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    A5. Salvation vs. Magick:
    Approaching Deliverance
    in the Right Way

    Most people coming for deliverance these days have no background in the Gospel of Salvation and therefore tend to come with many false expectations based on their occultic upbringing. Occultism, which involves the supposed control and manipulation of demons or 'spirit' to serve personal ends, requires little or no spiritual preparation or inner change in terms of purity, holiness, beliving in truth, and so on. To make the occult work for you requires only that you perform a ritual or incantation inviting a 'spirit' to come into you for the supposed purpose of getting some practical gain like power, wealth, enhanced sexuality, and so on. Demons do not care what you believe so long as you invite them in. All they require is your agreement to have them onboard. But once there, they will not leave except under special circumstances involving "demon exchange" which gives the illusion that they have gone. There are also rivalries in the demonic hierarchies, much as there is rivalry between gangsters - one set of demons may get rid of another set of demons but you will never get all the demons within you leaving en masse at your request or by use of ritual or incantations. Once demons are there, they are there to stay - permanently ... unless you expell them in the manner prescribed in the Bible. In short, there is only one way to be completely demon free once you have them in you.

    Many people come to me sincerely wanting to be free of demons (because of all the anguish and pain in their lives) but unwilling to live the life required of those who wish to remain free. Far too many people want to use Yah'shua (Jesus) as a mantra to be rid of their demons and then dump Him afterwards. God becomes, they suppose, a tool of their carnal nature. However they will discover, much to their surprise, annoyance or even despair that Yahweh cannot be 'used' in a parallel way to demons. Yahweh, our Father in Heaven, is not our tool. He is the Creator of the Universe and everything and everybody in it, including you. Yahweh is not an anti-demonic conjuring trick.

    The only reason that demons are in people is either because human beings have deliberately broken His Laws - which are eternal and which affect every living creature in the Creation, including demons - or because they have deliberately and consciously invited a demon or demons into their lives, itself transgression of one of His Laws. Many people are of the view that in life we can live our lives in one of three ways: (1) In God's will; (b) in our own will; (c) in Satan's will. They have created the illusion, aided and abetted by demons, to believe that they can live without God or demons. But the truth is there are only two categories of person:

      (1) Those in God's will;
      (2) Those not in God's will.

    and those not in God's will are in either in their own will, Satan's will, or both. Serving personal self-interest is to be in Satan's will because that "self" is none other than what the Bible calles the 'flesh' or the 'carnal nature'.

    The first truth that all who have demon problems must come to understand is that human beings have two natures:

      (1) A godly, spiritual nature;
      (2) An ungodly, carnal nature.

    Both of these natures may be said to be 'spiritual' in the sense that they are to do with the invisible part of man which we rather loosely call his 'spirit'. The carnal nature is resident in the flesh or physical body and we inherit this from our parents genetically. That is not to say that the physical body or physical universe is 'bad' because it is not - it is simply to say that that's how we get this 'carnal nature'. Physical matter is morally neutral - it's how you use it that makes it 'good' or 'bad'. It is the same nature that has been inherited generatoin after generation all the way back to our first parents, Adam and Eve. It is fallen, evil, depraved, and unredeemable ... which is one reason we have to die so that it can return back into the ground and be dissipated. Our job in this life is to 'tame' this nature by bringing it under the control of our true, godly nature, rather as one tames a wild animal and makes it useful. Because of its evil nature, it does not like to be 'ruled' but would rather itself rule. Like a disgruntled group of revolutionaries it is always seeking opportunity to rebel and seize control of our lives. And because it is evil by nature, it is this part of man which demons seek to use in order to get full control.

    So long as the carnal man has ascendency or control over our lives we are never able to find peace. If such a person dies with that nature in control, he faces an eternity in the same kind of darkness which that nature represents - an eternity without Yahweh, without peace, without joy. And though the carnal nature may give us exciting 'highs', they are always short-lived because they do not possess the quality that is called "eternal life". And because they are temporal and earthly, they can end up burning us out and shortening our lives. Ask those who live lives of drugs and sexual permissiveness. The fruits of the carnal nature are always temporary and fleeting - they do not meet man's deepest, innermost needs.

    Worse, the carnal nature, when it is allowed to rule our lives, causes our spiritual nature to change and for the worse. It is like an infection: allowed to gain the upper hand, it begins to corrupt our spirits so that the "real you" becomes like the carnal nature. When the "real you" - the spiritual you made in Yahweh's image as His child - yields to the enticings of the carnal nature, that nature is given acess to effect major changes in our thinking and feeling processes so that as a whole we begin to resemble that carnal nature. It makes people self-centred, egotistical, selfish, boastful, proud, intolerant, and all that is declared to be sinful by the Creator.

