    A life led by the Ruach haQodesh (Jesus Christ) is not a life led by sex. Sex is something to be added to life rather than to be its driving force. Since most Christians are cobverts from the sex-driven world, bringing their sexual abberations is one of the highrst priorioties they have. And knowing how to deal with them, and in particular deliverance from the demons that plague those who have used it in an ungodly way, has to be a top priority for ministers also. It is one thing to make a moral decision to quit ungodly sex when you come to Christ but it is quite another to get to the roots so that the unnatural and demon-driven urges are removed too, because unless you do the latter, sexual sin will keep raising its ugly head to spoil our relationship with Yahweh and endanger the health of marriages.

    How much sex should married people have? That is not for me to say. It should not, however, be the main reason they married nor should it be the main reason why they continue to be married. Sex is a gift like the icing on the cake. It's there to be used wisely. If the sexual drive is competing in anyway with man's higher duity, to serve Yahweh with all His mind, might and strength, then there is likely a demonic issue to be solved. This we will look at presently.

    People often ask me for guidelines so what I offer here is no more than that. Firstly, Yahweh forbids sexual intercourse during a woman's menstruation. Intercourse during this time makes him unclean. Some take this to mean that there should be no sexual (or even physical) contact during a woman's period, others that other forms of sex are permissible provided there is no coitus. I think people must be led by the Ruach (Spirit) in this one. Secondly, Yahweh says that we need 'rest' and has given us the Sabbath for this purpose. It is my belief that the one-day-in-seven principle is a most valid one for many things. Abstaining from sex in order to wholly focus on Yahweh seems to be a wholly positive thing to do. And there are Scriptural precedents. Paul says husband and wife should, by mutual agreement (not by compulsion), occasionally separate sexually to devote themselves to prayer. Yahweh also told the children of Israel to abstain from sex for 24 hours before approaching Him at Mount Sinai. Though I don't suppose it matters what day in the week you abstain, the Sabbath would seem to me to be the most obvious and desirable. If nothing else, it is certainly a could discipline for those coming out of the world with sexual problems to bring their flesh into subjugation to Christ. I therefore highly recommend a weekly sexual fast at the Sabbath so that on'e all can be given to Yahweh. This, together with abstaining during a wife's period, would seem to me a healthy basis for a balanced sex life.

    2. Abstinance from Deviant Sex within Marriage. Many Christians wrongly assume that so long as they keep their sexual activity in marriage, "anything goes". That is a na´ve assumption at best, and foolishness at worst. We have already seen that coitus during menstruation is strictly forbidden. If this is done accidentally, then Torah requires that a week's separation take place. We will not go into the reasons for this in this article as time and space do not permit. It is sufficient to know, however, that Yahweh has said so, and that he must have a good reason. Torah also says that husband and wife are not to have intercourse for a prescribed period after childbirth.

    What, then, is permitted sex and what is not (within marriage)? The Biblical sex manual is the Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs / Canticles). It is, however, written poetically making it open to multiple interpretation. What, for instance, of oral sex? Many argue that the Song of Solomon permits it and that is possible. I will not debate that issue here. Certainly there is a case for it if that is what you like. However, what we do need to underscore here, is some common sense. Each part of the body was made for different functions. The anus, for instance, was not designed for sex! It has one function only, namely, excretion. Abuse of it can lead, as we know, to AIDS, and is the favourite perversion of the ungodly not following the Torah rules on marriage. This ministry therefore has no hesitation in declaring anal sex to be a perversion.

    Another issue is the spilling of seed outside the place where Yahweh intended it to be placed for the multiplation of the species. Many perversions exist in this area which I do not propose to go into. The case of Onan is certainly good reason for not spilling seed on the ground or anywhere less except where it can be fruitful. Follow some simple rules and you will not go wrong: Does what I do honour God, and is what I am doing fulfilling the purpose of the sexual act?

    3. Pornography. Pornography has become a pandemic (a super epidemic). The internet is dominated by it and you can hardly avoid it even with all the programs that are available to prevent it coming onto our computer monitors. It, moreover, appears in many disguises on TV and in the movies. Today, what Yahweh has declared to be exclusively reserved in private between husband and wife, has been made a public display.

    Pornography works within the realm of fantasy. It isn't real. The industry itself is laregly run by satanists who each year try to lower society's moral tolerance levels and make it more and more perverse. Movies are proliferating that show child sex, rape and even murder. Most of the porn stars are satanist victims, sex slaves. And it doesn't take much common sense to figure out that behind all of this is the demonic on an enormous scale.

