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    01-5. The Restoring work of NCCG

    Most of what NCCG is doing is not new. Indeed, through the ages, but most particularly in the last two centuries, God has been raising new churches to ensure that precious truths removed by Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy be restored for the final gathering in these our days. Many of these Churches (like most Churches, in fact) have continued to espouse many of the false teachings of mother Rome or even invented new heresies but what is important are the diadems of truth concealed within their darkness. Though all of these truths are plainly to be found in the Bible, poor translation influenced by biases of one sort of another, coupled with the stiffling effect of tradition, have all but concealed them.

    Where NCCG differs is that it is gathering ALL of these truths together as well as restoring some others through new revelation. You will find all of these principles discussed in articles on the main homepage so our purpose here will merely be to draw them to your attention. The following list is not in any sort of heirarchical order of importance:

    • 1. THE TRUE SABBATH. Though the Seventh-Day Adventists were amongst the first to recover the original commandment, which was never abrogated in the New Testament nor by the early Church, there are now increasing numbers of Churches returning to their biblical roots and forsaking the old pagan Day of the Sun introduced by the Roman Church into Christianity to avoid being persecuted as 'Jews' and to make the Gospel more pallatable to pagans. New Covenant Christians became Sabbatarian in 1999;

    • 2. THE TRUE NAMES OF GOD. Scholars have long known that the true Name of God is YAHWEH but the corrupt and blasphemous name "Jehovah" had been in use for so many centuries by almost every Christian Church that it took the advent of the Messianic Jewish movement to make Western Christians confront the issue. Even more entrenched was the Greek Name for the Saviour, "Jesus", which in fact should be YAH'SHUA (variants include 'Yeshua' and 'Yehoshua'). Why is this important? Because salvation is through the Names of Yahweh and Yah'shua, and because these names are not mere sounds but REVELATIONS on the divine nature and purpose. Though God is merciful and tolerant of our mistakes in the days of our ignorance, now the truth is being made known, Christians no longer have any excuse. Though NCCG has been using both Hebrew and gentile forms of the Names of Deity, it was not until a revelation was received in 1999 that the Hebrew names were officially adopted as the names to be used by the Church;

    • 3. TRUE WOMEN'S MINISTRY. For centuries women have been denied their proper place in the Body of Christ as both partakers and ministers of the Word of Salvation. This weakness in Christianity was exploited by liberals steeped in atheism, feminism and/or paganism who started ordaining women to the Priesthood according to a FALSE pattern in recent times. Faulty Bible translations, again influenced by centuries of die-hard tradition, have placed women into a position of subservience that is nowhere warranted by the Gospel. NCCG has separate though complementary Priesthood Orders for both men and women;

    • 4. TRUE PATRIARCHY. The word "patriarchy" carries negative connotations with it in our liberal feminist-influenced Western world but it is a true biblical and absolute principle. Man is the head of the woman, as God is the head of Christ, and as Christ is the head of the Church. This is NOT, however, a licence given to men to repress women. Rather, it is the true doctrine of women's liberation, and not the counterfeit created by Satan in the feminist movement. The Scriptures declare that the whole of creation is groaning awaiting the Sons of God to be revealed. Only the wives are able to manifest the Sons of God to creation, for the man is the glory of Christ, but the woman is the glory of man. Men cannot reveal that glory themselves - ONLY THEIR WIVES CAN! Husbands who oppress their wives will reveal only that they are tyrants. Husbands who glory in their wives and love them sacrificially with their whole hearts will thereby have their glory revealed, for it is by the same principle that the glory of Yahweh is revealed, by sacrificially loving us so much that he sent His Son down to earth to die for us. Accordingly, women's priesthood orders reveal the glory of men's priesthood orders. Without the women the men are nothing. Without the men the women are nothing. And without Christ both are nothing! For centuries this principle has been little understood but again, in the latter part of the 20th century, we are seeing this true principle restored. Patriarchy is one of the fundamental doctrines of NCCG;

