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    March 2008
    The State of World Affairs

    A great deal has transpired since this page was last added to - a full seven years. Commitments, obligations and events have prevented me from adding to it but now that a new NCCG.ORG webpage has been created it is probably time to take stock. Since then we have got a new pope, new wars, more terrorism, new restrictions on personal freedom, more political correctness, more anarchy, more state-sponsored immorality and more destruction in and of the nuclear family ... just as was expected. And the slide will continue until Yah'shua (Jesus) returns ... as expected. (Goodbye false 'Kingdom-Now' theology).


    Last May (2006) Monte Negro (Crna Gorna) voted to leave the Yugoslav Federation and sealed the fate of the Yugoslav Nation, dealing it its final death-blow. With Monte Negro's cecession, our prophecy issued in 1990 that Yugoslavia would totally cease to exist (Olive Branch 267:2) was finally fulfilled 17 years later.

    But that isn't all - Yahweh also warned Serbia in a prophecy issued in 1991 that if that nation did not stop coveting land from its neighbours that it would lose even more territory (OB 328:8-12). On 17 February of this year the autonomous Province of Kosovo declared independence from Serbia leaving a very much reduced Serbia with only one remaining autonomous province populated by Hungarians and Catholic Serbs from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire in the Vojvodina.

    Flag of Newly Independent Kosovo

    On 1 May 2004 Slovenia was the first (and so far only) former Yugoslav Republic to be admitted to the Illuminati Club (the EU), fulfilling another Olive Branch prophecy promising prosperity to that nation (OB 328:13). However, as the Olive Branch reminds us, peace has not yet come to Serbia - and will not finally come - until Messiah returns (v.8). Serbia has not accepted the UDI of Kosovo (who can blame her) - whether Russia backs her or not remains to be seen.

    Iraq & Iran

    The occupation of Iraq by the USA and UK drags on with the death toll continuing to mount. However, Iraq is important to the Illuminati barons so that they can control and manipulate oil wealth. For this reason they have been sabre-rattling against Iran. Whether they go to war there or not remains to be seen. That will depend whether Iran starts selling cheap oil or not. It has already decided to abandon the Dollar and switch to the Euro. The name of the game is money.


    As we have been warning in our online discussion group, China is the nation to watch. We believe she will become the dominant world superpower for a while. With her cheap labour (much of it slave-driven), she is flooding the world with cheap goods and slowly buying up the West. China is already in space and has acquired advanced Western military weaponry, no doubt given to her by former Illuminist President Clinton. She keeps on increasing her military budget.

    As we have warned before, it is our belief that China will participate in an invasion of the United States, perhaps even leading it.

    World War III

    That we are due for a third world war is pretty certain though what form it will take it uncertain. Some are maintaining that it has already started, being an undeclared one launched by fundamentalist Islam against the West. There may be truth in this. It is our belief that the Muslims are simply tools in Illuminati hands, and are used as agents of instabilit and fear so that Illuminati-controlled Western governments can institute - in the name of security - ever more draconian laws curbing civilian freedoms. We have witnessed a tremendous loss of freedom in the USA, UK and other Western nations since I last made my comments on this page 7 years ago. I expect things to get progressively worse.


    Persecution against believers around the world continues to get worse. Algeria is the latest hot-spot. We have had much opposition ourselves for the last three years with a determined effort by some to erradicate this ministry. We shall be pursuing our commission with zeal until Yahweh calls us home. So expect more to appear on this website until the Illuminati-controlled governments censor the Internet or replace computers with something else.

    Norway, Sweden and Revival

    The Churches continue their slide into darkness in both Norway and the world. New laws in Norway and Sweden may compell all churches registered with the state to conduct same-sex "marriages" which have now become - or are about to become - legal, as the state continues to exert more and more Big Brother-like control over its citizens and religion. Whilst more and more concessions are given to Muslims, the rights and freedoms of Christians continue to be eroded. Parts of Malmö in Sweden are now under the control of Muslims. So far, few Christians are reacting but just meekly accepting all the changes.

    As far as we are concerned, the old Church system is both impotent and practically spiritually dead, and we are to witness a total paradigm-shift as Yahweh's true Kingdom emerges amongst the remnant. Please see, Fields of Fire: A Prophetic Dream about Scandinavia and The New Sweden: Christianity and Communism at War. The final end-time revival, when it begins, will not start in the old system but be a new planting in new wineskins. Revival will not take place in premeditated "revival services" but outside the church system altogether, along the lines of the awakening in China today.

    Keep your eye on this webpage for more information ... we shall be returning to Norway ... soon.

    Laget: 16. mars, 2008
    Oppdatert: 16. mars, 2008

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