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    4. MPD and the Multiple-Self

    After nearly a hundred hours of counselling with the victims of MPD I have not only had my views as to the right way these people need to deal with their problem but have been given some profound insights into the workings of the human soul that have confirmed earlier suspicions I have had about the way Yahweh has constructed us. I would like to examine both of these aspects in this brief essay.

    In one of the cases I have been counselling I recently came across a subpersonality or alter who did not believe in God. Up until this time all the others I had spoken to had tried to convince me not only that fragmenting was God's will but that because all the alters accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour that if they died they would go straight to heaven. My feeling that Vixen would try and commit suicide turned out to be true and by the grace of Yahweh I was able to contact the minister responsible for her and put him on the alert. The suicide attempt failed as a result and progress has been made in getting those subpersonalities I have been able to talk to, and especially Vixen whose dominant rôle forced the others into the suicide pact, to understand that suicide was not the solution.

    As I suspected all along, I met another subpersonality, whom I shall call Ruby, who does not believe in God any longer. And though her denial was undoubtedly a response of anger because of all the sufferings they have been through, it nevertheless represented a departure from faith.

    Whether Christians like it or not, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) is a reality. Whether they believe it or not, the soul is capable of fracturing into multiple personalities. And yet all these personalities inhabit the same body. One of the extraordinary things I have learned is, moreover, that the body adjusts or adapts to the alter which is conscious. Thus one alter, who is shortsighted, needs glasses when 'she' is conscious, whereas none of the others do. Even more amazing is that one alter had influenza whereas none of the others did. I would thus be talking to an alter who was all blocked up and displaying all the symptoms of 'flu who would then "time-out" and another take her place. Her replacement would be free of the sickness. This I have witnessed. It is a fact. It has many implications concerning mind/spirit over matter.

    If the soul is able to fragment into multiple personalities because of some terrible and sustained trauma like SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), then the question is begged: what is the natural state of the soul? How are we constructed in reality? What is the nature of the structure of the human spirit that allows it, for survival reasons, to split into several personalities when placed under unbearable pressure? And does the Bible give us any clues?

    My answer to the last question is that the Bible very definitely does give us clues. Moreover, it explains how some, but not all, subpersonalites can be saved whereas one or more other ones may not be. Even more exciting for those interested in learning about the salvation mechanism, it helps us dismiss many pernicious errors in Christendom about the nature of salvation and forces us to look more closely into the way God works within us.

    In MPD, the several alters are in various degrees of communication with one another. Thus I can be talking to one subpersonality and some of the others are aware of our conversation. Others appear to be entirely ignorant of what we have shared. On several occasions I have surprised an alter by sharing with her what another alter has said to me. Ruby, whom I got to meet only the other day, seemed entirely aware of all the conversations I had had with the others and wanted to ask me some questions. Because of the different personalities and spiritual age-ranges of the different alters, it was soon obvious that some were in a dominant position and some submissive, just as in real life some personalities are stronger than others. Typically, the strongest personalities are often the least redeemed, and in the case of Ruby who was able to "listen" to all the others, she was in redemption-denial. Many alters "converse" when they are "off-line" (unconscious) and share information that way by a process even they do not fully understand but which seems to resemble some form of telepathy. Some alters almost never go physically "on-line" except in dire emergencies but prefer to remain in a state of unconsciousness. One of the alters of a case I am working with manifests only in life-threatening circumstances. Others, it seems, never manifest at all. There are, moreover, different degrees of fracturing as well as different degrees of conscious reintegration.

    One of the most frustrating things for MPDs is that few believe them. Many Christians I know believe that the subpersonalities are just demons talking. And whilst I have detected a demonic presence on some occasions (for it is certainly in their interest to keep a soul multiple), I am fully persuaded that the persons I have been talking to are aspects of the original whole person. Some of these alters reveal the presence of Christ, some less so, and some apparently none at all. Whatever the MPD soul has experienced, salvation seems to have filtered down to differing degrees to each alter so that each subpersonality may be said to be illuminated with differing degrees of the Light of Christ. What is particularly interesting to me as a minister is that this confirms a theory I have had for a long time which is that the soul, even in its natural state, is divided into compartments with doors between them in a multi-dimensional array. When fragmentation occurs as a result of SRA, these compartments split off from one another rather like the separation of cells from a living organism. And though "physically" separated from one another, these cells are nonetheless still in communication with one another and are therefore strictly speaking still a single organism.

