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One Giant Mainframe
to Rule Them All
The Microchipping Agenda

One Mainframe To Rule Them All is a breathtaking rundown of the human microchipping agenda. Concise and effective, it breaks down the coming global information control grid in all its horrifying detail. Scarier than any horror movie could be because it is real and documented.

Reader Comments

These things are really in play. When I was a Network Manager for a large company I was able to attend a tour of an IBM facility in Austin Tx, where they had setup a prototype lab to promote the verichip technology. That was around 2005/6. Then it was like stepping into the reality of the future where everything will be controlled from computers even life or death. A brief description of that tour: It began with a seminar on new software technologies and then we were shown where that technology would play a very important part of the 'future world' that really is not that 'future' or far off now. The lab was divided into several rooms where 'real life' very elaborate prototype uses of the technology were described. The first a hospital room with all kinds of fancy displays, voice technology and the verichip technology was being used. When a patient enters the room, everything having to do with that person pops up for the doctor to review, everything. Also, the presenter was pretty slick at convincing everyone how wonderful the technology will be/is. It was mentioned that many mistakes are made in hospitals such as wrong perscriptions, medicines, treatments, surgery. For instance if a person went into the operating room the computer would tell the doctor to cut off the right leg instead of the left if the right was to be cut off. But, I thought to myself, what if someone keyed it in wrong to start with... Anyway, the main promotion to the public will be through the medical business and the doctor 'god's will be the end of questioning for many people. I've already seen television ads promoting this via the medical tactic in the last few months. There were other rooms, and I will say it is amazing technology. The control factor was played down or not mentioned in most instances.

Once implemented however, this technology will allow electricity to be turned off, utilities, at the push of a button for anyone. Monitoring in homes, automated appliances, things that it took someone years to figure out, buying, selling, food, refrigerators keeping track of what is put in, taken out, automatic ordering of food, cabinets, pantries, stove, diswasher, lighting, everything automated. Mind boggling. A person could adjust anything remotely, tell the oven to turn on/off, set the thermostat on the A/C, anything automated. Just think if someone in the government wanted a person to not be able to cook they could turn the stove off, or the dishwasher, or lock the refrigerator, whatever they wanted to do. And of course tax usage on every single thing in the home, the vehicle, purchases, and they could push it to monitoring the air breathed in the home to tax that as well. Sewer usage... on and on. The prototypes included a gas station with an automated vehicle that would check in at the gas station, let the user pump gas and drive off with automated purchase via the verichip while the government tracks movement, tax, how much gas is used, vehicle stats - speed, do you need a ticket?, real time just like most all new vehicles are now equipped with tracking technology. Is there an authorized driver in the car? The car could be turned off anytime or not even start without an authorized driver identifed by the verichip, or even whatever other id is used. We cannot imagine what they are ready to do with all of this. And one of the big things was the retrofit equipment that is already stacked up in warehouses to make all of this happen. And some contractors will make millions off of implementing everything needed. The lower class folks won't have it so well, maybe just an RFID or tatoo type id and live in more of a slave class than the upper slave class... Well just rambling a bit but these things are real. I personally would have loved to live in days where all of this technology did not exist but that wasn't my choice. I will be glad to see the day where we are in the Kingdom of YHWH and it will no longer matter! (RR, USA, 5 December 2009)

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