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    A1. Introduction to Demons and Deliverance

    The paragraphs in this article have been numbered for quick and easy reference during group study and ministry.

    1. The operating principle of Satanism in all its many forms is MIND CONTROL, and the life forms that mediate and execute it are, to the physical eyes, largely (though not exclusively) invisible spiritual entities called DEMONS, DEVILS, or FALLEN ANGELS - or, to use their correct Hebrew name, Shadayim (singular Shad), chief of whom is LUCIFER also known as haSatan (the Adversary, or 'Satan' for short).

    2. These demonic entities are sustained in their life by preying on the stolen psychic energy both (but especially) of human beings and animals. This life-force is never voluntarily yielded to them but must be obtained by violence and/or by stratagem (trickery), of which they are masters. Without it, their power diminishes until they sink into a state of inactivity akin to sleep or unconsciousness. Because they have been active for such a long time (several thousand years) and have accumulated vast reservoirs of this plundered energy, most demons that have ever existed remain - for the present - active, powerful, and dangerous. At a future point of history, probably quite soon (within a generation or two), their power will be ended by force.

    3. Because the true identity of demons has become obscured by pagan tribal myths, Hollywood, and cartoon humour - inspired by the demons themselves and by their allies and dupes alike - we will need to spend some time identifying their true origin, source of power, purpose, and ultimate destiny. There is considerable misinformation about them not only in the secular and pagan worlds but within Christianity itself.

    4. Though New Covenant Ministries (NCM) has been involved in deliverance ministry for some time, and intensively so over the last two years (2000-2002), it was not until the beginning of 2003 that we felt competent and experienced enough to create an authoritative web page dealing with the subject of deliverance from demonic powers. Most of what we present here was learned first hand in the ministerial field. What we present is not, therefore, a rehash of much of the material currently available in books and on the net, but based on hands-on experience. Many of the materials here are contributed by the victims of demons themselves who relate their own lives of misery and finally, joyful deliverance.

    5. Our initial tutors were ex-satanists William and Sharon Schnoebelen in their books, Lucifer Dethroned and Blood on the Doorposts, as well as Dr. Kenneth McAll in his book, Healing the Family Tree, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude. Experience, especially in MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) and SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), taught us things not expounded by the Schnoebelens who, we are firmly convinced, have arrived at both faulty and (for the victims) dangerous conclusions. This we have rectified. Their non-MPD work is, however, excellent.

    6. Deliverance ministry should not be attempted by the inexperienced or by those weak in the faith of Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). A war against an enemy superior in both experience, power, intelligence and resources should not even be contemplated without first obtaining an ally vastly superior in all of these. Since there is only one Power in the universe superior to that of haSatan and his demonic underlings, Who is the Creator both of mankind, the angels (including those of them who subsequently fell to become demons), and all that is, it follows that submission to that Power is the only way to deliverance. That Power is a Divine Being, our Father in Heaven, and His Name is, YAHWEH-ELOHIM (pronounced 'Yah-vay Ellow-heem'), wrongly called 'Lord God' in most of our English Bibles (both words of which are generic terms that can be used of any deity, including demons) and 'Jehovah' (a blasphemous perversion of 'Yahweh').

    7. Submission and obedience to Yahweh-Elohim - the Most High God (El Elyon), who is Omnipotent (all-powerful), Omniscient (all-knowing) and All-Loving - is an absolute prerequisite to doing deliverance ministry. But submission and obedience are not in and of themselves enough, for He must also be known and loved. And the only way He can be known and loved is through His Son, Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), whom He has appointed as our Advocate or Intermediary. This is because of Yah'shua's (Jesus') work on the Cross where He spilled His life-force or blood in atonement for the transgressions of those of mankind who will receive Him as their Lord (Master, Commander) and Saviour (Deliverer). All deliverance from demons is therefore accomplished by faith in the NAME of Yah'shua (Jesus) and in the POWER of His BLOOD. This Name and this Power are greatly feared by the demonic hosts if used in a correct and lawful manner.

