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    Ten Stupid Excuses for
    Not Becoming a Christian

    or Ten Good Reasons for not Washing

  • 1. When I was a child I was forced to wash;
  • 2. People who wash are just hypocrites - they think they are cleaner than everybody else;
  • 3. There are so many different brands of soap that choosing the right one is difficult;
  • 4. I used to wash but stopped because it was so boring;
  • 5. None of my friends ever wash;
  • 6. I am still young. When I start getting dirty I might reconsider washing;
  • 7. I do wash for special occasions, like Christmas or a funeral;
  • 8. Washing takes too much time;
  • 9. Hot water is not always available;
  • 10. People who make soap are just after my money.

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    Copyright © Marko Jauhianinen ([email protected]) - Reproduced with Thanks