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    The Purpose of This
    Prophetic Page
    22 March 1999

    There will always be those who will ascribe dark motives to anything and more especially something as controversial as a Christian prophetic webpage. However, I am not answering the criticism of these people for whom no explanation will ever satisfy.

    So why have we created this prophetic page? Is it, as some accuse, to recruit members to the New Covenant Church of God? The answer to that question is simple: we would not want anyone to join a church on the basis of fulfilled prophecies. This would be as undesirable as someone converting to Christ because they saw a miracle occur. Such conversions have no depth and do not last as the dead bodies of the children of Israel scattered across the Sinai wilderness attest.

    So what is our purpose? Quite simply, to convince people that God is in control of everything and that He knows the innermost thoughts and feelings of you, the reader. This being the case, he knows what you need most. And that's not a Church or a religion but a REDEEMER.

    Everbody is a walking secret...or so they suppose. But if God knows the fate of the nations (as indeed He has demonstrated in the Bible more than adequately), and if He knows what is happening today, then He knows what is going on inside your brain and heart. He knows who you are in microscopic detail, both the good and the evil.

    The theory of many is that at death God takes our good deeds and the bad deeds and weighs them against one another - if the good outweighs the bad, we get into heaven; if the reverse, we go to hell. The ancient Egyptians believed in that.

    But this is completely false. If we have 1 billion good deeds to our credit and 1 bad deed, we are impure, and can never live in the presence of God. Nothing unclean can dwell in heaven. The only solution is to have He who has not one particle of badness in Him cancel whatever evil we have in us, and that we can only do through exercising faith in Him by walking in obedience to His commandments.

    The calamitous events that occur around us are permitted by God in order to awaken us to this terrible reality about ourselves. Prophetic pages like this one aid in that process, we believe. God's amazing knowledge of us as individuals and of the events around us, past, present, and future, ought to elicit a sense of divine fear or awe at His greatness, and prompt us to rethink the values on which we have built our lives and in which we are trusting to see us through them.

    Are we out to evangelise on this homepage? Of course we are. However, we do not want people converted by signs and wonders. We seek for people who have three qualifications:

    • 1. They have been born again and have accepted Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Saviour;
    • 2. They believe the doctrine we teach is in complete harmony with the Bible; and
    • 3. They believe they have received a spiritual call from God to join the New Covenant Church of God.

    That is all.

    If these prophetic pages lead them to repent of their sins and to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour, then we are well pleased. If they then take the next step and join our Church, we shall be pleased as well. But if they feel called to join another Bible-believing Church we shall be more than satisfied with that also.

    These are our motives for being here.

    Laget: 22. mars, 1999
    Oppdatert: 22. mars, 1999

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