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Copyright Rules

Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon is generous granting permission to godly websites and publishers to use MLT-copyrighted material provided they do so to honour and bring glory to our Father in Heaven, Yahweh-Elohim, and provided the conditions listed below are followed.

These copyright rules are not binding on materials copyrighted by other authors not of MLT that appear on this site - to reproduce these particular non-MLT materials, please consult the authors concerned.

The copyright of all materials by the former Independent Church of Jesus Christ (ICJC), New Covenant Christian Fellowship (NCCF), New Covenant Church of God (NCCG), B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh (BCAY) and Chavurat Bekorot / Chevra B'Qor (CBQ) is owned by Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT) as the lawful successor organisation, whether they appear on this website, net archives, or other websites where they have been reproduced in part or in whole.

Materials written by former members of MLT and copyrighted by MLT whilst they were members of MLT or its precursor organisation(s) (NCCG, NCCF, ICJC, etc.) remain the copyright of MLT though the original authors are by default granted the right to reproduce these materials for their own use provided they do not modify them.

A. Why Do We Copyright Our Materials?

(a) To prevent people from modifying articles and putting them out as though we are the authors of the mutilated text, thus misrepresenting us and the Elohim who inspired them;

(b) To prevent cults or enemies of the Gospel from using our materials, in part or in whole, to support their own positions after making modifications, or by making "selective extracts" taken out of context, thus giving a false impression of what we are saying;

(c) To prevent people from using our materials for commercial gain;

(d) So that we may be accoutantable for our stewardship before Yahweh, making sure that pearls are not being cast before swine, etc..

B. Rules for Using MLT-Copyrighted material

You may reproduce, without charge or obtaining formal permission, extracts up to 500 words per article on a personal website or hardcopy publication provided you are not hostile to this ministry or its members and provided you include the following information at the end of the material cited or in a properly linked footnote or endnote that is clearly legible:

    Copyright © [Year of copyright] Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon (MLT)
    Box 120, S-671 23 ARVIKA, Sweden
    Website: | Email: [email protected]
    Location of article:[insert full link]

If this caption appears on your website, the URL where the article is located on this website must be an active, clickable, functioning link that leads to the original article.

If you wish to cite a longer extract or the whole article, then please contact us directly for permission.

Otherwise none of the material on this site may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise.

Any and all previous copyright notices issued by MLT or its precursor organisations are superceded by the most recent statement on this page.

By authority of the Patriarchate of MLT
28 December 2006

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Last updated on 6 February 2007

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