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    Communing with Your Baby Before Birth

    How many times have you heard a mother speak of her unborn child as "it"? "Oh, I just felt it move!", she might typically say upon feeling the baby turn or kick inside. But that unborn child is not an "it" -- "it" is a male or a female from the moment of conception. But there is another mind-frame which most people of the western world use when speaking of their unborn, for they invariably do not see "it" as a person. "It", they maintain, is not a full human being, but an impersonal lump of meat that can be "aborted" or "terminated" at will without offending any moral scruples.

    This essay is not, however, about abortion which to the Bible-believing Christian is a settled issue. Accepting that the unborn is an independent human being temporarily dependant on his mother both before and after birth, and protected by God's laws, the question that I would like to ask follows on from this realisation: if the unborn is fully human, is he (or she) fully conscious? And if he is, should we be trying to communicate with him?

    Are the Unborn Conscious?

    To some, such a question might seem comparable to communicating to the spirit of the dead through a spiritualist medium but such a comparison would not be just. The "dead" have already completed their cycle of existence on earth and are on their way to another world (or are already there) whereas the unborn are "on their way in" to the world. Consulting or communicating with the dead is utterly forbidden in the Bible and the only contact we may have with them is to help apply the Spirit of Elijah to bring them peace and reconciliation with Christ. In one experience I had in which a dead friend tried to communicate with me, I had to remind him that his time on earth was over and that he could not return here; he had been a communist in life and knew nothing of the spirit. He tried to return to the material world he had known but his time in it was over. I therefore interceded on his behalf and handed him over to the care of angels. He never attempted to return.

    An unborn child, on the other hand, is "on the way in". He has already been born into matter, that is, his spirit has already entered the developing embryo and even though he has not been fully "born" into the world proper, he has been born into matter in the limited confines of his mother's womb.

    Preparing the Body for Birth

    Conscientious mothers rightly spend alot of time preparing their bodies for baby's birth and may change some of their habits, like doing less strenuous work, eating a more healthy diet, going to bed earlier, reducing or stopping medicines, and (in the case of many mothers outside the New Covenant) stopping smoking and cutting down alcohol. All of this reflects an unconscious awareness (usually) that baby is alive and needs to be especially cared for even in the womb.

    The even more aware mothers, who have been exposed to psychological studies and reports, may have read or heard that the unborn are sensitive to sounds and lights outside the body. Some psychologists, like Janov, have discovered that their patients are able to recall traumatic events when they were in the womb. A violent argument between mother and father, an accident, and other incidents are all apparently sensed by the unborn.

    But the truth goes even deeper. The unborn child is inhabited by a spirit who had an existence previous to the formation of a conceptus in the mother's womb. This doctrine is not, unfortunately, accepted by the vast majority of Christians who maintain that both body and spirit come into de novo existence at the point of fertilization. But protestant psychiatrists like Dr. Kenneth McAll, who have had a tremendous amount of experience both with the dead and the unborn in their ministries, often contradict such a position. (The Biblical basis of the Doctrine of Human-Pre-existence (which has nothing, incidentally, to do with reincarnation) is dealt with in an earlier issue of this magazine -- see The Pre-Existence of Jeremiah, No.7, December 1993, pp.49-55).

    Is Gender Random?

    Fertilization, biologists say, is a totally random affair. Of billions of sperms released during ejaculation, only one makes it. What results, they maintain, is totally by chance -- the sex of the child, the physiognomy (physical features), etc.. But is that so? Is the conception of our unborn totally random?

    My own personal experience, and that of many others, contradicts this claim. I have, with one exception, always known the sex of my child (or the child of someone I feel close to) and its physical appearance before conception. Invariably I have seen them in vision at many different ages. This, in turn, suggests to me that more than blind chance is responsible for the conceiving of children -- it suggests, rather, that an invisible power, knowing which sperm will produce one particular child, selects that sperm and makes sure it reaches the egg ahead of the others. Otherwise, how could one explain visions of children who have not yet come into existence? To me this is a testimony (one of many) that God truly is all powerful and all knowing. And each time I consider the miracle of conception and childbirth -- each time I have a new experience of God's great work in nature -- I stand more and more in awe of Him.

