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    FAQ 108
    The Nature of the Spirit World
    NCW 10, June 1994

    Q. Please would you describe the nature of the Spirit world as understood by your Church? What is the origin of evil spirits?

    The invisible (to our physical senses) world is, as we understand and have experienced it, divided up into many "levels" or "regions", rather like an onion consists of many layers. One doctrine that we personally hold to is that "spirit" and "matter" are but the same substance in different densities. Each layer of the spiritual/material "onion" has a definite boundary, much as there is a boundary between the different states of matter -- gas, liquid, and solid (though there are "boundary states" as well). In addition to physical and spiritual states there is a THIRD state, which to use Christian terminology I will call the state of resurrection. Resurrected material, such as the Lord Jesus Christ is composed of, is a perfect blending of all the states of matter, spiritual and physical, into one harmonious, united whole. Resurrected "matter" is immortal and experiences no death, suffering or pain. It is, as I understand it, the "material" of God. As such, therefore, it is not subject to evil influence of any kind.

    Since the fall of man, the boundary between the physical and spiritual planes has become so sharp as to represent a gulf or abyss, rather like a canyon or gorge. Our bodies, as I am sure you appreciate, are made up of essentially two groups of material: the physical body (in all its states), and the spiritual body (in all its states). There is a tenuous connection between the two, described by thousands who have experienced "out of body" movement as a "silver thread" (see Eccl.12:6). When that "thread" or "cord" is broken, a human being experiences death -- the separation of body and spirit.

    There are boundary states between the physical and spiritual which some call the "astral vehicle". It is a force field created by the interaction of body and spirit. At death is lingers on for a while before disintegrating. The Russian scientist Kirlian photographed it. It is the realm of fantasy also and such astral shells may be inhabited temporarily by spirits.

    So in reality there are three broad "planes" of existence (I won't complicate the picture by looking at further detail) -- the PHYSICAL, the intermediate ASTRAL state, and the SPIRIT.

    The physical world, as common sense tells us, is corrupt. It is in a state of decay. It is not the original Edenic state of peace and harmony. Animals and humans kill one another. Our gene pool is becoming weaker. We are subject to the inevitable process of the second law of thermodynamics, which says that our universe is moving from a state of order to disorder (even though evolutionists amazingly say the opposite).

    According to the Bible, before the physical world was created, there was a rebellion in heaven. Lucifer, the archangel, as he was then, coveted power, became proud in his heart, and fell. He incited the spirits in the world of spirits to rebel against the authority of God and managed to persuade one third of the heavenly host (unincarnated spirits) to follow him. You will find this account described in the Book of Revelation (Rev.12:7-9). As a result, after this world was created and had fallen, they were cast out of heaven and "down" to earth where they -- now evil spirits or demons -- have been a plague to mankind ever since. If you read my pamphlet, Whom Do You Worship? I talk a little about this in my discussion on subpersonalities and the astral plane.

    The physical earth exists in space. So does the spirit world. Like an onion, the earth is layered by many degrees of the spirit world. We thus cohabit the same space with many beings. The lowest layers are inhabited by the demons, both those who were thrown out of heaven and those spirits of dead human beings who chose evil whilst in physical mortality and who are now demons themselves. Neither the fallen angels/pre-mortal spirits nor the evil spirits of the dead have resurrected physical bodies. Only the Lord Jesus Christ, and those few who were resurrected with him when He arose from the dead (as recorded in the Gospels) have resurrected bodies. These bodies are tangible -- they are solid -- they can be touched and felt, and yet they are of a higher order than mortal physical bodies. They are therefore able to pass through physical matter, as Jesus passed through a solid wall when He came to the Upper Room to be with the apostles after His resurrection.

    We are influenced by many invisible forces which I will now list:

      1. The fallen angels from heaven -- demons. They are spirits.
      2. The spirits of the dead who are evil. They are spirits too.
      3. The spirits of the dead who were good in this life or who have not yet been born. They are spirits.
      4. Angels, who may either be spirits or resurrected.
      5. The HOLY SPIRIT, the Third Member of the Godhead.
      6. The SPIRIT OF CHRIST, the omnipresent spirit of Jesus.
      7. Our own unconscious.

    Discerning between these forces is the GREAT PROBLEM IN LIFE because people get them hopelessly confused. We are usually influenced by mixtures of these forces, depending on our conduct in life and what it is we believe in. Basically, though, these can be summarised into three categories of force:

      1. Evil powers
      2. Good powers
      3. Ourselves

    To be able to discern these spirits necessarily requires that we obtain the Holy Spirit which God has promised us.

    A word of warning (should it be needed) -- evil forces can HEAL as well as PREDICT THE FUTURE and READ PERSONALITY. This I know for sure. Moreover, evil spirits can appear to be benevolent at first. In the beginning they bestow favours until they have obtained a drug-like dependency between them and the humans they are trying to control; then they take over completely. This is the true sense of the meaning of "demon possession".