    • 5. TRUE MARRIAGE. Connected with True Patriarchy (#4) and True Women's Ministry (#5) is True Marriage and not the counterfeit forms evolved by western secular society or false patriarchy. Though for 2000 years Christians have claimed Christ and convinced themselves that they are builiding Yahweh's Kingdom upon the earth, heaven has NOT come to earth - not even remotely! Christians seem as troubled by sin as the pagans around them. The Church has starkly revealed that it needs more than Reformation - it needs full and complete RESTORATION. If the Church is to be the Kingdom of God on earth, it must triumph over sin and be capable of welding believers into a tightly-knit, spiritually victorious, and loving FAMILY with ties as strong as, if not STRONGER than, the ideal biological family. With the latter being eroded by the liberal attack on family life, making a strong spiritual family becomes even more difficult because there are no longer many good rôle models of successful Christian families to build on. In the Bible FAMILY and CHURCH are closely connected and this was accomplished in large measure by large and strong families, the biological family being a type of the spiritual family, and vice versa. Accordingly we have seen not only a strong movement to preserve the family with the proper structure with the father as head of the family, but we have also seen the restoration amongst patriarchal evangelical Christians of PLURAL MARRIAGE (or polygamy). The Bible teaches that polygamy will be a characteristic of God's people in the last days but the Roman Church has done all in its power not only to suppress this principle (which it has done successfully) but to even demand celibacy for the Priesthood which the apostle Paul said would be a characteristic of latter-time apostacy (along with forced vegetarianism, courtesy of a large segment of the New Age movement). To make matters more difficult, Bible translators, influenced by Catholic prejudices on marriage (and still inherited by Protestants from their mother Church regarding polygamy), have obscured many Bible passages on the subject and tried to demonise it. It is a sobering thought when one realises that Paul pronounces judgment on those who denigrate the biblical practices of marriage (monogamy and polygamy) and diet by saying they are under the influence of demons. NCCG acknowledges all biblical practices of marriage and not simply those that are approved of by the Roman Church and her daughters, secular and religious;

    • 6. THE TRUE HOLY SPIRIT. Coupled with #3, 4 & 5 is the important truth that the Holy Spirit is FEMALE, even though this has, at various times, been acknowledged by the Eastern Orthodox Church. Historically this has been obscured by the Roman (and Eastern Orthodox) Church by blasphemously transferring female divinity to the virgin Mary. You can read more about this in our series on the Trinity and in other articles on the main site;

    • 7. THE TRUE TRINITY. New Covenant Christians regard themselves as Proto-Trinitarian, which we affirm was the original teaching of the New Testament Church. We do not, however, claim any final revelation on this matter, and as you will read on our series of articles on the Trinity, are only willing to officially endorse that which is unambiguously stated in the Bible. We believe that classical Trinitarianism, whilst an interesting model, goes far beyond what the Bible teaches and cannot be regarded as any more than theological speculation. We affirm, with the rest of Christendom, the deity of Christ and are (for now) comfortable fellowshipping with Trinitarians, though we are deeply troubled by some of the similarities between classical Triniatrianism and the Nimrod-Semiramis mystery religion teachings;

    • 8. THE TRUE SPIRITUAL GIFTS. We believe that ALL the gifts mentioned in the New Testament are for all time and are given by Yahweh to perfect the saints and bring them to a unity of the faith. We are, however, most insistant upon testing all the gifts claiming manifestation in the churches, for we are convinced that many of the gifts of prophecy, tongue-speaking and exorcism are counterfeit, either being soulish or devilish. There are many articles that discuss these issues on the main site. We most certainly distance ourselves from 99.9% of the 'glossolalia' that is to be heard, and believe that in public, at any rate, true tongue-speaking is of a known language that is given for the blessing of a person who can understand that language so that they may be convinced of the power of God and/or so that they may be able to hear the Gospel preached in their own language;

    • 9. TRUE MODERN REVELATION. The New Covenant admits to modern revelation which it also records as secondary scripture to the Bible. Though we are aware that there is much false revelation in circulation, and in particular from the cults, we do not believe that God ever closed the Biblical Canon. However, we freely acknowledge that God has preserved His Word in this form over the centuries to defend the Body of Christ from certain kinds of heresy and this is therefore the reason NCCG voluntarily limits itself to the Bible as primary canon. However, we affirm that there is more Scripture and that NCCG is, along with some others, receiving it. The most important body of modern revelation is to be found in NCCG's collection called THE OLIVE BRANCH which may be read and purchased in book format or as a CD-ROM at the main site. A central tenet of NCCG is that all modern revelation must harmonise with, or be a legitimate expansion of, the Bible to be accepted. The secodary canon of NCCG is open and being yearly added to;

    • 10. TRUE APOSTOLIC MINISTRY. Though NCCG acknowledges that the original 12 apostles have a special place eschatologically, it also recognises the importance of CONTEMPORARY APOSTLES sent out in the same kind of power as the original apostles. It also acknowledges, in addition to the original 12 male apostles, a separate but complimentary body of FEMALE APOSTLES of whom Junia in the New Testament was an example. The overall government of the New Covenant Church of God consists (when fully organised) of 12 male Apostles and 144 female Apostles, which are presided over by six of their members to form a Presiding Patriachate consisting of 3 men and 3 women;

