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Important MLT News

12.04.07 - In pursuance of the directive given on 01.01.2007 to reorganise the fellowship, and to harmonise with the revelations currently being received since Chag haMatzah, the organisation of MLT will reflect in form and spirit the the former NCCF (New Covenant Christian Fellowship) as members await further direction from the Ruach. Practically, this means the suspension of the Secondary Canon has consisted of the Olive Branch, some of the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha and a number of other works, and retaining only the Protestant Canon as being authoritatively binding on the fellowship at all levels, from lay members of priesthood. These secondary works shall be viewed in the same light as sermons, commentaries and personal experiences until such a time as their final status is assigned.

More significant, in many respects, is also the dissolution of the Holy Order or Chavurat Bekorot, the priesthoood organisation that was formed in 1988, for whilst most of its activities were suspended (barring basic priesthood training) around the time of the formation of NCCG in 1995, it has never before been totally overhauled. Practically, this means that there will be no further priesthood training or ordination until the final structure of MLT is known in the autumn/fall. In the interim there will be no formal congregations or assemblies under the auspices of 'MLT'. Responsibility for worship and assembly now devolves upon the heads of individual households who will act as ministers for their own families and those wishing to assemble with them. All MLT ordinations are therefore suspended, from the Presiding Patriarch to the Deaconate until Yahweh reveals His will between now and the autumn/fall. There is therefore no longer a Council of Elders with former leaders and members having informal fellowship while events unfold. The MLT Reception Group will continue to run for the benefit of friends.

01.02.07 - On 31 January 2007 MLT closed down its two major online discussion groups, MLT Cyber Community (CC) and Deliverance from Demons (DFD). These have been replaced by the new MLT Reception Group (open to the public) and MLT Deliverance Group (private and by invitation only). A couple of MLT sermons sites continue to be in operation at Sermons from Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon and the old DFDR but these are being superceded by the new website's Sermons site. A private site has also been prepared for baptised MLT members and active catechumens (by invitation only).

01.01.2007 - As of midnight, all congregational associations with the former NCCG were dissolved as part of the MLT reorganisation and plan to harmonise proceedures for congregational affinity and union with the new MLT. This mostly affects our congregations in India and Africa who were formly either a part of the NCHCF (New Covenant House Church Fellowship) or were full members of NCCG. The period 1 January to 1 August 2007 has been designated a transitional period to allow former NCCG congregations to harmonise with MLT doctrine, practice and proceedures as these are formulated and published in the Association and Membership section of the new website. This means that technically speaking there are no formal associations or membership of congregations until next autumn/fall at the end of the current moedim cycle. We hope to have further announcements by Yom Teruah.

With the death of the Second Patriarch in April and the retirement of the Presiding Matriarch two years ago, it has also been decided to disorganise the Patriarchate as well while the whole Priesthood structure is reorganised and new ministers trained. MLT will be led, in the interim, by a Council of Elders and Eldresses under the overall supervision of the Presiding Patriarch, along the lines the leadership of the former NCCF in 1992.

30.12.2006 - The official celebration of Hanukkah (Feast of Dedication) has been dropped by MLT, along with Purim (Feast of Lots). For more information, see MLT Sermon #71. The only moedim now observed by MLT are the 7 Annual Festivals of Pesach (Passover), Chag haMatzah (Unleavened Bread), Yom haBikkurim (Firstfruits), Shavu'ot (Pentecost), Yom Teruah (Trumpets), Yom Kippur (Atonement) and Sukkot (Booths), the monthly Rosh Chodesh (New Moon), and the weekly Shabbat (Sabbath).

04.04.2006 - It is with deep regret that we must announce the death of the Second Patriarch, Gunnar Mj°lsvik, who passed away following a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Aslaug Hagen Mj°lsvik (who earlier retired as the Presiding Matriarch because of illness and old age), four children, and numerous grandchildren.

Brother Mj°lsvik joined the ministry in 1988 in Bergen, Norway, and served as Pastor for some years before relocating to Sweden 1998 to help found the new headquarters. He was one of the fellowship's oldest members both in terms of years as well as service, remaining loyal through the many upheavals that inevitably follow a new work of Yahweh. He experienced every phase of our evolution. A number of his sermons may be read on the Norwegian website.

He contributed a vision to the Olive Branch (Section 469) and was one of the first members to see inside Yahweh's Garden long before we had a theology of it. The vision, seen in 1997, foresaw nearly a decade ahead the troubles heaped upon the ministry in 2006 in which enemies sought to destroy us, and also the final victory. He was the President of the Revelations Committee of the Olive Branch and oversaw its editing and final production.

By trade, Brother Mj°lsvik was a farmer, lumberjack and builder, and took a great deal of interest in horticulture. He was also a competent mechanic and one of Norway's leading experts in tractors, assembling his own. He was very much an outdoors man and loved nothing better than nature.

Brother Mj°lsvik was a tenacious man, had great staying power, and loved nothing better than hard work - in many ways, the ideal MLT man for the end times. Even in his 80's and after two hip operations he would be seen in his garden felling and chopping up trees until old age forced him to hand over such activities to other members of the cooperative.

He spent his last days living in our home where we took care of him but eventually succumbed to pneumonia caused by failing kidneys. He had previously survived a horrendous car accident in which his neck was severed and made an amazing recovery. In spite of the incredible pain, he always maintained a cheerful disposition and earned the admiration of the hospital staff who took care of him. His life was saved by a trunk/boot full of Olive Branches which he was transporting - had the trunk/boot been empty his wrecked car would almost certainly have tipped over a cliff and into the fjord below, killing both him and his wife.

Brother Mj°lsvik was one of the pioneers of the United Order of All Things in Common, which is a feature of our firstborn colonies, and was an enthusiastic promoter of it.

We will always remember him chief and foremost as a hard worker and a man of unwaivering loyalty. He was seen in vision by one of the members shortly after his death in the Paradise of Yahweh enjoying the freedom from physical pain and illness. May his determination be an inspiration to us all.

14.09.2005 - At this Yom Kippur 2005 the former names of New Covenant Church of God (NCCG) and B'rit Chadashah Assembly of Yahweh (BCAY) were officially dropped in favour of Mishpachah Lev-Tsiyon which means 'Family of the Heart of Zion'. This is to reflect our association with Messianic Israel and to end the Orthodox Christian concept of the 'church' as being a separate entity from biblical Israel. Because some MLT congregations are registered as 'NCCG' or 'BCAY', these designations will continue to be used in some countries and in those congregations not gathered to colonies.

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