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    Archive Section II


    A Letter to a Mormon Fundamentalist Friend

    The vision I relate occurred in August 1985. I had been excommunicated from the LDS Church for, amongst other things, teaching what I found in the Journal of Discourses which happened not to agree with current LDS doctrine, which was not agreeable to the authorities at the time. I was progressively "released" as Gospel Doctrine Teacher and finally as Elders' Quorum President until they decided they had had enough of me altogether and went the whole hog. But that's another story which I have already previously related.

    I joined the RLDS Church in 1984 though was never a whole-hearted supporter of all its doctrines though greatly liked its Christ-centredness and whilst there made an in-depth study of the 100+ factions of Mormonism, including the fundamentalists (of which there are many hues - from the LeBarons to Ogden Kraut, and Bautista to the Laffertys). I spent a good many years corresponding with the various leaders, striking up friendships with a number of them, all the while trying to form a picture of how such a diverse body of doctrine and practice could arise from a movement possessing so many scriptures whose purpose was, in part, to eliminate contention over these things. Many had their own scriptures, some quite impressive, actually, including one claiming to have translated the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon (which was saturated with kabbalism, incidentally). During my years after my LDS débâcle I also made an in depth study of the Book of Commandments & Doctrine & Covenants, comparing the several editions, as well as looking at the many unpublished revelations of the LDS presidents (courtesy of Collier). As I saw how the D&C was changed - mutilated in some places - I was forced by shere reason alone to accept a conceptual view of revelation as espoused by the RLDS in order to reconcile the many problems. This created tensions in other areas of faith, particularly with regard to the Bible, which in most instances revealed itself to be plenary-verbal rather than conceptual (e.g. Ezra), effectively forcing at least two concurrent modes of revelation. I was only able to reconcile these two modes by positing that one was superior to the other, and have experienced both myself. However, this is a long story, occupying as it did many years of study and almost as much writing.

    As you know, I have experienced seership a great deal in my life both in and outside Mormonism. As Joseph Smith claimed to have been baffled by the many competing sects of Christendom, I, at that time, was baffled by the many competing sects or factions of Mormonism. One evening, having spent many hours wading through the mountains of correspondences and literature from the various groups (including LDS and RLDS), I went to pray desperate to know what to make of all this mess, petitioning the Lord for some guidance as I had been churchless for 3 years and found myself in a church (RLDS) which I only partly accepted, and unable to return to the LDS Church, not only because I saw that the fundamentalist doctrine was truer than the contemporary doctrine, but because by then, as a result of my studies, I was having considerable problems with parts of the D&C, the first vision accounts, other historical incongruities, etc.. I say this to give you my perspective at the time I received this vision. Thus I was looking for a Restoration faction that was authoritative and teaching true doctrine (these being my theological lenses at the time).


    Whilst prayerfully musing over the different churches and factions a vision suddenly opened up to me. I saw about two dozen Egyptian mummies standing up against a plain wall, with the exception of one which was almost lying flat on the floor. The mummies were tightly wrapped in bandages save for the heads which were covered by death masks. The vision remained in view for nearly half a minute when it disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

    I continued to pray, desirous of an interpretation, for I did not at first understand the meaning of this manifestation. Aware that the Adversary was capable of imitating the revelations of God (having had many revelations and similar manifestations in my life since the age of seven), I sought for more light from heaven that I might receive the correct interpretation and be assured that the vision was from God.

    A few seconds after the first vision, a second burst into view. I was conscious of looking at the same scene as in the first vision only at some future time. The same wall, and the two dozen or so mummies were all still there only there were two major differences. First, ALL the mummies were lying flat on the ground (having previously been propped up against the wall). And second, ALL the mummy cases were now OPEN.

    In each of the mummies was a new-born child wrapped in a bright light -- so bright was the light from each child that I could not see the inside of the mummy cases at all. I looked at each mummy case in turn -- each possessed a new-born male child wrapped in a small white loin cloth. And from each child came this dazzling bright white light that had no apparent source save the child itself.

    Each baby was perfectly formed and was gazing upwards into heaven, moving about in small jerks as new-born babies do. The vision then closed leaving me in awe at which I had seen.

    The vision sapped my strength somewhat so I did not seek an interpretation at that time but retired to bed. The Adversary at this time tried to sow confusion in my mind with false manifestations and so I called upon the Lord to deliver me, which He did.

