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The 12 Books of Abraham

    You have entered a site dedicated to one of the oldest lifestyles in human history and which is still practiced by the majority of the world's cultures. It is called polygyny, the practice of a man being married to two or more women simultaneously.

    This practice is, however, technically illegal in all Western nations, including Canada, the United States, Central America, South America, the European Union, the rest of Europe, and Australasia, although the EU does allow you to live polygamously if you lived that way before you moved your family to Europe if that is the culture and custom of your original homeland. Thus Moslems and those of many native African faiths are allowed to practice polygamy in the EU. However, the United Nations has declared its intention to stamp out this practice and it may only be a matter of time before even belief in polygyny becomes a George Orwell-type thought crime. For this reason HEM does not - and will not - make personal details available beyond what is already on this site.

    HEM is not in the business of promoting the practice of polygyny in the existing churches and messianic assemblies. As institutions practicing a monogamy-only tradition, however unbiblical, we recommend they remain that way. This site exists for the benefit of those who are already practicing polygamy outside the churches and those who are sincerely and positively interested in finding our more about the lifestyle with a view to discretely practicing it themselves independently of the religious system.

    Everyone who enters this website does so on the express understanding that they take full responsibility for what they read and that they will under no circumstances hold the webmaster, or any of those contributing materials to this site, responsible or liable in any way at any time. If you do not like this lifestyle, or any of the views expressed on this website, or if you may be offended by negative opinions of your life style, religion, gender, national origin, or ethnic heritage, you should read no further and click the EXIT button below. Further, no one under the age of majority (18 in most countries) is 'officially' welcome:

    Many of the views expressed on this website would be adjudged as 'hate crimes' by liberal fascists, occultists, and others who do not respect the liberty of man. Accordingly, you must affirm that you are willing to make the following statement below - otherwise, please exit:


    For further information, see our disclaimer

    Finally, it must be clearly understood by the reader that the webmaster and those who have written polygyny-promoting articles on this site do not wish their names, locations, or personal details to be known for reasons of personal privacy, and that they will under no circumstances divulge them, or affirm or deny any reports, rumours, gossip, or other material about the same to those who make enquiries thereafter. A great many rumours and lies are in circulation, deliberately fostered by those hostile to this lifestyle, which contain little or no factual information.

    None of the images, locations or names on this site are the actual pictures, locations or names of myself or my wives, fiancées or friends. The sole motivation is to maintain our privacy. The images have been chosen for purely symbolic value. Any resemblence between those in in these images to those living or dead is purely coincidental. We only share personal details of our family with close friends.

    This site retains legal counsel and may, at its discretion, take prosecutory action against any libel or slander made against the webmaster or his family, or the host site and its webmasters.

    With this clearly in mind, and knowing that we will defend such rights and privileges as are available to us, please exit if you disagree, or proceed if you agree, by clicking the next button below:

    If you are willing to comply with our conditions then please continue.

    Author: SBSK

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