    Satan's goal is to defile and mock all that is holy. Sex is holy inasmuch as it is Yahweh's gift for those who love Him and His Torah. It was given to bring ecstatic joy to married people who seek His Kingdom above all other things. Used Satan way, it degrades and enslaves.

    I have watched documentary films about the aftermath of the nuclear reactor explosion in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of people in the Ukraine and Belorus were affected. Their children have serious genetic mutations. The nuclear power that blessed hundreds of thousands of households with electricity to give light and warmth ended up causing a sea of misery. People are even moving into the contaminated area because land and housing is (unsuprisingly) cheap.

    It's not only Christians who acknowledge that pornography is an addiction. Though secular solutions do not deal with the demonic problem necessarily, they can sensitise you to the magnitude of the problem. Breaking Pornography Addiction is one such website which offers a self-test to see if you have a behavioural problem in this area (more sites listed at end of article). One thing that immediately stands out is the link between pornography and masturbation: it is a substitute or supplement to the real thing.

    It is here that I must share a vital key to understanding whether one is engaging in godly sex or not. Godly sex leaves you satisfied with what you have got - it does not lead you to wanting more sexual partners in order to fulfil a sexual drive that cannot be fulfilled with one partner, nor does it lead you into progressively more ungodly practices. Anything that is demonic is never satisfied with perversion at just one level - the demonic relebtlessly presses humans to go deeper and deeper into more sin. Pornography is demonically calculated to stimulate unnatural and ungodly desires so that you will be persuaded to seek ungodly sex with others outside marriage. It can lead to rape, pedophilia, adultery, sodomy, swinging, and the like. Pornography caters for every perversion. Satan does not want you to just stop at one level of perversion but wants to lead you down into the pit of hell itself. Pornography is therefore a slippery slope into ruin and destruction.

    There are many good ministries specifically targeting those with pornography addiction - see the links at the end of this article.

    How Does It All Start?

    There are many reasons people start on pornography - curiosity, a way to hide from pain (people use sex for that as a strong counter-pivot), loneliness (failure to 'make it' with someone), demonic problems in other areas (e.g. rejection), involvement in the occult, etc.. Whatever the 'reason' for starting with porn, it is never entirely innocent, because the catalyst is abways believing in a lie. And once you believe in a lie, doors to demonic influence open.

    Satan uses thousands of different lies to get us to get involved in sinful practices. One of the commonest is that pornography is harmless. Another might be that it will enhance your marriage's sex life (amazingly and shockingly I have heard that some Christian couples use porn whilst making love). Another might be that you can't do without porn or that Yahweh will never accept you because you have tried to give up many times but kept on going back to it. The only reason you go back is because either your faith is weak or you have not understood the root cause(s). Whatever the lie is, it leads you to doubt Yahweh's Plan for you in marriage and leads you to Satan's counterfeit sexual world. Fantasising and masturbation, both of which defraud your spouse (they are a kind of auto-homosexuality), are almost universal byproducts of porn addiction. This then often develops into fornication or adultery and experimentation with same-sex sex. Those who started dabbling with porn in the beginning, not meaning to do more than look at a few nudes, often find themselves on a steep decent into a world of spiritual darkness that they had never intended to get involved in in the first place.

    The solution is very simple. These are the steps you should follow:

    • 1. Repent of involvement with porn and ask Yah'shua (Jesus) for forgiveness;
    • 2. Destroy all porn you may have - magazines, computer images, etc., and take steps to install porn-free filters on your PC;
    • 3. Ask Yah'shua (Jesus) to destroy the pornography strongman through the power of His blood;
    • 4. With the help of the counsellor, as needed. ask Yah'hua to bring back to your memory the root lies that led you into pornography and ask Him to shine the light of truth on them and expose them. Once you see what those lies are, renounce them and bind the truth to yourself, and cast out all associated demons;
    • 5. Stay away from the porn milieu!;
    • 6. When temptation comes, go immediately into prayer and/or find someone to support you

    For a table of common lies that lead to pornography addiction, go to Porn-Free.org and select in the left-hand margin, Lies of porn. Be sure to read the link page at the bottom of this article entitled entitled, Lies about being single. If you believe in any of these lies, be sure to theophosticise and persist until you get a direct revelation from Yah'shua (Jesus) showing you the origin of this problem.

    You can, and will, have victory if you will give all to Christ, trust the redeeming power of His blood, and demolish the strongholds as you expose the lies in your system. Have courage!

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