    The creation gives us many fascinating illustrations. I have long been a believer that God's Creation, for all its apparent contradictions, is in actual fact a living text book of different aspects of human nature, redeemed and unredeemed. I myself have learned a great deal about both the Creator and human beings by carefully observing nature. A life-long study of dreams has similarly convinced me that different animals are depicted symbolically in our unconscious state to represent aspects of the human psyche and spirit.

    If you take a sea-sponge and press it through fine silk bolting-cloth the cells separate as shown in the diagram above (left). Looking at these cells you would think that the sponge had met its end. But no, the Creator endowed this species with the ability to reassemble itself. The cells move around in amoeboid fashion and start aggregating in small masses as shown in the diagram above (right) which eventually grow into small sponges. This ability to rebuild itself is a feature of many kinds of invertebrate organinism.

    Some living organisms like butterflies go through astonishing metamorphoses. Every child is taught how a caterpillar changes into a chrysalis (pupa) and then into a butterfly. What most don't realise is that every single cell of the chrysalis is rearranged and goes on an extraordinary journey as organs dissolve and rebuild themselves. Should we be surprised, then, that the human spirit may have a comparible self-protection mechanism? If the Creator has allowed certain organisms like the sea-sponge to rebuilt itself upon being damaged, would He not, as a loving God, also provide a survival mechanism for the victims of physical and spiritual violence to enable them to endure the horrors of ritual abuse? And would He not, as a wise and intelligent omniscient Being, also create such a system as an outgrowth of the natural structure of the spirit?

    Those who have no experience of, or exposure to, MPD are naturally confused by its nature especially when they have been taught an over-simplistice doctrine of the soul. In most Christians' minds, the physical body has a spiritual counterpart which is somehow "inside" the body though they have no idea of its anatomy. They have heard of "spirits" and how they look like the physical bodies they inhabit and assume, therefore, that since the physical body cannot split up into mini-bodies, that the invisible spirit cannot do something similar. Whatever the anatomy of the spirit-body (which I have seen many times), it is not constructed like the physical one. Of course, many Christians and Messianics believe that the human soul consists of no more than the physical body and God's structureless, invisible "breath" (Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Armstrongites, Christadelphians, etc.) and are so forced to treat MPD as an entirely mental phenomenon occurring only in the human brain. But the latter is a wholly inadequate explanation of the MPD phenomenon - these alters or subpersonalities are neither illusions nor demonic impersonations. Nor are they memories from the past but continue to grow and change as separate entities - like you or I. They have tastes, interests, ages, and memories different from one another and yet they are not separate human beings (a) because they share the same physical body, and (b) they have a common set of memories and a core personality to which they are somehow attached or related.

    There is an inseparable community and heirarchy of subpersonalities - they can't just individually march off and start independent lives of one another. When I asked them if they believed they would be resurrected as separate entities with their own bodies, they were uncertain. They acknowledged that there was a time when they were "one person" though it was so long ago (since the woman was abused as a small child) and that integration was possible. The main problem with them has been to make it desirable because they have got so used to MPD that it has become habital - it's the only state they really know. This does not, however, mean it is either a natural state or God's destiny for them either in this life of the next one.

    All acknowledge that fragmentation is a survival mechanism but I haven't yet met one who really wants to reintegrate (though there was a time they were working towards this and making good progress). A subsequent tragedy cause them to partially fragment again in order, they claim, to deal with the pain of rejection. That this was a reflex based on what they were long familiar with I believe - that it was the only solution I do not accept.

    What is the evidence that our spirits are in some way structured compartmentally that would allow fragmentation into subpersonalities ... equivalent to forcing a sea-sponge through a sieve to break the cells apart? For one thing, the Holy Spirit is described not only as One but also as Seven. The Holy Spirit is the Seven Spirits of God in the Book of Revelation and the Seven Eyes of God in the Old Testament. The Book of Revelation says that the human soul must pass through seven different overcomings that are compared against the problems of seven specially selected churches or congregations in Asia Minor who were struggling collectively with these things. We recall that Mary Magdalene, who is a human type of the Holy Spirit, had to have seven demons cast out of her, suggesting this seven-fold compartmentalisation of the spirit. Yah'shua (Jesus) tells us that there are many rooms in His House, suggesting that on one level that our own spiritual house has several rooms. What if these rooms were to be violently forced apart to make separate houses - separate and yet linked in some way?

