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William Cooper
World Government, UFOs
and the Nephilim

Why & How The Secret World Government Is Now Going For Broke

This movie presents difficult but important information. It drags the UFO/alien question into the open and clearly establishs a link between world governments and non-human intelligent beings. The material is, of course, open to multiple interpretation and some of it may seem too incredible to be true. No doubt there is some misinformation too. I have no reason to doubt the bulk of it. I do not believe, though, that the "aliens" Cooper speaks of are aliens at all but what we know as NEPHILIM or the offspring of fallen angels and humans that began millennia ago. I also believe that the two "alien" groups described by Cooper are, in fact, simply two different groups of possibly competing, but almost certainly, cooperating Nephilim in the good/bad cop rôles, one of which poses as saviour of the world with a New Age-evolutionary doctrine or philosophy (human like) and the other the "nad guys" who have deceived power-hungry world governments, and are in the business of trying to maintain physicality for their fallen race by interference with human biology.

At any rate, this presentation will give you much to think about. Marry the raw data with what you know in the Bible and you will see an unmistakable pattern and a very clear agenda of deception for the end times. It is far, far bigger than any of us ever imagined.

William Cooper, like so many who expose what is going on in the dark and secret corridors of power, was murdered. He knew he probably would be and the risks he was taking in sharing this information which makes it all the more credible.

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Part 2

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