    I did not receive an interpretation of the visions until a week later, and indeed have not fully understood it until today. I understood the Egyptian mummies to represent the idolatry, darkness, and death of Egyptian paganism, yet within this pagan shell resided a pure Light of Christ. I have come to understand as a result of these visions that Mormonism has a pagan shell which is binding a pure Christ-child as in a funeral casket. The many mummies indicated that all the Mormon factions were in the same predicament -- all, including the mother LDS Church - had a pure core that was bound and rendered impotent by a coffin of occultic paganism which infected the Church from the beginning because of Joseph Smith's dabbling with folk magic, becoming progessively worse as he delved more and more into Masonry, kabbalism, and philosophies of like ilk, resulting not only in the persecution of the saints wherever they went, and their dispossession, but also in the prophet's assassination too. The only was this Christian-occultic amalgam could survive was by literally moving off into the desert of Utah away from the rest of the world. And by the time the rest of the world had caught up geograohically the LDS Church was established numerically and economically.

    But there is more to this vision which is interesting. The fact that the mummies were standing VERTICALLY against the wall represented, I subsequently understood, the pride and arrogance of so many of the factions, each claiming to be the "one and only true church" with whom the Lord was exclusively well pleased. Some mummies were more "vertical" than others, representing therefore their degree of pride or humility. Some had been standing against the wall at varying angles.

    In the second vision all the mummies were lying prostrate or flat upon the floor signalled that all the factions would, at the last day, repent, and the same seed that the Lord planted in the infant Church of Christ in 1830 would again be revealed to the world and be allowed to grow. Note, though, that the mummy cases were open - they were, to all intents and purposes, discarded. The Christ-Spirit was free. The shell, the occultic doctrines and the claim to exclusive representation of the truth, had first to be discarded to allow the Spirit of Christ to be manifested in glory and power. Moreover, ALL the mummies were opened, signifying that there was not ONE "true church" but that the truth was within and belonged to all.

    A year before I had been perplexed by a call from the Lord to start a church in England but now I understood a little more clearly what was I was to do. In the first vision there was one mummy almost lying flat and although I did not know it at the time it was the Church I established in 1986, the Independent Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. From the beginning we discarded the "one and only true church" paradigm and progressively the occultism and pagan doctrines that Joseph Smith had at first, inadvertantly, but subsequenly, deliberately introduced into his "mummy", the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    Historically, we dropped the designation "Latter Day Saints" in about 1990 and in 1992 discarded all the Restoration scriptures whilst holding on to the doctrines which we believe to be true in Mormonism. Thus it is out belief that that first mummy is us - we have broken out of the dead mummy and have found the Christ-child. That, historically, is how the New Covenant Church of God came into being. And we believe the same thing will happen with all the LDS factions, including the mainstream Church and fundamentalists like yourself, and we will all come to a unity of the true faith unencumbered by the paganism of Mormomism. AT THE SAME TIME I believe similar things are happening in Christendom and that we therefore have a dual mission, coming out of Mormonism, on the one hand, whilst preserving the truths it has for the wider Christian world, as well as receiving some of "our own".

    I hope this will help you understand NCCG's perspective and why we are interested in Mormonism. In many respects we are a "pig in the middle", hated by both sides (Mormonism and Orthodox Christianity), though the analogy is limited, and though we have really good friends in both the Mormon and orthodox camps. We believe this is part of our mission - to help illuminate those dead Egyptian coffins to Mormons and to help orthodox Christians to see the treasures that the Latter-day Saints have.

    You are the first person on this BB I have shared this vision with as I felt you would understand it, even if you (I am sure) do not presently agree with it. It is my experience, given me by the Lord within the context of my exodus from Mormonism and my attempts to find a "pure Mormomism" (as you have done). Where I was led was unexpected, for I did not fully grasp the meaning of it all until some years later as the story was unfolding, as it were, and the Lord whittled us down to where He wanted us. We are very much in our infancy now - that baby in the opened mummy. As more Mormons humble themselves and see the contradiction of the oil/water mix of Mormon Occultism/Christianity, thet too, I firmly believe, will be led to the same conclusion. I believe we will see huge convuslions in Mormonism as this process takes place. As the different churches humble themselves (by lying prostrate and vunerable on the floor) so the Lord will do the necessary surgery, and out of this new birth something truly wonderful will happen. But first the idols have to go. It was painful surgery for us, so long accustomed to the Mormon vision fo things, but the Lord did it nonetheless.

