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You have now almost completed your introductory Biblical course entitled Foundational Teachings of the Bible which consists of 23 lessons. If you have carefully studied the materials and have started applying them in your Christian life, you will have a good foundation of spiritual and moral truth. "If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? said the psalmist (Ps.11:3). By contrast, if the foundations are well established, then the righteous can lead victorious lives in Christ.

There are many Christians who believe we are now living in the "last days" -- the time immediately prior to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the establishment of the millennial Kingdom. This is also the position of the New Covenant Church of God.

1. When did the "last days" begin? (Hebrews 1:2) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. What did the prophet Joel say would occur in the last days? (Joel 2:28-32) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Have all of these events occurred yet? (Joel 2:28-32) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Whom did Peter quote on the Day of Pentecost? (Acts 2:16) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Why did he quote him? (Acts 2:16) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Peter quotes the last verse of Joel a little differently. What does he say? (Acts 2:21) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Joel speaks of physical deliverance for the Jews at Jerusalem in the last day. Peter expands this prophecy to explain that it includes all those who receive Jesus as Saviour. We see here a characteristic of prophecy, namely, its dual nature. On the one hand, its is physically specific to the Jewish people, the covenant people of the Old Covenant; and on the other, it is spiritually specific to the covenent people of the New Covenant of Jesus Christ.

7. What does the Lord tell the prophet Micah He will do in the last days? (Micah 4:6) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Remembering that Old Testament prophecy is usually dual, the "lame" refer not only to those who are physically lame amongst the dispersed of Israel but also those who are generally spiritually "lame" or down-trodden. In this study we shall focus on the New Israel and not the Houses of Judah and Israel as these have been discussed in an earlier Study.

8. Whom will God assemble in the last days? (Micah 4:6)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

9. What will be the condition of the "lame"? (Micah 4:7) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10. Where will the Lord rule over this remnant? (Micah 4:7) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11. What will be established by the Lord in the last days? (Micah 4:1; Isaiah 2:2) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The expression "mountain of the Lord" is a common theme in Isaiah and Micah and depicts the coming of both the Jews and the Gentiles to Jerusalem in the last days (see Isa.11:9; 27:13; 56:7; 57:13; 65:25; 66:20; Zec.14:16).

It is important to remember that the "last days" refers to a large expanse of time beginning with the Day of Pentecost (perhaps even a few years earlier at the time of Christ's ministry) and the end of the present dispensation and the beginning of the Millennium. It is the Messianic era.

The "last days" is therefore a gradual unfolding, beginning with the first coming of Christ and being fulfilled at His second coming.

12. What will be one of the evidences of the end of the "last days"? (Isaiah 2:4) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Scriptures, and especially the Book of Isaiah, speak of much warfare during the "last days". This is to be interpreted both as physical warfare, in which the Houses of Judah and Israel are oppressed by their enemies because of iniquity, and as spiritual warfare against the Christian Church. Not only will the survivors of the Jewish people be a remnant but so also will the true Christians. Isaiah tells us that at the very end of the last days the male population will be decimated.

12. What will the proportion of men and women be at the second coming of Christ? (Isaiah 4:1) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. How will this problem be resolved? (Isaiah 4:1) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is one of the signs of the redemption of Zion, both of the Jewish people specifically and the Christian Church in general.

14. In that same day, what will the spiritual condition of Zion be like? (Isaiah 4:2) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Remembering the dual nature of prophecy, not only will there be a physical paradise (described in terms of the fruitfulness of the land, with food enough for everyone) but that the spiritual condition of the land and its people will be "beautiful and glorious" also.

16. What will the spiritual condition of the survivors in Jerusalem be? (Isaiah 4:3) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

17. What will the spiritual condition of the women be, and why? (Isaiah 4:4) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. How will this cleansing process take place generally? (Isaiah 4:4)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

The literal judgment is the destruction of most of Jerusalem by fire. The spiritual judgment is the cleansing of God's people by spiritual fire, i.e. the Holy Spirit.

19. What sign will the Lord give to demonstrate that His people have been cleansed? (Isaiah 4:5) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

20. When was the last time that the Lord gave such a sign of His presence? (Exodus 13:21-22) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We therefore see that in the last of the last days -- the day of Israel's redemption -- the same miraculous signs will be seen as in the days of Moses.

21. What will the cloud of smoke and the flaming fire in addition give God's people? (Isaiah 4:6)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

In Moses' day the cloud and the pillar of fire were signs of God's presence as well as a beacon which Israel was to follow into the Promised land.

In the last of the last days, God's people are already in the Promised Land and therefore these signs are not a compass anymore. Physically-speaking, they provide shelter from the scorching heat of Palestine in the day time and an umbrella during storm and rain. The presence of God in Zion is literally a sealed dome in which Edenic conditions are once more restored. This is the definition of a New Testament City of Refuge, of which the Levite cities of refuge in the Old Testament were a type or shadow (Num.35:11).

These conditions will prevail in every Zionic community, Jerusalem being the chief. The twelve firstborn colonies which are to be, and are being, built by the New Covenant Church of God will enjoy the same protection as Jerusalem after the judgment and desolation.

22. What building will lie at the centre of Jerusalem and each of the 12 colonies? (Isaiah 2:2; Micah 4:1) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

23. Who will rule in Mount Zion? (Micah 4:7) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Note: The term "Mount" in "Mount Zion" and "Mountain" in "Mountain of the Lord" is a figurative term for the Kingdom of God. It is written: "...the mountain of the Lord's temple will be established as chief among the mountains; it will be raised above the hills, and all nations will stream to it" (Isa.2:2). The term "mountains" here refers to the kingdoms of the world over which the Zionic Law will preside. Jerusalem will be the capital of the planet, the seat of world government and the theocratic order. People from all nations will stream to it and the other Zionic colonies which will grow into gigantic cities of holiness during the Millennium.

24. What will the people of Zion unitedly declare, as do the angels in heaven? (Isaiah 6:3) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

From each of the Zionic centres, holiness will fill the earth amongst the survivors of the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord (Matt.24:15-25).

Since 1967 Jerusalem has been in possession of the Jewish people. However, it is not a City of Holiness and must be cleansed by judgment and fire.

The 12 Firstborn Colonies, however, will pass -- and are passing -- through a different cleansing process. They are being -- and will be -- built by a holy people who are at this very time passing through judgment and spiritual cleansing. The conditions that pertain in these New Covenant colonies are, at present, microscopic reflections of the Zionic society that will prevail after the judgment and cleansing of Jerusalem. Here the righteous will be protected during the dark days ahead as society crumbles round about them.

If you are not a part of this exciting latter day work, or are members of the local colonies of the New Covenant Church of God but have not yet been called up into the Holy Order which is responsible for the building of these holy cities, we invite you to accept the challenge to enter into the New Covenant and Everlasting Covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ and prepare yourself to be a part of this great work.

If you feel moved by the Holy Spirit to embark upon this exciting adventure in the last days, speak with your local colonial Pastor and ask for further guidance.

Copy and memorise the following Scripture: Isaiah 2:3:


Historical Note

The views of NCCG concerning Israel and the Jewish people have considerably changed since the writing of this study which is now out of date. NCCG does not view the Israeli Republic as the restoration of Biblical Israel not does it consider that the bulk of those who calls themselves Jews have any relationship to Judah, Abraham or ancient Israel.

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