    In all my years as a minister I have naturally been interested in the salvation process. Many Christians will tell you that it is a single event and that "once saved, always saved". My experience in the field cries that this is not true. I have observed that people allow Christ into their lives to differing degrees and that some areas of a Christian's life seem completely untouched by the divine hand. The fact that the ordinance of baptism was given to us as a complete immersing rather than a sprinkling or a pouring also sends a powerful signal to me that it is possible to not only die to sin completely (total immersion) but also gradually (sprinkling). The model, repeatedly given to both myself and others in our church over the years, that the soul is like a house with many rooms into which we can allow Yah'shua (Jesus) to come one by one or all together, I have found vindicated time and time again. I am not saying that we are necessarily limited to seven rooms (for this may just be a symbolic number --- and given that people can fragment into dozens of subpersonalities confirms this) but rather that there are many aspects of us. I would suggest that when we live lives of contradiction that some of these rooms actually get isolated and locked off from the others - rather like dividing a house into flats or apartments. Schizophrenia would be an extreem illustration of this, and may just be a degree in the disintegration process leading to MPD (Schizophrenics do not 'lose time' like multiples).

    It therefore does not surprise me to discover that in MPD there are some alters which accept Yah'shua (Jesus) as their Lord and Saviour and others who do not, for I meet the same phenomenon in integrated Christians. There are many Christians I know who profess the Name of Christ and who live pretty moral lives but may, for instance, compromise in the area of sexuality and sleep around. Such a "believer" might be described not only as not having let Christ into his or her room called "sexuality" but is actually evidencing only PARTIAL SALVATION (or even worse, no real salvation at all).

    Such a revelation does not rest comfortably with our carnal disposition which wants easy solutions to life's problems. Advertisers understand this nature only too well which is why they are always giving "free offers" to entice us to buy things we don't want or need. "Get a book free and then buy another two over the course of the year" (at the full price, of course). People want free and gratuitous salvation. The teaching that all you have to do is profess Christ on your lips without having to worry about obeying the commandments appeals to the lowest common spiritual denominator in us all but it is a lie. The Book of Revelation and the Johannine writings tell us again and again that the saved are those who have the testimony of Yah'shua (Jesus) and obey the commandments. So the carnal man invents carnal doctrines and tells us that Christ has done away with the whole Law and that all we have to do is follow our "conscience" (never mind that it is defiled and a useless guide on absolute truth) or simply "love" (forgetting that Christ said that if we love Him we will obey His commandments ... and tell others to do the same). So man invents easier paths and compromises his salvation.

    Inside themselves many "saved" people know they are defiled. They know they are impure and unclean inspite of their mental belief that they have been washed in the blood of the Lamb simply by accepting that this is what the Bible says. But this is not biblical belief. Biblical belief is never passive but always active. Biblical belief cannot be separated from action.

    I have noted how many MPDs run away from their responsibility to deal with sin issues and integrate by arguing in favour variations of this false doctrine of "once saved, always saved". They believe, along with integrated people, that they have nothing more to do. But it is a pernicious lie. Meeting alters or subpersonalities like Ruby who clearly reject God and Christ and who, though the others may deny ít (thanks to demonic strongholds that encourage them in this train of thought, just as they do in integrated people), insist they "they" are saved even if "Ruby" or other alters aren't, is demonic delusion. And in saying this, I am not singling out MPDs but stating that this is a problem of all people.

    Perhaps an illustration will help. Let us imagine a country which has seven states or provinces. It is a single nation (see above left). Then the neighbouring countries invade and each occupies one of the provinces (see above right). Is that country saved? Is it free? So long as one or more provinces are under enemy occupation, it is not free. This might be described as the condition of your average Christian. The neighbouring nations are demons and the provinces aspects of the self in this illustration.