    Through my whole walk the vision of Zion never faltered and remains as strong as it ever was. (This is where Greg has veered off, sadly). The Lord called me "Heart of Zion" (Lev-Tsyion) in a prophecy made many years ago through another man and this truly represents the call I feel burning so strongly. I thought it would be realised in Mormonism but I, and others, have seen in visions that the present Mormonism will collapse in a day. But what arises, phoenix-like, out of the ashes will astound everyone. We at NCCG believe we are the first fruits of that fall and rising and have thus come with this message to both Mormons and orthodox Christians. Zion will arise, but not until ALL the dross has been burned away and a pure Gospel is being preached.

    The Lord is mysterious in His ways and I have long ago stopped trying to fathom out His purposes in advance. I am merely content to observe it as it unfolds. The LDS institution continues to fossilise more and more, watering down its message, compromising more and more with the world - in abortion, divorce, etc., whilst continuing to present a satitised front. ALl the other factions continue to split - fundamentalists as well as others. Various fundamentalist factions continue assassinating one another's leaders (Ervil LeBaron, Laffrerty brothers, etc.) and continue to split (Hilldale, UT, and Colorado City, AZ). The signs are all of progressive disintegration as the Lord does His humbling. New leaders will appear in the factions and start admitting, as the RLDS have been honest enough to do, that the official story is not true, and as we are now saying, that the "Restoration Story" is largely nephilim-inspired occultic myth. See the articles I have put up on our homepage that look onto some of these matters (more articles are coming). Yet there WILL BE A RESTORATION - the TRUE RESTORATION - and that is what NCCG is announcing - a restoration free of Smithism and the LDS Scriptures. And that same Restoration is taking place in orthodox Christian groups.

    We are all powerless to resist the Lord's move, and we can either ride with it or watch our cherished institutions crumble before us. I personally don't want to waste my life recruiting for a perishing system which is why I have accepted my "pig-in-the-middle" calling, to be called "mormon" by one wing and "weird" by the other. But such is life.

    Finally, there is another vision which I had as a young Mormon which greatly shocked me but which ties in neatly with all that I have said, and it's about those Mormons who will break out of the LDS system and eventually be led by the true Spirit to this Christ-child:

    I was taken away in the Spirit to a large building the size of one of those majestic cathedrals that characterise the great cities of Europe. In outward appearance the building appeared like a giant version of a typical LDS chapel and I was given to understand that what I was seeing was a representation of the whole Utah Mormon Church.

    The messenger, whose presence I felt but whom I could not see, accompanied me throughout this vision and took me into the building itself. We passed bodily through the walls and I found myself looking upon a scene that caught my breath. Before me were thousands upon thousands of people milling around a long rectangular room filled with pews all facing in a southerly direction.

    The noise emmanating from this great crowd was quite unbearable and I at once thought of Babel. For people were talking loudly to each other, some shouting, and some physically attacking one another. The scene was of utter chaos. As I looked at specific people I could see some smoking, others drinking alcohol, and many were swearing in the vilest of language. In some I could see the spirit of adultery and lasciviousness. Indeed, there seemed to be represented in this people all manner of sin and evil.

    I then noticed a low brick wall, about three feet high, which divided this unholy throng from another portion of the building, and that it ran from north to south. I found myself standing back in the Spirit and became aware that in area this room occupied a full 50% of the whole of the building. As I looked upon this rabble in amazement and disbelief I heard the voice of the Lord saying very clearly to me, "THIS IS THE TELESTIAL PORTION OF THE [MORMON] CHURCH." (In the Mormon system, "telestial" means the lowest degree of glory. When referring to the earth and its inhabitants, it refers to those who are unbelievers and the unsaved).

    I was then taken across the low dividing wall into another portion of the building to a room about the same size as the one I had just left behind but marginally smaller, perhaps occupying some 45-48% of the whole. Here my eyes were greeted by a quite different scene. Row upon row of neatly dressed and respectable people were sitting in pews facing in a northerly direction and apparently listening to a talk or sermon, though I could not at this moment see the person to whom they were giving their attention as I was standing a few yards in front of the podium and to one side, looking at the congregation in front of me at a slight angle.

