The School of Israel

of the New Covenant Church of God

17. ISRAEL and the LAST DAYS

1. What will the coming of the Son of Man be like? (Matthew 24:37) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2. What were the worldly people involved in? (Matthew 24:38) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Who was taken away in judgment by the flood in Noah's day? (Matthew 24:39) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. In like manner, who will be taken away in judgment at the coming of the Lord? (Matthew 24:40-42) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Who will be left? (Matthew 24:40-42) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. According to Proverbs, who will remain in the land; and who will be cut off from the earth? (Proverbs 2:21-22)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

7. Who will be exterminated from the earth? (Isaiah 13:9) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Who will inherit the earth? (Matthew 5:5) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. In Hebrews, we read that once more God will shake the heavens and the earth. What will remain? (Hebrews 12:25-27) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10. What kingdom are we a part of? (Hebrews 12:28-29) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11. Hebrews also tells us that the Lord is a consuming fire. When he appears, who will be fearful; and who will be able to stand? (Isaiah 33:14-15)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

12. On whom will the Day of the Lord come like a trap? (Luke 21:34) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

13. What are we exhorted to do? (Luke 21:36) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

14. For those who put their trust in Jesus, what did He pray? (John 17:15) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

15. Who does Jesus exhort us to remember as an example? (Luke 17:28-32) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

16. What did Lot's wife do? (Genesis 19:26) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

17. What did Jesus say about such people? (Luke 9:62) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. What ought the Christian's response be to the Master's call? (Luke 9:57) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

19. What is the most common excuse given by people not to follow Jesus? (Luke 9:59) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

20. What kind of response can we expect from non-believing family and relatives in the last days? (Luke 21:16) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

21. What are we to do to avoid compromising Christ when it comes to our families? (Luke 14:26) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This passage of scripture has been grossly abused by many of the sects and cults who, lacking the spirit of revelation, have taught their members to literally hate unbelieving family members. But this is not what Jesus meant. The whole theme of Jesus' ministry was love, not hate (Matt.5:43). Common sense alone should teach people that such an interpretation is ridiculous. So what does this passage mean? It means that our love for the Lord should be so great that our love for family will seem like hate. Jesus explains Himself quite clearly:

"Anyone who loves his father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; anyone who loves his son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me" (Matt.10:37, NIV)

The solution to family difficulties or opposition by those who are near and dear to us is not to hate them but to Love God more. As a result, Christians will "love (their) enemies, do good to those who hate (them), bless those who curse (them), (and) pray for those who mistreat (them)" (Luke 6:27-28, NIV).

22. What did Jesus say He had come to do? And what did He say would be an inevitable consequence for those who commit themselves 100% to Him? (Matthew 10:34-36)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

23. In order to be 100% committed disciples of Christ, what must we do? (Matthew 10:38) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

24. How can we take up our cross and follow Christ? (Matthew 16:24) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Self-denial lies at the heart of the Christian Gospel. The sacrifice of self-interest for the sake of others is a sure characteristic of true Christian discipleship. Those who pursue self-interest as well as the Gospel must at some stage choose one or the other. In the last days Christians will be forced to choose.

25. What signs did Jesus say would occur before His coming? (Matthew 24:3-14)

a. (v.5,11)_______________________________________________________________________________________
b. (v.6)_________________________________________________________________________________________
c. (v.7)_________________________________________________________________________________________
d. (v.9)_________________________________________________________________________________________
e. (v.10)________________________________________________________________________________________
f. (v.12)________________________________________________________________________________________
g. (v.12)________________________________________________________________________________________
h. (v.14)_________________________________________________________________________________________

Many of these signs have been fulfilled over the years since Jesus prophesied them. Some of them have been present in every generation. Yet Jesus said that these signs shall increase in intensity as "birth pangs" before the new age begins (not to be confused with the counterfeit occultic "New Age" and the "New Age Movement").

26. What two signs did Jesus say would mark the generation in which He will return? (Matthew 24:32-34 cp Psalm 102:13 & Luke 21:24). N.B. The Fig Tree represents the nation of Israel in scripture.

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

In 1948, Israel became a nation again for the first time since the diaspora (scattering of the Jews to the four corners of the earth). In 1967, Israel regained Jerusalem from Gentile dominion. This was the first time she had possessed it since 70 A.D. The generation that sees this happen shall not all pass away until all these things be fulfilled. If these scriptures are to be interpreted literally, then the Second Coming should take place within one generation after 1967.

What is a generation? A generation is "single step in descent or pedigree" , or "the average time in which children are ready to take the place of their parents (usually reckoned at about 30 years)" (The Concise Oxford Dictionary, p.442, 1967). However, Biblically a generation is usually conceived either as being 40 years -- the duration, for instance, of the wilderness wanderings -- or the average life span of a human being, ca. 75 years. This means, if the analysis is correct, that the Second Coming could be 30-75 years from the date of the possession of Jerusalem by the Jews in 1967, viz. 1997-2042.

