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    5. MPD Hierarchies and
    Deliverance from Demonic Control

    To be of any practical help to someone suffering from MPD requires a considerable investment of time, not just in terms of being prepared to give many hours but also many continuous hours. And though, for me, my recent experiences have been quite shattering in terms of physical exhaustion, the spiritual rewards have been enormous. Having backup counsellors in my own family, whom I have trained up as ministers too, has been a wonderful help.

    When a soul fragments, it does not neccessarily happen all at once. Fragmentation may occur many times over a long period of time, each time precipitated by some new abuse. In the case of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SDA), morever, fragmentation may not necessarily occur at a very young age but actually before birth itself. This I have established in one case for sure.

    As mentioned in a previous article, the memories of the various alters or subpersonalities differ. This will in part be the result of the fact that each memory is evolved based on contact with the outside world, remembering that only one alter is physically "on-line", as it were, at any one time. Whilst some alters are able to eavesdrop "in the background" and can pick up the thoughts and communications of the alter which is on-line, this information can itself be fragmented. The ability to eavesdrop will in part be dependent on how interested another subpersonality is, the interest of the demons puppeteering those who are on the Dark Side, and their engagement with other activities "within". The Dark Alters in particular are seemingly the most interested eavesdroppers because they are used by their masters, the demons, who are not omniscient, as gatherers of information. This very definitely being the case, the one ministering to an MPD must be very careful what information is shared with the alter who is on-line.

    Throughout my intense ministry to alters I have discovered something of the way they are organised. There is a highly specialised hierarchy of alters. No single alter seems to quite know how such a hierarchy originated in the first place. It seems that when fracturing takes place, there is a spontaneous dissolution and reorganistion that is based on the personality, state of spiritual awareness, spiritual disposition (which has resulted in various life choices) and type of personality of the original person. One problem faced by the MPD who is a victim of SRA is that whilst the alters on the Light Side do not seem motivated or disposed to organise without an external stimulus (usually the one trying to help them), those on the Dark Side who have controlling demons, very definitely do organise with the sole purpose of consolidating spiritual forces whose purpose is to subvert the rest of the alters. The demons are, of course, the organisers, and proceed to create what is called a demonic "Council".

    SRA, which is a sophisticated though hideous system of control, involves, by various devices known well to satanists and occultists in general, the strategic positioning of demons within the body whose purpose is to maximise subversion. Each demon has specific tasks allocated to it. Being as satanism/devil worship involves ritual murder in which one or more of the alters is compelled to destroy a victim - usually a baby that she herself has birthed or someone else's from the coven - coupled with violent sexual abuse, it does not take long for demons to infest such a victim. Those of us involved in deliverance ministry know their names, many of which are mentioned in the Bible and are associated with pagan deities. Thus the presence of a demon called Molech - the demon-idol of many pagan cultures anciently to which babies were ritually offered - is pretty well guaranteed in an MPD who is the victim of RSA. To be able to help those suffering from MPD means knowing not only something about the methods of satanists but also something about the demonic hierarchy and how it operates.

    Because demons literally and metaphorically operate "in the dark" they, just like a spy organisation, require a complex network of informants to supply them with information. Typically, they will convince Dark Alters that they (the dark alters) are in control whilst in the background the demons are pulling the strings. I have had, on more than on occasion, the unpleasant experience of a demon directly taking control of an alter and the tongue of the MPD in order to try and prevent deliverance from taking place. Though such is unusual when I minister (because I make a point of silening demons before I get to work) such does occasionally happen when an alter, to whom I am ministering, waivers in her committment to be delivered.

    Alters on the Dark Side, who are under demonic control or influence (depending on the degree they have surrendered their personal sovereignty), have damaged memories. Any prolonged contact with demons results in a distortion and sometimes complete inversion of reality as more and more lies are fed by them. It is not usually very helpful to question dark alters on their histories because their memories are strongly impaired or tampered with. Even Light Alters are not always reliable, not because their memories have been rewritten, but because there are often enormous gaps.

    The wisdom of the Creator, Yahweh-Elohim, in providing for a survial mechanism in the victims of SRA is seen no more clearly in the fact that when a victim fragments, an intact memory is left. In one case this particular Memory Alter - or Historical Archive Alter - who was called Stratus - was able to provide me with a complete and detailed history of the victim, from even before birth, with statistics on the demons present, the number, names, and all the alters. Finding this subpersonality was literally like hitting the jackpot for in one counselling session I was able to solve a whole range of mysteries about MPD and make major progress in helping the victim.

    What was useful about speaking with Stratus was that none of the other alters were able to eavesdrop. Stratus could only be consulted on a one-to-one basis. When one of the demons figured what I was up to, he tried to break up the conversation with the hope of reading the on-line log of our conversation. But Stratus was too intelligent for that - by the time the demon-controlled alter had taken over the body, Stratus had deleted the log leaving a frustrated dark alter trying to figure out what I knew. But it was too late.

    Now the interesting thing about Stratus is that she was literally nothing more than a memory-bank. Though a "subpersonality" of sorts, she actually resided on a plane above all the other alters, even the core alter. She was strictly neutral and possessed only the barest attributes of emotions and those things we normally ascribe to being "human". After conversing with her for some considerable time I discovered that she was literally little more than a function of the original person's mental processes. Other alters were able to consult her for advise and information by some system of appointments I did not have time to discover and perhaps, subsequent to my enquiry, she may have informed the others of what she revealed. As a result of our interview, I was able in a very short time afterwards to bring several dark alters to Christ and to break all the demonic control over them. Subsequently I learned that Sratus did have the full range of human emotions and personality but that these had been fratured off as more subpersonalities by the satanists so that she could fulfil the function assigned to her.