    Many of the "voices" people hear are often dead relatives. There are strong family connections between the living and the dead, both for good and bad. Many inexplicable illnesses people have are often the result of the controlling, manipulative forces of ancestors. Part of our temple work involves breaking these "curses".

    Now the good news. It is my experience and belief that the Name of Jesus Christ is above all other names in holiness and power. Through faith in His Name the bond between malevolent forces can be broken. It requires, however, our complete discipleship. He, unlike malevolent forces, never compels, however, but lovingly allows us to respond in our own time, way, and according to our own will. He will occasionally allow us to pass through dark times to strengthen us and sometimes these appear to be perplexing and almost contradictory. And it is not until after the "dark night" of suffering/testing does the truth and reason/purpose become clear.

    The New Age Movement is the religion of mystical experience. In saying this we do not throw a wet blanket on mystical experience because we also consider ourselves to be Christian mystics. However, unlike New Agers, we do not actively seek mystical experience. New Agers claim to be led by "spirit guides" who are none other than demonic spirits. Blavatsky, Rudolf Steiner, Annie Bessant and others were instrumental at the end of the last century in introducing this kind of pantheistic spirit-worship to the west from India and Tibet. (Interestingly, one of these groups was originally called the LUCIFER FOUNDATION, which they have now abbreviated to LUCIS ("light" -- Lucifer was an "angel of light) TRUST to avoid the predictable public reaction).

    To be controlled by evil spirits gradually destroys the soul. They drain your energy. And there is a reason they take possession.

    The Gospel of St.John tells us that everyone who is born into this world is born with a portion of the Spirit of Christ (introductory verses of Chapter 1). This is a divine SUBSTANCE which gnostics call a divine spark (occultists too, incidentally -- only they claim that because we have this "spark" that we are gods too, instead of acknowledging that this is a GIFT from God that is ON LOAN). This Light is a substance, a spirit material, that is pure and holy. That is why newborn children are so pure and holy. It is only as children grow up and make wrong choices that the Light becomes progressively concealed, again, like layers of sin upon an onion whose core is pure and holy. For this reason human beings have different "consciences" -- they perceive good and bad slightly differently -- because these lays of sin, acting like filters, distort the pure light emanating from the Light of Christ which seeks to illuminate and transform our spirits by a leavening process (like yeast in the dough).

    When a soul repents -- turns from wrong and acknowledges the true source of Light -- the layers of sin (wrong thinking, feeling, and action) are removed and the Light shines purely.

    The transition from being controlled by an evil spirit guide to accepting Christ is often fraught with danger. To begin with, like a drug addict having the drug removed, there is a violent reaction in the body (withdrawal symptoms). The person feels deprived of energy and other vital life substances. It is tempting, as this stage, to think that something good has been lost when the opposite is true. The result is also a loss of certain psychic "gifts" which was the evil spirit's "payoff" to its host.

    Now some spirits are more evil than others. Some are just temporary parasites, coming and going from time to time. Others are permanent residents. Yet others end up destroying the bodies they inhabit through drugs, sexual abuse, disease, etc..

    Why do they enter? What is their purpose? There is, of course, the reason of pure perverse "pleasure" (malevolence). But there is a deeper reason.

    All life exists because of the Life of Christ in it. The energy we have is the result of this divine gift. The spirits of the evil ones do not have the light because they are evil. Without it they would perish. Since they cannot (will not) obtain it by righteousness, they take it by force. (There is an "obscure" passage in the Gospels where Jesus say that the violent take the Kingdom by force). They do this either by parasitizing their hosts (feeding off their physical and spiritual energy) or by killing them (death results in a large amount of released energy). And the purer and more innocent a host is, the stronger that energy is (because it is not concealed/layered by sin). Hence satanists prefer to abuse and murder young children.

    This is, I know, gruesome but I think important to talk about for the sake of those who are imprisoned. Without this stolen light, evil spirits loose consciousness and effectively "die" -- rather like a spirit in incubation or "frozen". Thus to live, they must possess and destroy.

    The spirits of the just and righteous, however, are immortal because they have the Light of Christ within them forever, because God is immortal.

    It is amazing, if you think about it, that God allows us to abuse the Light as we do. Without it we would have no existence, physically or spiritually.

    Throughout this life we are influenced by evil forces. We make mistakes and (hopefully) repent (change direction) and try again. People are influenced by evil forces who believe in God because they mistakenly believe it is God working through them. It is no real paradox. They discover they have been worshipping a subpersonality shaped by an evil spirit.

    I personally find this subject rather a distasteful one but necessary if we are to avoid being deceived. The Holy Spirit is the greatest prize of all. Once you are born again into a vision of Christ and His Kingdom, and have the presence of the Holy Spirit to cleanse you of sin (remove those layers of sin from around the Light of Christ -- a bit like a spring clean) then the Light of Christ can operate freely in a person's life. And then, according to God's will (and not man's) He may bless you with visions, prophecies, and other gifts. But the greatest gift of all is love.

    This page was created on 24 April 1998
    Last updated on 24 April 1998

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