    8. There are many pagans and Christians who are casting demons out in an incorrect and unlawful manner. Satan and his demons are ultra-legalists: if they have a right to influence, possess, or torture someone, they will not yield that right until forced to by DIVINE LAW or TORAH in accordance with the FREE WILL or AGENCY of the one afflicted by them. This Law is UNIVERSAL and applies to every living creature whether they know or accept it or not. This Universal Law is called the SEVEN NOAHIDE LAWS and was given at the beginning of this earth's history to our first parents, Adam and Eve, long before the Law of Moses was given to Israel. It was reiterated to the Patriarch Noah:

    • (1) You shall not engage in idol worship;
    • (2) You shall not blaspheme the Name of Yahweh (and as this is included in the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus) - which means 'Yah(weh) Saves', this includes retrospectively the Name of Yah'shua (Jesus) also;
    • (3) You shall not shed the blood of any innocent human being (murder or any form of bloodletting), unborn child (abortion), or sick person who has a limited time to live (euthanasia);
    • (4) You shall not engage in sex with animals (bestiality), sex with next of kin (incest), sex with someone you are not married to (fornication and adultery), sex between those of the same gender (homosexuality and lesbianism), or sex against another person's will (rape);
    • (5) You shall not steal;
    • (6) You are to establish laws and courts of law to administer these basic laws, impose the death penalty on those who murder, and not judge any man without at least one eye witness; and
    • (7) You shall not be cruel to animals.

    The diametric opposite or reverse of these Seven Commandments lie at the heart of Satanism, devil-worship, and Luciferian doctrine even though it is often at first concealed from new initiates. They are presented as a form of 'spiritual enlightenment' and are packaged in many different ways, as we shall see. Ultimately, when fully exposed or revealed, Satanism is seen to be blatant idolatry, blasphemy against the Most High, murder, mutilation and bloodletting (cutting), abortion, euthanasia, perverse sex, theft, lawlessness and cruelty to animals. The commission of any of these transgressions by a human being gives demons THE RIGHT TO CONTROL AND OPPRESS and they will always remain in control until that human being admits his transgression, ceases all demonic behaviour, confesses and regrets it, and appeals to the blood of the Messiah (Christ) to have both these offences to Yahweh wiped out AND has the demons associated with these transgressions expelled from the body.

    It logically follows, and is consistently the case, that demons who have gained access to human beings because of these transgressions (sins), will lie, threaten, and punish anyone thus demon-influenced or -controlled who attempts to break away from their hegemony. In these web pages we shall illustrate in some detail the various methods employed by these haters of Yahweh and of mankind.

    A word about those who 'cast out demons' who are not true believers in Yahweh and Yah'shua (Jesus), not Torah-obedient, or who claim to use magical powers apart from Him for that purpose. There are, as you will discover, different hierarchies of demons who are both subject to Lucifer (Satan) as well as in competition with each other. Satan does not care which demons are in control of a person so long as some are.

    He is, as I have said, not only a master liar and deceiver, but also a great theatrical performer. If, for instance, a Shaman, Witch Doctor, Wiccan, New Age Priest, Spiritualist, heretical or counterfeit 'Christian' (e.g. Roman Catholic), or anybody else, is employed to cast out certain demons, it is always (invariably unknown to those doing such 'exorcisms') covertly in exchange for another set of demons. Only faith in the Name and Blood of Yah'shua (Jesus), with the consent and faith of the victim, followed by a life of obedience to the Noahide Laws as a basic minimum (a true believer will wish to obey the fullness of Torah and receive the blessings thereof), will ensure that demons are expelled and remain expelled.

    A person fully delivered of demons will obtain a RIGHT MIND and a PURIFIED HEART which will be reflected in the kind of life that he or she leads. There will no longer be any mind control, fear (one of the demons' greatest instruments of control), belief in false doctrines, or inclination in the heart to do evil. A person fully delivered - who has encountered the love and power of Yah'shua (Jesus) - will desire to serve Him and live a life of purity. The true end of deliverance is always not only a new life, but a new life in Yah'shua (Jesus) to His glory and praise. Any other kind of life is not full deliverance and is indicative that other demons are still present.

    Demons can live on the outside of your body or inside your body, depending what laws you have transgressed. They will pose as friends, 'Ascended Masters', 'gods', spirits of the dead, 'guardian angels', false christs, and even the true God Himself. They can talk to the ones they control (through 'voices in the head'), use their powers to enable their victims to have heightened extrasensory perception, give experiences of miraculous powers, and ensure (when appropriate to the demons' ends in the outside world) that wealth and power flow their way.