    During the various counselling sessions I have come across some alters who appear to have no moral attributes at all - either positive or negative - and who claim to be neither on the Light or Dark side. They tried to remain "above" the inner division and occupy a position which could, I suppose, be called a kind of agnosticism. But even that is an inadequate classification. I have never believed, in the spiritual realm, that there is any such thing as a "fence-straddler" and that you are either on Yaweh's side or not. My conclusion was - and still is - that these alters are on the Dark Side without knowing it. They claimed to know almost nothing of satanic abuse or their sordid history and were living under a complete delusion as to reality, convincing me that these were dark alters who were either in strong denial (that is, the part of the original person in strong denial before fragmentation) or had had their memories completely tampered with by dark forces. They seemed to be in some kind of isolation and were not aware of the 150 or so subpersonalities that I was in contact with or knew about and who knew, for the most part, one another.

    Another discovery I made is that there is not just a single spread of alters. There is a second category of alters which I call sub-alters or sub-subpersonalities. These are later break-offs of previously fragmented alters who have been subjected to more subsequent trauma. Such sub-alters often refer to the alters they came from as those who "made" them and have a special connectiveness to them. Reintegration of the sub-alters with the original alters presumably takes place before the alters themselves are brought together again and fused.

    The diagram above is a simplified model of an MPD showing the cluster of loosely organised Light Alters in the right (with their Sub-Alters) and the more organised Dark Alters with their demonic masters ("D") on the left (with their Sub-Alters or Sub-Alters they control). The connections show their point of origin. The Core Alter may be on either the Light or Dark side, and may possibly even be a composite of sorts of all the others, and so I have left her coloured grey. In my conversations with Core Alters they seem to possess a level of darkness or lightness reflected by the array of alters and subalters, and tend to be very unstable. As an analogy, picture someone struggling over a major moral decision, unable to decide which way to choose, and swinging from one viewpoint to another in indecision. Since the Core Alter seems to make most if not all the major decisions (such as to move house or make a change in cirumstances generally, even to getting married or getting a job), what she does effects all the others. And even if the Dark Alters are in a small minority, she may be sufficiently influenced by them to make a catastrophic decision that reflects their will rather than the majority Light Alters. During the process of getting to know one Core Alter I discovered that she not only made the decision to flee from the controlling Satanic coven before she could be killed while the Light Alters were in a hopeless minority condition, but subsequently (and completely irrationally) decided, while the Light Alters were in the majority and were winning the spiritual war, to return to the same coven and almost certain death and destruction ... both of her body and of her soul.

    Throughout my ministry to MPD I have been blessed with guidance from the Lord. This has taken many forms, mostly as I have needed it at the moment I was ministering, but also sonmetimes giving me advance notice of things to happen - and how they would happen - in visions, as He has always guided me in my life. It was a vision that warned me previously that one "MPD" was in fact a satanic plant who are used by the devil to infiltrate and destroy ministers and their families, or to simply waste ministers' time and perhaps even ruin their health if they are dedicated enough. The Enemy has a whole range of well tried weapons and tactics evolved over millennia.

    Demonised alters are aware of the existence of God and of the devil and they know exactly what they are doing for the most part. They are aware, for example, that the greatest power that demons have over them is their fear of the demons (who regularly torture them to get conformity - I have heard them screaming when this happens) or their own anger at either life, those who abused them and sometimes even the demons they have yielded themselves to. Because they are demonised their logic is completely skewed, if not utterly irrational. Not until you have dealt with the hate and anger issues, and got them to renounce both, can you make any real progress. The greatest battles that those former dark alters who crossed to the Light Side faced was to forgive all their human tormentors, but once done, deliverance was instant. I have been prvileged to witness some of the most beautiful heart-warming conversions in my life as those deep in darkness are awed and amazed at the wonder of free pardon and peace in the Light of Christ. And in the case of one dark alter, now Light, her rebirth experience was almost identical to mine in its power and nature. These have been moments that I shall always treasure ... to see souls - even if only alters at this stage - delivered from the evil of the devil.

    But it is easy to forget you are dealing not with persons but fractions of a person. The truth is that the battle is not won until full integration has taken place. And the way this happens the Lord has graciously shown me in vision which I shall relate only when the person in question has made the right choice and full deliverance and integration has been achieved for even as I right this a decision is being made that will literally determine the victim's future in the eternities.

    I will share one vision, however, in the hope that the Core Alter is reading this. For though the Core Alter claims to be saved, and may still be under the delusion of the "once saved, always saved" heresy, she is not, in fact, herself delivered, and is not properly - if at all- actually on the Light Side even though she believes it. For I was shown in vision a snake like a small adder wriggling around inside her. Her recent decision to go home and murder her abusers - the hatred and desire for vengeance in her heart without the slightest regard for anyone - is all the proof that I need that she is herself demonised. Her only hope, before she makes her fateful journey, is to come to an awful realisation of her inner condition, repent in tears upon her knees, and plead the blood of Christ over her. If she does not, she will likely be dead and in hell or in prison for the rest of her life and in a spiritual condition where noone can easily reach or help her, in just a few days' time.

    This article is, in fact, a friend's deep heart-felt plea. So much progress has been made but only because alters chose of their own free will to renounce the devil and to embrace Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). This woman has such a stark choice: To be completely and totally liberated in Christ and to become a powerful minister in her own right, or to surrender to blind passion and condemn herself to an eternity of abject misery in total aloneness. This is also a plea for any believer reading this article to join with me and many others in prayer so that she may be saved.

    The Horror of SRA as Illustrated in the Art Work of an MPD Victim

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    This page was created on 3 February 2002
    Last updated on 1 October 2003

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