    • 11. TRUE CHURCH DEVELOPMENT. Whilst NCCG recognises that the New Testament Church forms the basic model for the true Christian Church throughout the centuries, it also understands that structures evolve to meet the needs of a growing institution. However, these evolving structures must of necessity be legitimate developments of the original pattern or structure, and not some structure wholly disjunctive with the NT pattern. We even see this evolution at work in the NT itself as we compare the early structure of the ministry in the Epistle of James and compare that with the later developments in Paul's Epistles. We believe that substantial deviations took place after the first century which ultimately led to the Romish pattern. NCCG has a highly developed pattern which you will see fits smoothly with the overall biblical revelation;

    • 12. A TRUE ESCHATOLOGY. There are many false teachings about the Second Coming of Christ even to denying that it will occur at all or that it has already happened invisibly. NCCG maintains that Yahshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ) will return physically and visibly at the end of this dispensation to inaugurate and preside over an earthly 1,000 year Kingdom of Peace and Righteousness (the Millennium) by means of the kind of patriarchal theocratic government that NCCG is even now restoring. We do NOT believe that true Christians will be whisked away into heaven before the Great Tribulation (the so-called "Rapture") which we maintain is wholly unbiblical and is a doctrine no older than the 19th century, having no existence in early Christianity. We believe that the Church will pass THROUGH the Tribulation which is why NCCG is in the opening stages of building cities of refuge for this time. We believe that the Church will be caught up into the air to meet the returning Christ at the end of the Tribulation, but not before;

    • 13. TRUE AUTHORITY. There are a number of Christian and pseudo-Christian Churches ('Christian' in the broadest sense of the word), who represent the vast majority of Christendom, who claim that they possess the authority of heaven to be the one and only true Church on the earth by virtue of apostolic succession. These Churches include the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). There are a number of others also. Without exception, these Churches follow a modification of the Old Testament pattern. Under the Law of Moses all Priests had to be born through the Israelite tribe of Levi and were later set apart by ordination when they had come of age. Yahshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ) abolished that whole Levitical/Aaronic Priesthood system which he fulfilled in Himself and instituted the Melchizedek Priesthood, of which He was, and is, the eternal High Priest. All who are born again in Christ are born into this Priesthood and are then set apart in various offices according to their callings in Christ. True authority, therefore, is based on (a) being born again in Christ; and (b) receiving His gifts and stewardship by ordination within a Church. In this respect we are in broad agreement with the more modern wing of evangelical Christianity, the more traditional Protestant Churches continuing to emphasise the Clergy-Layman divide. We believe that ALL are called into the ministry, men and women alike, but that each individual has his or her separate call to serve;

    • 15. A TRUE ANGELOLOGY. It is probably true to say that Christendom has been somewhat baffled by angels, their nature, rôle, and future. We are one of the very few Churches which has been told by revelation the origin of the Nephilim who were angels who came to earth and married women before the flood wiped out the corrupted human race. NCCG believes that Mormonism was founded by these "Nephi's" or "Nephilim" and has a whole website dedicated to exposing this counterfeit Gospel called "NEFILIM". We also believe that the UFO phenomenon is largely to be explained by the activities of these fallen angels;

    • 16. THE TRUTH ABOUT IMMORTALITY. There are two main 'Christian' doctrines about the soul. The first, based on Greek pagan philosophy called neo-Platonism, which is the doctrine of virtually all Christendom (Catholic, Eastern Orthodox and Protestant) who believe that the soul (or spirit of man) is unconditionally immortal and can never die. The second, which is espoused by the Jehovah's Witnesses, Worldwide Church of God, many Messianic Jewish groups, and others, believes in the doctrine of "soul sleeping" which teaches that the soul is no more than our physical bodies plus the impersonal breath of God. They believe we cease to exist after death save as a "memory" of God and that we shall be recreated from that "memory" at the last day. New Covenant Christians have received a revelation which reconciles the two apparently conflicting sets of scriptures in the Bible (which has led to these two schools of thought) which says that our spirits are indeed immortal but only conditionally, so long as we are in the presence of God or within those spheres where He has ordained the spirit to continue living. Thus all spirits born into bodies here on earth are accompanied by what the apostle John called the "Light of Christ" that animates both our spirits and physical bodies. We believe that there is both full consciousness, partial consciousness, and total unconsciousness after death. As revelation on this subject is quite new (1999) it has yet to be fully refined;

