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The Truth Behind
as Told by Orthodox Jews & Others


This page does not imply that we endorse Muslim terrorism in any form. Our purpose is not to take political sides in the Israeli-Arab conflict (because we are not interested in the world system at all) but to speak the truth in love. The truth has no favourites because Elohim (God) is not partial. We condemn both Israeli/Jewish and Muslim violence and theft. We do not believe that anyone has any "divine right" to the Holy Land in this dispensation even if we do believe that it will belong exclusively to the Messianic House of Israel in the Millennium (which includes both Jewish and Arab converts to the Messiah). We believe that the only divine right anyone can claim is the righteousness of Yah'shua (Jesus), that there is no just solution to the political problems of Palestine/Israel and that none will be found until the Messiah returns. We believe it is up to the returning Messiah to establish any theocratic/political kingdom. Those who take up the sword will perish by the sword. We do not endorse the sword. We are pacifists because we believe that Yah'shua's Kingdom is, as He testified, not of this world. We believe all governments to be evil to be one degree or another, including both the Israeli Government and Palestinian Authority. We are pro-people and pro-truth only. We are pro-Jew and pro-Arab. We are to love not hate.

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Brutally Beaten by Israelis

Orthodox Rabbi Exposes Israel

Orthodox Jews brutally attacked in Synagogue

Interview with Rabbi, about Palestine and Israel

Jewish Rabbi Talking about his views

Muslim Proffessor and Rabbi Talk about the Truth about Israel

Facts About Israel

The Other Zionists
Bridget Gabriel

The war being cynically waged by Zionists and Fundamentalist Muslim against each other conceals the very real decency that is to be found in the Middle East. The ordinary Arabs and Israeli Jews are the victims of cynical manipulation by their leaders who have hidden globalist agendas.


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