    Talking to the Unborn

    People talk to plants and the world laughs at them and I suppose if people talk to their unborn there would be almost as much laughter and scorn. But I know that the unborn are not deaf -- I know, from personal experience, that each time a mother or a father, or someone else who recognises their consciousness, thinks of their unborn, that communion takes place. Now I am not talking about communication by sound -- unborn babies certainly hear us when we talk, or sing -- and they hear other sounds from the "outside" world, though they don't hear words. From the tone of a sound they can, however, tell whether it is beautiful or ugly. These sounds are food to them...food for their spirits. And I'm not talking about light either, for although an unborn child can see pinkish-red glows through the womb of his mother when his eyes open, he doesn't see pictures. No, I am talking about spiritual communion -- the communication between the unseen part of us.

    It is not necessary to speak aloud to communicate with your unborn. It is sufficient to place your hand over the womb and to concentrate on him, talking to him, feeling for him. You mothers, try this experiment one day. When baby is about 5-6 months old (or maybe earlier, depending if you can feel him move), put your right hand on the side of your womb and silently love your unborn with all your heart. Quite soon you will feel a stirring inside as the baby repositions himself so as to be directly under your hand. Then swop hands, and put your left hand (or the same hand) on the left-hand side of the womb, and again let your heart pour forth love for your baby. Quite soon baby will change his position so as to be directly underneath the new position! The unborn feel love and will position themselves closest to where that love is emanating from. They are conscious alright!

    Psychological Injury of the Unborn

    But they are conscious at other times too. They are conscious of their mother's and father's feelings even without this special hand "contact". It is well-known amongst many psychiatrists that if, say, an unborn child is a girl and the parents desperately want a boy, that baby, when born and growing up, will subconsciously try to be a boy in order to please her parents. This can lead to all kinds of psychological problems, one of which can be lesbianism.

    I cannot, therefore, warn parents too strongly against hoping for a child of a particular sex when they don't know what the sex of the unborn is. The unborn, whether male or female, needs to feel accepted and wanted from the moment of conception. And indeed it is a principle and teaching of this Church that when married couples engage in sexual activity it should always be with a view to accepting the possibility of the conception of a child. I am not saying that all sex should be restricted to the bringing forth of children -- rather, that if a child is conceived, then the first reaction of the parents, whether that child was planned or not, should be joy and acceptance. If not -- if there is fear, resentment, or other negative reaction, then that unborn child is going to suffer. That child, when he is born into the world, may bring with him a host of psychological complexes that he will not be able to understand until he is mature, complexes that he will carry around for him for many years unless there is an experienced Priesthood ministry which knows how to handle these things and, through the Spirit of Elijah, bring about a healing. And often, they may be complexes that he may carry around with him for life and into the spirit world. Yes, many, many problems that people have of a psychological or spiritual nature begin in the womb because parents won't recognise that their unborn are human beings in need of love. And, unfortunately, they don't usually fare much better after they're born. But that is another story...

    Acceptance is Vital

    "Acceptance", I would say, is the key word here. The bringing of children into the world was a natural philosophy of all cultures, whether Christian or not, until the advent of western materialism. Then human beings became animals, and then things. As we who fight abortion know only to well, the materialists are quite contradictory about the matter of "life" -- when does "life" begin? When is a baby a full "human being" with "rights"? They don't know. And they don't know because they don't know God and don't know themselves.