    Then let's imagine that the remaining free provinces are infiltrated by terrorists (demons) who cause anarchy and destruction everywhere. Central government collapses. As a result the states split up (MPD) and rely on local government (alters) to continue to function. It's still a single country but without a federal government (integrated core personality) any longer and so the individual states or provinces become, to all intents and purposes, de facto independent (even if de jure they aren't) (see right). The central government may simply become a local provincial government.

    Now when a country disintegrates like that it is very hard to unite it again. Somalia is a good example - it is divided into warring war lords with their own territories. Pre-Communist China was a bit like that with some areas of the country not under the control of Peking (Beijing). The current Afghan crisis may result in a fragmented nation. The only way to reunite a fragmented country is with a powerful central force which has credibility. In the case of an MPD, the only one who can really do that is Christ IF all the subpersonalities or alters accept Him.

    Now here's the problem. In my experience with MPDs, the strongest subpersonalities or alters are usually the most CARNAL. Time and time again I have been talking to subpersonalities who are believers with sound spiritual sense and was about to suggest a course of action which would lead to progress when one of the dominant (and typically very demonised) eavesdropping alters has forced the conscious one aside and "taken over". And as I have pointed out in my other articles, the stronger alters have no conscience about dominating or controlling the weaker ones. Though there is "discussion" between them, there is no true democracy. The decisions that are taken are those who happen to have control of the conscious body at the time - it's a kind of Darwinian dictatorship of the strongest. Thus Vixen, when in control, and likely with the support of the clique of dominant alters like her, set about trying to commit suicide (under the influence of demons), and nearly succeeded.

    Ministering to an MPD is not actually that dissimilar from ministering to an integrated person whose several inner rooms or parts are resisting repentance and spiritual action. Let's be completely honest with ourselves - there are "PARTS" of us which want to go one way, and "PARTS" which want to go another. We are all latently MPD. Thus MPD, even though it is abnormal, should not come as a surprise to us, nor other known and accepted psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia. At the same time, we should not fool ourselves into believing that we only have one "part" of our self - the self has many aspects which, properly aligned to Christ, should all be one and fully integrated like a symphony orchestra.

    The unconscious, passive self is in its nature (unlike the conscious) the active self which is male. Only one subpersonality or alter can manifest at any one time. I have never spoken to two simultaneously. When that alter is manifest, she is in the male, leading, dominant position. All the others are female and unconscious. This is true whether the person is a man or a woman.

    The problem in MPD is that there is a breakdown of central authority. Though there is a core personality, is may sometimes be unconscious. The break down of order caused by MPD means that various cliques form. Bringing an MPD to salvation - one that has been ritually abused by Satanists and therefore demonised - there will be alters who are possessed by one set of demons and alters possessed by others. Some demons will be stronger than others. The moral carnally-disposed and rebellious parts of the personality will, of course, be the more readily demonised, and be the more difficult to deliver. Worse, once delivered, they will continue to be afflicted by the "internnal demons" such pride and rebelliousness which will lead them to try an assume a dominant rôle. The fact that the core subpersonality is not permentantly conscious and in control is evidence that there is spiritual rebellion in the ranks of the alters. In the case of those abused and demonised, it is not untypical for a group of highly demonised alters to form an alliance (often called by MPDs the "Dark Side") and wage civil war against the other alters and, through the influence of their demon task-masters, try to get the others demonised and totally subverted too. And even though the MPD has been abused against her will, there are nevertheless aspects of the original carnal personality susceptible and amenable to demonisation who at some point make conscious choices to sin, and who are still required to repent at some stage of those choices. It may only be one alter, or perhaps two or three, but these are still guilty in some way. And they are not adverse to shifting the blame to other alters or insisting on equal culpability.

    Even after salvation and/or deliverance of demonic bondage, the various alters will, because they are the same person, indulge in the usual self-justification that all fallen human beings do and form loose or strong carnal alliances. They will appeal as their self-justification to the fact that they were victims and had no control over the situation. And of course, they are largely right. When a small child is abused and brutally overwhelmed, she cannot be blamed for her condition, whether it be fragmentation (God's safety mechanism for survival) or demonisation. But in time, as the light of truth through grace percolates through to them, there most certainly are choices to be made, right or wrong, with responsibility and accountability for each. They do not become automatic exception cases to the rules of spiritual cause and effect. And whilst we should pour grace, love and understanding on these abused souls, we must never fall into the trap of believing that they are forever exempt from the Laws of Yahweh. Mature ministry is, to be sure, required, and I would not recommend inexperienced ministers trying to handle MPD cases.

