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    3. Is MPD a Sin?

    The multiples I have met or heard about so far have all maintained that MPD is not a sin and the reason that most gave (all were believers, incidentally) was that they were believers in Christ. Is MPD a sin? I suggest that the correct answer to this question is actually a major key to the healing process.

    Most Christian homosexuals I know believe that homosexuality is not a sin though would agree that the act of homosexuality is (though sadly increasing numbers are rejecting the latter also). Most believe that they were "born" homosexual and that they have no responsibility for their condition. Personally I think it is a grave error to call someone a "homosexual" because it implies that there are "naturally" different kinds of human beings - straights, bisexuals and homosexuals. There are only human beings and the Bible nowhere mentions a category of person called a "homosexual". This can only mean, as I firmly believe, that there are people who are whole and whose who are not. And homosexuality is evidence that a person is not whole (homosexuals are usually MPD - there is a 'homosexual' alter alogn with the core). Whilst being ill may not be a sin, the causes that lead one to being ill may very well be, along with the actual practice of unwholesome thoughts and actions. Noone, for example, would say that there is a category of person called an "adulterer" and as far as I know few if any claim to have been born that way. And yet Christ condemned those who both think adulterous thoughts as well as those who perform adulterous acts.

    A person may develop homosexual tendencies because of, for example, homosexual rape. If this is the case, he is not guilty of sin. If, however, a normal boy or man chooses to experiment with homosexuality and thereafter develops homosexual urges, then very clearly his homosexuality is the result of a sinful decision and act. In either case, a person who commits homosexual acts is sinning.

    A girl or woman who is the victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse, who did not consent to being initiated into satanism (as is typically the case), cannot be said to be living in sin because she spontaneously fragments into multiple subpersonalities in order to cope with the horror and pain of her experience. She is no different from the victim of homosexual rape who develops growing homosexual impulses and obsessions as a result of the abuse. But it must be understood that neither homosexual tendencies nor the ultimate fracturing of a person into multiple parts is a part of the will of God. His will is always that we should be whole. All sinful behaviour leads to varying degrees of personality distortion and/or fracturing.

    Yesterday I was talking to a mutliple who in recent times, following reintegration after considerable ministry, decided because of a subsequent painful experience to fracture again. It was, I was told by two of the subpersonalities, a conscious decision made by all of them in order to deal with the sudden pain and loneliness, though I only have the word of those whom I spoke to. Though one of the subpersonalities called 'Vixen' (not her real name) has previously been a Satanist and on the "dark side" of the two groupings of subpersonalities in the soul, she has since, along with all of the rest (so she claims) received Christ and was saved. Another subpersonality called 'Rose' (not her real name), who has not been on the "dark side", confirmed this to be true later after I had shared Vixen's conversation with me with her.

    Rose went on to tell me that it was God's will that they should fracture in order to cope with the present emergency. Earlier Vixen, also claiming to be a believer though actually displaying many prominent unredeemed behavioural characteristics, said that she was going to return to their former Satanist environment and offer themselves up for ritual sacrifice so that they could escape the pain of this world. After extensive cross-questioning Vixen explained that she believed that since she and the others were saved that they would automatically go to heaven. Both she and Rose insisted that MPD for them now was not a sin and claimed that God had told them to do this. Even Rose, though initially shocked by the revelation that Vixen wanted to commit suicide, nevertheless went along with the suggestion, confirming what Vixen had told me earlier that Rose was a submissive and would go along with whatever she decided.

    It should be obvious to anyone with a grain of common sense that what these subpersonalities wanted to do was, and is, absolutely not in God's will. Suicide in any form is self-murder, even if another party is invited to carry out the killing. Furthermore, by voluntarily fragmenting again, instead of acting as a unified personality, authority and responsibility was, as a result, conferred on the subpersona least redeemed and least able to to make a spiritually balanced decision on anything.

    There are many issues in this case scenario but one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb in my mind was that the decision to fragment in this instance was not just an escape mechanism for perceived unbearable pain but a flight from responsibility. The delegation of responsibility to an authority figure, with the concommittant loss of freedom, is characteristic of a weak-will and may be said to be sinful. The scriptures tell us that we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling something that Rose still claimed to be doing but in practice was transferring to her more dominant subpersona, Vixen. Though both subpersonalities had "given up" the struggle because of their adverse circumstances it was perfectly clear that Vixen, the least spiritually mature and responsible, was the one assuming command of the fractured community. She spoke to me of the others in disparaging terms, calling them gutless and weak, and claiming they would follow her lead and orders to suicide. And though Rose, when I spoke to her afterwards, said she agreed with her, other things she said clearly demonstrated that she was not at all happy about the decision but felt powerless to resist.

    I have to say, without hesitation, that the decision of Rose, Vixen and the others to revert to MPD, was a sin. And even though the response was understandable from a human point-of-view, it was unjustifiable from God's. Their action was no different to someone provoked to anger striking back and violently assaulting his tormentor which, though understandable from a human point-of-view, is nevertheless a sin.

    Whole human beings, no less than fragmented subpersonalities, are all adept at making excuses. There is no such thing as "diminished responsibility" in the vast majority of cases. We are responsible for our actions - always. We may not be responsible for all the things that happen to us, but we are certainly responsible for the way we react to them, no matter how tough the situations may be. And if we respond in the wrong manner, we are missing the mark and sinning.

    There can be no cure for sin unless the sinner recognises the fact of sin in his life. He may, of course, sin in ignorance and be justified for a time, but once the Word of God illuminates that sin to his understanding, then he is without excuse.

