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    What Happened to the
    Norwegian Prophecy?
    The Norwegian Catastrophe and Revival
    5 April 2000

    In November 1998 the New Covenant Church of God came out with a dire warning to the Norwegian people to expect an economic meltdown whose effects would not be dissimilar to that of the aftermath of an earthquake. This was the result of a number of visions we received. However, we miscalculated the date and stated that we were not sure whether there would be a literal earthquake or not, and for that were (predictably) laughed at and scorned. We apologised subsequently for our miscalculation but not for the prophecy itself.

    From time to time we are asked what our position now is regarding that prophecy, as though it had been some huge apocalyptic blunder, and our answer has been: The same as it was then. And for the record we wish to state that an ecomomic disaster IS coming to Norway which will be catastrophic for that nation.

    We have ssen the Christian-Centrist Government of Bondevik come and go and a return to the pink communism of the Workers' Party (Arbeiderparti). At the same time the Norwegian Krone came under stiff pressure owing to the artifically high oil princes which have been bringing in a financial bonanza to the Norwegian Government. There are many who are now talking of a collapse of the Krone.

    So when will this disaster take place? We don't know, only that it will. It must also be realised that a number of forces are at play here - the Lord does not punish for the sake of punishing - He is not a capricious God - but only when all calls to repentance have been spurned. Back in 1998 when we issued our prophecy many Christians went into intercessory prayer just as they did in the 1950's to avert a Soviet invasion by Stalin. At that time, a prophecy existed from the beginning of the 20th century predicting accurately and in detail the First and Second World Wars, but it also contained a prophecy of a Third World War and an invasion of Norway by Soviet Russian troops. The last part of the prophecy was averted by the Christian intercessors of Norway.

    There are many who think that we were upset when the disaster didn't take place but that is to fundamentally misunderstand the calling of the prophets who take no delight in the punishment of the wicked but would rather see repentance and peace. We are not "doomsday prophets" who get a kick out of these things, but rather come in the spirit of fathers abd mothers concerned about their wayward children. For Norway was once Christian but is no more - like most of the West it is now a part of the emerging feminist-witchcraft-New Age world superstate. Nevertheelss there are still Christian forces trying to reverse that process and so long as there are righteous in sufficient numbers making a difference and who have not completeky compromised with the world system Yahweh-God will stay His hand and continue trying to work a reformation amongst the people. Nevertheless, according to a timetime only known to Himself, he sometiems intervenes with calamities to bring people to their senses. These are not, however, random calamities but usually related to the sins that are being punished. Thus sexual immorality is usually punished by an increase in sexually-transmitted diseases like aids, economic abuse by economic catastrophes, etc..

    As we identified in our 1998 and 1999 articles on this site, there are now many of gross national sin that have to be addressed: sexual immorality of all sorts (fornication, adultery, sodomy, rape, incest, child abuse, pornography, unclean sexual practices, etc.), crass materialism, blasphemy (the media is full of anti-Christ and God-mocking sentiments), abortion (murder of the unborn), violence, witchcraft and Satanism, feminism, state-supported rebellion against parental authority, neglect of the sick and aged, perverse music, state theft (unrighteous taxation), apostacy in the Christian churches, and much else besides. All of these rebellions against God have been progressively getting worse and when a certain point is reached, lesser and greater judgments are meeted out by God.

    A short while ago this year the Norwegian Government gave permission to Muslims in Oslo to publically announce the call to prayer from their mosques and declare that "Allah" is God. Now the humanists are demanding the right to go through the streets and cry out, "There is no God!" Where will all this lead to, one wonders.

    No, the Norwegian prophecy is on schedule - man cannot change that. Economic catastrophe IS coming to Norway, and soon. And it will be followed by a lot of soul-searching on the part of the more honest citizens and lead to the beginning of the last end-time revival.

    Laget: 5. april, 2000
    Oppdatert: 5. april, 2000

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