    Once the majority of subpersonalities or alters are saved and can make free choices, they are accountable. Where that line of accountability and non-accountability is to be drawn I don't suppose anybody can say for sure. But there most certainly is one. One of the biggest difficulties in ministering to MPDs is that they are so sensitive, vulnerable and at times touchy, that self-justification becomes an almost reflexive instict to them. They desperately need to be befriended and loved before corrective counselling can be given. They have struggles enough getting people to accept that they are multiple and are not just putting on an act. Worse is when ignorant Christians try to cast out alters as though they were demons. They aren't. But there often are demons lurking in the background pulling strings. So beware. And there are most certainly times when strong correction is required.

    Before integration can take place the core personality has first to be identified. That personality is the divinely-ordained "head" and occupies the "male" position. Getting all the alters to submit to this head is an absolute prerequisite. And then getting the core subpersonality to submit to Christ and His Commandments is the next. We must also not forget that the alters, who have known a kind of pseudo-independence, will not be at all happy about becoming "subject". Pride will have made them actually "enjoy" (in a perverse way) their freedom to act (almost) independently. What they have to understand is that integration is not to their detriment. Surrendering self (in this case, an alter's sub-self) is essential, and trusting the core personality just a wife is supposed trust and obey her husband in Christ.

    As you look at the various subpersonalities or alters in a fragmented MPD you see the whole gammut and range of spiritual disorders that we know so well in integrated people, including butch feminism, bisexuality, and lesbianism. There are certain aspects of every woman's spirit that are more susceptible to these sinful forms of behaviour than the others and it is not therefore atypical to find alters which incarnate these vices more than others. I have sensed as I have talked to various alters that some are more feminine than others - some are almost male. Full male alters in a woman MPD are also found which corresponds to what psychologists have long known as the Animus, or the male component of all women which, when 'he' comes to ascendency, creates feminism, bisexuality and lesbianism.

    It is a new, and perhaps alarming, concept for most to understand that the Self is actually composed of many aspects which can assume independent attributes in the subconscious and which can actually SPLIT OFF as semi-independent subpersonalities and alters as the result of SRA. Many of the "voices" people hear in their heads are not only whispering demons but, more often than not, latent subpersonalities or aspects of the unintegrated self (sometimes the demons talk through these). I know of men who, sharing their dreams with me, have brutally suppressed the female part of themselves (the Anima) which can sometimes appear in dreams as little oppressed and victimised girls. The fact that we have a lesser opposite in ourselves is the basis of our own ability to be independently creative. The interaction of the male and female within us allows us to manifest this divine attribute - for good or evil. I have long believed that every man is 6 parts male and 1 part female, and every woman 1 part male and 6 parts female.

    Because of the differences in the nature of male and female elements, men and women find their fulfilment in different things. There is a divinely ordained balance. The result - butch feministic women and emasculated men. It is all a part of the satanic plan of desexualisation, a forced march into unisexuality and sterility.

    MPD serves to highlight all of these conclusions that I have arrived at over the years, and whilst it is not my purpose to exploit MPD for my own ends, I am not above learning whilst I focus on the main objective which is to bring these suffering people to integration and healing. I see so clearly the issues that face them, the excuses they make, and the similar problems that exist within the Body of Christ as it seeks to live communally and not just for self. I can see what a wonderful asset former MPDs, who have understood their condition and found integration, could be to this developing community. But before they can find hope and move forwards, they have first of all got to come to some painful realisations of just what condition they are in and what they must do, forsaking self-justification, repenting of sin, making themselves accountable (every alter) and accepting the love that is offered them. I don't say it is easy - it is not at all easy when you have been horribly abused by Satanists, and worse if you have been let down and betrayed by ignorant or insensible Christians. But there is hope and there is a way. This ministry, I hope, can offer that. We will make our committment to help if the MPDs in their turn will make theirs to help themselves and those who want to help them.

    This page was created on 5 December 2001
    Last updated on 1 October 2003

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