    When a demon gains access to a soul through the breaking of a commandment of Yahweh it homes in onto a specific weakness in you and from there acts like a virus. Like a Trojan horse, the demon rides on the back of a carnal disposition (like lust or vanity, for example), and cultivates it to such a point that the normal bodily and spiritual processes within begin to be corrupted. The demon proceeds to integrate itself into your personality, much as a virus integrates its genetic material into our own, so that you yourself change. You become unrecognisable by progressive steps. And if the demon gains complete control over you (possession) your own personality is totally subverted and the demon lives its life through you. You become no more than a body for it to interact in the outer world to perform whatever evil it desires. You are, to all intents and purposes, out of the picture - gone, a mere host to a parasite.

    The aim of demons is always total possession, and even though most people do not yield full control to demons, the demons are normally content to get what they want ... up to a point ... though they will continue to press for more and more control by offering more bait - more power over people, more impure sex, more money ... even things which appear to be 'good' like an artificial anaethesia so that you do not feel the pains of your sins any more, even though they are still there condemning you. Demons know all about carnal nature because it is like their own. It was, after all, their master Satan who 'created' this nature in the Garden of Eden by enticing Eve to believe the lie she could become like God - independent and self-existing.

    The issue facing someone with demon problems is not merely how to get rid of demons. Even if you were theoretically able to get rid of them without having to move your life in the direction of God, you would still face the carnal nature. It is that nature which separates you from salvation and eternal security. Demons know that even if they do not gain access to you in this life that unless the carnal nature is dealt with, they will get you after this life is over. And that is one reason why they encourage suicide - they know that once you have killed the body that you will enter their dark realm where they rule, and where they can do what they like with you - for ever, without hope. That realm is called, severally, "Prison", "Tartarus", "Sheol", "Gehenna", and "Hell". And it's real. This was a place created by the demons themselves and is probably best described as a kind of spiritual cesspit. It is into this spiritual dimension where all the filth and impurity of creation drains and to which all those who are without God in Christ are magnetically drawn at death by their carnal nature-leavened spirits if those carnal natures are not dealt with in the correct manner on earth. God sends noone to hell - people are drawn to where they are belong. And once there, they either come under the protection and glory of Yahweh-Elohim or the torture and misery of those fallen angels - the demons - who long ago rejected Yahweh and chose to follow Satan, whose soul pleasure is fear, torture, and pain.

    You cannot use God as a talisman to ward off evil or to expell demons without a major change of life inside yourself because the problem in the first place is the fact that you are cut off from Him because of your carnal nature. Unless that is dealt with, deliverance is ultimately impossible.

    Deliverance and salvation go hand-in-hand. To be delivered from demons means quite simply you have to become a Christian - not a nominal one wearing a badge - but a Christian for real. It doesn't mean that you have to give your approval to all that is called "Christianity" or the "churches" because most of the churches are spiritually corrupt. It is unfortunate but you happen to be coming for deliverance in what is called the "last days" - days which are not at all unlike those which existed in the days of Noah before the flood swept away a demonised human race leaving only 8 souls and an ark full of animals to repopulate a cleansed world. To be a true Christian these days means to be in a tiny minority not only in terms of the world population but in terms of all those who say they are 'Christians'. Many people coming from the occult are rightly put off by the hypocrisy and shallowness of most 'Christians' and it is for that reason it is better, perhaps, that we use another word.

    In this ministry we call ourselves "New Covenant Christians" to emphasise the fact that we are not merely wearing the label 'Christian' but that we are walking in a COVENANT. A covenant is an agreement between man and God which is a bit like a marriage vow. When a couple agree to marry, they enter - in the presence of two or more witnesses - a vow to be true and faithful to each other all the days of their lives no matter what circumstances may throw at them - in good and bad times. Theirs is a pledge of loyalty. When a husband and wife say to each other, "I will be true", they are saying they will stick it out, recognising that bad times will come to threaten the marriage, but that they will see these bad times through in faith. When we enter into covenants with Yahweh, our Father in Heaven, we are saying much the same thing, only with one difference: we agree to obey His rules or commandments which collectively are called His Torah or Law. But we can't do so on our own - we just don't have the ability or capability - we need help. And that help comes in the form of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) by faith in whose spilled blood and obedience to His Word we are able to overcome demons and the carnal nature.

