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    If you have surfed onto this webpage for the first time, or know little or nothing about the subject material, then it is important that you first read the 32-part orientation material, ESSENTIAL INTRODUCTION, before continuing. A link is included that will bring you back to this website after you have finished.

    A. Historical Background to the New HEM Website

    The website (created in 2016) you are about to enter is a re-edited, newly illustrated, updated, streamlined and more integrated version of a much older website (1998-2003), consisting then of about 500 cutting-edge articles, queries, discussions, testimonies and even several books.

    It was originally started in the late 1990's as the First European Christian Polygamy Page (FECPP) to give both a theological exegesis and practical manual from an elevated spiritual perspective for those called by Elohim (God) into this lifestyle. It was closed down in 2003, by which time it had been renamed the First International Christian Polygamy (FICP) page, and was unavailable to the public for thirteen years.

    This was, in part, done because of the shockingly degraded state of the Christian (and latterly Messianic) polygamy movement by 2003, the author realising that the churches and messianic assemblies were not only not ready for the message but that the institutional Church or various Messianic Associations would never receive it. Rather, it belonged to those gathering out of the churches and messianic synagogues to become the end-time Remnant.

    NCCG.ORG is now pleased to present the new Holy Echad Marriage (HEM) website as part of its contribution to the work of the full restoration of the end-time Kingdom of Elohim (God) and the Final Gathering of the Remnant saints by dealing with both a complex, controversial, misunderstood and not infrequently misrepresented biblical lifestyle. It is fully integrated with the main website in which context it can only be fully appreciated.

    The current website also differs from the former one as it is now only a resource for the serious seeker. You will not, therefore, find email addresses or links to online discussion groups as before. If this topic interests you it must therefore be within the context of the broader mission of the Chavurat Bekorot which is preparing the Melchizedek Priesthood of the end-time Remnant. And if that does not interest you, you will find a links page to other polygamy websites where you can pursue the topic further.

    The former FICP website used to offer a dating service as well as operating several very lively on-line discussion groups. The experiences of the latter are incorporated in a number of articles on this website. These groups sadly, though not unexpectedly, mostly attracted those of the baser sort whose interests were either salacious curiosity, perversion, contentiousness or raw malice. As we do not wish to waste our time interacting with, or answering, these kinds of people again, who are not remotely interested in the truth, we no longer cater to investigators in the way we used to.

    This website, for the most part, is for a spiritually mature and Gospel-seasoned audience - pastors/overseers, evangelists, elders/zaqenim and occasionally, deacons/shammashim.

    The new Holy Echad Marriage (HEM) website has been redesigned for a completely different readership to the old one, namely, for the end-time Remnant where the practice of this lifestyle must return, in a purified state, in "the times of restoration of all things, which Elohim (God) has spoken by the mouth of all His holy prophets since the world began" (Acts 3:21, NKJV), for those who are called to it, not by lust but by Elohim (God) Himself.

    This website is therefore absolutely not for the curiosity-seekers or for those of the pop 'Christian' and 'Messianic' polygamy cultures that sprang up at the very end of the 20th and the very beginning of the 21st centuries from which the original FICP ministry was forced to distance itself completely. Nor is it for those who want to rant or vent their spleen. There are plenty of online places for those who like to wallow in such mire and you are counselled to search out their websites.

    B. 2016 Revision of the 1998 Introduction

    Polygamy, more correctly called polygyny, patriarchal or plural marriage (in which two or more women are married to one man) was, together with monogamy, not an uncommon practice in the European Christian Church or Messianic Community until 600 A.D. when the Catholic Emperor, Justinian, outlawed, suppressed and persecuted it. Not until the late 20th century did patriarchal Christians begin to come out of hiding and once more begin living this time-honoured biblical marriage estate.

    This is the first really practical as well as doctrinal Christian/Messianic polygamy website in Europe, and the largest and most comprehensive site internationally. The continental European authors of this site have been living this principle now for nearly 40 years and feel strongly moved by the Spirit to make this principle more widely known as we enter the end of the pre-millennial dispensation and await the full establishment of the millennial theocracy that will accompany the Second Coming of the Lord Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) -- a theocracy where, according to the Bible, polygamy will feature strongly amongst all the survivors of the end-time holocaust referred to in Scripture as the Great Tribulation (Isaiah 4:1).

    The purpose of this page is to sensitise men and women within the Body of Christ (Messianic Community) who feel strongly called to live and exemplify this principle according to the rules laid down by Yahweh, our Heavenly Father, in the Bible to gather for its practical implementation.

    The first stable Christian/Messianic polygamous community was established in Europe in 1991 (attempts were also made in ca. 1983 & 1988), which to our knowledge is older than any of the others extant in the West, and therefore has considerable experience. We wish to share that experience on this page.

    The authors of these pages all belong to a Christian/Messianic Community called the Chavurat Bekorot which translated from the Hebrew means, Assembly of the Firsborn, the "firstborn" being one of the names of the Lord Yah'shua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) (Hebrews 12:23).

    The Chavurat Bekorot is Evangelical Christian/Messianic Israelite, meaning that it accepts and implements the Bible in its totality and its Hebraic-roots. It is also a contemporary prophetic community. Its members are polygamous, monogamous and single.

    Questions about Christian/Messianic Patriarchal Marriage are pretty much covered by the numerous articles and FAQ. We recommend that you start with the Guided Tour which you can access on the next page. If any questions are not covered (please be sure to check the entire website before you attempt to contact us otherwise we will not answer them), we will do our best to answer them as fully as possible in the FAQ section. You can send questions to the main website where they will be dealt with or forwarded on to others to answer.

    Nearly all the place names, personal names and pictures appearing on this website (which have been reduced to a minimum in the new website) are pseudonymns as it is our wish to preserve the anonymity not only of ourselves but of our friends too. There are those who take exception to this stance, which, of course, is their privilege, and there are those who are also quick to criticise and slander - they must answer to Elohim (God) for that one and be judged according to the biblical rules governing lashon-hara (slander). We make no apology for this policy and will continue to ignore demands made by members of the public to admit or deny that anyone writing for this page is involved with the practice of this lifestyle. We are of the 'old school' who believe in liberty and the right to family privacy. Our focus here is on principles not personalities. Please respect that or move on.

    The Holy Echad Marriage (HEM) website is a service maintained by the Chavurat Bekorot, a Messianic Israelite/Evangelical Christian patriarchal community dedicated to the pursuit of holiness, and to the preparation for the anarchistic times ahead and the Millennial Theocracy that will follow them.

    That said, if you are a true seeker, then may I, on behalf of my wives Kryztina, Angelka and Zyta, heartily welcome to our website which we pray will be a blessing to you.

    Author: SBSK

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