    I saw fathers, mothers and children in their best Sunday clothes sitting in a quiet, orderly, and reverent manner as was expected of good Latter-day Saints and in perfect reflection of the image usually portrayed to the world in literature and through other media. A feeling of satisfaction came over me and I at once began to feel at home. "Ah!" I thought to myself, "THESE are the Lord's people."

    Immediately this thought had come to my mind the voice of the Lord came again, saying, "NOT SO, MY SON, THIS IS THE TERRESTRIAL PORTION OF THE [MORMON] CHURCH." (In the Mormon system, "terrestrial" is the second degree of glory. When referring to the earth and its inhabitants, it refers to those who are honourable but who are tricked by the craftiness of Satan. They are therefore those with wrong belief).

    I immediately turned around to where I thought the voice had come from and there at the podium, to my amazement and great shock, I saw a minister from the Lutheran Church delivering a sermon to the saints whilst fully bedecked in a long flowing cassock and wearing the traditional white ruffle around his neck.

    I could not believe my eyes nor understand why a minister of a supposedly "apostate" church (from the Mormon point-of-view) was addressing what I supposed was a congregation of the "one and only true church". At the time I assumed that that this man was a symbol of the spirit of priestcraft and apostacy that had by some means (unknown to me then) seized the Mormon Church, a priestcraft and apostacy that the saints were either indifferent or blind to. I have since understood this to be a symbolic usage indicating that the very apostacy the Mormons supposed the Lutherans to be gripped by, they were gripped by themselves.

    To the side of the podium and stand I spotted a curtain which I perceived was concealing a small door. I at once found myself being drawn away from this typical Mormon scene and towards this door which I passed through bodily as I had done earlier through the masonry of the building from the outside. I found myself standing in a small room no larger in area than 2-3% of the giant building.

    Inside the little room were several people wandering around in a state of mild confusion as though blindfolded. They were all trying to sing a hymn but could not do so in harmony because no-one seemed to be aware of anyone else and all were trying to sing different hymns simultaneously. It was not especially noisy for there was a gentle spirit among these people.

    Quite suddenly there was the sound as of wind rushing through the room and those people who had seemingly been totally unaware of each other up until then, saw one another for the first time. Every man and woman turned to face in an easterly direction and immediately began to sing the most beautiful hymn of praise and adoration that I had ever heard. I was filled with unspeakable joy and an overwhelming peace. And the voice of the Lord came to me for the third, and last, time, saying, "THIS IS THE CELESTIAL PORTION OF THE [MORMON] CHURCH. THESE ARE THEY WHO ARE REDEEMED IN THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB." (In the Mormon sysetem, the Celestial is the highest degree of glory, where the Mormon "gods" dwell. When referring to the earth and its inhabitants, it usually refers to those who are true and faithful to the Mormon Church. But here I was shown that those who were truly saved in the blood of Christ were not those of the Mormon system, which was represented by the "terrestrial" group, but those outside the system who were seeking after Christ and the Holy Spirit apart from from the system.)

    I believe most sincerely that there are blood-redeemed Mormons whom the Lord is going to gather out of the various factions. Bearing in mind that there are over 10 million Mormons world-wide, this means that (based on this statistic, which by now is probably out-of-date) 5 million of them are complete and utter pagans simply living an outward form of religion, and just under 5 million sincerely believe in and live by a false religious system which brings no salvation. The remainder, some 200,000 to 300,000 Latter-day Saints who, while members of the Mormon organisation, have met the living Christ in some way and are desperately seeking for a spiritual endowment. It is this remnant of the LDS system whom I believe will come out of Mormonism and be baptised in the Holy Spirit and fire. It is principally these whom New Covenant Christians are seeking.

    A body of 200,000 to 300,000 Spirit-endowed ex-Mormons would be a mighty force indeed. We believe mighty things will soon happen.

    In the meantime the slanging will continue on this Bulletin Board and more fingers will be needed to plug that leaking dam until there aren't any more left and the wall bursts down for good. Then former foes will become friends and labout together in the Lord and build that Zion which has remained so elusive.

    In Yahshua (Jesus)

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    Updated on 10 March 2001

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