    The Bible describes Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) as "the beginning and the end" or the "alpha and omega" (in Greek), "alef and tav" (in Hebrew), or A-Z in English. Our relationship with Yahweh is a journey - and the path we must walk is called "the Way" in the Bible. The Christian life is a "way of life" that is different from all other ways of living. And Yah'shua (Jesus) says that HE is that life: "I am the way, the truth, and the life: noone comes to the Father (Yahweh) except through me". There are no other paths to deliverance and eternal life. To be delivered from demons means to get on this path - the moment you're off it, the demons will be back. Deliverance and salvation go hand-in-hand. Which is why all deliverance begins with a lifelong committment to Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) and to His commandments. If you are not willing to take that step and begin a life-long journey as His follower, deliverance will not help you. And if you genuinely have problems accepting Yah'shua (Jesus) as your Lord and Saviour, then before deliverance can takle place you need to discuss the Gospel thoroughly with a minister. That we can help you with too. Indeed, we have one of the largest Christian websites on the net at www.nccg.org where you will find a complete exposition of the faith laid out for you. This is one of many ministries that are integrated with the work of the New Covenant Church of God (B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh) and whilst we don't expect you to join our church in order to receive deliverance ministry, we shall be teaching you the basic doctrines of salvation taught by it. Before proceeding with deliverance I therefore suggest you read this small site:

    Are You Saved?

    For the purposes of demonic deliverance, you need only to have taken the first step of salvation, namely "Alpha Salvation" or "Alef Salvation" which is to voluntarily give your life to Yah'shua (Jesus) and agree to learn His commandments and obey them all the days of your life. It does not mean you need to have a full comprehension of them at this stage or to be perfect. When you see the power of Yah'shua (Jesus) in action driving the demons out of your life through this simple faith and covenant with Him you will gain confidence in His claims and be all the more willing to follow Him. People who have been delivered from demons by Him often become strong Christians and a great blessing to others because they have had direct experience of His power and love. Please read our Testimonies section. Deliverance, then, is not just the explusion of demons - it is a wholly new life accompanied by many wonderful promises. If it isn't, then it will either not work or the period of deliverance will be brief and result in even worse demonisation. Yah'shua (Jesus) warns against those who are not sincere about salvation, for He says seven times as many demons will return as were expelled in those who choose not to follow Yahweh or walk His Way. That is not because Yahweh is 'punishing' them but because the demons have legal rights to do so.

    Earth is a spiritual war zone. Imagine a front line between two opposing armies with a 'no-man's land' inbetween them, as obtained in the First World War. Those who want God's protection have to be on God's side of the line. Standing in the middle - no-man's land - gives no protection at all because you are in the firing line between both sides. Either you have to make for God's lines or you have to fall back into the devil's camp. There are no neutrals in heaven or on earth. The choce is 'either/or'.

    I usually share this article with people who come to me for deliverance to save us both time. In the past people have come for deliverance to me without properly understanding what 'salvation' actually means. Many have heard from false Christians that it consists of only 'believing' in Christ and that's all they have to do and then they wonder why they still have demon problems. But biblical belief is an active faith - it is a whole way of life that requires us to abandon a life of spiritual lawlessness and to come under Yahweh's Torah or Law. Contrary to what people are often told by these false Christians, this Torah is not a burden but a very sure and real protection. And that is why divine law exists in the first place - to protect us and others. It's because people are lawless that demons have the power that they do.

    There have been occasions when I have been through deliverance with people and it hasn't worked. And though the reasons have differed from one person to another, the bottom line has always been that they haven't really wanted to be a disciple of Yah'shua (Jesus). They merely wanted to use Him as a source of white magick in the same way as occultists use demons to get power. But Yahweh and His Son Yah'shua aren't 'white magick' and salvation isn't remotely the manipulation of forces to get something that one wants: salvation means nothing less than completerly surrendering your life to Yahweh and His Commandments through faith in His Son. It means placing your will under His and allowing Him to bring your carnal nature into 100% subjection.

    I have with heavy heart witnessed many return to demonic slavery because they were not willing to trust the goodness of Yahweh. Their dominant drive was self-rule, the same drive as the carnal-nature and actually the basis of all Satanism. Satanism at its heart is, "I'll do it my way". It doesn't matter how 'good' you are, how how 'good' thou think you are, if you intend to do things 'your way'. The core issue of salvation is sovereignty - Yahweh's or yours - and if it's yours, then ultimately it always winds up as Satan's, because Satan is the lord of the carnal, fallen nature where 'self-will' resides.

    You can't use Yahweh magically to get what you want doing, whether it is demon expulsion or anything else. Deciding who is to be your Ruler is the first step you must take before deliverance can take place. If you aren't willing to do things His way, then you must retain your demons and end your life in that place where noone - once they have understood what it is - actually ever wants to be.

    This page was created on 7 January 2003
    Last updated on 7 January 2003

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