    Blessing the Unborn

    Fathers and mothers should bless their unborn in the Name of Christ often, preferably by the laying on of one or more hands over the womb. They should pray for, and with, their unborn. Knowing by revelation whether it is a boy or girl before birth is a great help, and that knowledge should be sought by spiritual communion with God; and naming the boy or girl before birth, again by divine revelation, is also desirable. This is the Way of the Firstborn. I have named my children before birth, by revelation, and sometimes even before conception. Giving a child a name is most important because the child is thereby given an identity. My daughter Rebekah was prepared for the birth of her brother from the first weeks of his conception and therefore participated in his "growing up" in the womb; I even used to encourage her to talk to him. When David-Joel was born, it was the most natural thing in the world, because it was as though he had been with us for many months already. And he had been. Because of this I believe fraternal jealousy and shock can be precluded, and a genuine love cultured before birth. The unborn are not, then, abstract "things" who suddenly become "human" upon birth but are a part of the family from the beginning.

    Ageing a Child from Conception?

    I have often wondered if, in fact, we should not talk about the age of a child as from the day of conception. Bringing an unborn child into the family from the beginning is, I strongly feel, both of advantage of to the family as well as to the unborn. And if we judge things to be good or right on the basis of whether there is any love in it or not, I personally adjudge this to be right because it is loving and beneficial.

    I have long believed that we neglect not only the younger years of our babies and infants but the 9 months of gestation too. In patriarchal society education of the unborn begins early on because of its recognition of who the unborn really are. In laying my hands on my unborn I have often silently recited beautiful scriptures to them, affirmed my love and care, conveyed pictures of their earthly family, thought of beautiful soul-inspiring pictures, poetry and music, so that they could begin their mental patterning early on. That heavenly "oil" which we store up through our righteousness belongs as much to the unborn as to the born and should be imparted to them. From the purely selfish point-of-view, it gives our unborn children a head-start, precluding possible difficulties and heartaches later.

    Pray for the Unborn

    As a family, we also pray for the unborn children of members in the Church, and of family and friends. Our prayer life does indeed extend into many areas in life and there should never be a time when we are at a loss as to what to pray for. When our prayer lives dry up, it is often because of a lack of consciousness and awareness of others, a contraction of our sensitivity towards God and man. My greatest frustration in life is that I never have enough time to pray for everything I want to because there is so much. It has even reached the point where I find myself able to pray for more than one thing or person simultaneously whilst having a clear consciousness of them all. Such prayer is, of course, beyond words, which causes us to bring the heart into the stream of time where as a rule only one thing can be dealt with at a time.

    A Blessing and a Vision

    When I once blessed my wife and (unborn son) son (Joshua) in a meeting, when another member (the Third Patriarch) saw a vision of the streams of light pouring into her, and I was simultaneously conscious of the unborn children of two other pregnant sisters, and felt that I was blessing all three at the same time. As one spiritual family this is how it should be; and in patriarchal consciousness, awareness of one becomes awareness of all. And this is the fruit and substance of the communal covenants we take in the Temple, for as we extend beyond our own limited concerns to embrace those of the whole Body, so we grow up from being ourselves spiritually "unborn" into a new universe of light and awareness. We are born anew.

    Multiple Spiritual Births

    Members of the New Covenant are taught and have experienced, by and large, the reality of the multiple spiritual births we pass through in our growth in Christ. One birth is but the precursor to the next. We are born from the womb of one inner world into a much larger world, which is itself the womb of the next. Each birth involves a radical change in thinking, feeling, and spiritual awareness, as we pass from local concerns, to global concerns, to universal concerns. This growth in Christ, so beautifully reflected and symbolized in the growth and subsequent birth of unborn babies, is what we, as a New Covenant, are all about. There is a sequence of natural births we pass through in this mortal sphere, with spiritual counterparts (which are, unfortunately, for the most part missed), that are types of sanctification in Christ. From being self-conscious as babies and infants, we begin to become conscious of others around us -- parents, brothers, sisters, friends. We marry, become "partner-centred", bring babies into the world and become conscious of them. As we grow in Christ we realise we are a part of a greater family and we become Church-conscious, treating members of the Church much as we do our own biological family. And so this boundary of love extends outwards, ever further, until we are able to embrace the whole of Creation. From then we become truly conscious of God and enter into His mystery.