    If their victims fall out of line, demons bring divers forms of pressure to bear, including torture of the body and illness. Demonic control may be gradual or sudden, depending on whether the human is a willing victim or forced against his will, as well as according to other circumstances. At each stage of surrender and control, the victim must break one or more of the Noahide Laws, the most vicious and evil crimes (like murder) being reserved until 'later' when his conscience and moral scruples have been sufficiently overwhelmed. Typically, these things occur by gradual erosion, like the frog being slowly boiled alive. Total control or 'possession' invariably occurs when the human victim has voluntarily broken all the Seven Commandments, or at least the most heinous ones (like murder and sexual perversion). Those who are inducted into Satanism against their will and who may be forced to break all the commandments may not necessarily be fully possessed but retain some moral sense and virtue which is their means of eventual escape. Such victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) often fracture into multiple personalities within and suffer a condition known variously as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociated Identity Disorder (DID). This process is a survival mechanism graciously bestowed by Yahweh to enable them to stay alive and cope with the horrors they have experienced. A section of this website is devoted to sufferers of MPD and victims of SRA. Most, though not all, MPD is caused by SRA, and this will be discussed too.

    Human-beings are complicated and delicate and so deliverance must be handled either by those who are experienced or (since many deliverance ministers have been raised up who have never known apprenticeship) by revelation through the Ruach haQodesh (Holy Spirit). There has never been a time when deliverance ministry was needed more because of the evil days in which we live. Paganism and Satanism are flourishing in, and rapidly taking over, the former Christian world. This means that not only more and more people are getting demonised, but also to a far greater degree. We have reached the point in the history of our faith where mature ministers (Elders) must be competent deliverance ministers to be effective in their service, but in addition the less mature (Deacons) and even new converts must be educated in these things too.

    One of the reasons that so many Christian Churches and Messianic Assemblies are being destroyed or rendered spiritually neutral is because people are coming to faith in the Messiah (Christ) but are not being delivered of their demons! These demons represent a Fifth Column within the Body of Christ and have nearly destroyed most of it, as was prophesied by the Bible itself. Most of Christianity is anti-Torah (promoting lawlessness - the food of demons) and much of it 'charismatic' (demons posing as the 'Holy Ghost' or 'Holy Spirit' - it should be noted that tongue-speaking is part-and-parcel of many demonic packages). Toronto, Pensacola, Brownsville, and other recent charismatic 'Christian revivals' with their 'holy laughter', swooning, and rolling in the aisles, are all demon-mediated, and we have even begun to identify the set of demons responsible for most of this counterfeit 'charismata'.

    Deliverance may either be very rapid (a few hours) or gradual (taking months or years), depending on the willingness of the victim to either relinquish demonic control or penetrate the deeply ingrained lies violently integrated into the psyche, as well as the level of the control or deception. Victims who suffer from MPD can take years to be fully delivered, not because they are unwilling, but because the spiritual damage done to them is so extensive and so many sub-personalities are involved (sometimes as many as 100 or more), that time, love, dedication, and patience is required to put all the pieces of the fractured personality back together again. Many impatient deliverance ministers, wanting instant results, refuse to acknowledge that MPD is real, and claim that the subpersonalities are masquerading demons. This dangerous and costly error (for the victims) has done much to impede the recovery of SRA survivors and certainly endangered their lives (many, if not most, are killed by their human Satanist controllers).

    Our purpose with this site is not only to train up our own Elders, Deacons and members, but to inform the wider Body of Christ and equip them with the tools to become deliverance ministers themselves. This is an ongoing project, with many facets, ramifications and new discoveries, to which we shall be adding more insights and revelation as we learn. The deliverance procedures described are tried and tested, and have proven effective. A time of deliverance for the captives has reached a new dimension where at last real hope can be given as Yahweh displays His mighty acts of salvation. May His holy Name be praised: Hallelu-Yah! Amen. (19 December 2002)

    This page was created on 22 December 2002
    Last updated on 22 December 2002

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