Many Christian groups have tried to prophesy the date of the return of the Second Coming. Their calculations have usually been based on Old Testament prophetic chronologies. These have been inaccurate for many reasons, not least because no-one knows the exact date of Creation. Speculation is not in itself harmful so long as it does not become obsessive or dogmatic or claim to be a prophetic revelation from God; Jesus said that no man knew the hour of His return, not even He Himself (Matt.24:36).

Ellen White of the Seventh Day Adventists, believing in the scriptural interpretations of William Miller, prophesied Christ would return in 1844. When the Lord failed to materialise, SDA doctrine was "adjusted" to mean that Christ had indeed come, not to the earth, but "to cleanse the sanctuary in heaven".

The Jehovah's Witnesses have made similar prophesies and then "adjusted doctrine" in order to save face. Charles Russel first prophesied Christ would return in 1878. When this failed, a new calculation was offered, making the date October 1914. To avoid the humiliation of a second false prophecy, a new "explanation" was given, viz. that Christ had indeed returned, but invisibly! (cp Acts 1:9-11). The false prophesies continued, however, with 1925 pinpointed as the time when all the faithful Jehovah's Witnesses would be raptured into heaven. It never happened. The last great Jehovah's Witness prophecy was that the world would come to an end in the autumn of 1975.

Joseph Smith of the Mormons prophesied that Christ would return 56 years after 1835, i.e. 1891. The failed prophecy was "explained" later by saying that Jesus had returned secretly to an LDS temple in 1891 but would yet manifest himself to the world later.

Many others have tried to predict the Second Coming but all have failed. An equal number have taught that the end-time Antichrist was Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao-Tse Tung, Gorbachev, Saddam Hussein and others; though most are certainly antichrists, none fits the end-time prophecies of the Antichrist given by Christ Himself.

27. How long must Jesus remain in heaven before His return? (Acts 3:21) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As we read the prophets, we find that they speak of a two-fold restoration: the restoration of the Church and the restoration of the nation of Israel. According to these prophets these restorations take place at about the same time.

28. What two-fold picture do you see in Isaiah? (Isaiah 11:10-12) N.B. The root of Jesse is Jesus Christ.

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

29. Will all the Jews return to Israel? And will all Christians gather to this restored Church? (Isaiah 11:11; 10:20-22; 37:4,31-32; 46:3) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Israel itself underwent two diasporas or scatterings. The first was the House of Judah (the Jews), together with the Tribe of Benjamin and some of the Levites; and the second was the House of Ephraim (also called the House of Joseph and the House of Israel), together with the other 9 tribes. The latter are collectively sometimes called the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, and have been identified by many scholars, and confirmed by the New Covenant Church, as essentially the inhabitants of northern Europe (Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland), and their descendants (in Canada, the USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere) (Jer.23:8).

30. In the context of Isaiah 11, who in addition to the House of Judah (Jews) must return to the Holy Land? (Isaiah 11:13) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The return of a remnant of the House of Ephraim to the Holy Land has not yet (in 1994) taken place.

31. What will be the effect of the new alliance between Judah and Ephraim on Israel's enemies? (Isaiah 11:14-16) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

32. What, up until this time, has been the relationship between Judah and Ephraim? And how has Judah fared in the Holy Land since she began returning? (Isaiah 11:13)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

33. What will the Jews and Ephraimites say of the Lord in the last days? (Jeremiah 23:7-8) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

34. What covenant will the Jews and Ephraimites become partakers of? (Jeremiah 31:31-24) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

35. What will happen when Israel (Judah and Ephraim) returns to her Lord? And will she ever be cast out again? (Jeremiah 31:38-40) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

36. What two events are recorded here? (Jeremiah 33:14-16)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a dual prophecy. On the one hand Judah will come to Christ. On the second, the New Covenant Church will be restored through the House of Ephraim in the north countries prior to the gathering of this remnant of Ephraim back to the Holy Land.

37. What happens to those who are not of the lineage of Judah or Ephraim when they receive Christ? To what covenant do they belong? (Galatians 3:7; read the whole chapter) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

38. What two-fold restoration is recorded by Hosea? (Hosea 2:23; 3:1-5; Romans 9:25)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

39. When will this happen? (Hosea 3:5) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

40. Paul speaks of this restoration. What does he say? (Romans 11:12-27) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Lord will have one new man or Body. The believing Gentiles as well as the believing Jews and Ephraimites will together make up the glorious Body of Jesus the Messiah. They will form one true Church, which has yet to be revealed in its fullness, called the New Covenant Church of God.