    The Joy of Conception

    The conception of a child, let alone its birth, should be greeted with joy and should be the occasion for family and Church family to celebrate with an outpouring of love. Such outpourings enlarge the boundaries of awareness and allow God to work in ways that He has not been able to work in us before. The Lord has blessed us with shadows of His Glory in a thousand-and-one things, each intended to stimulate our consciousness of Him, so that we can glorify and praise Him. Thus the conception of the unborn and our spiritual education of him is also the means of deepening our communion with each other in the Covenant as well as in the Lord. For God is intensely interested in the well-being of His children, whether in the womb or outside.

    The Purity and Holiness of the Unborn

    And bear this in mind -- children in the womb are closer to Heaven than we are. Their's is a world of absolute purity and holiness. They are not dominated by their physical senses as they are when they are born into the world, but are intensely spiritual. The child, when born into the world, is assailed by a barrage of sensations that begin to drown out the spiritual awareness in the womb -- the dazzling lights, the piercing sounds, the sensation of touch in the mouth -- new centres of consciousness are immediately established upon birth and new, powerful forces come into play. From thence forward, spiritual education is slow as the baby is linked to a stream of consciousness dominated by the physical senses -- the need for food, warmth, sleep, and the physical touch of loving parents. The spiritual becomes unconscious quite quickly, and even though in sleep the baby is very much in touch with the spiritual centres, the veil of forgetfulness of his heavenly home rapidly comes down.

    The Responsibility of Child-Raising

    In this light, is not spiritual education in the womb vital? And could it not also be of enormous benefit to us, especially parents? The raising of children is no easy task and it is an enormous responsibility for a Christian. To be prepared for a Firstborn way of life, parents must develop a greater sensitivity towards and awareness of their unborn, both individually and as a Church fellowship. Our commission as New Covenant Christians is to reach into the spiritual core of matters and bring the fullness of the Spirit of Christ to bear. We must never allow ourselves to become so occupied with the external world that we neglect and possibly forget the inner world, which is the source of our reality. Too many things lie buried away, forgotten and (often deliberately) unrepented of. This retards the life of the individual and of the Body. And it follows that we will never develop the sensitivity to minister to our unborn unless we develop a sensitivity first, of ourselves, and then of others.

    The preparation begins with self. We must be honest, for to communicate our insecurities and repressions to the unborn is harmful. To some extent they are buffered from us, but only to some extent. And the similarities in nature between children and parents are not entirely genetic but in large measure are the accumulated impressions picked up by the children whilst in the womb. They are supremely sensitive, like little biological radars. And even when they are born, they still retain this sensitivity, as all psychologists know. That sensitivity is supremely precious; but because the world is cold and callous, that sensitivity is smothered by pain and rejection, the children becoming like the fathers and mothers. This is the great curse on the world, which only the loving ministry of Elijah prophets can break, by bringing the ministry of reconciliation through Christ to the distressed and spiritually damaged.

    Consecrated and Set Apart in the Womb

    When my son was five months "old" in the womb, he was set apart and consecrated to the Lord's service. He already knew this, of course, because he was set apart in Heaven before he came here. That confirmation by his earthly parents is very important for him. Every unborn child should be consecrated to Christ, to His protection and the care of His angels. He should be blessed as though he were already born, for in truth he is already amongst us. His invisibility should be no obstacle to us, just as God's invisibility should be no obstacle to our spiritual life. We bless and love our unborn in faith and love, undisturbed by their physical appearance and behaviour which after birth tend to prejudice us sometimes. This early preparation by parents is as important for them as it is for the unborn child, laying a foundation of love that will be a reservoir when difficult times come later, as surely they always do. As praying for those who make our lives difficult fills our spiritual reservoirs, so praying for and blessing our unborn prepares parents to cope with the struggles and demands that these little "caterpillars" bring when they come into the world with their incessant demands.

    Let us, therefore, develop an awareness of the unborn and use this new consciousness for the blessing of all. God is at work inside the womb, so why should we remain in darkness concerning it? Every new opportunity to worship the God of miracles is an opportunity indeed.

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