    • 17. THE TRUE DOCTRINE OF ISRAEL. One of the most dangerous doctrines that has become fastened to "orthodox" Christianity is called REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY. According to this almost universal 'Christian' teaching, the Church replaced Israel and is the inheritor of Israel's blessings and promises. Needless to say, this doctrine has no biblical warranty. According to the New Testament, the Church IS Israel, and Israel IS the Church: those Israelites (Jews and others of the tribes of Israel) who reject Christ cease to be Israelites any more, and those non-Israelites who accept Christ become adopted Israelites. Israel and the Church are not, therefore, separate entities. Moreover, they are associated with a NATION which will be fully restored when Christ returns at the beginning of the Millennium. The present day Republic of Israel is not the Millennial Israel but a precursor to it. The Church of God is therefore the Church of Israel;

    • 18. THE TRUE DOCTRINE OF ORIGINS. Judging by what is taught at school and by the media you would think that evolution is a proven fact. It isn't. It isn't even scientific. The theory (better called an 'hypothesis') of evolution is a philosophical system based on atheism that is scientifically unprovable since it cannot be reproduced in the laboratory. The biblical doctrine of CREATION cannot be tested scientifically either but it is possible to assemble facts and see which doctrine the facts fit the best. We believe that the facts overwhelmingly fit a creationist model the best and therefore reject evolutionism from both a biblical and a scientific perspective. Not only is evolution non-scientific but it is positively ANTI-BIBLICAL and undermines the whole Gospel of Yahshua (Jesus). New Covenant Christians therefore unequivocably reject evolutionism as a satanic teaching without any scientific foundation. New Covenant Christians also believe in a doctrine of HUMAN PRE-EXISTENCE. This is not a doctrine of reincarnation which we utterly reject. This means that we existed as spirits before we came to earth life so that our spiritual beginning was not at the point of conception. NCCG teaches, like the rest of Christendom, that we live only once in mortality and must thereafter face the judgment of Yahweh. The biblical data is not particularly clear on this teaching, it being possible to interpret it from either the traditional view that we only pre-existed in God's mind, or from the NCCG position that we were created as spirits before we incarnated on earth. Modern revelation has clarified this teaching for us. We do not believe we have eternally pre-existed as Christ did;

    • 19. THE TRUTH ABOUT THE UNBORN. The New Covenant Church of God is uncompromisingly pro-life and anti-abortion. We believe that human life begins at conception and that we have never been given the mandate to "terminate" that which is another human being. Abortion is murder and brings with it demonic oppression unless it is repented of, permanently forsaken, and cleansed by the blood of atonement and through the forgiveness of Christ. NCCG will not admit anyone into membership who has not first gone through this process;

    • 20. THE TRUTH ABOUT SEX & MARRIAGE COVENANTS. Sex was regarded as good, wholesome and healthy by the Law of Moses in ancient Israel and the early Church before the Gnostics and Catholics got their hands on it and made it something "dirty". Protestantism has picked up on this also and deep down wonders if there is not something intrinsically "sinful" about it though there are many Churches now rejecting this old Catholic legacy. NCCG maintains that sex is good because God pronounced it so at the beginning. Sex only becomes impure, dirty and sinful if it takes place outside of heterosexual marriage or if it becomes idolatrous. Marriage is defined in the Bible and by NCCG as the union of a couple (in monogamy - more in polygamy) where the parties have mutually agreed to be faithful to one another all their lives in the presence of witnesses. We do not believe that the secular state is required to sanction it and indeed had no part in it until recent times but that this is a function that belongs to the millennial theocracy. NCCG will support any common-law marriage where the biblical conditions have been met. We believe that all past acts of fornication and adultery must be forsaken and cleansed through the blood of Christ before a person is admitted to Church membership. NCCG is opposed to all contraceptives and only recommends the use of condoms to those who are weak in the flesh. Self-control is one of the evidences of a full salvation;

    • 21. THE TRUTH ABOUT ALCOHOL & TOBACCO. The Levitical Priesthood were required to abstain from alcohol as a part of their service and even the non-priestly Rechabites were praised for abstaining. John the Baptist renounced alcohol. Whereas the consumption of alcohol in moderation is permissive, Christians are a Priesthood of Believers and like their Levitical predecessors ought to have no part of it. New Covenant Christians do not drink alcohol. It is the cause of so many social ills that we feel it is better to abstain from it altogether and so not become a stumbling block to the weak. Tobacco, as is well known, is an addictive narcotic that also causes cancer to both smokers and non-smokers forced to breathe it in passively. It is so obviously an anti-social killer that only willfully blind Christians refuse to see it as a gross sin against the temple of the Holy Spirit (the human body). New Covenant Christians do not therefore smoke. We strongly advise against all addictive chemicals and therefore expect Priesthood officers to abstain from caffeinated substances like tea and coffee also, recommending that pre-ordinands abstain from them also;