41. As the glory of God comes upon His Church in the last days, what will happen in the world? (Isaiah 60:1-7) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

It is recorded by the prophet Ezekiel that in the last days when Israel has returned to her land, the Lord will bring Gog, Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer and Togarmah against her (Ezek.38:1-7). The Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Old Testament, believed by many scholars to be more accurate than the Hebrew texts used to make up the modern Old Testament translations, identifies the prince of Meshech as being Rhos. Scholars have identified some of these old names as follows:

42. In the last days, therefore, God will bring Russia and her principal allies against Israel in an invasion. What is His purpose in this? (Ezekiel 38:16) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This interpretation of scripture has been confirmed by revelation. The Presiding Patriarch of the Holy Order, when in Jerusalem in the mid 1970's, saw a vision of Russian tanks coming down Israeli roads towards Jerusalem.

43. When Russia and her allies come upon the mountains of Israel, what supernatural acts of judgment will take place? (Ezekiel 38:18-22)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
c. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Revelation from the Holy Order confirms that at this time rocks of ice will fall out of the sky and man will be helpless to do anything about them. This will be a supernatural judgment against Russia and her allies to show forth God's glory and power in the nations.

44. When this happens, what will the nations recognise? (Ezekiel 38:23; 39:12) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

45. What will the House of Israel recognise from that day on? (Ezekiel 39:22) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

46. What will the nations recognise about Israel? (Ezekiel 39:23-24) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

47. What will Israel realise? (Ezekiel 39:25-28; Zechariah 12:10) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

48. What will the Lord then do for them? (Ezekiel 39:29) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

49. We see a more detailed picture of the outpouring of the Spirit upon Israel recorded by the prophet Zechariah. In what order will the Lord save them? (Zechariah 12:7-8) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

50. When the Lord pours His Spirit upon them, what will they recognise and mourn over? (Zechariah 12:10; 13:6) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

51. What will be opened on that day? (Zechariah 13:1) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

52. When did Jesus say that the Jews as a nation would see Him again? (Matthew 23:37-39) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Jesus quotes this passage from a portion of the "Great Hallel" in the Psalms, which is Messianic in content. He was saying that until Israel recognised Him as their Messiah and Redeemer, He would not return to Jerusalem. In the land of Israel, from the city of Jerusalem and Mount Zion, Jesus will set up His earthly reign as King for 1,000 years of peace. From His own lips, Jesus said He will not return there until the Jews personally invite Him. This is the same thing that Zechariah prophesied that they would do.

53. When Jesus returns as King, who will rule with Him? (Revelation 2:26-27; 3:12; Matthew 19:27-28) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

54. Who are these rulers? How many of them are there? (Revelation 7:4-8)

a. _____________________________________________________________________________________________
b. _____________________________________________________________________________________________

55. Who will be standing together with Jesus on Mount Zion when He returns to Jerusalem? (Revelation 14:1) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

56. What is special about these people? (Revelation 14:4) _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The 144,000 are sometimes called the Heavenly Church of the Firstborn, the spirits of righteous men and women made perfect (Heb. 12:22-23). Its earthly manifestation is called the Holy Order which is the inner, non-public organisation that governs the local colonies of the New Covenant Church of God through the Twelve Apostles. Its function is to raise up a holy priesthood (1 Pet.2:9) of spiritually endowed leaders who will be the nucleus of the Zionic Government which Christ will establish when He returns. They have renounced the world system and are gathered into what are called firstborn communities where holiness is cultivated. They are also witnesses of the Lord Jesus and are sent out into the world to bear witness of Him and to gather in the remnant of the House of Israel.

57. The remainder of the saved are called "the great multitude". What qualifies them as being the saved of God? (Revelation 7:9,14) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

58. How severe will the judgment be? (Revelation 13:10) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Note that the saints will pass through the Great Tribulation and not be "raptured away" before it, as many Christian groups erroneously teach. Their final test is how they endure this terrible period of earth's history when the world is ruled by the Antichrist for 7 years before being overthrown by the personal appearance of the true Christ. During the latter part of the antichrist's reign, the New Covenant Church (depicted as a woman in revelation) will go into hiding.

59. How long will the Church go into hiding? (Revelation 12:6,14) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Holy Order will provide twelve places of refuge around the world in the "wilderness" during the Great Tribulation which it is now building.

The events discussed in this study are not all the events spoken of by the prophets, only the major ones. The Lord has once again set His hand to the restoration of His Church and to recover again the nation of Israel. By the signs of the times we can know that the end is very near, even at the door.

Write down some of the signs of the times which in your view confirm that we are in the end time.

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Write and memorise the following scripture: Acts 3:21



NCCG does not now accept that the Israeli Republic is the restoration of Biblical Israel. Therefore some of the conclusions in this study are inaccurate.

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