    I pointed out to Rose and Vixen from the Scriptures that the primary characteristic of believers is their integral unity in love. "Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are" (John 17:11-12, NKJV). In a spiritual sense we are multiples too. Though remaining as indiviuals, the supreme goal, as described in the Book of Revelation, is to become one Bride of Christ in perfect unity and harmony. The grand consummation of earth-life, which is the Marriage Feast of the Lamb, is that we should attain to perfect unity. Elsewhere in the New Testament, Paul tells believers that they should forget self and act as though they were a single person. The whole spiritual direction that Christian should be moving in is the diametric opposite to voluntary MPD. To say that remaining MPD is ever God will's for a believer is therefore a blatant lie.

    The whole purpose of Christ's atoning work and mission was to bring about integration: "I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me" (John 17:20-23, NKJV). We are called to be one because Christ said: "Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am" (John 17:23-24, NKJV), which of course is heaven. Yet Vixen had deluded herself and the others into believeing that if they fragmented again and arranged for Satanists to take their lives that they would go straight to heaven to be with God.

    It can be seen in the clear light of the Word that a believer's voluntary MPD is a gross sin. It cannot be anything but. The decision to fragment, though prompted by despair and pain, was nevertheless an act of abandomnent - a conscious flight from the responsibility of dealing with reality, however unpleasant, based on the willful counsel of the weakest (spiritually speaking) aspect of the original integrated nature - a part of that nature into which Christ had never fully been admitted and which was giving Satan a voice with which to lie, confuse and subvert.

    We know that we have a spiritual nature and a carnal nature (the 'flesh') with which we are at war. It is difficult enough waging this war when integrated but the possibility for mischief and confusion is multiplied many times over when a soul fragments. The fallen carnal nature, always willing to counterfeit the spiritual and provide a credible alternative to the true spiritual path, can then preach, convince, and gain control, whether it be one carnal subpersona or an alliance of several. And this is clearly what has happened in the case of Rose, Vixen and the others. This is not to say that Vixen is an "evil" person for she demonstrated that her intentions were for the comfort and well-being of the others, even though she was clearly contemptuous of them and undeniably misguided. It was interesting to see how absolutely each persona was convinced that they were walking in the truth, just like real persons, and how they repeatedly excused themselves of any error when it came to the decision to fragment.

    Of course 'their' faith and hope is at a low ebb owing to circumstances mostly out of their control. 'They' feel helpless, friendless, and without a purpose for living. My heart actually goes out to 'them', for they are 'victims' of sorts. But what is to be done?

    My experience thus far is only with women as men with MPD tend to be more hesitatnt for a resolution of their problems. In many ways they are in an even more difficult situation. I do know one male multiple though he is not a Christian and had not fully reintegrated.

    In the next article we shall examine exactly what happens when a soul fragments. Though Rose would "disappear" at first she is now much more open to me. Vixen listens because I call a spade a spade as she does and match her attempts to dominate me in kind, respecting me for that. And whereas before they would get angry with me for confronting them with unpleasant realities, they now listen respectfully. It is important when dealing with MPD to show an abundance of love, firmness, and transparency. I do not mince words. When I quoted Yah'shua's (Jesus') High Priestly Prayer in the Gospel of John they were at first confused. I made Vixen read it out and tell me what it meant. She said she didn't know even though I explained very clearly what it did. But because it went completely contrary to their decision to fragment and their current rationalisations, they could not answer. Only when they are willing to acknowledge the truth of Christ's words can progress be made. And I told Vixen that bluntly. And using my prophetic mantle, I warned her that if they proceeded with her plan that it would result, not in reunion with God in Heaven, but in eternal destruction.

    But there is one final matter that must be mentioned in concluding this essay and it concerns the harmful effects of false doctrine. Both Vixen and Rose revealed to me that they believed in the "once saved, always saved" doctrine. They therefore believed, irrespective of what they did, that they would be guaranteed a place in heaven, even if they allowed themselves to be ritually murdered by Satanists to "end their misery". A more pernicious heresy in the Body of Christ there is not to be found because it neutralises all responsibility for our deeds and conviction of sin. It is assumed that no matter what is done following conversion that Christ will automatically "take care of it". I shudder to think at the number of souls already in hell because of this lie. If Judas Iscariot, who was undoubtedly saved originally, is now a son of perdition in hell, then this surely is evidence enough that believers can lose their salvation.

    Vixen, Rose and the others made a conscious decision to reject Christ in some way when they returned to MPD because they are not now committed to oneness but to the glorification and justification of self ... and not just one self, but possibly dozens of them. They have ended up not only distributing the real pain they feel amongst themselves in (to them) managable doses, but also the collective responsibility to repent and change their lives in the direction of oneness again. And they are lying to, and deceiving, themselves in claiming God has told them to do this. Though they are by no means entirely guilty of their present outward difficulties (and are likely the minor parties), they must bear the whole responsibility for their decision to revert back to MPD and come to understand it was a grievous mistake. There can be no doubt that somewhere in this fractured mess that there are demons lurking, whispering lies, principally to the spiritually weakest yet carnally dominant subpersonalities. It was so evident in many of the things that were said to me.

    We must not, however, forget having said all of this, that Rose (or whoever the original core personality is) is a victim of a horrid abuse. She needs considerable love and prayer as do other victims of SRA who have fragmented into multiple alters.

    This page was created on 31 October 2001
    Last updated on 31 October 2001

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