    • 22. THE TRUTH ABOUT MODERN MUSIC. One of the greatest victories won by Satan over the last two or three generations has been in the arena of MUSIC. Unpopular though this position may be, New Covenant Christians come with a sober message that ROCK, RAP, HEAVY METAL, NEW AGE and much POP music is of demonic origin and content. Birthed in the matrix of pagan demon-worship in Africa with its encantations and special drum beats, rock is but another variety of voodoo, whose god is Satan. "Christian Rock" is no more possible than "Christian Demon-Worship" and is a total misnomer, for though the lyrics may superficially sound "Christian" the syncretisation of the Christian words with a satanic art form is little short of blasphemy. Music is not neutral but is a power in itself and those who tamper with it run the risk of severely burning their fingers and inviting possession by dark forces. NCCG has a prophetic ministry of discerning music, a special calling of the Patriarchate, to whom members are expected to defer as apostolic dividers of the Word. We do not compromise in this area. Much of this worldly and devilish music has heavily infiltrated the churches and destroyed tens of thousands of souls. NCCG comes with a loud, prophetic warning - GET RID OF ALL DEVILISH MUSIC!;

    • 23. THE TRUTH ABOUT HELL. The doctrine of hell, misunderstood and misapplied, has done more spiritual damage to seekers after truth than almost any other. A poor understanding of Greek and Hebrew, coupled with a deliberate avoidance of scriptures which don't agree with "pet theories" and addiction to a single translation of the Bible, have not helped matters. To begin with, HELL IS REAL - it is not just an internal condition but a PLACE, and is every bit as terrible as those who have tried to make it a place of horror have claimed it to be. It is not just the "grave", as some teach. Secondly, DREADFUL though hell is, to which no sane person would ever wish to go, it is NOT BIBLICAL to teach that hell is a place of never ending punishment, though it will SEEM such for those in it. We do not know everything about hell (whether some beings like the devil and his fallen angels - and some humans who have denied the Holy Spirit - will be annihilated at some future point) but we do know, taking ALL the biblical scriptures into consideration, that (a) "eternal" damnation does not mean "for ever and ever, time without end", but that it is a FIXED period of time (however long); and (b) Christ will draw ALL men and women to him (who have not been annihilated) in the end. The Bible offers a dim hope to the unrepentant sinner in life but does not mince meat about the nightmare that hell actually is - IT WOULD BE BETTER NOT FOR ANYONE TO GO THERE;

    • 24. THE TRUTH ABOUT BIBLE VERSIONS. The devil hates the Bible and has done everything he can to suppress it, destroy it, alter it, and destroy confidence in it.. There are many mutilated versions around. However, there is NO ONE SINGLE PERFECT ENGLISH TRANSLATION and it is dangerous to place complete faith in just ONE version. There is a dangerous cultic spirit in the churches claiming only ONE English version is true and that all others are false - this heresy is repudiated on this site. Inspite of the problems, God HAS preserved His Word, and even though the original manuscripts are no longer available, it is possible to reconstruct them with 99.99999% certainty. NCCG has no "exclusive" version though tends to work mostly with the King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), Jewish New Testament (JNT), and several others. Plans for a New Covenant Version (NCV) are underway;

    • 25. THE TRUTH ABOUT REALITY. Reality is not usually a comfortable thing and sadly people often prefer to live a delusion rather than admit they are wrong. The Bible prophesies that STRONG DELUSION will afflict the world in the last days and that those who expose it will be hated, persecuted and killed. When the Titanic hit an iceberg that spelled its doom, those who knew the truth were unable to admit the peril the ship was in because of their pride in the ship's supposed unsinkability. The wicked, when the end comes, invariably perish in unbelief, unable to admit that the end has even come. As witnesses of Yahshua haMashiach (Jesus Christ) we have a solemn duty, no matter what the consequences to our reputation or personal safety, to warn the world that it is dying and to urge them to escape the wrath that is to come, and is already nearly upon us, by turning to Christ - and Christ alone - for their salvation.

    We hope that this brief introduction to the New Covenant Church of God will give you some idea of who we are and what we stand for. If you would like to know why we believe these things, we invite you to take a detailed look at this and other NCCG websites. Before entering the main Website by clicking the white arrow, we suggest you take a look at four other important topics, namely, ARE YOU SAVED?, the SABBATH, the TRINITY, and THE FIVE COMMISSIONS.

    May Yahweh bless you as you seek to know Him and respond in obedience to your call.

    This page was created on 21 July 1999
    Last updated on 8 August 1999

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